Nine Sun God King
Chapter 883
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 883

Blood Evil Dragon King said with an evil smile : "Little demon, this world is my domain! I am as strong as an Immortal King, even if ordinary Immortal Kings arrive here, they won't be able to defeat me! You should not have the confidence to talk in front me, right?"

"Long Yingkun was also an Immortal dragon but he was subdued by me and my cultivation is not equal to him at all! So you should not talk as if everything is absolute!" Qin Yun still talked very calmly like before.

"Ha ha ha..." Blood Evil Dragon King thinks that he just heard a joke.

"You look at the girl beside you. She is scared because she knows how strong I am and you are still acting recklessly. You are an idiot who doesn't know anything about power. Your death is at hand!"

Qin Yun said with sneer : "Blood Evil Dragon King, you are not at all unrivaled! If you are so tremendous, why are you still holed up in a place like this? A coward like you is not worthy of having the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron!"

Xian Rujing promptly pulled Qin Yun's clothes. She grew up in Immortal Desolate since childhood, she knows how dreadful an Immortal King's power is.

Blood Evil Dragon King is still calmly laughing heartily as before : "Ignorant fool, whether or not I am worthy of Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron is not something you can decide, rather my formidable power will decide it!"

Qin Yun chuckled : "Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron is in my storage magic tool. If I die, you will not get anything, what is the fucking use of you being strong?"

Blood Evil Dragon King looked at Xian Rujing and said with evil grin : "Youngster, there are many things that can make one feel that life is worse than death!"

Qin Yun said in cold voice : "What do you want to do?'

Blood Evil Dragon King laughed heartily and said : "What I want to do? Of course I will let you taste how painful life can be! You are not afraid of death right? I will make you fear life! Of course I will start with your woman! I will let you see how she begs me to kill her!"

Qin Yun said with smile : "Do whatever you want with her! She is not my woman!"

Xian Rujing glared at Qin Yun however he is right, she is not his woman. She also doesn't know what is wrong with Qin Yun, not only he is not a little bit scared, he is continuously contradicting Blood Evil Dragon King. It must be known that Blood Evil Dragon King is countless number of times stronger than Long Yingkun.

"How can someone like you be so calm in my presence?" Blood Evil Dragon King saw how Qin Yun is full of smiles and furiously shouted.

Blood Evil Dragon King released his aura and the ground below Qin Yun and Xian Rujing sank down half a meter. Xian Rujing's body felt even more cold from that aura, she feels that she might be killed any moment.

"Lowly feeble human, in front of my formidable power, you either serve or die!" Blood Evil Dragon King's aura became even stronger and created a burst of gale.

Xian Rujing stood behind Qin Yun and tightly hugged his waist, she is very scared.

Causing Xian Rujing to be even more bewildered, Qin Yun very loudly laughed and said : "A blood sucking bedbug holed up underground, not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, still being so arrogant!"

"You..." Blood Evil Dragon King bellowed and sent a palm attack towards Qin Yun.

Meanwhile, Qin Yun's body overflowed with black air. Yao Fang appeared out of Nine Sun Divine Soul! Yao Fang suddenly appeared and sent forward a palm attack to meet Blood Evil Dragon King's palm. Two palms collided and caused a fierce trembling. Blood Evil Dragon King was sent flying and Yao Fang is just standing on her spot motionless. Qin Yun and Xian Rujing are standing behind Yao Fang and they are not at all affected by the air wave. Yao Fang is very interested about this kind of Immortal Kings, they can be considered her energy source. She still have not completely finished absorbing that Shadow Slave from before. Xian Rujing is extremely shocked looking at this person wearing black clothes and black mask. She did not expect that Qin Yun could call out such formidable expert.

"Sister Yao Fang, what about that guy's strength?" Qin Yun asked.

"I can handle him, you take care of yourselves!" Yao Fang said.

"Alright!" Qin Yun quickly pulled Xian Rujing away from Yao Fang.

Blood Evil Dragon King, who was sent flying, already flew back and looked at Yao Fang in astonishment : "Who are you? Why did you appear in Spirit Desolate?"

"A bedbug like you is not worthy of knowing who I am!" Yao Fang said in cold voice.

"Die for me!" Blood Evil Dragon King is very furious. He took out a battle axe filled with Devil aura and charged towards Yao Fang.

The battle axe hacked down from distance, it is flickering with red light and filled with incomparable intense and wretched evil power. Yao Fang spread her arms wide and released a protective barrier flickering with white light. With a shocking explosion, the protective barrier was broken by the battle axe.

"Qin Yun, lend me your blade!" Yao Fang said.

Qin Yun took out the Nether Spirit Sacred Blade and threw it towards Yao Fang. He then controlled the blade with mental power and made it land on Yao Fang's hand. Yao Fang blocked the battle axe with the Nether Spirit Sacred Blade.

"Grab those two!" Blood Evil Dragon King suddenly roared. Many Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits appeared out of the ground and all around.

Xian Rujing also calmed down the shock in her heart and said in low voice : "Qin Yun, can you transport the Overwhelming Righteous Power into my body?"

Seeing so many Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits rushing from all around, Qin Yun also realized what Xian Rujing wants to do.

"I can but I don't know whether or not you can handle it! My Overwhelming Righteous Power can injure shady and crooked people!" Qin Yun said.

"I am neither shady nor crooked, I am also stronger than you. Less nonsense, quickly transport, we will use Sun and Moon Heart Sutra." Xian Rujing vigorously grabbed Qin Yun's hand and pinched, causing him to yell. Qin Yun condensed Overwhelming Righteous Power and transported it to Xian Rujing.

"Give me more, not enough!" Xian Rujing said.

"Can you bear it?" Qin Yun asked.

"No problem! Quickly!" Xian Rujing yelled in urgency because those Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits that are flying and pouncing over are very strong.

Qin Yun promptly released the strongest Overwhelming Righteous Power and transported it to Xian Rujing. Xian Rujing's muscles and bones are battered by the abruptly rushing power and she felt stabbing pain. She promptly released the already prepared Heavenly Tribulation Divine Ability and shoot out tribulation thunder in a large area. Those tribulation thunder are filled with Overwhelming Righteous Power, their might has increased by several fold as they dropped on those Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits.

Yao Fang and Blood Evil Dragon King doesn't know from where but can only hear burst of intense sounds coming from all over. Qin Yun and Xian Rujing's power have fused and shoot out tribulation thunder that is extremely fatal to these Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits. In a hundred meter radius around Xian Rujing and Qin Yun, tribulation thunder kept dropping from time to time. In the vicinity of a dozen meter, all the Evil Spirits are scared witless due to the tribulation thunder.

"Why are there so mane Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits? Could it be that Blood Evil Dragon King is planning to dominate Spirit Desolate and Devil Desolate with these things?" Qin Yun said in shock.

"It must be!" Xian Rujing's face became even more cold, she promptly summoned three Snow Woman Immortal to join in the fight.

Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits rushing from all around are uncountable in number. They are arriving like sea wave, nobody knows when they can all be killed! Xian Rujing's tribulation thunder can only make sure they can not come over, making their position safe. The three Snow Woman Immortal turned into three huge tornadoes, sweeping those Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits, their killing power is very dreadful. Qin Yun also summoned four Nether Realm Heavenly Lions. After the Nether Realm Heavenly Lions arrived, they rushed into the group of Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits and unleashed a massacre. Their outstanding savage and formidable killing power is also not weaker than the three Snow Woman Immortal.

"You concealed yourself too deep!" Xian Rujing realized that these Nether Realm Heavenly Lions have been summoned by Qin Yun.

"You should be able to accept your defeat from earlier, right?" Qin Yun curled his lips and said.

"Hmph!" Xian Rujing's expression is grave looking at those Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits. She said : "That sister Yao Fang will be able to defeat Blood Evil Dragon King right? We will have to endure until she returns! Before that, we must conserve a portion of power!"

"Got it!" Qin Yun is also thinking like that, otherwise he would have already unleashed Earthquake Divine Ability.

Yao Fang is a very experienced and knowledgeable formidable Immortal King. Also because she has been cursed by Devil Immortal Great Emperor, she can comprehend cultivation experience of Devil Immortal Great Emperor. Now she borrowed Qin Yun's Nether Spirit Sacred Blade, her strength has surely increased by a lot. Originally waves of sound were coming from the distance but now it suddenly stopped.

"Is it over? Your sister Yao fang is truly terrifying!" Xian Rujing exclaimed in admiration.

"It should be over!" Qin Yun let out a sigh of relief.

Even though they have killed many Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits, there are many of them still here. For past many years Blood Evil Dragon King surely nurtured many of them.


Yao Fang flew over. The Nether Spirit Sacred Blade in her hand exploded with strong energy, countless saber shadow dropped down and enveloped a large area on the ground, reaping the lives of many Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits in a short while. Yao Fang is holding an old man in her hand, it is Blood Evil Dragon King, apparently he is already dead, there is a bloody hole on his head. Although the Nether Spirit Sacred Blade is severely damaged, it can display great might in Yao Fang's hand. It has not been long since she arrived and she already killed so many Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits.

"Let me handle it!" Yao Fang lightly shouted and with very quick speed rushed into the group of Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits and dashed around.

She doesn't need to use Nether Spirit Sacred Blade but she still used it because Nether Spirit Sacred Blade needs to consume great amount of soul power to recover. In less than half an hour, those countless Devil Monsters and Evil Spirits have all been killed by Yao Fang. Yao Fang flew over to Qin Yun's side while holding the dead body of Blood Evil Dragon King and handed over the Nether Spirit Sacred Blade to Qin Yun. Then she entered the Nine Sun Divine Soul with the dead body of Blood Evil Dragon King.

"Qin Yun, your Nether Spirit Sacred Blade has absorbed a large amount of soul power... I used it to kill Blood Evil Dragon King, causing it to absorb his Dragon Spirit! If no accident occurs, it will completely self repair very quickly!" Yao Fang said.

"Really? Then won't I be unable to use it anymore?" Qin Yun is somewhat startled.

"Indeed! But you still have Nine Sun Divine Hammer, what are you afraid of? After the Nether Spirit Sacred Blade is restored, it's power will become even more strong!" Yao Fang said.

"Sister Yao Fang.. does that Blood Evil Dragon King have anything good on it?" Qin Yun asked.

"His bones, dragon tendons, dragon scales, dragon horns are all good stuff. I will give them to you. Wait for me to absorb his energy, then we will talk!" Yao Fang said.

Xian Rujing said : "Qin Yun we should go up to take a look. Those Long family people all transformed into Devils, their power also increased by a lot. I don't know whether or not those Jian family people can handle them."

Boom Boom Boom!

Without Blood Evil Dragon King's control, the subterranean world began to crumble. Qin Yun and Xian Rujing hastily flew out of that deep hole.


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