Nine Sun God King
Chapter 885
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 885

Long Qiaofeng is lying down on the Sun and Moon Immortal Bed inside the Immortal Origin, her eyes are closed. Seeing her beautiful but slightly visible haggard face, Qin Yun can not help but reach out and caress. Long Qiaofeng's eyelashes slightly trembled, she opened her eyes and saw Qin Yun's handsome face. She is pleasantly surprised and sat up.

"Qiaofeng, I am back!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"I head you went to Dragon King Manor...are you injured?" Long Qiaofeng said.

"I am so awesome, how can I be injured? Dragon King Manor is finished and I got back your Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit!" Qin Yun giggled and took out a very big soul sealing pearl.

After Long Qiaofeng saw that big soul sealing pearl, a very familiar feeling rushed up into her heart, tears of excitement and happiness kept falling and she looked at Qin Yun with a very grateful expression. She tightly held onto the Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit as if it is her closest relative and faintly sobbing.

"Qiaofeng, don' cry. Let me help you move back the Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit." Qin Yun slowly wiped away the tears from Long Qiaofeng's charming phoenix eyes with his hands and said with faint smile.

"Qin Yun, thank you." Long Qiaofeng sniffed.

"Why are you being polite? We are friends. Besides, I am the one who carved Dragon totem on your martial spirit, no one can take it away!" Qin Yun said.

"En, I will surely use my Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit properly in the future." Long Qiaofeng wiped away her tears.

Qin Yun lifted the clothes around Long Qiaofeng's abdomen, then gently massaged her abdomen a few times. Suddenly he thought of something and quickly contacted Yao Fang who is in the Nine Sun Divine Soul.

"Sister Yao Fang, can I carve the Ninth Heaven Xuan Sprrow totem on a Phoenix martial spirit?" Qin Yun asked.

"Of course you can but I don't dare guarantee the result." Yao Fang replied.

"Sister Yao Fang, that Immortal dragon is in the 3rd pearl, please take out his blood and remove the curse from the girls." Qin Yun said.

"Ok." this day can come only because Yao Fang has been taking care of Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi.

Qin Yun did not move back Long Qiaofeng's Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit immediately. Instead, he first wants to carve Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow totem on the Phoenix martial spirit. He took out Mental Resonance Xuan Pen and started carving at quick speed. He wants to do this because he wants to see what the result will be. He spent more than half a day to finish carving. The Phoenix martial spirit also started showing some changes, it started flickering with nine colored light.

"It should become even more awesome!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Qin Yun, what kind of totem did you carve on my Phoenix martial spirit?" Long Qiaofeng asked with curiosity.

"Only a little duck's totem!" Qin Yun laughed and said : "I want begin moving back your martial spirit."

Long Qiaofeng nodded her head. Qin Yun has a lot of experience in this regard, thus he is very skilled. He very quickly and very easily succeeded. The Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit originally belonged to Long Qiaofeng. After returning to host body, it became extremely happy and began releasing very strong Dragon and Phoenix power. Long Qiaofeng's body overflowed with nine colored light glow. Long Qiaofeng who originally looked very weak, now gradually reinstated her complexion, she became even more spirited. Moreover, a very strong Dragon and Phoenix aura has been moving through her body, two ancient era's heavenly beast's power residing in her body can be easily sensed now.

"It seems like the Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow's totem is very awesome!" Qin Yun exclaimed in admiration. Later he wants to research even more usage of the totem.

"I am alright." Long Qiaofeng got down from the bed. She smiled at Qin Yun, she looks like someone who got a new lease on life, her expression is cheerful and lively.

Qin Yun smiled and caressed her beautiful face, then said : "Qiaofeng, you don't know how the Dragon King Manor was destroyed. I will tell you."

Soon after, Qin Yun and Long Qiaofeng are sitting beside the Sun and Moon Immortal Bed and chatting. Qin Yun started telling story from the beginning, how he infiltrated the Dragon King Manor. Long Qiaofeng also listened earnestly, hearing how Long Chuanwu was slapped around by Qin Yun, she laughed charmingly. They kept chatting for quite some time.

Two or three hours later, Bing Xing lightly yelled : "Qin Yun, you can come up now!"

"Qiaofeng, let's go up. I will take you to meet the ice mother tigress!" Qin Yun said.

Long Qiaofeng laughed and then followed behind Qin Yun to arrive above. Xian Rujing saw Qin Yun come up with a beautiful red clothed woman and secretly cursed a few times. She also sensed strong Dragon and Phoenix aura on Long Qiaofeng's body and immediately realized that this is the woman who lost Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit. Qin Yun took great risk to infiltrate Dragon King Manor in order to get back Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit. This point made Xian Rujing secretly respect him.

"Alright, I am going out to take a walk!" Qin Yun also did not asked Bing Xing about what secret or such she was discussing with Xian Rujing.

Bing Xing said : "Qin Yun, wait a minute!"

She then softly said to Long Qiaofeng : "Qiaofeng, you bring Rujing to take a stroll all around, I have something to discuss with Qin Yun."

Long Qiaofeng nodded her head, then she pulled Xian Rujing's hand and left the palace hall.

After they left, Qin Yun asked : "Sister Bing Xing, what did that ice mother tigress talk to you about?"

"Secret! You asked sister Yao Fang to come out!" Bing Xing said.

Qin Yun and Yao Fang talked a few words, then Yao Fang came out with Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi. They have gradually recovered after the curse power was dispelled from them. Since the time they were cursed in the taboo ghost town, they have been in coma, they have no idea what has been happening. They are currently a bit muddleheaded, Qin Yun brought them into the Immortal Origin below the Immortal pond, let them lie down on the bed to absorb energy to recover. Qin Yun came up and saw Yao Fang took out the paper on which that Dao Technique is written.

"This is Heavenly Might Dao Technique!" Bing Xing said in amazement.

"Indeed, it is the 15th rank Dao Technique in the Immortal Desolate! It is very difficult to understand, even I don't understand anything!" Yao Fang said.

"15th rank Dao Technique is that difficult?" Qin Yun asked.

"In the Immortal Desolate there are 9X9, 81 type of Dao Techniques, what do you think? 15th rank among 81 Dao Techniques is very rare and difficult!" Yao Fang said.

(TL NOTE : what does this 9X9 mean = there are 9 tiers, each tier has 9 among them, total 81)

Bing Xing nodded her head and said : "Even the highest rank Dao Technique Guan Hang Palace mastered is ranked 30!"

Qin Yun realized why Yao Fang has not made any progress until now, it is because this Dao Technique is very rare and difficult.

Yao Fang said : "In the Immortal Desolate, even us are directly unable to see such intact Dao Technique. Usually older generation imparts knowledge bit by bit. In this way, the Dao Technique we learn incomplete and can not be passed on!"

Qin Yun curled his lips and said : "Isn't it just to prevent someone from telling it to others?"

Bing Xing sighed and said : "Indeed. Because of this, when the older generation who mastered the Dao Technique dies, the Dao Technique also becomes extinct. And they become more and more rare!"

She finished speaking and took out a tool to record the Dao Technique.

Yao Fang said : "Qin Yun, did you not say that Xiao Rou can contact you in your dream? If she again appear in your dread, tell her about the Dao Technique, see what she says. If she can master it, then maybe we can also obtain some superficial knowledge!"

Qin Yun is secretly startled, Bing Xing and Yao Fang are Immortal Kings and they are saying that they would only be able to gain some superficial knowledge of this Dao Technique.

"Alright!" Qin Yun nodded his head.

Yao Fang gave the Dao Technique paper to Qin Yun and said : "Memorize it and return it to me, I will see if I can understand anything!"

Qin Yun took it and earnestly memorized it. Yao Fang also returned to Nine Sun Divine Soul.

Bing Xing said : "Qin Yun, I will go take a look at Qingcheng and Tianzi."

Qin Yun said : "I will go to sleep, see if I can meet sister Qirou."

Qin Yun departed Immortal Weapon Palace Hall and arrived at the Law Keeper hall. He arrived at Jian Linglong's Linglong Pagoda.

"Master!" suddenly someone shouted.

Just as Qin Yun entered, he saw Lan Fengjin who is wearing shorts and exposing her healthy long legs. This tough as nails and charming beauty is wearing very little inside the Linglong Pagoda, there is only a cloth wrapped around her breasts. Her tanned skin gives her a coarse, wild and arousing beauty.

"Sister Lan!" Qin Yun smiled.

Lan Fengjin already arrived and hugged Qin Yun : "I missed you very much!"

"Sister Lan, I am the same!" Qin Yun laughed and then rubbed Lan Fengjin's thigh.

"Master, you are so bad!" Lan Fengjin showed a destructive smile, her look is very charming.

Jian Linglong also appeared, she coughed twice and said : "Mengmeng is also here!"

The volcanic beauty Jian Linglong and tough as nails Lan Fengjin gets along very well. Both of their deposition is almost identical. The petite and cute Liu Jingmeng like a confused little girl, when she saw Qin Yun is back, she became very happy.

Qin Yun walked over and caressed her cute, delicate and tender little face. He said with smile : "Jingmeng, you must have made great progress in Inscription within this period of time."

"En, big brother, I learned the Star and Moon runes you gave me!" Liu Jingmeng nodded her head, she is looking at Qin Yun with great adoration and said : "Big brother, I heard what you did in Dragon King Manor, you are so awesome!"

Qin Yun is very puffed up and laughed heartily : "I am the Sect Master of Inscription Gate, of course I am very awesome!"

Inscription Gate is just this bit of people : Jian Linglong, Lan Fengjin and Liu Jingmeng, furthermore Qin Yun. Qin Yun asked Hu Jingxian before to bring Lan Fengjin here so that Jian Linglong could guide her, therefore Lan Fengjin was allowed to come here.

"I will go rest, you guys slowly chat." Qin Yun said and then quickly ran into a room. After entering the room, he took out the Immortal Graveyard Diagram and dropped blood on it.

"Xiao Yun, did you settle the matters on your side?" Xie Qirou asked, she also knows that Qin Yun wanted to deal with Dragon King Manor.

"All done!" Qin Yun reported to Xie Qirou about Blood Evil Dragon King, as well as Heavenly Might Dao Technique.

After Xie Qirou heard about Heavenly Might Dao Technique, she said in extreme amazement : "That is 15th rank Dao Technique, it is very tremendous! Xiao Yun, you are very awesome, you can actually obtain this kind of rare Dao Technique!"

"But I can not learn it! Both sister Bing Xing and sister Yao Fang said that is very difficult to learn! They asked me to find you to see if you can learn this Dao Technique!" Qin Yun said.

"In my past life, I at most managed to learn a little bit of rank 20th Dao Technique. I also don't dare to say that I can understand Heavenly Might Dao Technique!" Xie Qirou gently smiled and said : "You read the Heavenly Might Dao Technique to me, after I memorize it, I will try to comprehend it. If I manage to make any progress, I will let you know!"

"Alright!" Qin Yun promptly passed on the Dao Technique to Xie Qirou.


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