Nine Sun God King
Chapter 916
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 916

Gao Jingling walked towards Qin Yun and said with evil grin : "You trash, kneel down and admit your mistake!"

He suddenly accelerated his speed and arrived in front of Qin Yun in a flash.

"Floating Withering Step, Life Seizing Hand! This is a Heaven tier high grade martial arts!" someone shouted.

Gao Jingling flew over in a flash, his grabbing hand released a burst of formidable aura filled with destructive power. The ground below Qin Yun slightly trembled.

"Scram!" Qin Yun shouted in cold fury He ferociously kicked and sent Gao Jingling flying.

Gao Jingling let out a miserable shriek and knocked against old butler.

"Poooff.." Gao Jingling vomited a mouthful of blood.

Everyone knows that Gao Jingling is going to take the assessment but now he has been severely injured, he is certainly done for. There are many Martial Emperors present here, each and every one of them are now startled. Because just now Qin Yun's kick speed was very fast. Majority of them could not even see his foot move, only a very few could see the kick. It is clear that Qin Yun is very strong.

Old butler said in fury : "You dare to be arrogant in front of me, you are courting death!"

Old butler immediately rushed towards Qin Yun and raised his hand to attack.

"Stop!" suddenly someone yelled.

Everyone saw a luxurious red clothed charming and beautiful woman fly over. She is holding a long whip, like a lightning flash she hit the old butler's face. Tian Siyu arrived.

"Young lord Siyu, you.. why did you hit me?" old butler is stunned, he yelled fearfully.

Tian Siyu looked at Qin Yun and asked : "Big brother, what is going on?"

Big Brother! Tian Siyu actually called Qin Yun big brother, it is not at all an ordinary friendly relation! Everyone knows that Tian Siyu is a very arrogant little girl, even that young master Chu doesn't get any attention from her! But now, she is so respectful towards Qin Yun, even called him big brother! All the spectators feel that the scene before them is some kind of illusion!

Old butler is so scared that his head is buzzing and his face turned pale. His knees became soft and he knelt on the ground, then he incessantly started kowtowing to Qin Yun : "Young lord Siyu, this is all my fault!"

Yu Shutian is now sure that Qin Yun truly knows Tian Siyu and Tian Dajiang but still felt it is unexpected. Because she can see from Tian Siyu's expression that Tian Siyu is somewhat afraid of Qin Yun and also very deferential to him.

"Quickly speak, what is going on here!" Tian Siyu coldly looked at a guard and yelled : "You have been guarding here all along, come and report to me about the situation!"

The guard immediately became nervous, he reported the whole matter diligently. Gao Jingling is extremely scared. He really did not expect that Qin Yun would truly know Tian Siyu. Moreover, Tian Siyu is so respectful to him.

After Tian Siyu heard about the matter, she became very angry. She looked at the injured Gao Jingling and delicately shouted : "You wild dog! Where did you come from? Not only you dare to cause trouble here, you actually dare to bully my big brother!"

The furious Tian Siyu started waving her whip, thrashing Gao Jingling continuously.

Pa pa pa pa!

Tian Siyu constantly swung her whip, whipping the old butler and Gao Jingling constantly, they miserably screamed due to the thrashing. Those people who were ridiculing Qin Yun just now also quietly hid inside the crowd and left quickly. They are afraid of being taught a lesson by Tian Siyu.

"You even said that the King grade Regent Origin Stone was stolen from our Tian family, are you people deliberately trying to ruin our relationship with big brother? I will kill you two bastards!" Tian Siyu furiously shouted and started vigorously swinging the whip. Old butler who was being revered by so many people just earlier, is now shouting and screaming miserably because of being flogged.

"Young lord Siyu, I know my wrong, it's my fault, I wrongly accused your big brother!" old butler miserably screamed.

"Grandma, save me!" Gao Jingling loudly roared.

The more they screamed, they more vigorously Tian Siyu thrashed them.

Not long after, an old woman ran over and caught Tian Siyu's whip, she asked : "Why are you beating up people?"

"Beating up people? You ask your bastard what he did!" Tian Siyu furiously yelled and then continued thrashing old butler : "Dog thing! You are clearly our Tian family's dog slave! Yet you treat that Chu Youjun as master! What bullshit young master Chu, is he worthy of being mentioned on the same level as my big brother? He is not even worthy of carrying my big brother's shoes, yet he dares to fight my brother over a woman!"

Gao Jingling's grandmother also heard about the matter and she became so angry that she also wanted to beat up Gao Jingling. Granny Wang told her before that Qin Yun's background is not simple, Gao Jingling just did not want to listen. At this time Hong Mengshu and granny Wang also arrived. Fang Fengbao and Du Kexuan who were ridiculing Hong Mengshu before, also arrived with their elders. They learned about the whole event and they are so startled that they broke into a cold sweat. They really did not expect that Qin Yun's identity could be so mysterious that can cause even Tian Siyu, a haughty and arrogant girl to act so respectfully. Especially Du Kexuan who insulted Qin Yun and Hong Mengshu before, she doesn't even dare to look at Hong Mengshu now, that is not a person she can offend in any way.

Hong Mengshu lightly groaned and said : "Truly someone who courts disaster!"

Yu Shutian is also just calmly looking. She already know that Qin Yun is someone with great ability, that time when those three big fishes brought a few people to attack them, they were all killed by Qin Yun.

"Young master Chu is here!" suddenly someone shouted.

Tian Siyu also stopped whipping, she is gasping for breath, clearly she was giving it her all to flog the old butler. Chu Youjun arrived, his show of extravagance is not small, he has 4 middle aged Martial Emperors behind him. His appearance is elegant, he possesses two sword like brows, his bright eyes are filled with dominance, it is as if he doesn't place anyone in his eyes. He is wearing dark blue luxurious clothes and jade crest on his head. He is holding a folding fan that has Dao rune and Dragon totem carved on it. It is clearly a very precious Dao tool. Just his folding fan is a precious Dao tool, this caused many people to be envious. He found out what happened here when he was coming over. The things Tian Siyu said earlier also transmitted into his ears.

"Tian Siyu, you little girl, don't think that just because you are old Feitian's granddaughter, I won't teach you a lesson! Your old butler is my friend, you dared to beat up my friend, I will avenge my friend!" Chu Youjun spoke in cold voice, then immediately flew over and waved his folding fan at Tian Siyu.

Chu Youjun actually attacked the Tian family young lord in Tian family manor! This caused many people to cry out in alarm. They all feel that Chu Youjun truly have guts, after all this is not just some kids causing some ruckus that elders will just ignore after some lecturing. Chu Youjun is doing this to show off his strength and establish his prestige. He also knows Yu Shutian is here, so he wants to show his power even more. Tian Siyu is not all Chu Youjun's opponent. He is mid stage Martial King, far above Tian Siyu. Tian Siyu did not expect that Chu Youjun would attack her in her own home, she did not have any time to react.

"Attacking a girl whose cultivation is lower than yours, this is the young master Chu who is famous all over the city?" Qin Yun sneered. He suddenly flickered and arrived in front of Tian Siyu in a flash. He sent a palm attack towards Chu Youjun's folding fan.


Chu Youjun's folding fan suddenly vibrated with dragon roar and released a frantic dragon power.

"Scram for me!"

Qin Yun did not even use Xuan Dao Power, he merely used Immortal Devil Body's power to to attack and caused Chu Youjun to fly back. The spectators repeatedly exclaimed in admiration. Someone can actually block Chu Youjun's Dao tool! Tian Siyu was attacked by Chu Youjun, her face turned pale in fright Luckily Qin Yun blocked the attack.

"Thank you big brother!" Tian Siyu promptly thanked Qin Yun. She is very happy in her heart because Qin Yun's strength is far above Chu Youjun.

Chu Youjun was beaten back, after landing on the ground, he still fell back several steps. He is extremely astonished in his heart. He heard from that teacher Li that Yu Shutian has a very difficult to deal with book keeper, moreover he came from Transcending Xuan Sea Region. Now he can also see that the book keeper is someone who Tian Siyu calls big brother. Someone who came from Transcending Xuan Sea Region makes him feel afraid of the consequences.

"Hmph.. a big man with high cultivation only dare to attack a weak girl with low cultivation! Truly no shame!" Yu Shutian said in low voice.

Chu Youjun's complexion became unsightly hearing this. He thought about it and also felt that he was being impetuous, he should not have attacked Tian Siyu.

"Where is Tian Dajiang? Tell him to come! He is my good brother!" Chu Youjun said in cold voice : "He actually let his sister beat up my friend!"

Chu Youjun wants to retrieve some face today no matter what. Hong Mengshu took out a watermelon and cut it, she is eating and watching the show. She knows that there is no way Qin Yun would suffer losses.

Tian Dajiang hurriedly rushed over because someone notified him of what happened. After he arrived, he yelled : "Chu Youjun, you bastard, you actually dared to attack my little sister! You are my fart's brother! This is my big brother, he is my brother!"

Everyone is startled after hearing what Tian Dajiang said, even he is calling Qin Yun big brother. Tian Dajiang is no fool, he knows Qin Yun is hundreds of times more awesome than Chu Youjun. Even his grandfather reveres Qin Yun, he must keep good relationship with this big brother. Chu Youjun saw Tian Dajiang's attitude towards Qin Yun and realized that he kicked a metal plate.

"This dog slave is your friend? Clearly it was him who wrongly accused my big brother, he said that my big brother stole our Tian family's King grade Regent Origin Stone... bullshit.. our Tian family don't even have King grade Regent Origin Stones! Shouldn't this guy be punished?" Tian Dajiang furiously said : "Then again, we are teaching our family's people a lesson, what does it have to do with you?"

"Tian Dajiang.. you.. you bastard!" Chu Youjun furiously said, he doesn't know what he should do now.

"Chu Youjun, you have many wives, don't harass me! Otherwise, I won't be polite!" Yu Shutian said with angry face : "You basically have no relation with me, yet you meddle in who I make friends with, who do you think you are?"

Tian Dajiang said with sneer : "Useless things are truly like this! Chu Youjun, get out of here hurriedly, our Tian family no longer welcomes you!"

Many people here are influential figures inside Hundred Pagoda region. Chu Youjun's scandalous situation has been seen by many of these people.

Chu Youjun became very angry, he pointed at Qin Yun and shouted at the Martial Emperors at his side : "Grab that guy for me, I want to kill him! No matter what happens, my grandfather will take care of it! He is a Pagoda Master, he will give me full support!"


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