Nine Sun God King
Chapter 884
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 884

After Qin Yun and Xian Rujing flew out, they are floating at a high altitude in the air. They saw that the entire area where Dragon King City used to be, has now sunk down very deeply. It might change into a huge lake later! Burst of evil energy are coming from the distance, as well ass rumbling and trembling sound of explosion.

"They are still fighting those guys. Let's go take a look." Qin Yun said.

Jian family's Seven Sword Old Ancestors are very strong. Because they are present, Jian family can resist those Long family Half Immortals that transformed into Devils.

"Sword Sect Master!"

Qin Yun saw Jian Shitian who has a few scars that are emitting black air. These are injuries he received from those Devil transformed Long family people.

Jian Shitian is pleasantly surprised to see Qin Yun is back and yelled : "Quickly leave this place!"

Qin Yun did no leave, instead he said : "Sword Sect Master, I can help you dispel those evil poison!"

Jian Shitian is now fighting a Devil transformed Half Immortal. That Half Immortal has two very dreadful dragon claws. These claws look like very sharp weapon. Qin Yun grabbed Xian Rujing's hand to let her unleash tribulation thunder with Overwhelming Righteous Power.


Xian Rujing's tribulation thunder landed on the Devil transformed Half Immortal and he let out a scream, his body looks like it has been corroded, emitting black smoke. He has been interrupted, giving Jian Shitian a good opportunity. He unleashed his superb sword art and stabbed the Devil transformed Half Immortal countless times, turning him into a hornet's nest. After Jian Shitian got rid of that Devil transformed Half Immortal, he promptly arrived beside Qin Yun. Qin Yun used Overwhelming Righteous Power and drove away the evil power on his wounds. Without those evil power, the injuries on his body healed very quickly and he quickly went to help his other companions.

Qin Yun and Xian Rujing also moved towards the distance. They released tribulation thunder together on those Devil transformed Half Immortals. Although Xian Rujing's tribulation thunder is very strong, they can not injure those Half Immortals, they can only interrupt their actions. Once they are interrupted, Jian family Half Immortals take this opportunity to kill them. It has not been long since Qin Yun and Xian Rujing joined the fights, yet each and every one of those Devil transformed Half Immortals have already been killed. Since they have transformed into Devils. their Half Immortal life crystals have no use anymore, the only useful thing is their martial spirits. Qin Yun gathered all of those martial spirits, his harvest can be considered not small.

Evening, nine suns began to set with blood red glow. The blood red glow shone upon the crumble and torn battlefield. The evil energy that shrouded the battlefield, gradually dissipated after the glowing sunset shone upon it. A large group of Jian family people are floating on the sky, looking at the deeply sunk earth below. They all emotionally sighed. The Dragon King City has been completely destroyed. Jian family obtained overwhelming victory against the Long family. Even with the help of Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xuan Domain Dragon Sect, Long family suffered a crashing defeat.

Although the Dragon King Manor has been destroyed, there are many Long family survivors. After all many of them are afraid of death, they ran away long ago when they saw situation was not right. Majority of the people who died are Half Immortals and Martial Emperors. Although there are still many Long family younger generation left alive, they have completely turned into a third rate faction, they are unable to make any waves in the future.

Jian Shitian and his group of old Half Immortals looked at the handsome young man, Qin Yun and can't help but sigh repeatedly. Without Qin Yun's help, they would not be able to win so smoothly.

"Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm has already been conquered by our Jian family. Nest we will attack the Xuan Domain Dragon Sect!" Jian Shitian looked at the sunset in the distance, his mood became very good.

Long Cangsheng flew over with Long Yucang and Wu Long. He said with smile : "When you attack Xuan Domain Dragon Sect, can you bring us along?"

"You are most welcome!" Jian Shitian said with clear smile : "But we should go back first to rest, then we can take our time discussing the matter."

Long Cangsheng's injuries are no light. He also doesn't dare to move around alone, so he followed back Jian Shitian to Jain family. Jian Shitian knows that Long Cangsheng is trustworthy and won't kill him. And Qin Yun is following Bao Changshou and other Immortal Weapon City Half Immortals to return. Xian Rujing is naturally following Qin Yun.

Those people who had business within Dragon King City can only blame their own bad luck after this kind of situation. After all, the whole Long family had even bigger bad luck, their Dragon King Manor has been completely destroyed. The destruction of Dragon King Manor is a story that will be discussed in the Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm for a long time.

Qin Yun and Xian Rujing are sitting in a small living room inside Bao Changshou's huge flying ship. Xian Rujing is sitting on a chair with cold expression, she looks like a cold flower within snow.

"Big sister Rujing, why are you following me? You and me are not that close!" Qin Yun is sipping tea, he asked while grinning.

"I came here with Heavenly Dragon Sect people, they are all dead because of you. I have nowhere to go for now, so naturally I will follow you!" Xian Rujing coldly groaned.

"Your finace is dead, you are not trying to latch on to me right?" Qin Yun asked with his face filled with worry.

"Relax, I am only temporarily following you. Once I become familiar with environment here, I will get far away from a bastard like you!" Xian Rujing said angrily : "And don't ever mention that dead guy Long Chuanwu!"

Qin Yun curled his lips and smile : "Alright.. alright.. won't mention it.. won't mention it.."

Bao Changshou arrived at the living room and said with smile : "Qin Yun, you little demon, you are truly the nemesis of Long family! First you got rid of Wei Long Manor, then Dragon King Manor was also gotten rid of, you will become a legendary figure within Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm!"

"It is just a little contribution!" Qin Yun said with smile : "Sect Master, this woman has nowhere to go, I want to bring her back to Immortal Weapon City, will there be any problem?"

"It is not just once or twice you brought back girls, what is the point of asking me now?" Bao Changshou said with chuckle.

Hearing his words, Xian Rujing glared at Qin Yun.

"I will not disturb you little lovers any longer..." Bao Changshou mischievously laughed and left.

"Ghost wants to be her little lover!" Qin Yun turned his face away and showed his back to Xian Rujing.

Xian Rujing saw Qin Yun's behavior and felt her dignity is being greatly insulted. She said in cold voice : "Qin Yun, you are so arrogant that you cause people to hate you!"

Qin Yun curled his lips : "I will go back to my room!"

Qin Yun arrived in front of a room, Xian Rujing followed behind him.

"Why are you following me? There are many rooms here, find one you like!" Qin Yun promptly blocked her at the door.

"I am afraid that you will run away! Go in!" Xian Rujing pushed Qin Yun into the room and then closed the door behind.

Bao Cangsheng looked at this situation with a bewildered expression. He then shook his head and sighed : "Are all the youngsters these days flirting like this? It is different from when I was young!"

The large ship is going towards Proud Start State from Soaring Dragon State. It will take some time to reach the destination.

Qin Yun is lying down on a bed inside the room, he said : "Rujing, what is your plan later? You can not follow me your whole life!"

"After I become Martial Emperor, I will go to Transcending Xuan Sea Region and return to Immortal Desolate." Xian Rujing is sitting at the bedside looking at Qin Yun. One of her legs is placed on the bed.

"Why are you afraid I will run away?" Qin Yun is very depressed, being watched vigilantly by a woman is giving him a headache. (TL NOTE : this guy really pisses me off!)

"We will talk after you bring me to Immortal Weapon City. I am afraid that you will run away in the middle of the flight and then I won't be able to enter Immortal Weapon City!" Xian Rujing said.

Qin Yun said with frown : "Rujing, do you know something about Immortal Weapon City?"

Xian Rujing lightly groaned and said : "Of course I understand some things. My family name is Xian, what do you think?" (TL NOTE : Xian means Immortal, same as Immortal Weapon City.)

Qin Yun abruptly sat up and said in low voice : "Woman, you have been planning this for some time!"

"Immortal Weapon City is the domain of our Xian clan in the Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm!" Xian Rujing said : "Only a descendant of Xian clan can bring out the greatest secret of the Immortal Weapon City. After you take me inside, I promise not to treat you unfairly!"

"Rujing, don't act recklessly after you enter Immortal Weapon Palace. It is my home!" Qin Yun said anxiously.

"I will most definitely not act recklessly. That is also my home inside the Spirit Desolate, you can relax! After going to the Immortal Weapon City, bring me to meet the strongest person in charge. That Sect Master Bao is still not the strongest!" Xian Rujing said.

"No problem!" Qin Yun recalled Bing Xing and promptly nodded his head. He also wants to quickly go see Bing Xing because Long Qiaofeng is recuperating with Bing Xing.

Ten days passed by. Bao Changshou's large flying ship finally arrived at Immortal Weapon Palace. After the boat descended, Qin Yun and Xian Rujing flew towards the Immortal Weapon Palace Hall. Qin Yun opened the door of the palace hall, one he entered, he saw Bing Xing. She is holding a book in her hand and earnestly reading. Bing Xing is sitting beside the Immortal pool, her beautiful long hair is faintly floating along with the Immortal energy. Her pure and holy white skirt seems like overflowing with waves of Immortal energy. Looking from the distance, she looks like a refined and absolutely beautiful fairy. After Xian Rujing came in and saw Bing Xing, she can not help but become stunned. She has seen many formidable Immortal woman inside the Immortal Desolate. But the Immortal woman before her eyes is the most poweful and most beautiful, causing people to be unable to keep looking.

"Sister Bing Xing, I am back!" Qin Yun walked over while smiling. This beautiful woman before him has kissed him many times.

Bing Xing looked at Xian Rujing and asked : "Who is she?"

"A very barbaric woman who came from Immortal Desolate, she bit me many times!" Qin Yun promptly took a few steps creating distance from Xian Rujing.

"I am Xian Rujing from the Xian clan of the Immortal Desolate!" after Xian Rujing glared at Qin Yun, she said to Bing Xing very courteously.

"Xian clan person, why did you come to Spirit Desolate?" Bing Xing closed the book, stored it inside storage magic tool, then gracefully stood up and walked towards Xian Rujing.

Qin Yun simply reported the matter of Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xian Rujing coming from Immortal Desolate to Bing Xing, as well as the mater of Dragon King Manor being destroyed and the Blood Evil Dragon King. Bing Xing secretly felt apprehensive listening to these things, she did not expect that Dragon King Manor would be hiding so many outrageous secrets.

"Sister Bing Xing, Rujing said that she knows about Immortal Weapon City's secret and such!" Qin Yun said again.

"Immortal Weapon City was originally established by the Immortal clan people!" Bing Xing said.

"Sister Bing Xing, I want to discuss this matter privately with you!" Xian Rujing glanced at Qin Yun, hinting that she actually doesn't want him to hear.

Qin Yun very unhappily said : "It's fine, I will withdraw, I want to quickly take a look at Qiaofeng!"

Bing Xing said : "Qiaofeng is below."

Qin Yun jumped into the Immortal pool and entered the Immortal Origin below it.


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