Nine Sun God King
Chapter 911
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 911

After Qin Yun listened about Regent Melon he felt that it is a sham because Regent Origin Stones are produced from Regent Stone Mother. He has many Regent Stone Mothers and he is very familiar with the production process of Regent Origin Stones. He doesn't at all believe that some Regent Melon or what not can produce Regent Origin Stones. However, many people don't know anything about Regent Origin Stone.

Divine Inscription Palace brought out dozens of Regent Melon and put them on display. A short and stout old man yelled : "There are forty Regent Melon here, they are all from one vine! But only one of them have Regent Origin Stone!"

"Old Pan, only one among these 40 melon have Regent Origin Stone! What's the fucking use!" on old man said. This old man is a Martial Emperor, he very much needs Regent Origin Stone to cultivate.

The short and stout old man said with laugh : "You all don't know, if one vine can produce 20 Regent Melon, then there will be at least two Regent Origin Stone within the melons. Moreover, they will be at least high grade and at most peak grade! And if a vine produce 40 Regent Melons, then... hehe... the Regent Origin Stone will be King grade!"

Qin Yun secretly frowned while listening because this short and stout old man is speaking as if it is the truth!

"Could it be that those Regent Melons are truly like that?" Qin Yun asked Yao Fang, he replied that she never heard of this. Ling Yuner also doesn't know anything.

Qin Yun carefully looked at those Regent Melons using Extinction Spirit Eye but he was still unable to see through them. According to his observation, all of the Regent Melons on the display are naturally formed, they possess very strong outer shell. It is hard to penetrate with mental power and it is impossible to see the content inside using Extinction Spirit Eye.

"Could it be that these Regent Melons truly are able to produce Regent Origin Stones?" after earnestly observing, Qin Yun felt that he reached conclusion too fast before. These Regent Melons are not at all sham, they are the real deal!

"Nobody knows whether or not Regent Origin Stones are inside these Regent Melons! Everyone, if you think your luck is good, then start picking, who knows, maybe there are Regent Origin Stones inside these Regent Melons! Each melon will cost you 200 million purple crystal coins!" the short and stout old man said with smile.

One low grade Regent Origin Stone is worth 1 billion purple crystal coins, mid grade is 1.5 billion, high grade is 2 billion, top grade is 3 billion and King grade is 4 billion. Most of the Regent Origin Stones in Qin Yun's hands are low grade. A higher quality Regent Origin Stone is equal to several lower quality ones. Moreover, their energy release rate is much faster than lower quality ones. Now only by spending 200 million purple crystal coins one can have a very high chance of obtaining several billion purple crystal coin worth King grade Regent Origin Stone.

"Each person can only buy two! Anyone buying? Oh that's right, we can no guarantee that the melons will have Regent Origin Stones inside, so if you can't get anything, don't come to cause trouble for us!" the short and stout old man said with smile.

Martial Kings and Martial Emperors are the ones who need the Regent Origin Stones most. And Martial Emperors usually have many purple crystal coins in their hands, whether it is several hundred million or a billion, they can take them out.

Soon a Martial Emperor paid 400 million purple crystal coins, then selected two melons and handed them over to the short and stout old man. The old man took out a small knife and began cutting the melons' shell. Qin Yun and everyone else nearby have their eyes wide open, they want to see whether or not those melons have anything inside. Soon the melons are cut, both of them have nothing inside them. Everyone burst into a laughter because that Martial Emperor suffered great loss, he just lost 400 million for nothing. Qin Yun squeezed through the crowd and arrived closed to the short and stout old man. He wants to observe the melon shell in close range. He tested it out and found out that using Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability, he can make his mental power enter through the melon shell.

He smirked secretly : "Natural material? My Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability can pierce through it!"

Since a Martial Emperor lost several hundred millions, other Martial Emperors and Martial Kings are flinching. Qin Yun is now wearing a hat, his face has a big beard stuck on it, his appearance is that of a middle aged man. He decided to try it out after thinking about it.

"I will buy one melon!" Qin Yun took out purple crystal card and said to the short and stout old man.

The short and stout old man said with smile : "Bearded brother, you will surely experience great luck! I pray that you pick up a melon with Regent Origin Stone!"

Qin Yun gave the old man 200 million purple crystal coins and then entered the area that has the melons. 200 million is nothing to Qin Yun, he is merely very curious and wants to research these Regent Melons. He patted the Regent Melons and they made 'bang bang bang' sound. Then with very serious expression he chose a Regent Melon.

"Brother, are you buying this melon? Don't continuously pat the melons and turn them into mush!" a middle aged man said with laugh.

Everyone also burst into laughter.

"If you could just find out whether or not a melon has a Regent Origin Stone with a few patting, wouldn't the Divine Inscription Palace suspect you of cheating?"

"Indeed! Even the Divine Inscription Palace don't know which one has Regent Origin Stone. They will definitely suspect foul play!"

"Brother, just randomly pick one. If you lose, you lose. We are just having fun anyways!"

The short and stout old man said with laugh : "Everyone, the outer shell of the Regent Melons are very hard, even Dao tools are unable to destroy them. If you don't exert very strong power, it is impossible to turn it mushy! Even Martial Kings would have their hands swollen if they patted it too much. It is impossible to turn a Regent Melon into mush by patting! Even if you shake them, it is impossible to distinguish whether or not there is a Regent Origin Stone inside!"

Many people here know that these Regent Melons are used to scam people who believe they have great luck.

When Qin Yun is patting the melons, he used Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability power to have his mental power penetrate inside. While touching the Regent Melons, he discovered that they somewhat feels like the Regent Stone Mothers. He is able to use Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to take out the Regent Origin Stones from Regent Stone Mother. It is very hard for even Half Immortals to take them out. And the outer shell of this Regent Melon is very different from Regent Stone Mother, it can be cut open with King tools. Qin Yun patted each and every one of the Regent Melons and finally discovered one that has something inside.

"This one!" Qin Yun picked up the half a meter wide Regent Melon and walked towards the short and stout old men with smile. He asked : "Old Pan, can I take it away?"

"Of course you can! You bought it, whatever is inside is yours!" old Pan said with smile.

Although Qin Yun spent quite some time to pick the melon, everyone believes that he has been scammed. Old Pan took out a King tier short knife and began cutting the melon shell. Although everyone believes that there is nothing inside the melon, they all can not help but look earnestly. This caused the entire hall to become quiet. After the melon was cut, two large pearl flickering with lustrous golden light appeared, they are as big as watermelons. Everyone burst into a cry of alarm. Because the way they are shining, it is clear that they are King grade Regent Origin Stones. Qin Yun is also completely astonished, he really did not expect something like this to exist within these melons. He thought that these Regent Melons are something Divine Inscription Palace took out to scam people.

"Haha.. I made great profit!" Qin Yun said with laugh, then took the two Regent Origin Stones.

These two King grade Regent Origin Stones are very heavy and their quality is very high. Old Pan is also extremely astonished, he has the expression as if he has eaten great loss! Even though the usual price of a King grade Regent Origin Stone is 4 billion, due to the fact it can be absorbed very quickly, it's actual price is not limited to just 4 billion. Many extremely rich people would not even be able to buy them with 5 billion.

Qin Yun said with smile : "Do you still have more Regent Melons? I want to play one more round!"

Earlier, everyone though that it was quite funny how Qin Yun was banging on the melons. But now they feel that Qin Yun is a very knowledgeable person, he surely have mastered some kind of technique. In other words, all the other melons are empty. Divine Inscription Palace suffered great losses. They only managed to sell 3 melons and made only 600 million. On top of that, one of the melons actually had 2 King grade Regent Origin Stones. Old Pan's expression is very unsightly, his face looks like a yellow melon. Divine Inscription Palace people thought that even if they cut open all of these Regent Melons, there wouldn't be a single Regent Origin Stone in them. So all of these Regent Melons are practically worthless. Therefore, they took them out for people to gamble and have fun. They can also make some purple crystal coins in the process. Divine Inscription Palace always bring out some items for gambling, it is their tradition. They made a lot of profit before, only this time they suffered loss.

"Old Pan, are you selling these Regent Melons?" Qin Yun asked.

"This... are you interested in buying?" old Pan suddenly became vigilant as he spoke.

"500 million, I want them all! How about it?" Qin Yun asked.

"Too low, 2 billion!" old Pan said.

"600 million!" Qin Yun curled his lips and said : "Nobody can tell whether or not these Regent Melons have anything inside them or not without cutting them!"

Qin Yun said this because these Regent Melons won't be sold. A Regent Melon without any Regent Origin Stone within them is completely worthless.

"Why are you buying them?" old Pan asked doubtfully.

"I want to research them! I want to see what makes these Regent Melons stand out from the masses!" Qin Yun said with smile : "If you are not selling then forget it, others will sell Regent Melons in Xuan Domain!"

"Don't go.. don't go! 600 million.. it is 600 million!" old Pan clenched his teeth and agreed.

Qin Yun paid 600 million purple crystal coins and took all of the Regent Melons. He placed them beside the Regent Stone Mothers inside the Nine Sun Divine Soul. He wants to see if they react to each other. Qin Yun also remembered that he came to Divine Inscription Palace to buy Dao tool materials. He bought a lot of materials, their value is around a billion. If it was in Ordinary Realm, it would cause a great commotion. In Xuan Domain it is nothing, here many small clans or sects regularly purchase this amount of materials.

Qin Yun finished his business and walked out of the Divine Inscription Palace. He saw a very familiar person. This person looks like a very ordinary middle aged man with bald head. He is the Palace Master of the Blue Spirit Star Palace, Lan Chen. Back then Lan Chen's cultivation was something Qin Yun yearned for. And now he is mid stage Martial King and Qin Yun is late stage Martial King. Qin Yun already surpassed him.

"I remember that this big baldy had a Star Totem on his head, why did it disappear?" Qin Yun said in his mind.

Lan Chen was just about to enter Divine Inscription Palace when Qin Yun quickly walked over and patted his head.

Lan Chen immediately became angry, apparently this is not the first time someone patted his bald head. He said in cold voice : "Friend, this is a very rude action! If you apologize, I won't look into it anymore!"


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