Nine Sun God King
Chapter 878
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 878

Qin Yun and Xian Rujing are somewhat frantic and excited, they quickly entered cultivation state. The energy rushing out of the Regent Origin Stone is like a huge wave of angry roar and surging inside their bodies fiercely. If their bodies were not strong enough, they would not be able to endure this level of energy.

Xian Rujing excitedly said : "You truly have some skills! What exactly did you do?"

Qin Yun said with smile : "I just carved a Sun rune on the Regent Origin Stone. I did not think my experiment would be so successful!"

"At the rate we are absorbing energy from the Regent Origin Stone now is a lot more than before. And with both of us cultivating together, I feel that within this half month I will surely breakthrough!" Xian Rujing felt very excited thinking of how she will soon breakthrough to the peak Martial King.

"Don't speak so surely!" Qin Yun laughed : "Alright, you will be in charge of controlling energy and I will be in charge of carving runes."

Xian Rujing took the Regent Origin Stone from Qin Yun's hand that looks like it's seal has been undone and started absorbing the energy from it. She took lead in controlling the energy, flowing energy back and forth between her and Qin Yun's body. This way, Qin Yun can carve runes without distraction. He is not directly carving Nine Condensation Sun Rune on the Regent Origin Stone. Rather he carved the rune on beast skin and then transferring the rune onto the Regent Origin Stone. He is very proficient in this because he used this same method before during that Inscription competition and it went very smoothly even then. Xian Rujing finds it very unfathomable looking at Qin Yun, she heard before that Qin Yun possesses two Inscription Spirits and even a Soul Refiner, his skill is dreadfully heaven defying. The major reason why Heavenly Dragon Sect people came from Immortal Desolate is Qin Yun.

"Qin Yun, I thought before that Heavenly Dragon Sect people coming from Immortal Desolate just for you is just too much. Now I think their decision was correct!" Xian Rujing now sees Qin Yun in a new light.

"Why? Do you want to hand me over?" Qin Yun said with smile.

"We are on the same boat now!" Xian Rujing coldly groaned and said : "Also, I will only have benefit working with you! There is no benefit in working with Heavenly Dragon Sect, they even want to take advantage of me!"

Heavenly Dragon Sect is now showing cold shoulders to Xian Rujing because of the matter with Long Chuanwu. Otherwise she would not be targeted by the Xuan Domain Dragon Sect.

"Rujing, how many people possess Sacred Sun Spirit Vein inside the Immortal Desolate?" Qin Yun asked.

"Of course not many, they are all protected by powerful factions, they are treated as very precious things!" Xian Rujing said : "Don't think about this, seriously carve runes!"

Xian Rujing is firmly holding one of Qin Yun's hands and transporting energy to his body, using the Sun and Moon Heart Sutra, she in strengthening the energy by a lot. Qin Yun basically doesn't need to worry about cultivating, he just needs to follow Xian Rujing's lead for that matter and just carve runes without worry. After the seal on the Regent Origin Stone has been broken, not only the energy released by it has increase by a lot, Qin Yun and Xian Rujing are also absorbing energy at a much faster rate. Not even 3 hours have passed by and they are finished absorbing all the energy inside the stone. If it was before, it would take them several days to absorb energy from one stone.

Qin Yun still has not finished carving runes. However, Xian Rujing is not at all anxious. She took this opportunity to operate Sun and Moon Heart Sutra and properly harmonize the energy between her and Qin Yun's body. Xian Rujing also doesn't know why she feels that now she and Qin Yun has an indescribable connection. It is like the power within both of their bodies have fused and become one. Xian Rujing thought about it and feels that it might have something to do with Slave Governing Collar on her soul.

Two to three hours passed by again. Qin Yun now feels that all the energy he absorbed has been perfectly refined and assimilated. It is because Xian Rujing operating Sun and Moon Heart Sutra to lead the process. Qin Yun has also finished carving runes and quickly transferring the rune onto Regent Origin Stone. This time he used Xian Rujing's stone. After the rune has been transferred onto the stone, just like before energy rushed out of it crazily as if a seal has been undone from it. Xian Rujing saw Qin Yun succeeded again and felt extremely happy in the bottom of her heart. Just like before, she is again in charge of controlling energy and Qin Yun is in charge of carving runes.

More than 10 days passed by. Xian Rujing used more than 30 Regent Origin Stones and finally became peak stage Martial King. At 4th stage of Xuan Dao Core, it becomes Xuan King Dao Core and can release Xuan King Power. Xian Rujing waved her hand and released a faint white colored energy that is felt with tremendous power. Qin Yun looked on from the side and felt flustered.

"Qin Yun, you are most definitely not a match for me now!" Xian Rujing said with a proud smile.

"Rujing, you cultivated Sun and Moon Heart Sutra with me, the benefit I have received is also very good!" Qin Yun said with faint smile : "Don't think you are the only one whose strength has increased!"

Xian Rujing asked in amazement : "At what cultivation level are you now?"

Qin Yun ate King Energy Origin Pills to enter mid stage Martial King before. And now he used over 30 Regent Origin Stones to cultivate with Xian Rujing, he is on the verge of breakthrough.

"I will quickly enter late stage Martial King!" Qin Yun said with laugh : "You should continue cultivating with me for a few days. I will be able to breakthrough."

Xian Rujing was stuck at late stage Martial King for quite long. She had to use over 30 Regent Origin Stone to breakthrough. So she thought that even though she could breakthrough, it would take Qin Yun quite some time to breakthrough. She really did not expect it would be quite fast for Qin Yun too.

"Considering you carved runes on my Regent Origin Stones, I won't be a stingy woman!" Xian Rujing said with light groan.

"Many thanks big sister Rujing!" Qin Yun said with smile.

Within these more than ten days, some people came to find Long Bei multiple times, to make him go into the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave. Long Bei found some excuses to delay for time. He is waiting for Long Cangsheng to finish the flag formation. Half a month went by but Long Cangsheng still has not come, this caused Long Bei to be very worried. Qin Yun on the other hand wishes that Long Bei can delay for more time because he will be able to breakthrough in 2-3 days. Xian Rujing's cultivation is now higher than Qin Yun's, therefore for when using Sun and Moon Heart Sutra to cultivate, she channeled even more energy into Qin Yun's body, she did not keep much for herself. 2 days later Long Cangsheng finally arrived. He found Qin Yun and Xian Rujing cultivating together.

"You guys take your time talking. We are at a crucial time in cultivation." Qin Yun greeted Long Cangsheng at the distance.

Long Cangsheng said : "Yucang already left Dragon King Manor. Long Yingkun also can no longer wait, he might arrive within 2 days!"

Long Bei said : "Give the flag formation to Qin Yun! I will deal with the Immortal dragon Long Yingkun, you will deal with other guys.. so long as we can hold on for a while, when the Jian family people arrive, we can relax a lot!"

Long Cangsheng tool out the flag formation and put it beside Qin Yun. Qin Yun said : "Try to delay for a few days as much as possible, I am going to step into late stage Martial King!"

Long Cangsheng said with some amazement : "So quick? I remember you were at initial stage or perhaps mid stage Martial King?"

Qin Yun said with smile : "With King Energy Origin Pills and Regent Origin Stones, of course it will be quick!"

Long Bei said : "Relax, we will delay for time as much as possible!"

After that, Long Bei and Long Cangsheng began discussing battle strategy. Although both Long Bei and Long Yingkun are Immortal dragons, the strongest Immortal Power within their bodies are sealed so that they are not sucked away by the Immortal Desolate. Therefore they are both as powerful as the strongest Half Immortals. But they are dragons, therefore their body and power is stronger than any human Half Immortals by a lot. Long Cangsheng has cultivated Heavenly Dragon Art to Dragon Transformation stage, he is a very strong Half Immortal. On top of that, he is a very strong Inscription Master, he has many tremendous Dao talisman, King talisman and same grade equipment. If he is besieged, he can resist for quite some time.

"Grandfather, the great formation of Dragon King Manor is very strong. When the time comes, the Jian family might be blocked outside." Qin Yun said.

"Don't worry about that. I am also in charge of the great formation, I have already taken some precautions." Long Cangsheng said with smile : "If Jian family people charge in, even the Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xuan Domain Dragon Sect won't be able to hold them back by joining forces!"

Two days passed by in the blink of an eye. Qin Yun has not broken through, Xian Rujing is also very anxious. Because within these two days, more and more people have gathered outside the Nine Dragon Devil Prison. They all are waiting for Long Bei to come out and lead them into Bloody Evil Dragon Cave. Especially today the number of people are the highest, it is clear that they want to set off today.

Suddenly, a stern voice filled with power arrived : "Long Bei, you coward, what are you doing? More than half a month passed by, are you still not done with your trivial matters? Do not forget your position within the Dragon King Manor!"

The one who spoke is the Immortal dragon old ancestor Long Yingkun.

Long Bei coldly replied : "Long Yingkun! Don't think that I don't know that you want me to enter Bloody Evil Dragon Cave to die. I will go sooner or later, what is your urgency? After entering the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave, I won't be able to return. I am someone at the death's door, so I am doing some private things, what are you so afraid of?"

Hearing Long Bei's words, the Dragon King Manor Half Immortals panicked because they never saw Long Bei contradict Long Yingkun before.

"Long Bei, even if you die, you are a servant of the Dragon King Manor! When or how you die, is not for you to bargain over!" Long Yingkun coldly said.

"Long Yingkun, I, Long Bei, will die anyway, are you not afraid that I will risk my life to take you down with me?" Long Bei is standing at the door of the 9th floor and looking down on the people below. His expression is filled with killing intent.

Those group of Half Immortals, Martial Emperors, Martial Kings who are being stared down by Long Bei, suddenly have dread swell up within their hearts, it is as if they are being stared down by death itself.

"Arrogant slave! Just because the manor lord is not here to control you through slave collar, you think you can do whatever you want?" Long Yingkun furiously shouted. His oppressive voice shook the whole Nine Dragon Devil Prison.

Long Bei promptly flew out and charged into the sky and coldly said : "Long Yingkun, I tolerated you for far too long! Today we will fight to death! You people forced me to be a slave for moer than 10000 years, you owe me everything, today I want to take them back!"


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