Nine Sun God King
Chapter 908
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 908

Lei Xiong's group was indeed hiding in the vicinity, they came out after Qin Yun informed them. After Wu Fugui heard Lei Xiong's words, he promptly placed all the stones in his hands into the basket. Hua Feng and Wei Tianan also did the same.

Hua Feng pointed Qin Yun and Yu Shutian and yelled : "It's them... it's them who picked up the stones!"

Lei Xiong looked at Qin Yun and Yu Shutian and said : "If they are the ones picked up the stones, why do you have them?"

"They snatched them away from us!" Qin Yun said.

Wu Fugui yelled : "That's right! We snatched them! Because this is the Black Cloud Gang's territory and the stones your two picked up belongs to Black Cloud Gang. We took them back to give them to Black Cloud Gang!"

Hua Feng and Wei Tianan also promptly agreed to this notion.

Lei Xiong said in strict voice : "You are robbing in my territory, you must receive punishment!"

Hua Feng's group just stared blankly because Lei Xiong is obviously taking Qin Yun's side. They don't understand why this Martial Emperor boss of Black Cloud Gang is helping Qin Yun.

"These two friends paid us purple crystal coins! We agreed to let them pick up stones and guard them! Our Black Cloud Gang is known for our trustworthiness, now that someone is robbing them, since we took their payment, we must take responsibility!" Lei Xiong coldly smiled, his eyes are filled with severe look as he watched Hua Feng's group who are shivering from head to toe.

"They are both my customers! You are robbing my customers in my territory! Tell me, what should I do about it?" Lei Xiong coldly spoke, then signaled a few middle aged large men through eyes.

Those few large middle aged men promptly walked over and kicked Hua Feng's group to their knees and made them kneel. They are kneeling towards Qin Yun and Yu Shutian.

"Kowtow to them and admit your mistake!" Lei Xiong yelled : "Otherwise, I will cut off your head!"

Hua Feng's group are very scared of death, moreover the Martial Emperor before them has scared them to their guts. They are shivering from head to toe as they kowtowed and admitted their mistake. Ling Xinyun's three female group who are shrinking behind Yu Shutian are also looking foolish. They really did not expect that Black Cloud Gang members can be so friendly. After Hua Feng's group done kowtowing, the few black clothed large men started ferociously beating them up, moreover their face was directly targeted. The three big fishes started screaming miserably, their faces also became deformed.

"After you go back, report to your elders that it was our Black Cloud Gang that beat you up! Remember it clearly!" Lei Xiong said in cold voice and then sent those three flying with kick.

Hua Feng's group bitterly hate Qin Yun and Yu Shutian. They flew to the sky and began flying towards Hundred Pagoda City.

"You three also go back." Yu Shutian said to Tong Qinxin's group. The three of them are completely scared, they nodded and then flew away.

Lei Xiong also quickly retreated along with his group and continued hiding in the vicinity.

Yu Shutian looked at Qin Yun and said with charming smile : "Your relationship with those Black Cloud Gang members is not simple! You concealed a lot from me!"

Qin Yun said with smile : "That boss is my friend."

"No wonder!" Yu Shutian said with gentle smile : "Those three fishes suffered greatly! I am worried that they will be waiting for us on the road! If they indeed do that, I will take action!"

Qin Yun continued to pick up stone and said with smile : "Miss Yu, I will still wait until you bring me to that mysterious danger zone!"

"I know, just wait until thoroughly research that zone, I will definitely take you there! Just to let you know, not only that zone is mysterious, it is also very dangerous, it is best not to go there alone!" Yu Shutian said.

Ling Xinyun's three female group flew very fast and very soon they overtook Hua Feng's group. These three are seriously injured and are flying very unhappily.

"You three truly brought this upon yourselves!" Tong Qinxin said with sneer.

"Shut up!" Hua Feng furiously roared.

"You three stupid women! You brought Yu Shutian around to pick up stones, you let her accumulate large amount of purple crystal coins, that is why she could pay off those Black Cloud Gang members!" Wu Fugui jeered : "And you three did not even got a single purple crystal coin!"

Wei Tianan said with sneer : "I suspect that the book keeper convinced those Black Cloud Gang members and asked Yu Shutian to come back to pay them! I bet Yu Shutian also did not want to pay that many purple crystal coins, that book keeper is very treacherous!"

Ai Yuan said : "You three idiots! We always study the stones collected by Xiao Tian, none of them were ever sold! On top of that, do you not know what kind of background Xiao Tian has? It is normal for her to have that many purple crystal coins!"

"We are leaving, we won't contact them in the future!" Ling Xinyun softly groaned and said. The three of them are not injured and their strength is also good, they flew far away in a short while.

Hua Feng cursed in low voice : "Those sluts! They don't even let us touch them but they squandered so much of our purple crystal coins!"

Wu Fugui constantly cursed and said : "We suffered great losses!"

Wei Tianan said in cold voice : "We can not accept this loss! We should go back and bring people to demand compensation from that woman Yu Shutian! We can not let people know that we were harassed!"

Qin Yun and Yu Shutian quickly search through that region one time and picked up as much stones with Star power as possible. Now it is already night, they are flying back to Hundred Pagoda City.

"Miss Yu, what can you gain from the study of these stones?" Qin Yun asked.

"You don't know, more and more small stars are dropping these days. I am researching why these stars are falling and the circumstance inside these stars!" Yu Shutian's expression became grave as she said : "According to the ancient texts, it is not good situation when more and more stars drop down!"

"Generally, what kind situation it would create?" Qin Yun is somewhat amazed and asked.

"It's.. hard to say! For example, large stars dropped down recently, bringing along Star beasts! One can obtain Star Nucleus by killing Star beasts, which then can be used to increase cultivation quickly!" Yu Shutian said.

"This is a good thing!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"It is not good at all! In my view, those Stars bringing down Star beasts are just probing the situation inside the Spirit Desolate!" Yu Shutian let out a long sigh and said : "Inside the Spirit Desolate there are Ordinary Realm, Xuan Domain, Transcending Xuan Sea Region, as well as the mysterious Ancient Domain! Nobody knows where the Ancient Domain is!"

"Maybe the Ancient Domain doesn't exist!" Qin Yun said with laugh.

"Ancient Domain doesn't exist.. however.. however, according to rumor, Ancient Domain is withing Transcending Xuan Sea Domain! Or perhaps among the Stars! Therefore, I suspect that the Ancient Domain is among the Stars!" Yu Shutian's words caused Qin Yun to jump in scare. The first time Qin Yun heard about Ancient Domain was from Wu Mingxu who learned about that place.

Yu Shutian saw how amazed Qin Yun is and said again : "A Yun, the mysterious danger zone you are speaking of, may actually be the Ancient Domain! Only that it is in a very strange situation, it can only surface during particular occasions!"

"Miss Yu, is this true?" Qin Yun doesn't dare to believe this.

"How about this, I speculate that the Ancient Domain is within the Stars in the sky! It is a formation of great number of stars that stabilizes it within the Star field! However, Star beasts appeared within the large Star formation, after the Star beasts finished consuming the energy of the Stars, those Stars dropped down along with the Star beasts!" Yu Shutian said.

Qin Yun inhaled a mouthful of air and said : "If all those Stars drop down, then Ancient Domain would appear within Xuan Domain!"

Yu Shutian nodded : "I feel that there is a type of power that is causing all of this, causing the Ancient Domain to descend! This might bring great disaster to Spirit Desolate!"

Qin Yun doesn't dare to be certain about this. If he asked Bing Xing, maybe he would get some answer because Bing Xing Is a Star Spirit Fairy. Maybe she can sense the Stars in the sky and understand situation up there. Qin Yun and Yu Shutian are chatting and flying. They about half an hour away from the Hundred Pagoda City. It is night time, there are many Stars in the night sky. Star light and Moon light is gently shining on the ground.

"Someone's ahead!" Yu Shutian suddenly yelled lightly.

Sure enough, a large group of people flew up from the ground. A burst of gale arrive, Qin Yun and Yu Shutian have been surrounded by this group. There are a few Martial Kings among these people, they are mid stage and late stage Martial Kings, they are all middle aged. There are three people whom Qin Yun and Yu Shutian is very familiar with among these people. They are naturally Hua Feng's three men group.

"It's you, what are you trying to do?" Yu Shutian's voice is filled with chill as she asked.

"Yu Shutian, you have picked up many Star stones.. I heard that you have an ability to see the precious stones that contains Star power among the broken star fragments. Hand over all the Star stones you picked up today!" Hua Feng said with proud smile. They have a large number of people, moreover they are very close to Hundred Pagoda City, Black Cloud Gang are unlikely to appear here.

Yu Shutian said in cold voice : "I will never hand them over!"

Wei Tianan loudly yelled : "Quickly grab that brat! Chop him into pieces first!"

Yu Shutian shouted : "You people are robbing me, are you not worried that this matter will spread in the Fantasy Spirit College?"

"Yu Shutian, although you are popular, nobody in the Fantasy Star College will stand up for you!" Hua Feng said with evil grin : "You are such a proud woman, I will let you know today, in front of powerful men, you are just a whore!"

Qin Yun promptly took out the Lion King Cannon and aimed at a Martial King.

That Martial King pointed Qin Yun and laughed loudly : "You brat, are you showing us your might? Truly childish!"

Wu Fugui loudly yelled : "You book keeper, quickly throw that thing in your hands to me so I can take a look, it looks like a good thing!"

Qin Yun poured his Xuan Dao Power into the Lion King Cannon, it flowed through the Lion King Cannon and became very frantic. Lion King Cannon slightly trembled, the cannon tube flickered and shot out a golden light ball.


An oppressive lion roar echoed, a bold and powerful lion head flickering with golden light, arrived near the Martial King in a split second. The energy ball exploded and the Martial King was destroyed. The Martial Monarch's standing nearby that Martial King also exploded after being hit by the air wave and died.


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