Nine Sun God King
Chapter 879
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 879

Dragon King Manor, Heavenly Dragon Sect, Xuan Domain Dragon Sect, each and every one of the people they brought here are filled with extreme fear. They quickly flew to the sky and then flew far away from the area. Two Immortal dragons are about to, it is hard to imagine power they will unleash, the Dragon King Manor might even be destroyed.

Long Bei flew far away from Nine Dragon Devil Prison. He arrived on the air over an empty land. Behind him arrived a white haired old man. This is Long Yingkun.

"Long Bei, you should honestly act like a slave! You were born to be a slave!" Long Yingkun shouted in a stern voice. Then he waved his hand, a majestic and frantic dragon power roared and trembled through the sky. Incomparably dreadful power pressure ferociously battered the earth.

Hu hu hu...

When Long Yingkun raised his hand, incomparably dreadful and ferocious air pressure was released that destroyed many building within a large area. Long Bei let out a furious dragon roar and sent out his palm to meet the attack. The entire Dragon King Manor seems like it is a exploding boiling pot. All the people here left their residences and flew into the air. Dragon King Manor's people felt endless misery seeing the two Immortal dragons have started fighting.

A Heavenly Dragon Sect person said with grave expression : "This is very troublesome! Long Bei is completely out of control. Immortal dragon old ancestor is also not showing any restraint. The way these 2 are going, I am afraid Dragon King Manor will be finished!"

A Xuan Domain Dragon Sect person coldly groaned and said : "At worst the place have to be rebuild! What we need to be worried about is that they don't get injured, especially Immortal dragon old ancestor. They are our Long family's only firepower!"

A Dragon King Manor old man said with sigh : "Could it be that the beast collar on Long Bei lost effectiveness? Ordinarily he can not resist us because the beast collar would torment his soul!"

All of them miscalculated this point. Even Long Yingkun did not expect that Long Bei would truly fight him. Now that the fight has started, Long Yingkun can not stop anymore. Just now he was hit by Long Bei's palm attack. This is a slap in his face in front of all the younger generations, he will not let this matter go.

Long Cangsheng can see the movement outside is very big. He said to Qin Yun and Xian Rujing : "I will go outside and let the Jian family people in!"

Qin Yun also very worried because he has not yet broken through and doesn't know when that will happen, he only knows it is soon. Not long after Long Cangsheng left, the commotion from outside became more and more loud. Originally Long Bei wanted to get rid off Heavenly Dragon Sect people but there are a few Half Immortals among them, they dodged extremely quickly. On top of that, Long Yingkun blocked attacks. Long Bei and Long Cangsheng discussed before, to not let Qin Yun use flag formation too early, he must wait for a good opportunity. Because there is only one Dragon Sealing Great Formation, if they miss the best opportunity or the formation is destroyed, their plan will be ruined. Qin Yun also decided to first breakthrough to late stage Martial King and then go out to use the flag formation. That way it will be much easier.

Suddenly Dragon King Manor's Half Immortal bellowed : "Jian family people has arrived! Who opened the barrier and let them in?"

"Immortal dragon old ancestor, quickly get rid of Long Bei and help us fight Jian family!"

"Long Bei did you conspire with Jian family?"

Dragon King Manor's Long family members turned pale in fright as they looked at the direction scathing with sword energy.

Heavenly Dragon Sect's old man said with sneer : "What are you so afraid of? Isn't it just a bunch of sword cultivators? It's not a big deal!"

Xuan Domain Dragon Sect's old man also said with a ridiculing laugh : "You Dragon King Manor people are totally good for nothing! You are so scared just seeing those Jian family people!"

"Even if they are Jian family people, they are not that great!"

"Exactly, we will take care of them here and now!"

It is not merely the Jian family, it is the Jian family alliance that has come. For example, Bao Changshou and old mother Yun Yao, these formidable Half Immortals also arrived. Jian Shitian is flying ahead, he is firmly holding his Origin Sword. His sword intent is coming from far like a burst of gale battering. Most dreadful however the seven old men behind Jian Shitian. They are the most formidable existence within the Jian family, the Seven Sword Old Ancestors.

When Long Cangsheng let them in, he contacted Jian Shitian and told them not to attack Long Bei. Jian Shitian also knows that this is Qin Yun's contact inside the Dragon King Manor, so he agreed with Long Cangsheng.

Originally, it was the two dragons fighting. And now Jian family has joined the fray, a large group of Half Immortals are now participating in the fight. The people outside the Dragon King Manor all ran far away. Especially those people who spent lots of purple crystal coins to buy expensive houses in the vicinity, they feel like stray dogs now. There is a war broke out in the Dragon King Manor, the damage within the vicinity is quite big, their losses are disastrous. Those people who bought expensive houses all thought Dragon King Manor is very stable, situation like this would never appear here. But now, not only two dragons are fighting, even a large group of those Half Immortals who are usually afraid of death are fighting. Moreover over there are sword cultivators from Jian family.

Long Yucang's Dragon Tree Pavilion is very strange. It turned out to be a magic tool, Long Yucang stored it, so he did not suffer any losses. He is like everyone else, floating on the air, looking at the Dragon King Manor from far away.

"Boss, can the Jian family win? If they lose, the Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm will belong to Long family!" Bai Kexian said.

"Jian family will surely win! After they win, there will be a period of time for development. Then they will attack the Xuan Domain. At that time I will also sneak in to take a look!" Long Yucang said.

Long family has been placed inside the Ordinary Realm to mix in the water, to not let any faction to become a hegemony. This way Ordinary Realm would never be unified and attack the Xuan Domain. Divine Inscription Palace's people saw Jian family suddenly invaded and even easily entered Dragon King Manor. They immediately reported the situation to the other branch Divine Inscription Palace. Other great state's sects and aristocratic families can see how domineeringly Jian family attacked Dragon King Manor. They do not dare go help the Long family because they fear of retaliation from Jian family later. Originally, these sects and aristocratic families were very optimistic about the Long family, after all Long family have an Immortal dragon. Who would have known that their most formidable Immortal dragons would start fighting each other.

Qin Yun and Xian Rujing can not see the situation inside from the Nine Dragon Devil Prison, they only know that the situation outside is very drastic. The burst of sound coming from outside sounds like the heaven and earth is exploding. Qin Yun has now entered a state of Dao Core evolution, he is on the verge of entering 3rd stage.

Xian Rujing said : "Qin Yun, can you breakthrough on your own? I will go take a look outside, see if I can be of some help!"

She flew out of the Nine Dragon Devil Prison. She started looking for Martial Emperors to target. As soon as she found them, she unleashed Heavenly Tribulation Divine Ability Power, calling out dreadful tribulation thunder. Her targets are Xuan Domain Dragon Sect Martial Emperors.

"Isn't that Xian Rujing? She should have been eaten by Long Bei!" someone shouted in alarm.

"That bastard Long Bei did not actually eat Xian Rujing and Long Yutian!"

"Long Cangsheng is also fighting.. could it be that it was him who let the Jian family people in?"

"Damn bastards! Everyone quickly join hands and get rid of Long Cangsheng!"

A large group of people immediately explode with rage and bellowed one after another.

Jian family people are very strong, even though there are not many of them, they are not letting the Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xuan Domain Dragon Sect people to even breath easily. The battle is very fierce, it is as if the heaven and earth is crumbling. Waves of loud noises caused people to be shocked endlessly. More than half the Dragon King Manor has been demolished within a very short amount of time. Dragon King Manor's people are extremely distressed.

The ones fighting most intensely are Long Bei and Long Yingkun, after all they are the strongest here. Even though they are suppressing their cultivation, this kind of power is not something ordinary Half Immortals can compare to. Jian family sword cultivators are also using sweeping momentum to constantly force back Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xuan Domain Dragon Sect's Half Immortals. Although Martial Kings and Martial Emperors are not as strong as Half Immortals, they are the largest in number and they are the ones fighting most fiercely. The tribulation thunder released by Xian Rujing is terrorizing people to the extreme. As long as she wished, she can let tribulation thunder cover a huge area. Even Martial Emperors feel acute pain all over their body by the tribulation thunder.

"Xian Rujing, you arrived here with our Heavenly Dragon Sect, you can be considered one of our own! We should not have any enmity right?" a Heavenly Dragon Sect Martial Emperor yelled.

"Without your tacit approval, would the bastards of the Xuan Domain Dragon Sect indulge their younger generation into taking action against me?" Xian Rujing said in anger : "All of you Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xuan Domain Dragon Sect bastards will die here today!"

Everyone knows that Xian Rujing was captured and beaten by a group of women, the anger in her heart has not yet subsided. After Xian Rujing became peak stage Martial King, her strength became even more dreadful. She summoned 3 Snow Woman Immortals. 3 Snow Woman Immortals are also peak stage Martial Kings and can release burst of ice and snow tribulation thunder. Just one Xian Rujing is enough for all Martial Kings to flee in fear. Jian family people are also very scared seeing such dreadful woman. Since she is attacking Long family people, they also treated her as one of their own.


In the distance, Long Bei suddenly issued a furious roar, his body flickered with golden light and dropped to the ground. Long Bei was smashed to the ground, suddenly a huge light ball appeared on his body which is flickering with golden light and released a blast wave that caused everyone inside the Dragon King Manor to stop fighting in shock.

"Long Bei has been defeated!" Long Yingkun proudly shouted : "Jian family bastards, accept your death!"

To see Long Bei defeated, Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xuan Domain Dragon Sect people happily let out loud roar. Long Yingkun also rushed towards the strongest Seven Sword Old Ancestors. Seven Sword Old Ancestors are however very calm, they waved their swords to face the attack of Long Yingkun. Just as Long Yingkun was rushing over, Long Cangsheng rushed over, he used his transformed dragon claws to send Long Yingkun flying. Xuan Domain Dragon Sect and Heavenly Dragon Sect have many Half Immortals. Seven Sword Old Ancestors are required to keep them in check. If Seven Sword Old Ancestors are defeated, rest of the Jian family will soon be defeated too.

"Let me deal with him! You guys deal with the others!" Long Cangsheng finished speaking and rushed towards Long Yingkun.

"You brute! I should have crippled you all those years ago!" Long Yingkun furiously shouted.

"Stupid dragon, if you did not purge my faction back then, my parents and ancestors would not have died! Today, I will make you pay!" Long Cangsheng coldly shouted.

"You are just a single man, even if you transform into dragon, you are no match for real dragons! You still want to make me pay with your power? Even Long Bei could not injure me seriously!" Long Yingkun said with sneer.

Even though Long Yingkun said this, his body is filled with many injuries. Long Bei caused enough injury to him in earlier fight.


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