Nine Sun God King
Chapter 831
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 831

Feng Wuqiu is begrudged and his heart is dripping blood while he is smiling at Qin Yun. After all, even boss Long lost and is being so forthright, if he splits hairs over this matter, he would become a joke to other people. His few underlings can also only smile along with him, their smiling face looks uglier than a weeping face.

Xiao Yuemei is also very happy in her heart. She is secretly praising boss Long for being a clever man, he sold out the members of his own clique and spared no effort to obtain the greater benefit. Boss Long indeed sold out Feng Wuqiu but he doesn't realize it because boss Long has also lost 1 billion purple crystal coins. That is where the ingenuity of boss Long lies. Qin Yun also realized that he now owes boss Long a favor. Those old men supporting Feng Wuqiu are not feeling well in their hearts after losing 1 billion. It seems like they can see through boss Long's thoughts a little bit. After all, they are all old gingers.

Boss Long sternly said : "The reason I asked everyone to gather here is because I want to announce some major events.. everyone present is our Dragon Tree Pavilion's noble guest, therefore you can find out about some secret matters of our Long family ahead of others!"

Everyone now realizes the benefit of checking into the Dragon Tree Pavilion this time. Even though it cost a lot of purple crystal coins, it was really worth it. As for the important matter, boss Long wants to announce, everyone is certain that it will be very useful.

"As you all know, our Soaring Dragon State Long family is now facing the threat of Proud Star State's Jian family. Apart from the Jian family and their henchmen, majority of all the other great state's families and sects are relying on our Long family!"

"Even if this is the case, if our Long family were to go to war with Jian family, the result would be very grim! Everyone knows, Jian family sword cultivators are dreadful, within the same realm one of them can take on 10 people, if not more than a dozen! Moreover, Jian family has 7 dreadful Immortal Swords, as well as seven sixth tribulation Half Immortal guardians. With this kind of power, even those Xuan Domian factions don't dare provoke them wantonly!"

Qin Yun recalled those 7 sword old ancestors, they are indeed very dreadful existence! Jian family has the power to dominate the entire Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm, they can even kill their way into the Xuan Domain and take over a place for themselves. The factions behind the people present here, all have joined forces with Long family. Hearing boss Long's words, all of their faces turned grave.

Boss Long continued : "However recently, our Long family finally managed to contact Immortal Desolate's Heavenly Dragon Sect. And they sent down people from Immortal Desolate, they are currently residing within our Dragon King Manor!"

These words caused all the people here to exclaim in surprise. People from Immortal Desolate are staying in Dragon King Manor, this is a matter that can cause people to feel astonished.

"Are they Immortals?" one old man asked.

"Of course not, they are Half Immortals but their strength is formidable! They also brought with them Immortal tools, Immortal formations and furthermore, Immortal pills..." boss Long said.

These words gave rise to a burst of commotion again. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei already guessed earlier that this is the case.

Boss Long continued : "Although the strongest among the Immortal Desolate people is Half Immortal, however they are all very outstanding. Moreover, they agreed to guide us in cultivation! Pass on skills to us to fight against sword cultivators! Since I have connections within Long family, I got myself 50 quota! I can allow experts to enter Long family to cultivate! However, I fought very hard for these quota, therefore I need 1 billion purple crystal coins for each quota!"

This caused Feng Wuqiu's face turn completely ashen. And his few underlings felt like they have just died. They all just missed a very good opportunity!

"Everyone, even though the price of quota is very high, I can guarantee that they are completely worth it! Moreover, I can only keep 10% of the purple crystal coins, the other 90% goes to my seniors! I obtained these quota through many connections, I hope you understand!" boss Long said.

Boss Long will make 5 billion from these 50 quota, this is a very explosive business deal! There are many crafty old men here, they are very carefully considering things.

"Boss Long, your Long family will also must publicly invite other factions right? They will also open up quota right?" one old man asked.

"Opening up is opening up, there are total 500 quota, I have 50 here, the other 450 will be left for auction among different factions. At that time, the price will not be as cheap as 1 billion! What's more, there are more than 100 people here..." boss Long has not finished speaking when he was interrupted.

It is Qin Yun who interrupted him, he yelled : "I will buy 2!"

"You are very much welcome!" boss Long promptly said with smile : "Give the purple crystal coins to shopkeeper Bai, she will register you!"

Qin Yun have purple crystal coins to spare, 2 billion is nothing to him! At this time, other few rich people also started buying out quota one after another. Many people lined up in front of shopkeeper Bai. People who are buying are all Marital Kings and Marital Emperors, since the purple crystal coins they have are their own, the quota they are buying belong to them. Although those few young people have 1 billion in their hands, it is not their own, so they can not decide whether to buy or not. Feng Wuqiu hates Qin Yun bitterly in his heart. If he did not lose 1 billion he could have directly bought a quota. Now, he only has 1 billion in his hands, if he buys a quota, it will be difficult to explain when he returns. When he was hesitating, all the quota were bought up!

"Everyone, since all you have checked into the Dragon Tree Pavilion, you know how reliable we are, I can guarantee that these 1 billion purple crystal coins are totally worth it!" boss Long said with gentle laugh : "Everyone, this matter must be kept secret, after all I am conducting this business through connection, if it is leaked, I will be in trouble!"

Everyone also nodded their heads in reply. After boss Long left, Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei returned to their suite. As soon as they returned, boss Long arrived at their door and knocked.

"Brother, even though this guy is from Long family, he is very amusing, we should carefully exploit him!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

"I certainly understand!" Qin Yun said and walked towards the door.

Boss Long's face is full smile, it is as if he has met an old friend.

"Boss Long, please come in!" Qin Yun said with smile.

Boss Long walked into the living room and sat down. Xiao Yuemei threw a fruit to him.

"Many thanks, young lady Xiao!" boss Long said with laugh.

"You are welcome, I got these fruits from you!" Xiao Yuemei laughed.

"Boss Long, that you so much for helping me fish out so many purple crystal coins earlier!" Qin Yun directly thanked him.

"You are welcome, you are welcome! That idiot Feng Wuqiu has been a eyesore for a long time!" boss Long said with smile.

"I will return 1 billion purple crystal coins to you!" Qin Yun took out purple crystal card and gave 1 billion to boss Long.

Boss Long also did not refuse and directly accepted it. Qin Yun likes to deal with this kind of people the most.

"Two guests, to tell you the truth, those 50 quota are just some little fraud!" boss Long said with smile : "If you want to withdraw, I also want to return your purple crystal coins!"

"Why are they just frauds?" Xiao Yuemei inquired.

"There are benefits, however they are not as big! Otherwise how could I get 50 quota to sell so easily?" boss Long said with crafty laugh.

"Boss Long, I truly could not tell just from looking that you have bellyful of evil tricks!" Xiao Yuemei curled her lips and said.

"Your sect master is the same!" boss Long's appearance is very grand. He is handsome and easy going, however he is someone who knows how to cheat.

"It's fine, we don't mind! Meeting with Immortal Desolate people has very great value!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Let's just say that, even though there are 500 spots, this is not the definite number. When the time comes, all the large factions will bring their younger generation to enter our Dragon King Manor! Moreover, Immortal Desolate people will also not be the ones guiding in cultivation. I also don't know what they will do specifically!" boss Long said again.

Hearing this, Xiao Yuemei realized there is something fishy going on.

Qin Yun said : "Boss Long, one we are inside the Dragon King Manor, you will have to take care of us when the time comes!"

Boss Long said with smile : "Definitely! When you are inside, so long as you don't make great commotion, just say my name, that you are friends of Dragon Tree Pavilion!"

Boss Long did not ask Qin Yun too much question, after some idle chatter, he left.

"Brother, this boss Long is somewhat suspicious!" Xiao Yuemei said in low voice.

"We need to be vigilant a bit, the most important thing for us is to enter the Dragon King Manor!" Qin Yun let out a long sigh. He currently has many goals.

Entering the Dragon King Manor, then help Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi get rid of the curse. And of course finding Long Qiaofeng's Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit. This is extremely difficult. Originally, he wanted to join hands with Xiao Yuemei to capture the Immortal dragon. But now there are Immortal Desolate people inside the Dragon King Manor, it will surely be very difficult.

The next day, Bai Kexian sent sound transmission to Qin Yun, informing him that they can enter Dragon King Manor at afternoon. After entering, Long Yucang will arrange a good residence for them. Dragon King Manor is very strict, entering it is very difficult. Otherwise Qing Yun and Xiao Yuemei would have already infiltrated it.

(TL NOTE : I am guessing this Long Yucang is the boss Long?)

In the afternoon, under Long Yucang's arrangement, 50 people entered the Dragon King Manor. They did not enter through the main gate, instead they entered through a small side gate using a carriage. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei finally managed to enter, moreover only the two of them are left with Long Yucang in the carriage.

"Sect Master Yun, you two are rather young, later you will be together with other youngsters! At that time, I will arrange you properly!" Long Yucang said : "Just to remind you, don't cause a great commotion inside the Dragon King Manor!"

"Boss Long, who exactly are you?" Xiao Yuemei asked : "I still don't know your identity!"

"I.. my grandfather is a formidable Dao Inscription Master, his position is very high! My father is also an elder! In short, my background is very strong!" Long Yucang said with smile.

Suddenly the carriage stopped. A middle aged man opened the door, his face filled with grave expression, he said : "Yucang, your father is dead!"

"Fifth uncle, what kind of joke are you playing?" Long Yucang said with smile.

"No, I am serious, his body was chopped into 8 pieces, he died very miserably!" the middle aged man said again.

The smile of Long Yucang's face froze, just moments ago he very proudly told Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei that his father is an elder. And now his fifth uncle informed him that his father was killed and was chopped into 8 pieces. He finds this hard to accept.

"Who killed him? Where did he die?" Long Yucang's face suddenly became very gloomy.

"He died inside the Dragon King Manor, Heavenly Dragon Sect's people killed him!" that middle aged man's face is also showing an ice-cold expression.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei doesn't understand the situation properly but they are certain that the Heavenly Dragon Sect people are not to be trifled with. However, them coming here is a good decision because due to this incident, Long family will have some internal strife.


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