Nine Sun God King
Chapter 867
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 867

Long Bei saw that Wu Long is still as complacent as before and can only sigh, he shouted : "Begin!"

Fight began! Wu Long covered his body in dragon scales, making him look like he is wearing golden armor. Wu Long's arms turned into dragon claws, while he is rushing over very quickly, a dragon tail grew on his lower back. Wu Long has originally been a dragon, therefore he can easily become one again. He becomes very strong in this state because he can use the power of the dragons.

Qin Yun saw Wu Long rushing over and released super gravity and Suffering Divine Ability power, transformed them into transparent energy wave that rushed towards Wu Long. Wu Long's dragon scales are very powerful, they can actually resist the Suffering Divine Ability power and super gravity. Although he can resist, his speed also became slower.


Wu Long sensed an obstructing power and furiously shouted. His body exploded with burst of energy that started pushing back the super gravity. At this time, Qin Yun also suddenly disappeared. He used Passing Shadow Extinction Breath to appear about 10 meters behind Wu Long. He gathered 2 fingers together and pointed at Wu Long's back.


A shocking thunderclap echoed out, Qin Yun's fingertips shot out black light beam like electric and hit Wu Long's back. He unleashed Piercing Mountain and Splitting Earth Finger. Many dragon scales on Wu Long's back shattered into pieces after being hit and he was sent flying and knocked against the wall. However, the dragon scales quickly returned on Wu Long's back. Qin Yun promptly walked forward while releasing gravity to continue pressure on Wu Long. And when he got close enough to touch, he unleashed Forging Dragon Six Styles.

Boom Boom Boom!

Momentum of each and every fist attack of Qin Yun is vast, it is like a huge wave of gale, crumbling mountain and splitting earth. Explosive fists dropped down like hammers and gave rise to violent thunder, bringing together violent and ferocious air wave, each of them dropping on Wu Long's back.

Long Bei frowned while watching and said in low voice : "This human is hiding such formidable power in his body. Could it be that he innately possesses the power to restrain dragons, a dragon hunter?"

Waves explosion keeps echoing inside the 9th floor. Wu Long in completely powerless to resist against Qin Yun's barrage of attack. He can only loudly roar and shout. Qin Yun is also not used Extinction Dragon Palm. He is using the Heavenly Lion's power through the Heavenly Lion totem martial arts. He is secretly releasing Heavenly Lion Thunderclap energy along with Forging Dragon Six Styles.

While looking, Long Bei's eyes suddenly shrunk : "This is Heavenly Lion martial arts, this guy... exactly how many dragon restraining methods did he master?"

Wu Long, who was confidence at the beginning, now not long since then, left crying and screaming. Qin Yun's fist unceasingly kept landing on Wu Long's face, causing his face to deform. Ground is also filled with many broken pieces of dragon scales. Wu Long is basically not Qin Yun's opponent!

"I lost, I concede!" Wu Long cried out loudly but Qin Yun's fist still landed on his face and sent him flying and knocking against the wall.

"Damn baldy, this young master already admitted defeat, why did you hit me again?" Wu Long loudly shouted, tears and blood flowing down he face together : "If you have guts, wait 200 years for me, watch how I kill you then!"

Qin Yun looked at Long Bei, spread his arms and said : "I am sorry, I won again!"

At this time, Wu Long's eyes turned red, his face became malevolent, he shouted loudly : "Damn baldy, I want to kill you.. I want to kill you.. I want to become Devil Dragon.. I want to obtained formidable Evil power! Evil God, I ask you to grant me power!"

After Long Bei saw this, he promptly arrived and knocked Wu Long unconscious with a palm attack. He let out long sigh in heartache and said : "This little guy, he was defeated by other people before and could not accept it. Then he went to the extreme, let Evil God possess him and committed massacre!"

Qin Yun still has the Evil God's Devil Horn. He is not at all unfazed by this strange situation, he merely feels that the Evil God is everywhere.

"Can it really be so hopeless?" Qin Yun asked.

"So long as someone is infected by the Evil poison of the Evil God, it is completely hopeless... one can only exercise self restrain!" Long Bei helplessly sighed and said : "Wu Long has already thoroughly sunk into the sinister Devil Dao. If only... if only we could purify his soul tainted by the poison of Evil Spirit!"

Qin Yun said : "This Evil God is strange.. he is everywhere, apparently some people have researched a method to summon him by sacrificial offering!"

"That kind of sacrifice is very vicious, it requires the life of many people to succeed!" Long Bei said.

"Senior, you just talked about purifying the soul tainted by Evil God, how does it work actually?" Qin Yun curiously asked.

"Generally speaking, when someone enters Devil Dao, one's soul and martial spirit are tainted by evil desire and evil power. It is especially grave for someone who has been corrupted by the power granted by Evil God! If the Evil power can be dispelled from soul and martial spirit, then purification can be achieved!" Long Bei said.

Qin Yun quickly recalled all kinds of methods from the Soul Refining Technique. Among them, there is a soul body purification section, using the purest power to purify all kind tainting from soul body. Qin Yun's Overwhelming Righteous martial spirit signifies that he possesses the purest power!

"Senior, I will be able to give it a try, there should not be any problem. I possess Overwhelming Righteous martial spirit and I also know Soul Refining Technique, there should not be any problem right?" Qin Yun said.

"Soul Refining Technique.. Overwhelming Righteous martial spirit..." Long Bei looked at Qin Yun in great astonishment. Qin Yun immediately released Overwhelming Righteous power!

Long Bei inhaled mouthful of air looking at the scene, he promptly nodded his head and said : "Quickly try it out!"

Long Bei was abducted, he has no offspring. Wu Long was raised by him, he treats Wu Long as his own grandson and descendant, he loves Wu Long very much.

Qin Yun promptly pressed his hand on Wu Long's abdomen and started sensing the martial spirit inside. Not long after, Qin Yun sensed the Evil power within Wu Long's Dragon Spirit. That Evil power has many roots that are completely entangled around Wu Long's Dragon Spirit. After understanding the situation, Qin Yun released Overwhelming Righteous power and poured them into the Dragon Spirit to clear away those Evil power. Wu Long's body also started releasing black air.

"It's effective!" Long Bei is very happy, he somewhat excitedly yelled.

Qin Yun also very amazed towards this Evil power, it can actually take root so deep. He used very strong Overwhelming Righteous power to purify those Evil power. One day and one night passed by, the sky above the 9th floor of the Nine Dragon Devil Prison is filled with black air. It is the consciousness of the Evil power.

That black air transformed into a malevolent head and howled in fury : "It is you again.. always ruining my good plans..."

"Go to hell Evil God!" Qin Yun sent a fist attack towards that malevolent head, strong Overwhelming Righteous power surged like river and rushed forward.

"Just wait for me, sooner or later, I will find you!" Evil God said furiously. That black head suddenly disappeared. Qin Yun let out a long sigh of relief and wiped the sweat with his hand.

"Thank you so much little brother!" the expression with which Long Bei is looking at Qin Yun is now is somewhat filled with reverence. After all, this is a person who shouts and curse at Evil God!

"Senior, there is no need to be courteous! Inside Wu Long's Dragon Spirit, there are still some Devil intent.. of course they come from his own mind!" Qin Yun said with sigh : "That is most difficult to drive away, he can only rely on himself to drive it away, otherwise he would draw in Evil God's power as he did before!"

Long Bei said : "If only you were a good Dao Inscription Master, you could have carved Devil Sealing Dao Rune on Wu Long's Dragon Spirit!"

Qin Yun said with faint smile after hearing this : "Senior, I did not mean to hide it from you, I am also a Dao Inscription Master!"

Long Bei looked at Qin Yun with from a new light, he finds this hard to believe as he said : "Is it true? You are so young, yet not only is your strength so formidable but you are also an Inscription Soul Refining Master?"

"Give me that Devil Sealing Dao Rune to take a look!" Qin Yun said. Long Bei took out the Devil Sealing Dao Rune which is curved on a beast skin.

After taking a look at it, Qin Yun said : "Senior, it would be best if I also carve a Dragon Totem on Wu Long's Dragon Spirit, I happen to also have Dragon Totem!"

"You.. who are you exactly? How do you know so many things?" Long Bei's expression is incredulous, he is looking at Qin Yun with great admiration.

Qin Yun laughed and said : "I am starting!"

Qin Yun possesses Dao Lord and Beast King Inscription Spirits, he can easily carve Devil Sealing Dao Rune and Dragon Totem. Within an hour he finished carving both of them on Wu Long's Dragon Spirit. Long Bei was not speaking at all, when he saw Wu Long's Dragon Spirit, he immediately thanked Qin Yun.

"Little brother, you need Immortal dragon's blood, I can surely help you obtain them, consider it me showing you my gratitude! But it will take some time!" Long Bei said.

"Senior, don't tell me that you still don't want me to try to break that Beast Governing Collar?" Qin Yun asked.

"This.. this.. can you really do this?" Long Bei doesn't dare to have high hopes in this matter.

"If I get rid off it, will the manor lord of Dragon King Manor discover it?" Qin Yun is actually worried about this matter.

"I don't know! Even if he finds out, I am not afraid! With my strength, if I want to run from Dragon King Manor with you and Wu Long, nobody can stop me! The precondition is that the Beast Governing Collar must be thoroughly destroyed!" Long Bei said with great confidence.

Long Bei thought through properly and made his decision. He said with determined face : "Come!"

Long Bei extended his hand. Qin Yun looked at that Beast Governing Collar and then let little Mo Mo out.

"Magical Fairy?" Long Bei is a dragon, he also knows about this kind of mysterious fairy.

"Grandpa Long, hello." Mo Mo said in low voice.

Long Bei is not sure what Qin Yun is trying to do. Qin Yun discussed with Mo Mo earlier to let her out to take a look. Mo Mo observed the collar, then concentrated her mind. She is Fairy High Priest, she possesses special power that can make runes stop working and lose their effectiveness. Mo Mo released her special power, her transparent wings started quickly flapping, her dark green eyes shot out two green beam that hit the wristband.

Not long after, Mo Mo lightly yelled : "Big brother, the wristband is ineffective!"

At this time Qin Yun vigorously pulled that wristband and thoroughly snapped it. The wristband has been completely separated from Long Bei's arm. Long Bei looked at that destroyed Beast Governing Collar and his body shivered from head to toe in excitement. This thing that confined his soul for so many years, has finally been destroyed.

Mo Mo also returned to Nine Sun Divine Soul. Qin Yun wants to let Mo Mo look at Slave Governing Collar, to test whether or not she can break it. These collars are similar. Main difference is that the Slave Governing Collar is an Immortal tool, where Long Bei's wristband was Dao tool.


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