Nine Sun God King
Chapter 915
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 915

Yu Shutian is worried that Qin Yun has sneaked in, if he is discovered, the consequences will be severe. And Gao Jinglin is the kind of person who loves to cause trouble for others. He quarreled with Hong Mengshu before. And he is also very jealous because Qin Yun can become friends with Yu Shutian. Gao Jinglin has been looking at Yu Shutian from the crowd, so he saw that Qin Yun has appeared beside Yu Shutian, so he promptly walked over.

"Xiao Tian, don't afraid! I came here in a proper way." Qin Yun said : "If he causes trouble for me, he will be the one to suffer great loss!"

"Really? How did you get in?" Yu Shutian asked in low voice, she is still very anxious.

Qin Yun laughed and did not answer, he is looking at Gao Jinglin who is walking over.

Goa Jinglin looked at Qin Yun with a very disdainful look and said in cold voice : "Yo, isn't that the guy who want to rely on women to sneak into Hundred Pagoda Sect? You are not Martial Emperor, you don't have invitation card, how did you get in?"

"How is my entrance any business of yours?" Qin Yun faintly smiled : "There are many people here, you are not going to them to interrogate, why are you asking me?"

"Gao Jinglin said with sneer : "Because I am sure than you are not Martial Emperor and you don't have invitation card, yet you can enter this kind of high class trade fair. I have no choice but to suspect foul play!"

Yu Shutian pulled Qin Yun and said in low voice : "Ignore him, let's go over there and look."

She is worried that a big commotion will arise and Qin Yun will be exposed, it will be very troublesome. Qin Yun also no longer paid attention to Gao Jinglin and followed Yu Shutian to another place. But who would have known that Gao Jinglin would continue to follow them and cause trouble.

"You can't go! How can a guy like you enter Tian family manor?" Gao Jinglin loudly shouted, letting all the people in the vicinity hear. He is certain that Qin Yun has no qualification to come here and Qin Yun sneaked in. That is why he is creating a commotion to make Qin Yun unable to to run away.

Qin Yun said : "Tian Siyu and Tian Dajiang brought me here."

Gao Jinglin laughed loudly : "Why don't you say that Tian family's old Feitian brought you here? Someone like you is even friends with the two young masters of Tian family? You are not even worthy of lifting their shoes, you actually gave out this kind of reason!"

Yu Shutian completely believes Qin Yun because she knows that Qin Yun is a deeply hidden Inscription Master who doesn't show off. He must know many influential people. Many people now came over to watch the show.

Gao Jinglin saw that there are many spectators and started shouting loudly : "Everyone, this young lady here is miss Yu. Everyone knows that she is young master Chu's woman! And this brat is someone who mooches off women! I don't know how he deceived miss Yu but he wants to enter Hundred Pagoda Sect through miss Yu after she passes the assessment!"

Yu Shutian has some fame but many people never saw her. Now, after Gao Jinglin's shouting, everyone finally saw the famous woman with their own eyes.

"Yu Shutian? Isn't she an Astrology Master? I heard she is expert in all kind of knowledge regarding stars. Moreover, she has cultivated Star power!"

"No wonder young master Chu fancies her! Not only she is beautiful, she is also exceptionally talented!"

"That guy who mooches off women, is he tired of living? He is actually trying to snatch young master Chu's woman?"

"He doesn't have invitation card, he is not Martial Emperor, how did he get in? He must have sneaked in!"

Spectators started criticizing Qin Yun one after another. After listening to these people Qin Yun realized that many people want to curry favor with this young master Chu. He has connection with many people, therefore so many people speak good words about him.

Gao Jinglin is very proud of himself, he said again : "Miss Yu, you have been deceived by this scoundrel! Don't stand with him anymore, young master Chu is very passionate towards you!"

"I only met young master Chu once! I appreciate his good intentions!" Yu Shutian said in soft voice. She is also very angry because that all the people in the city think that she is a couple with young master Chu.

"Oh.. I understand, it must be this guy who has been bad mouthing young master Chu!" Gao Jinglin looked at Qin Yun and shouted loudly : "Bastard! You are finished! You offended young master Chu! Moreover you sneaked in here, you can not run away today!"

"Young master Chu is so outstanding! But he still can not get hold of miss Yu! Surely someone his spreading rumors about him from the background!"

"Indeed, many women wants to marry young master Chu! Young master Chu is outstanding in all aspect!"

"What kind of thing is this guy? He looks like a glib tongued pretty boy! He must have said many bad things about young master Chu and told miss Yu not to get involved with young master Chu!"

"We should quickly inform young master Chu, let him come here quickly!"

There are many people here who have connection with that young master Chu. A middle aged Martial Emperor took out a sound transmission conch and sent message to young master Chu. Many people looked enviously looked at the middle aged Martial Emperor. Because he can send message to young master Chu, that means his relationship is pretty good. That middle aged Martial Emperor's face is filled with pride.

Qin Yun said : "I told you, I am here because Dajiang Xiao Yu brought me here."

Gao Jinglin said with sneer : "Who do you think you are? The people who can become friends with Tian Dajiang and Tian Siyu are famous and influential people. A pathetic guy like you is not fit to be their friend!"

"A Yun, let's go!" Yu Shutian promptly pulled Qin Yun's hand and tried to squeeze out of the crowd.

Many people let out a burst of low cry seeing they are holding hands. If a woman holding hands with a man, it means their relationship is good. In other words, Yu Shutian has very good relationship with a man. Young master Chu has been chasing her for so long yet now she has been snatched away by someone else.

"You are a dead man! You snatched young master Chu's woman!" Gao Jinglin said in cold voice.

"Since young master Chu is so sincere, he would have sent some gift to Xiao Tian, did he?" Qin Yun looked at Yu Shutian and asked.

Yu Shutian shook her head : "No, he just kept sending people to tell me to go meet him."

Gao Jinglin said in cold voice : "What about you? What did you give miss Yu?"

Qin Yun took out a King grade Regent Origin Stone and gave it to Yu Shutian and said with smile : "This is my gift to her! Xiao Tian, this is for you!"

There are many Martial Emperors here, they realized with a glance that this is a very precious King grade Regent Origin Stone, it is worth 4-5 billion purple crystal coins. Someone just gifted away this kind of precious thing. Forget about young master Chu, even his father would not be able to to take out such precious thing to gift. Gao Jinglin immediately became speechless. Not to mention a Martial King like him, even if his Martial Emperor elders would not let go off a King grade Regent Origin Stone if they get one, they will definitely hold onto it for their own cultivation. Someone who can take out a King grade Regent Origin Stone surely have some strength and background, knowing Tian Dajiang and Tian Siyu is also very normal. Yu Shutian also accepted the Regent Origin Stone. She knows that this is just for show and has to give back later. Moreover she doesn't need or use Regent Origin Stone.

After being stunned for a while Gao Jinglin began mumbling : "You.. you.. this Regent Origin Stone.. it must have been stolen by you! Quickly call the butler, I heard that the butler knows young master Chu!"

Everyone here looking at the King grade Regent Origin Stone with covetous gaze but they know that Qin Yun must have extraordinary background, so they dare not say anything. At this time, a very arrogant looking middle aged man walked over.

"Old butler is here!"

"Greetings old butler!"

A group of people greeted the old butler in a very deferential manner. This old butler is a Martial Emperor, he has a high position in Tian family and he even familiar with young master Chu. After the old butler arrived, Gao Jinglin walked over and bowed to him, he is being very polite and deferential. Qin Yun felt even more disdainful, this old butler is just a servant, yet he is bowing and talking so politely.

"Old butler, that guy said that he was brought here by the young masters Tian Dajiang and Tian Siyu, do you know him?" Gao Jinglin pointed at Qin Yun and said : "He also has a King grade Regent Origin Stone, he just gave it to miss Yu!"

"Miss Yu, you are already young master Chu's woman! How can you be so unrestrained? You are actually hanging out with another man?" old butler coldly glanced at Qin Yun and said : "This guy is not at all the two young masters' friend! There is no way the two young masters know him! Otherwise, he would have gifted the King grade Regent Origin Stone to the two young masters!"

Gao Jinglin's courage became even bigger, he said : "Old butler, that guy is not Martial Emperor, he doesn't have assessment invitation card, how can he come here?"

Yu Shutian furious said : "I am not young master Chu's woman! He keeps claiming that I am his woman, by what right? And why can't I be with other men? Is young master Chu here? If he comes I will make things clear with him today!"

Qin Yun said with sneer : "I am just Xiao Tian's friend. She is now trying to breakthrough bottleneck so I gave her the Regent Origin Stone. That young master Chu never gave any gift to Xiao Tian, what kind of thing is he?"

These words caused the situation to become even hotter. Someone actually dared to insult young master Chu.

"Just you wait, young master Chu will arrive very soon, you will be dead then!" the middle aged Martial Emperor very angrily shouted.

"Old butler, quickly capture him! He sneaked into the Tian family manor, maybe that King grade Regent Origin Stone was also stolen from Tian family manor!" Gao Jinglin said in low voice : "How about this, I will go capture him!"

Old butler is very clear about the opportunity, he promptly said : "Alright, go capture him!"

Gao Jinglin laughed as he started walking forward : "You dog thief, I will capture you now! You actually stole King grade Regent Origin Stone from Tian family manor, no wonder you were willing to hand it over!"

Old butler said in cold voice : "I authorized him to take action! That Regent Origin Stone belongs to our Tian family!"

Everyone let out a cry of alarm, they don't care whether it is true or false, they started cursing the evil thief.

Yu Shutian is choking with bellyful of anger. She has also broaden her horizon, she never met such unreasonable and arrogant people before. What made her the most angry is that old butler said that she is young master Chu's woman and she can not be with other man.


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