Nine Sun God King
Chapter 858
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 858

Wu Long firmly believes that Qin Yun is pointlessly struggling, therefore he continued his ferocious assault. Moreover, he is very confident about his own own, he is not at all afraid of Qin Yun's attack. When his distance from Qin Yun is about a few meters ....


An exceedingly strong gravity ferociously pressed down and smashed Wu Long down to the ground. Wu Long's body and defense is very strong, it can be confirmed to the greatest extent with fact that after being hit by the exceedingly strong gravity, he is not lying down on the ground, he can still move forward, however his speed became very slow. Qin Yun used Passing Shadow Extinction Breath and completely disappeared, his aura also disappeared for a short period of time. When Wu Long was hit by the super gravity he felt very angry and astonished. Now he has lost sight of his opponent and he can only roar in anger.

After Qin Yun disappeared, he arrived behind Wu Long a few moments later. He stuck with the power of Extinction Dragon Eight Palm that landed on Wu Long's back. A sand and angry dragon roar echoed, causing Long Bei, who is watching the fight, to narrow his eyes, his expression became grave. After Wu Long was hit by the palm, the condensed power within his body scattered. Then Qin Yun used Suffering Divine Ability power.

"Ahhhh!" Wu Long immediately dropped to the ground and screamed in pain.

Wu Long condensed dreadful power within his body before, Suffering Divine Ability Power was not much useful against him then. But after his stored power scattered, Qin Yun can cause damage with Suffering Divine Ability. Wu Long is screaming in pain, at the same time he is also storing power. But Qin Yun rushed over and used Extinction Dragon Three Palms, one palm attacked connected with another palm attack, each palm attack scattered the power within Wu Long's body, causing injury to his body. Each of Qin Yun's palm attack caused Wu Long to roar and howl.

"Grandfather, save me... I concede!" Wu Long painfully shouted.

Long Bei let out a long sigh, promptly flew over and blocked Qin Yun's punch : "That's enough, he admitted defeat."

Qin Yun also promptly sat down on the ground to heal because soon he will have fight against Long Bei. Long Bei is extremely strong, he gently and easily obstructed Qin Yun's palm. This allowed Qin Yun to more or less understand the opponent's power.

"Young man, you are very strong!" Long Bei said.

"I merely used some tricks, if I had to compare power, I would be no match for Wu Long!" Qin Yun recalled the dreadful power Wu Long released, he still felt lingering fear in his heart.

"You are ingenious in using power, you use weak power to contend against the strong, this is your skill!" Long Bei said : "This is impossible for many people. People have formidable powers in vain, they are completely incapable of using them with ingenuity."

"Using power with ingenuity also requires some factors." earlier Qin Yun used all kind of power and Divine Ability with appropriate timing that helped him to defeat stronger opponent.

"Correct. Therefore, this is your skill." Long Bei said.

After the pain on Wu Long's body lightened, his eyes turned red and he furiously roared at Qin Yun : "You bald donkey, I want to tear your to shreds! You are far weaker than me, there is no way you can defeat me! You cheated!"

Wu Long rushed towards Qin Yun but was grabbed by Long Bei was thrown down the stairs.

"Properly reflect upon yourself!" Long Bei said towards the stairs in cold voice, then he waved his hand and took away the entire stair.

The place where the stair was turned into a flat ground. Seeing this scene, Qin Yun's mood became even more grave. This Long Bei is truly the strongest existence inside this pagoda. Even though the aura on Long Bei's body is that of a late stage Martial King, he gives off a very dreadful feeling. Qin Yun did not notice this before, he only noticed this when Long Bei blocked his palm earlier.

"Do you want to rest longer? No need to rush, take your time. I will wait for you." Long Bei said with smiling expression.

"Do you want to take revenge for your grandson?" Qin Yun anxiously asked.

"I won't take revenge for my grandson. I will only block you from leaving!" Long Bei laughed : "You want to go out urgently, therefore you will use the strongest power to fight me right?"

"Correct!" Qin Yun felt an indescribable fear looking at Long Bei's smiling face. He very rarely feels this kind of intense dread.

"Youngster, I don't know what your circumstances are, however the situation inside your body is very interesting!" Long Bei said.

"Senior, can you please let me go? I really have very urgent matters to attend to!" Qin Yun said, he doesn't want to fight this old man at all.

Because he can not win. The fight haven't even started and Qin Yun feels he can not win, this kind of situation occurs very rarely for him.

"Tha won't do! You must fight me! Only this way can I brag before my grandson!" Long Bei said with laugh.

Qin Yun bitterly smiled : "It seems like I won't be able to go out!"

Long Bei laughed heartily and said : "Youngster, don't be so pessimistic, who knows, maybe you can defeat me?"

Qin Yun sighed : "I wish.."

"Why do you want to go out so urgently?" Long Bei asked.

"Senior, how long have you been inside here? Don't you go out? Don't you know the situation outside? With your strength, you should have very high position in Dragon King Manor!" Qin Yun curiously asked.

There are many formidable people hidden inside the Dragon King Manor. Long Cangsheng from earlier was very dreadful. And now the Long Bei before his eyes is full of mystery.

Long Bei said : "I pay very little attention the matters of Dragon King Manor. I very rarely go out. The reason I am here is to help my grandson, leave the abyss of Devil dao!"

Qin Yun's previus guess is right, Wu Long indeed suffered cultivation deviation and entered Devil dao.

"Xiao Yun, that Wu Long from earlier must be a Dragon!" Ling Yuner suddenly said : "Such dreadful power at late stage Martial King, it can only be possible for dragon who transformed into humans!"

Qing Yun looked at Long Bei with great amazement after hearing Ling Yuner's words. If Wu Long is truly dragon who transformed into human, then this Long Bei is also a very formidable dragon!

"How many dragons are actually inside the Dragon King Manor?" Qin Yun felt extremely apprehensive, he heard that Dragon King Manor raised several dragons. He did not expect that Nine Dragon Devil Prison to actually have two dragons, moreover, they are very strong.

"Senior, I must get out urgently to participate in a martial arts competition! I have been here for more than a day, the competition must already have begun!" Qin Yun explained his situation to Long Bei. Of course he did not mention the Immortal Dragon Spirit, he is afraid that it would be snatched away.

"Heavenly Dragon Sect? Hmph.. those guys always send some people at an interval of a period of time. Not only they don't bring any benefits, they also cause a lot of trouble!" Long Bei coldly groaned, it is clear that he hates the Heavenly Dragon Sect.

"Senior, don't tell me that those Heavenly Dragon Sect people are no good?" Qin Yun asked : "There are many elders of our Dragon King Manor who are close to Heavenly Dragon Sect people!"

Long Bei said : "Those Heavenly Dragon Sect bastards want to use our Dragon King Manor to do the hard work for them! They must have other purpose for arriving this time. And they never invest anything. I never had any good impression of them, it is just that I can't take action against them!"

There are many strong factions within Dragon King Manor. After staying inside for a period of time, Qin Yun also realized that Dragon King Manor is currently a bit unstable. If the inner conflicts erupt at this time, the overall strength of Long family will heavily suffer.

Qin Yun completely healed up after resting for a period of time.

"Senior, we should begin!" Qin Yun let out a long sigh, as matters stand, he can only give it a try.

Long Bei looked at Qin Yun and said with laugh : "Use those little tricks you used against Wu Long! I want to see how he lost!"

After his words came out, he promptly rushed towards Qin Yun in a very quick speed. Although he moved very fast, he halted during his charge, clearly he did it deliberately. Qin Yun promptly released tree claws to grab Long Bei's thigh, while pulling him to restrain his strength, Qin Yun also released super gravity. A loud explosion echoed, Long bei who was flying over, stomped on the ground heavily with his legs. Qin Yun rushed out, he let our a loud roar and unleashed the strongest Extinction Dragon Ten Palms. The palm power charged out, that power is howling and crying as if a dragon is howling and crying. At the same time, it is shocking and sorrowful, it is as if a dragon is lamenting and weeping at death's door.


The palm power landed on Long Bei's body and was completely absorbed by him, it did not create any surging air wave. This caused Qin Yun to feel extreme fear. Qin Yun sent out a palm, then another and during the third time, Long Being sent a punch towards Qin Yun's palm.

"AHHH!" Qin Yun felt so much pain in his palm and arm as if it is being ripped apart.

"Body Protecting Dragon Handle!" Qin Yun was sent flying by that attack, hit the wall and vomited mouthful of blood.

"Just now, you used Nine Extinction Heart Sutra's Nine Extinction Palm right?" Long Bei looked at Qin Yun with grave expression and asked.

Qin Yun slowly stood up, nodded his head and said : "Yon won, I am not your match!"

Long Bei's grave looking face showed a thread of smile : "You are not a Long family member!"

"How can you be so sure?" Qin Yun asked.

"Long family members can not learn Extinction Dragon Palm!" Long Bei said.

"Alright, it seems like I will be stuck here until I can defeat you!" Qin Yun also did not expect that 9th floor guard would be so dreadful.

"You can go! But you must promise me, that you will come back after you are done with the martial arts competition!" Long Bei said. His words caused Qin Yun to be stunned.

"Senior, you.. do you really mean that?" Qin Yun finds this somewhat unbelievable.

"Of course! I want you to come back so that you and Wu Long can compete! I want to properly instruct him within this period of time! I want to train him to learn how to deal with Extinction Dragon Palm!" Long Bei said with smile : "Let's consider this our business transaction!"

"Then.. then how can I come in at that time?" Qin Yun asked.

"Use this metal token and you will directly be able to enter this floor!" Long Bei took out a golden metal token and handed it to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun took the metal token and promptly thanked Long Bei.

"When you fight in the competition, you must defeat Heavenly Dragon Sect people! It would be best if you directly kill them without holding back!" Long Bei warned.

"Alright!" Qin Yun nodded his head.


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