Nine Sun God King
Chapter 817
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 817

Granny Ma arranged some people to take care of the injured disciple and said : "Qin Yun, it is best if you don't go this time. Those people actually came here to challenge you."

Qin Yun said with smile : "They are here to challenge me? Isn't this great? I will go and face them head on! Granny Ma, can it be that you are worried that I won't be able to defeat them?"

Granny Ma nodded : "I am indeed worried that you won't be able to deafeat them!"

"That injured senior brother just now was a Martial King right?" Qin Yun asked.

"Indeed! However the one who defeated him is just Xuan Martial Realm!" Granny Ma said with nod.

"Is it Xuan Martial Realm late stage or peak stage?" Qin Yun asked again, he is now becoming increasingly restless.

"Peak! If you want to fight him, you can not use weapons!" Granny Ma said again. She konws that Qin Yun is strong but without using weapon, it will be hard to defeat stronger opponents.

Everyone knows Qin Yun that Qin Yun has many Dao tools. He killed many Martial Kings before, he could do it because he used Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron and Nether Spirit Sacred Blade. If he did not use these things, defeating them would be extremely strenuous. Nevertheless, He still wants to go settle the scores with these people. Granny Ma can see that Qin Yun is very eager to go so she can only accompany him.

"Granny Ma, those guest from far away, what kind of people are they? Where did they come from?" Qin Yun asked.

"They have come from Transcending Xuan Sea Region, this is a very mysterious sea region!" Granny Ma said : "Legend has it, this sea region has an Immortal Door that leads to Immortal Desolate. So long as you can find the Immortal Door within the sea region, you can enter the Immortal Desolate!"

"Where is this Transcending Xuan Sea Region?" Qin Yun asked.

"I heard it is inside the Xuan Domain. Qin Yun, regarding the Immortal Door leading to Immortal Desolate, it is only a legend, don't pay any attention to it." Granny Ma said.

"This kind of legend usually turns out to be true!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"These Transcending Xuan Sea Region people are very strong and even more arrogant. You best be prepared when you meet them." Granny Ma said again.

"Very arrogant? Then let me teach them how to behave!" Qin Yun laughed loudly and said.

Granny Ma only hopes that Qin Yun doesn't lose in the fight. Qin Yun followed Granny Ma and arrived inside an arena in the Immortal Weapon Palace. There are many outer and inner sect disciples in the arena, as well as some elders. As soon as Qin Yun entered the arena, he heard a blood curdling scream. He saw a middle aged man on the battle stage whose thigh exploded into pieces. This middle aged man is a Martial King from Immortal Weapon Palace. The battle stage is 2 to 3 hundred meter wide. Aside from this Martial King, there is a short haired, red clothed youth on the stage, this youth's hands are filled with blood. A group of disciples are secretly fearful, a Martial King can actually be beaten to this point by a Xuan Martial Realm!

There are ten people standing beside Bao Changshou, they are all wearing red clothes. Among them, there are men, women, old and young. They must be the people from Transcending Xuan Sea Region. Among these people, Qin Yun saw a familiar figure, even though this old man is wearing red clothes, Qin Yun can still recognize that this old man is Ying Chengyu. Ying Chengyu is Immortal Weapon Palace's former Sect Master. He brought his disciple here before and lost to Qin Yun, even lost Wild Flame Inscription Spirit to Qin Yun. Now, Ying Chengyu has arrived with a group of Transcending Xuan Sea Region people. Qin Yun looked at Granny Ma and realized why she did not want him to come. Ying Chengyu must have other reason for coming here, it is highly likely he wants to take revenge on Qin Yun.

That youth on the battle stage shouted loudly : "Do your Immortal Weapon Palace only have this kind of trash? Hurry up and bring out Qin Yun, I want to defeat this guy with false reputation!"

Qin Yun has been in closed door cultivation for a month. Even Soaring Dragon State's Long family people arrived to look for him but they only caused commotion outside the city and did not dare to enter. Apart from this, Qin Yun's achievements have been spread far and wide within Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realms. Therefore, many famous talents arrived to challenged Qin Yun. But they were all rejected by Bao Changshou.

This time, Ying Chengyu brought Transcending Xuan Sea Region people to cause trouble. Originally, Bao Changshou wanted to let disciples on both side compete in friendly matches. Who would have known that Transcending Xuan Sea Region disciple would not be friendly at all. On top of that their strength is very dreadful.

Ying Chengyu shouted : "Bao Changshou, quickly bring out Qin Yun! There aren't even a few in your Immortal Weapon Palace who can fight!"

"Senior Ying Chengyu, long time no see! You have become older!" Qin Yun said with loud laughter while flying over.

Qin Yun has finally arrived! The disciples of Immortal Weapon Palace burst out in loud cheers. The confidence in their hearts also raised a lot.

"Qin Yun?! Hehe, we meet again at last, I have become a bit old but you have become stronger, even wiped out the Proud Star State's Long family... I heard that you captured a golden dragon!" Ying Chengyu promptly smiled and said when he saw Qin Yun arrived.

The red clothed youth on the battle stage saw Qin Yun arrive and immediately flew over. His face is filled with arrogance.

"Qin Yun, quickly fight with me! After your defeat, hand over the dragon and Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron!" that red clothed youth loudly shouted.

"And what do you get for defeating you? It seems like you have nothing but still want to bet with me!" Qin Yun said with laugh.

"I will never lose to you! But if I do lose, I will just cut off my own hand!" red clothed youth shouted in cold voice.

"You will cut off your own hand, that is just fart to me! Your hand is not even worth my dragon's shit and you want to take my golden dragon and Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron! You are delusional!" Qin Yun said with loud laughter.

"You... you are looking down on me? I will make you regret it!" red clothed youth released his Xuan Dao Power and attacked Qin Yun.

Bao Changshou stood in front of Qin Yun and gentrly waved his hand to negate the incoming attack. QIn Yun realized why Ying Chengyu brought these Transcending Xuan Sea Region people, it is precisely to fight him and get his Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron.

"Qin Yun, we indeed came here this time for your Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron. You tell us what you want from us for you to agree to fight!" Ying Changshou said.

"Why don't you take out what you have for me to see if it has any value!" Qin Yun replied.

All the Immortal Weapon Palace disciples present recalled that Qin Yun won Wild Flame Inscription Spirit from Ying Chengyu. If Ying Chengyu wants to win Qin Yun's stuff, he will have to take out something equivalent to Wild Flame Inscription Spirit. A red clothed old man beside Ying Chengyu took out a complete red item, it looks like a heart, moreover, it is pulsating very ordinarily. Taking a close look at it again revealed that it is not a heart but a fruit! On top of that fruit, there are many naturally formed wonderful lines, they are all runes! A fruit with naturally formed runes on them is most definitely very precious.

"This is Martial King Runic Heart Fruit! Eating just one can let you become a Martial King! This item can only be found in our Transcending Xuan Sea Region! It takes a million years for one of these fruits to grow! Whether you are initial, mid, late or peak stage Xuan Martial Realm is not of concern, just eating on of these fruits will make you a Martial King!" that old man said.

This red clothed old man's words caused many Xuan Martial Realm Martial Monarchs to become extremely agitated. They all want to become Martial Kings but that is not easy at all. However, eating just one of these fruits can make them a Martial King, this sounds too outrageous!

Qin Yun curiously looked at the red clothed youth and asked "He is a Martial Monarch, why isn't he eating this fruit and becoming Martial King?"

His doubt is not without reason. Such good fruit yet they are not letting their own people eat it but taking it out to gamble?

That red clothed youth said arrogantly : "Because I can become Martial King on my own, I don't need this fruit!"

Ying Chengyu said : "This fruit is very rare and it's value is great! Out disciples don't eat them because they can very quickly become Martial Kings on their own! If we store these fruits and later take them out, their value becomes even bigger!"

Qin Yun said with laugh : "I can also become Martial King on my own, why do I need this thing? This thing has no value to me and you actually want to compare it to my Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron?"

This caused the Transcending Xuan Sea Region people feel awkward. This fruit indeed has not use to a talent like Qin Yun. On the other hand Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron is an one of a kind item, a nemesis of dragons!

"If you can not take out any good item, I am leaving!" Qin Yun yawned and turned around to leave.

This caused the red clothed youth to become extremely angry. He is at the prime of his youth, he wanted to defeat Qin Yun and become famous. One must know that Qin Yun's fame has reached even to the Xuan Domain and then not long after, it spread to even the Transcending Xuan Sea Region! If he can defeat Qin Yun, not only can he obtain Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron, he can also become famous!

"Wait, we will take out a Sun rune to bet with you!" the red clothed old man said again : "This Sun rune is called Heaven Raising Sun Rune! This Sun rune can allow tools and weapons to hold even higher level of strength. If it is used on formations and barriers, their power will be elevated."

"Heaven Raising Sun Rune and Martial King Runic Heart Fruit, alright!" seeing the Sun rune, Qin Yun's eyes flickered with light.

Jian Linglong immediately pulled over Qin Yun and said in low voice : "Xiao Yun, that Sun rune is way too inferior compared to your Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron!"

"I know it is inferior but I won't lose! Therefore it is just like them giving the Sun rune to me as gift!" Qin Yun said with mischievous laugh.

"You guys, why are you all so confident that you can win?" Jian Linglong lightly groaned.

Qin Yun flew up to the battle stage. The red clothed youth also flew over with face filled with proud smile.

Ying Chengyu's group saw that Qin Yun agreed and their face became filled with smile, as if they have easily picked up a treasure!


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