Nine Sun God King
Chapter 826
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 826

Xiao Yuemei is watching from the side, however she can not help. If it were just crafting talisman, she would be able to help make talisman papers. Qin Yun can now only refine materials on his own.

"Brother, you should be able to easily refine Dao tools now right?" Xiao Yuemei asked.

"When I was crafting Dao tools before I had sister Linglong's help, so it went rather smoothly. I can still craft on my own but it won't be that easy." Qin Yun said : "The hardest part is material refining. My experience of Dao tool material refining is not sufficient, I still can not refine top quality Dao tool material!"

Xiao Yuemei said with smile : "Brother, you are still Xuan Martial Realm, yet you can already craft Dao tools, it is already awesome. Wait until you become Martial King, you will most certainly become and outstanding Dao Inscription Master!"

"Yuemei, do you want some Dao tool? You just tell me and see if I can't craft it for you or not!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"This.. we will talk about it later!" Xiao Yuemei stuck out her tongue, then charmingly laughed.

"You little girl, do you think that my current level is not enough to craft a good enough Dao tool for you?" Qin Yun scolded with smile.

"No way!" Xiao Yuemei said with giggle.

Qin Yun handed over the spider queen who was inside the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron to Yao Fang. He first want to let Yao Fang intimidate the spider queen while at the same time use the cauldron to refine some stuff. The space inside the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron is very big, however, space inside the pearls of the Nine Sun Divine Soul is even bigger. Space inside Nine Sun Divine Soul becomes larger when Qin Yun's cultivation increases, it is very miraculous.

Qin Yun is now hammering the materials to prepare them for Dao tool crafting. He currently doesn't have enough materials in his hand, otherwise he would spend most effort to refine royal grade material. Royal grade material is necessary to craft King tools and until now there has not been any King Inscription Master within the Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm. All the King tools in Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm have been evolved from Dao tools. If a Dao tool is very outstanding and it's material is royal grade, most importantly, if it has been accumulating sacrificial refining for a long period of time, it can evolve into a King tool. Therefore, King tools are very rare.

The Beast Controlling Collar Qin Yun currently crafting can also be at most a Dao tool. Qin Yun is worried that he won't be able to control the spider queen in the future. 2 days later, Qin Yun finally finished refining the embryo. The embryo is faint golden, after mixing with a special material, it can become big or small. It can tightly wrap around a beast.

Soon, Qin Yun started carving runes. Qin Yun will be carving relevant Star and Moon runes because he lacks appropriate Dao runes. He also doesn't know if the Star rune and Moon rune would have conflict with each other, he only feels that it would be better if they could be super-positioned together. According to his experience and superb intuition, Qin Yun can judge which runes can be super-positioned and won't have conflict and thus would increase quality. His superb intuition has always been accurate until now, even Jian Linglong is envious of this.

It must be known that Inscription Masters require many years of continuous attempt to realize what kind of runes are compatible with each other. There are runes which genuinely have conflict with each other, therefore no matter how good the carving is, there will always be conflict and won't have any positive result or very limited result. Therefore, it requires continuous attempt for many years to finalize a blueprint.

However, Qin Yun doesn't need this at all, one look at those runes and he can more or less determine whether or not they are compatible. However, this kind of intuition of Qin Yun is rather vague, he is not always certain whether or not he can carve properly. But if he can successfully refine a magic tool, the runes always provide pretty good result. According to his intuition, Qin Yun carved 3 types of Star rune and 2 types of Moon rune on the Beast Controlling Collar. As well as Nine Condensation Sun Rune to absorb Nine Sun spiritual energy and provide energy supply to the beasts.

"I don't know what the result will be!" Qin Yun dropped blood on the Beast Controlling Collar.

Generally speaking, this kind of Beast Controlling Collars have very good effect on beast. To humans however, it doesn't have any effect, moreover it will have backlash. Qin Yun handed over the Beast Controlling Collar to Yao Fang within the Nine Sun Divine Soul third pearl. Yao Fang has already tamed the spider queen with her formidable power, putting on the Beast Controlling Collar is a very easy matter. As soon as Yao Fang put the Beast Controlling Collar on spider queen, Qin Yun also established a mysterious connection with the spider queen. It lets him command the spider queen anytime he wants and make spider queen follow his commands. However Qin Yun can sense that spider queen is unreconciled and is reluctant to follow his order, she very much wants to ignore him.

"This thing... forget it, she is mine now anyways!" Qin Yun brought spider queen out.

Seeing that Qin Yun has succeeded, Xiao Yuemei became very happy and climbed up on the spider queen's body.

Yao Fang sent sound transmission to Qin Yun : "Spider queen can become small or big, those small spiders are also not given birth by her, rather they are part of her body!"

Qin Yun wanted to give it a try and told the spider queen to become smaller. Very soon, the several meter wide spider queen changed into the size of a pony.

"Little spider, where are those small spiders you released? Can they be summoned again?" Qin Yun communicated with spider queen through his thoughts.

Spider queen did not respond, moreover she looks very irritable. Qin Yun promptly controlled the Beast Controlling Collar and released a bit of power that caused spider queen's soul to hurt. Spider queen's body is human shaped, her legs turned into dragon legs, it looks quite strange. She is also in a very young stage so her body is not poisonous.

"You are my master, what benefit can you give me?" finally the spider queen spoke in a hoarse female voice.

"Even if I don't give you any benefits, what can you do about it?" Qin Yun curled his lips and said.

"I am forced to follow you because you enslaved me. If you don't give me any benefit, there is no point in living, I would rather die!" spider queen said again.

"Alright, what kind of benefit do you want?" Qin Yun thought about it and asked.

Xiao Yuemei is looking from the side, she finds this very interesting.

"I want to become stronger! If you want me to work, you must give me benefits! I need to absorb energy to become stronger, best if you let me eat those heavenly treasures filled with energy!" spider queen said.

"The energy inside those purple crystal stones inside the gigantic chest was absorbed by you?" Qin Yun asked.

"It was me but it was not enough!" spider queen replied.

Qin Yun is secretly afraid, it seems like this spider queen is a bottomless pit!

Xiao Yuemei asked : "Those small spiders released by you ate many Dao cores and internal organs.. those energy were absorbed by you right?"

"I can not directly absorb Dao core! I can only absorb energy from people's blood! Dao cores are still stored inside those small spiders' bodies! If I could absorb Dao core's energy, I would not be so weak and would not let you capture me!" spider queen said.

Qin Yun can not help but smile as he said : "Apparently you have been hungry for a long time!"

"Correct! You must replenish my energy, otherwise I would rather die. I will also not do what you tell me!" spider queen said.

"Do you eat dragon meat? Qin Yun asked. The golden dragon he captured before was killed by Yao Fang, it's dragon spirit and dragon essence was extracted, the body however is still preserved.

"You have those?" spider queen asked.

Before she saw Qin Yun release very powerful dragon blood that scared her. Qin Yun asked Yao Fang to let out some dragon meat, she sent out a lump of dragon meat weighing over a thousand jin. After seeing that lump of golden dragon meat, spider queen threw herself on it and started tearing at it.

"Take out those small spiders from before and hand over the Dao cores to me! If you properly do what I tell you, I will let your eat dragon meat at a fixed time table!" Qin Yun said.

Poison Dragon Spider has great potential. When they become stronger they can release very strong poison, moreover it's speed is very fast.

"Qin Yun, when Poison Dragon Spider becomes stronger the nets she would weave will also be very dreadful. You can directly carve runes on the net and create large formation!" Yao Fang said.

Qin Yun is endlessly happy hearing these words.

"I am controlling those small spiders to trace those group of people, they won't attack for now, they are merely following and wait for proper opportunity to attack!" spider queen said.

"Alright, from now on your name will be Zhuzhu(spider)!" Qin Yun said.

"No, I don't want that name!" spider queen immediately refused in angry voice.

"Big fat pig's Zhuzhu(big fat pig)? I also would not want that name!" Xiao Yuemei giggled and said.

"Yuemei, you give her a name!" Qin Yun said.

"She is spider that runs away through web, let call her Wang Chonghao(web loving insect)!" Xiao Yuemei is thinking very earnestly and said again : "How about Wang Zhu(web pig)? Wang Long? Ohh... this name Wang Long is very ruthless!"

"Wang my ass!" Qin Yun started pinching Xiao Yuemei's face.

"I will take my own name!" spider queen is very angry hearing all these ridiculous names : "Even though I am a Poison Dragon Spider, dragon blood inside my body is very thick, my surname will be Long, my name will be Long Tianji(Dragon Heavenly Woman or Heavenly Dragon Woman)!"

"Tian Ji(chicken)? Heavenly flying chicken?" Xiao Yuemei said with laugh.

"SHUT UP!" spider queen furiously shouted!

Qin Yun promptly said with smile : "Alright, alright... it is Long Tianji.. Long Tianji!"

Xiao Yuemei stuck her tongue out at Long Tianji and said : "I still think little spider is very pleasant to hear, I will call you little spider from now on!"

"My name is Long Tianji!"

"Little spider!"

Qin Yun pulled back Xiao Yuemei, he is worried that Long Tianji would kill herself because of anger. Xiao Yuemei also stopped provoking Long Tianji.

"Queen Long Tianji, you should be able to spit web right? All the spiders spit web out of their butt, where is your butt?" Xiao Yuemei asked curiously.

"I still have not completed my evolution, I don't have any butt now!" Long Tianji very furiously said : "If I could spit web, I would have already tied you up together! Especially you little girl, I want to seal up your mouth!"

"Aiya... you have no butt!" Xiao Yuemei can not help but laugh out.

"Wait for me to transform into a person, my webs will come out of my palms not my butt!" Long Tianji furiously said.

"Tianji, quickly eat your dragon meat, I want to chase those people! They are from Long family, they must be hurrying toward Long family secret base!" Qin Yun said with urgency : "You must bring us to overtake them!"


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