Nine Sun God King
Chapter 921
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 921

Old Feitian only knows that his Heavenly tribulation is coming, he doesn't know exactly when. If he doesn't suppress his powerful aura, the Heavenly tribulation will come faster. Qin Yun is looking from distant place. He suddenly saw clouds gathering in the sky. Not long later, a large amount of churning black cloud condensed in the sky. Even the ground sank into darkness.


Lightning flashed, thunder rolled! It is as if the doom itself has arrived.

"Tribulation cloud has appeared!" Qin Yun suddenly sensed a very dreadful Heavenly might. It is the might of the Heavenly tribulation.

Tribulation thunder suddenly dropped in the region where old Feitian is. That area became very bright, shining with light.

Boom boom boom!

Thunder rolled and shook the heaven and earth. Lightning flickered, like innumerable lightning snake, dropped on old Feitian's body, lashing out with frantic Heavenly might aura. Last time when Qin Yun saw Lan Suyao's tribulation, he could not properly perceive it because Jian Shitian used his energy to protect Qin Yun from all kind of aura. And this time, it is like he placed himself within tribulation thunder and can completely sense the imposing aura of Heavenly tribulation.

"This tribulation thunder's power is far superior to the Xian Rujing's Heavenly Tribulation Divine Ability!" Qin Yun repeatedly exclaimed in admiration in his heart.

"Of course, it is natural! The tribulation thunder you see now can even turn Half Immortals into dust!" Ling Yuner said : "Xiao Yun, this should be the power of Heavenly Might. If you can master Heavenly Might Dao Technique, you will be able to unleash this kind of power!"

Qin Yun's brows immediately became creased : "Will I really be able to master it? Even sister Qirou and sister Yao Fang can not understand a little bit of it. They are however formidable Martial Kings!"

"Xiao Yun, don't sell yourself short, you stand out from the masses! Otherwise you would not be able to cultivate me; the outstanding, very intelligent and a great beauty that can ruin nations; as your Dao Spirit!" Ling Yuner said with laugh : "Now you should try to comprehend it a bit!"

"How can I comprehend it?" Qin Yun totally has no clue or whatsoever. He is also afraid of going inside old Feitian's tribulation thunder.

Old Feitian is roaring and screaming unceasingly and moving the Purple Star Heavenly Shield to block tribulation thunder all around him. Without the shield, he would have already died and his soul would have flown away. Old Feitian's face is now filled with fear, he is constantly roaring to drive away his fear and stimulate his courage. Even though he can block tribulation thunder with the shield but his body has already been hit continuously and has been injured by the energy wave of the tribulation thunder. His body has been split open and bloody from head to toe, it is a very horrible sight to behold.

"Xiao Yun, you must now enter a special state, be unafraid of the Heavenly tribulation and calmly perceive the imposing aura of Heavenly tribulation!" Ling Yuner said : "Then see if you can comprehend anything according to the mnemonic chant of Heavenly Might Dao Technique! Just try it out, it should not be too harmful to you!"

Qin Yun landed on the ground, sat on a large stone, closed his eyes and started acting as Ling Yuner instructed. The duration of Old Feitian's Heavenly tribulation is very long. It makes Qin Yun very worried. In one hand, he is worried that old Feitian might fail his tribulation, on the other, he is worried that other people would arrive. The momentum of Heavenly tribulation is so large that is may have been noticed by people in the vicinity.Qin Yun took a deep breath, trying to adjust himself with the environment and completely calm down. Not long after, Qin Yun no longer felt any fear towards the power of Heavenly tribulation. He can now calmly perceive the power born from Great Dao Law.

After entering this kind of state, Qin Yun is simultaneously perceiving the power of Heavenly Might and reciting the mnemonic chant of Heavenly Might Dao Technique in his heart. Moments passed by, it seems like Qin Yun has finally found some head ways but he is still unable to grasp the crucial points. He has the kind of feeling that he is drowning in the sea and he can see a rope but no matter how much he tries, he can not grab it. Qin Yun can now clearly sense that if he wants to comprehend this Dao Technique, he must grab the power of the Heavenly Might.

"Yuner, use Nether Sun's Devouring Power to devour the power of Heavenly Might!" Qin Yun suddenly said.

"Alright!" Ling Yuner understood the plan.

The Heaven and Earth are now enveloped in burst of Heavenly Might. Ling Yuner can also sense this kind of might but she is not least bit afraid. She controlled Nether Sun and unleashed Devouring Power. Ling Yuner is very careful as she devouring the imposing might and drawing it inside the Nether Sun. This will let Qin Yun perceive the composition of the power of Heavenly Might more thoroughly.

(TL NOTE : Just a mild spoiler, the reason why Qin Yun needs Ling Yuner to control Nether Sun and why he goes berserk when he personally controls it, will be explained a lot later in the story.)

"I may truly be able to comprehend Heavenly Might Dao Technique!" Qin Yun seems like he has grasped something, as if he is just a bit away from mastering Heavenly Might Dao Technique.

The injuries on old Feitian's body became even more and more severe. But he can still stand up and shout. It means he can still persevere. So long as he can cross this tribulation smoothly, he can easily live longer. And Qin Yun is using old Feitian's tribulation to experience the power of Heavenly Might. Qin Yun kept swallowing more and more Heavenly Might. What he doesn't know is that a ink-black cloud is churning on top of his head, it looks very terrifying.

"Xiao Yu, you have trouble!" Ling Yuner suddenly shouted : "You have been targeted by Heavenly tribulation!"

"What?" Qin Yun abruptly opened his eyes and saw the dense black cloud above is frantically rotating and brewing a dreadful tribulation thunder.

Qin Yun is somewhat terrified. He promptly took out Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron and covered himself up.

Boom Boom Boom!

The whirlpool above Qin Yun suddenly shot down incomparably dense thunder and lightning. It seems even stronger than old Feitian's tribulation. The tremendous thunder and lightning is a several hundred meter wide light beam, it ferociously battered the earth. Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron that is very small, is already submerged within the light beam. The earth ferociously trembled.

The tremendous thunder and lightning entered the earth and then exploded towards all direction. In a 10 kilometer radius area, the earth split open, cracks formed everywhere, those cracks are filled with eye gouging lightning. The entire ground looks like it has been flipped over a few layers.

Old Feitian doesn't know what is going on. His eyes are wide open as he is looking towards a direction, he floated into the sky in alarm. The tribulation thunder is also no longer attacking him, rather it is ferociously dropping down on that area he is looking at. Qin Yun completely covered himself inside the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron. He is scared to the extreme. Because he can clearly sense how dreadful the power of the Heavenly Might is from under the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron.

"Yuner, am I finished?" Qin Yun asked in fright.

"I don't know. The Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron was made with very good materials, it should be able to sustain a few more times!" Ling Yuner is also very worried : "I don't understand what is going on. Why are you suddenly going through tribulation?"

"Apparently I should not have devoured the power of Heavenly Might." Qin Yun said with bitter smile.

"It seems like the consequence of devouring Heaven's power is very severe." Ling Yuner said.

Boom Boom Boom!

Tremendous thunder and lightning dropped down on the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron in an unbroken succession. Many cracks appeared on Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron's surface. Luckily, this kind of magic tools care repair themselves. But it requires a rather long period of time. The black cloud in the sky gradually scattered. Not long after, the world became bright again. Nine Suns' radiance shone on earth once more.

Old Feitian's eyes are wide open. He finds the situation inconceivable. Because someone secretly helped divert a few of his tribulation thunder. If not, maybe he would have already died. He looked towards a black dot in the distance and only saw a cauldron lying there upside down. Old Feitian promptly flew over. As soon as he arrived, he saw someone crawl out from under the cauldron, it is Qin Yun. Qin Yun is now badly bruised, his Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron is also nearly broken.

"Great.. Great Master! How can it be you? Were you targeted by the Heavenly tribulation just now?" old Feitian felt scared, he is astonished to the extreme in his heart. Because Qin Yun is still alive after being hi by several tribulation thunder.

Qin Yun said with bitter smile : "Let's not talk about it, I almost died. I don't know what happened. The tribulation thunder suddenly attacked me!"

Old Feitian is very emotionally moved and said : "Great Master, you saved my life! If you did not shoulder those tribulation thunder for me, I would have already turned into dust!"

"We are both alive, so all is good!" Qin Yun laughed.

More than ten kilometer radius around this area is filled with cracks and emitting smoke, very strong thunder and lightning aura still lingering. Suddenly a few aura appeared from distance.

Old Feitian said in low voice : "Someone has come! We should hide!"

He took out a very large black cloth and covered up himself and Qin Yun within. Miraculously, even though Qin Yun is under the black cloth, he can see everything happening outside.

"This is a very miraculous magic tool. I can hide us and also hide our aura. People outside can't see us but we can see things outsdie!" old Feitian said with smile.

Very soon they saw a few old man floating in the air.

A slightly built old man with messy hair said : "Someone must have gone through tribulation here, the tribulation power is strongest here. I wonder who could have attracted such powerful tribulation, must be someone crossing 6th tribulation thunder!"

"Maybe he is dead?" another old man said with smile.

"Should not be dead! If we talk about crossing tribulation, if someone dies during tribulation, there should have been a destroyed spirit nearby!" the slightly built old man took out a talisman and said again : "If there were a destroyed spirit, my talisman would have sensed it."

"Elder brother, could it be that you are trying to find that person?" someone asked.

"Someone who can pass through 6th tribulation must have an Immortal tool! He must have been injured earlier, if we can find him and get rid of him, we can obtain his Immortal tool! Then I can also smoothly cross 6th tribulation in the future!" that slightly built old man said with excited smile.

"Fucking hell! They actually want to rob me! I will go teach them a lesson!" old Feitian cursed in low voice.

"Senior, can you defeat them? You have many injuries on your body!" Qin Yun anxiously asked.

"I just broke through to 6th tribulation Half Immortal. My Immortal power has increased by a lot, these injuries are nothing, just watch how I kill them!" old Feitian finished speaking and immediately got out of the black cloth and charged towards those Half Immortals in the sky.

Qin Yun still stayed under the black cloth and kept looking at the sky.


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