Nine Sun God King
Chapter 835
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 835

Long Yucang's residence, he is being treated for his injuries in 5th uncle's reception hall. Qin Yun is sitting on a chair. His healing power is very quick, although he was seriously beaten up by that woman, his injuries are not grave. On the other hand, Long Yucang's injuries are grave, he looks like he only has half a life remaining.

"Boss Long, what is the origin of that woman? It seems like she is stronger than even Long Chuanwu." Qin Yun is not suffering from frostbite from those dreadful frost attacks because of his Immortal Devil Body and powerful Heavenly Lion blood.

"I only know that her family name is not Long, her name is Xian Rujing(Immovable Immortal), from her uniform I think she is a disciple of Heavenly Dragon Sect!" 5th uncle said : "Even though her age is not much she is a late stage Martial King, she can even stomp of peak stage Martial Kings!"

Long Yucang said with smile : "Who knows whether or not that woman's age is low? Maybe she is a tigress granny who lived for 10 thousand years!"

5th uncle shook his head and said : "If she lived for 10 thousand years in Immortal Desolate and still only had this kind of cultivation, she would be considered mediocre and would not be able to enter Heavenly Dragon Sect."

Long Yucang looked at Qin Yun and said with smile : "Brother Yun, earlier you used your thighs to lock her hands, were you not afraid she would crush it?"

Qin Yun laughed loudly and said : "I was not afraid at all, my defense is very good!"

"Little brother, Long Chuanwu have great background inside the Heavenly Dragon Sect! Otherwise a woman like Xian Rujing would not want to be his fiancee!" 5th uncle said : "You best leave our Dragon King Manor quickly, otherwise when Long Chuanwu awakens, he will come to take revenge on you as her fiance!"

"Fiance? I am not afraid of him!" Qin Yun managed to enter Dragon King Manor with lots of difficulties, there is no way he will leave. He is not at all afraid of Long Chuanwu, he will be a fiance killer if he has to....

"I will go back to rest first!" Qin Yun returned to his room, very calmly reclined on the bed and informed Xiao Yuemei about what happened outside. After hearing about the matters, Xiao Yuemei kep laughing.

"Brother, that Xian Rujing must have been duped! You don't know what the family name Xian signifies in Immortal Desolate! No matter how high Long Chuanwu's background is, there is no way he is fit for Xian Rujing!" Xiao Yuemei said.

Qin Yun recalled Xian Qirou, who was the daughter of Immortal Emperor.

"What kind of influence do the people with Xian family name have in the Immortal Desolate?" Qin Yun asked.

"Great influence, that Immortal Emperor belongs to the Xian clan, their clan have been the hegemony of a large area within Immortal Desolate for a very long time!" Xiao Yuemei said with laugh : "I bet that Xian Rujing secretly arrived here!"

Qin Yun said : "I am not worried about these, I waiting for Long Yucang's injuries to heal up. I must think of a way to take action! I want to finish up the matters here more quickly and leave Dragon King Manor quickly!"

Situation inside the Dragon King Manor is very precarious now, Qin Yun is worried that something unforeseen might occur.

Qin Yun rested for a day. As soon as he woke up next morning, he suddenly heard Long Yucang furious voice.

"Why did you come here? This is my territory, quickly scram!" Long Yucang shouted.

Qin Yun walked out of the room and saw a few Heavenly Dragon Sect people, one of them is Long Chuanwu, Additionally there are some Long family old men here. Seeing Qin Yun walk out, Long Chuanwu's whole face showed anger and cold killing intent.

"Long Yucang, your follower violated our Dragon King Manor's rule, we are here to take him away to prison!" one Long family old man said : "Rest assured, we won't kill him, we will only imprison him for 10 years according to our rule!"

Long Yucang furiously said : "He broke rules? Why don't you say what rule?"

The old man said with sneer : "He started a private fight inside the Dragon King Manor!"

Long Yucang suddenly recalled all the things that happened yesterday.

"That woman also started a private fight, what about that?" Long Yucang furiously said : "Are you guys not taking sides in this matter?"

"Rest assured, Xian Rujing will also be imprisoned, your follower will be imprisoned together with her!" that old man said with a gloomy and cold laugh.

Long Chuanwu is firmly clenching his fist, he said with evil grin : "Teasing Rujing, you don't know the meaning of death!"

Actually Long Chuanwu wants to take action himself but Xian Rujing already said that Qin Yun is her prey. Long Chuanwu can only leave Qin Yun to her.

The corners of Long Yucang's eyes twitches, he can imagine what the result will be if Qin Yun and Xian Rujing are both imprisoned together.

"He is my follower, not a person of Dragon King Manor, I will now see him off!" Long Yucang was saved by Qin Yun, naturally he wants to help Qin Yun.

"Long Yucang, if you ofstruct us, we will also imprison you!" the old man shouted.

"Why don't you just go ahead and directly kill my follower?" Long Yucang furiously said : "Aren't you Heavenly Dragon Sect people very arrogant? Why don't you tell that woman to come over and kill my follower?"

Long Chuanwu said with sneer : "Even though we are from Heavenly Dragon Sect, we want to comply with Dragon King Manor's rules. Otherwise, everyone will say later that we don't care about established rules!"

Rules must be protected because otherwise they can not use the rules to restrict internal conflicts among factions. Within Dragon King Manor, the more experienced people are, the more they abide by the law. They dare not break family law because it may lead to others invading them during their internal turmoil.

"You bunch of hypocritical bastards! Especially you Long Chuanwu, you broke family law and almost killed me, why are you still standing here untouched?" Long Yucang pointed Long Chuanwu and loudly cursed.

"Because I have performed meritorious deeds for the family that offsets my crime, so I am perfectly alright!" Long Chuanwu said with sneer.

He really wishes that he could go rip off Qin Yun's head but his seniors warned him that he can not act recklessly, so he can only behave.

"Bastard, what kind of meritorious deed did you perform?" Long Yucang still doesn't want to let this go.

"I contributed some Heavenly Dragon Art's secret arts, this obtained Dragon King Manor's seniors unanimous approval!" Long Chuanwu said with cold laugh.

Long Yucang glanced towards 5th uncle. 5th uncle shook his head, he is completely powerless, he told Qin Yun to leave yesterday, if he did that, today's matters would not happen.

"Alright, take me to prison!" Qin Yun suddenly said.

Long Yucang also said : "I also want to confirm with my own eyes that the woman is imprisoned!"

Long Chuanwu laughed loudly and said : "No problem!"

Like this Qin Yun has been detained by a few old men and brought to a tightly secured forbidden area inside the Dragon King Manor. This forbidden area has a powerful barrier and surrounded by a very tall wall, it is a kilometer wide circular wall. There are many fake mountains inside but no buildings can be seen.

As soon as Qin Yun entered he sensed at least 10 Martial Emperor's hidden inside. Even the patrol guards are Martial Kings. There is a cave on a fake mountain, Qin Yun walked in with escorts and entered deep underground through stairs. then kept walking through a dusky passage. Long Yucang followed closely behind.

Not long after, they arrived in front of a sliding rock gate. Those few elders took some time to open the gate. Inside the gate, there is a stone room. Inside the room there is a tall woman, wearing pure blue armor, with ponytail hair. This woman is Xian Rujing. As soon as she saw Qin Yun, her body burst forth with killing intent. This ice-cold killing intent that can pierce heart and bone caused the group of people entering the room to be shocked. Long Yucang is sure that Qin Yun is being delivered here to be killed by Xian Rujing.

"Xian Rujing broke Dragon King manor's rules, therefore she has been apprehended and will be imprisoned for 10 years!" an old man said : "Long Yucang, you can see that we are completely fair!"

"Bullshit! It won't take long for Xian Rujing to leave the prison!" Long Yucang cursed in low voice.

"If she contributes to our Long family, she can come out early! Our Dragon King Manor emphasizes on building relationship!" that old man said with chuckle : "Go in, you will serve prison time here!"

Long Yucang only wishes that Qin Yun doesn't die and can endure until his grandfather comes, at that time they can come up with some ideas. At this time everyone left the stone room. The stone gate is also closed and then barrier also has been deployed.

Qin Yun looked all around and then indifferently asked : "Should I take them off or will you come take them off?"

"You.. what do you want!" Xian Rujing shouted in anger and took out a sword with threatening cold air, it is an Immortal weapon.

"Yesterday, you took liberties with me, today you and me, a man and a woman together in this room! Don't tell me you don't want to handle me... directly do the deed with me?" Qin Yun said.

"You bastard! Kill yourself! Or better just let me kill you!" Xian Rujing recalled yesterday's matters and stamped her feet in anger. She realized that Qin Yun is deliberately messing with her.

From childhood until now, she never experienced anything like this. Therefore, she was caught unprepared by what happened then and had not choice but to run away in shame and anger. later she calmed down and realized that she was tricked.

"I was defiled by you, I am already yours! If you want to kill me, go ahead!" Qin Yun sat down at a corner and said with a face filled with grievance.

"You... you are still playing dumb? You are a big man, you pretend to be pure and clean! You are a bastard, obscene and shameless!" Xian Rujing firmly held her Immortal sword and rushed forward, the sword hung on Qin Yun's neck.

"Actually I am still a virgin! One the contrary, that fiance of yours... hehe.. the number of women he played with is more than the number of clothes you own!" Qin Yun curled his lips and said : "No matter how much of a bastard I am, he is a bigger one, ok?"

"You are not allowed to defame Chuanwu like that! His heart and soul is completely devoted to me!" Xian Rujing furiously shouted.

"Nope, you wanna take a bet? I bet that he is taking advantage of you being imprisoned and playing with flowers outside!" Qin Yun mischievously laughed and said : "If you don't believe me, how about you go out with me and take a look?"

Xian Rujing is gritting her teeth, she is also suspicious in her heart whether or not Long Chuanwu is playing around outside.


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