Nine Sun God King
Chapter 847
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 847

Long Yucang is walking back and forth inside his reception hall. He just found out that Qin Yun is not coming back, he was trapped and died inside the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave. Suddenly losing a good friend, he is very sad. Naturally, there is also another reason, he left several billion purple crystal coins with Qin Yun. When Long Yucang is distressing over his purple crystal coins, he suddenly saw Qin Yun appear in the living room. This caused him to shout in fright.


Long Yucang seems like he has seen a ghost when he looked at Qin Yun. He also believes that the "Sect Master Yun" before him is actually a ghost!

Qin Yun said with laugh : "Boss Long, I am back!"

"You.. aren't you trapped inside the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave?" Long Yucang can see that Qin Yun is alive and laughed heartily.

"Shhh!" Qin Yun smile.

Long Yucang said : "Brother Yun, I have been very aggrieved after hearing about your matters. Ever since I grew up, I never cried but I just cried earlier..."

Qin Yun took out a purple crystal card and said with laugh : "You must be crying because of the several billion purple crystal coins right?"

"Of course not! Brother Yun is a great example of righteousness, you are the benefactor who saved my life.. I am speaking the truth! Although I have many brothers, I never had good relationship with them like I have with you! I have considered you my brother for a long time!" Long Yucang looked at the purple crystal card and felt a lot relieved.

"I will return the purple crystal coins to you so that you don't feel worried!" Qin Yun laughed loudly.

"Brother Yun, I was truly not feeling sad because of losing money. If I ever have to face a choice in the future where I would have to choose between several billion purple crystal coin and brother Yun, I will choose brother Yun!" Long Yucang walked over, he took out a purple crystal card to receive the coins.

"Boss Long, I was poisoned, I need several billions to save my life! Why don't you lend me these several billion purple crystal coins?" Qin Yun said with chuckle.

"Brother Yun, don't joke around!" Long Yucang said with smile filled with embarrassment.

Qin Yun truly needs Long Yucang's help, otherwise he would not save Long Yucang before. He is walking back and forth in the reception hall and said with sigh : "Boss Long, I really need your help!"

Long Yucang said with smile : "Brother Yun, I already know that you have some other purpose in entering our Dragon King Manor! You say your piece, I will help you, I will most definitely help you!"

After some careful deliberations, Qin Yun said : "Boss Long, do you want to know my true identity?"

"Brother Yun travels the jianghu, surely you have many enemies, concealing identity is also normal! To be honest I really want to see brother Yun's true appearance, after all I consider you my brother!" Long Yucang said.

After Qin Yun removed his appearance alteration, he said with smile : "Do you recognize me?"

After Long Yucang saw Qin Yun's true appearance, he became shocked. Then he promptly took out a colored portrait. After comparing for a period of time, sweat started dripping from his forehead, his expression filled with astonishment.

"Qin... Qin..." Long Yucang promptly covered his mouth, then dragged Qin Yun into a secret room.

Long Yucang truly did not expect that the Sect Master Yun could be Qin Yun. But after thinking about it carefully, it is only Qin Yun who could pull off so many outrageous things. Slapping Long Chuanwu, tricking Xian Rujing and then he finally destroyed their relationship. Long Yucang also knows that Qin Yun obtained many Regent Stone Mothers but those Half Immortals believe that he is trapped inside the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave. Now Qin Yun has secretly come out and even changed his identity, nobody knows who he is right now!

"Qin Yun, I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time!" Long Yucang suppressed the shock in his heart and said with smile.

"Boss Long, you won't expose me right?" Qin Yun asked with smile.

"I won't dare to! Even if I expose you, you can certainly run away! Moreover, you are now my friend, my brother, I also need help inside the Dragon King Manor!" Long Yucang said. He knows that Proud Star State's Wei Long Manor was destroyed by Qin Yun.

"Boss Long, be at ease. You and me don't have enmity, I will not attack you!" Qin Yun said.

"Brother Yun, when you destroyed Wei Long Manor last time, you brought along a woman. Did she really pass heaven defying tribulation and enter Immortal Desolate?" Long Yucang asked with curiosity.

"En! Otherwise I would already brought her to flatten the Dragon King Manor!" Qin Yun sighed helplessly. Because Lan Suyao promised to come to Dragon King Manor with him.

Qin Yun's words made Long Yucang's heart jump.

"Brother Yun, then what do you want to do in our Dragon King Manor this time?" Long Yucang knows that Qin Yun's cultivation is not high but he has so many tricks that can cause people to go mad.

"Feel relieved, my strength is limited, I can not cause great commotion!" Qin Yun laughed : "I have 2 objective for coming here this time. First, I am looking for a method to remove a curse. Second, I want to take back Long Qiaofeng's Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit!"

"The curse was cast by a guy name Long Chunyuan, his is already dead. At death's door, he said that only Soaring Dragon State's Long family can lift the curse."

Long Yucang's expression became grave, he walked back and forth a few times and then said : "Brother Yun, Long Chunyuan was a powerful elder of our Dragon King Manor, I did not expect that he really died! The curse you speak of can indeed be only lifted by our Dragon King Manor but it is very difficult!"

"Please speak!" Qin Yun said.

"You will need old ancestor Immortal Dragon's blood and you will need a lot of it!" Long Yucang sighed and said : "I am unable to help you in this matter, it is indeed very difficult!"

"What about Long Qiaofeng's martial spirit?" Qin Yun asked again.

"That one is actually easy! All the young disciples in our Dragon King Manor are excited for Long Qiaofeng's Dragon and Phoenix Twin Marital Spirit! It is because the Dragon martial spirit has a Dragon Totem carved on it! That is why Dragon King Manor is holding a martial arts competition, they will award Long Qiaofeng's martial spirit to the winner!"

"Oh that's right, I heard the Dragon Totem was carved by you?" Long Yucang asked Qin Yun with excited expression.

When Qin Yun attacked Wei Long Manor, he let everyone know that he was the one who carved the Dragon Totem on Long Qiaofeng's martial spirit and he is an Inscription- Soul Refining Master. Long Yucang saw Qin Yun's Inscription technique before, he could easily create Dao Talisman. Clearly he is a Dao Inscription Master. A very young Dao Inscription Master, who even understands soul refining technique! Long Yucang thinks that it is a very rare opportunity, so as long as it doesn't harm his interests, he is willing to help Qin Yun.

"It is me who carved." Qin Yun said.

"Brother Yun, how about it, I will participate in the competition and try my best to win!" Long Yucang said : "I am just worried Long Chuanwu will also participate..."

"I will also participate!" Qin Yun said.

"You? But you are not even Martial King, moreover.. only our Long family disciples can participate!" Long Yucang shook his head.

Qin Yun let Xiao Yuemei out. Xiao Yuemei used her Divine Ability to change both Qin Yun's appearance and build, turned him into a tanned skin, slightly-built bald youth. This caused Long Yucang's eyes to become round because even though the bald youth's face shape is thin and tanned, it has many similarities to Long Yucang's own face.

"Brother Yun, why did you become someone so similar to me? Is it because I am very handsome?" Long Yucang asked.

"It's because my brother will pretend to be your younger brother called Long Yutian!" Xiao Yuemei giggled and said.

Long Yucang opened his mouth wide : "Can this be done? He is not a member of our Long family..."

Just as he finished speaking, Qin Yun raised his hand and released golden energy, those golden energy transformed into dragon, moreover there are many dragon images galloping and soaring.

"This is ... this is Heavenly Dragon Art's Heavenly Dragon Energy, I have not learned it, how did you learn it?" Long Yucang shouted in fright.

Qin Yun laughed, then again released a translucent faint golden aura that enveloped his body.

"Body Protecting Dragon Handle.. you also comprehended it!" Long Yucang loudly shouted : "You are not Qin Yun, who are you!"

"I am your younger brother Long Yutian!" Qin Yun laughed loudly.

Long Yucang feels like he is dreaming, he pinched his thigh, after he felt the pain he realized that all of this is true.

"This is so strange, what the hell is going on?" Long Yucang feels that all the strange things he might encounter his whole life, is just happening right now in front of him.

Qin Yun has also become Marital King and can use Body Protecting Dragon Handle. This is a technique within Heavenly Dragon Art that Long Qiaofeng passed on to him. The Heavenly Dragon Art martial arts Long Qiaofeng comprehended from the Dragon Totem are complete.

"Big brother, can my deception now pass off as genuine?" Qin Yun asked with smile.

"I really want to ask my dead father whether or not he has a son like you..." Long Yucang sighed and said : "I truly have you as my younger brother, this is pretty good!"

After Xiao Yuemei completed the task, she returned into the Nine Sun Divine Soul. She is now fiddling with the Regent Stone Mothers.

Qin Yun said with smile : "Big brother, when will grandfather come out of seclusion?"

Long Yucang didn't expect Qin Yun would get into the character so quickly : "I don't know.. anyways, my father is dead, dead man tells no tale, nobody can investigate your identity! My father was a romantic, having illegitimate child outside is quite normal!"

The next day, early morning, Long Yucang knocked on Qin Yun's door with some worry : "Old boy, quickly come out... that ice mother tigress has arrived!"

"That ice mother tigress?" Qin Yun opened the door while putting on white clothes.

"That is Xian Rujing.. she is at the reception hall, I don't know why she is here! She wants to see my follower, does she know you are here?" Long Yucang is somewhat worried.

"You tell her that I already left! We give this a try later, maybe we can fool her! Big brother, remember : I am your younger brother!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Alright!" Long Yucang deeply breathed and then left with Qin Yun.

Xian Rujing is wearing gorgeous purple skirt, she is gracefully sitting on a chair in the reception hall. When she saw Long Yucang come out with a bald, slightly-built youth, she immediately scowled and carefully sizing up the bald youth.

"Where is your follower?" Xian Rujing asked.

"I delivered him outside the Dragon King Manor yesterday, he must have escaped far away by now!" Long Yucang said.

Xian Rujing stood up, her gorgeous purple long skirt hung down, she walked beside Qin Yun and doubtfully asked : "Who is this guy?"

"My younger brother, Long Yutian! I am Azure(Cang), he is Heaven(Tian)! If we brothers combine we become a dragon that rules azure heaven!" Long Yucang said with smile.

Xian Rujing suspects that it is that "Family name Yun" but his body type is a lot smaller. Although appearance changing techniques are brilliant, they can only change features of the face. Moreover, trying to change body and facial structure for a long time is very difficult. If he used body shrinking technique, not only would it effect his power but it would be very hard to control aura.


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