Nine Sun God King
Chapter 936
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 936

Murong Tianzhe suffered a great blow knowing Ye Yaoxue defeated Xie Wufeng.

"What trick did you use to defeat him?" Murong Tianzhe asked.

"I don't remember but he was quite hard to deal with! I heard your strength is equal to his, so I will definitely win this fight!" Ye Yaoxue looked at the Regent Origin Stones and said with light smile : "Those 20 Regent Origin Stones are mine, I desperately need them!"

Murong Tianzhe said with laugh : "First you will have to defeat me!"

Ye Yaoxue is very confident, she said with sweet smile : "Defeating you is as easy as waving my hand!"

The barrier opened, bell rang and the battle has begun!

Everybody is seriously looking at this battle, nobody can take their eyes off. Ye Yaoxue is one of the top 10 Martial Emperors in Hundred Pagoda Sect. Although she is ranked 1st, she is mid stage Martial Emperor and can fight those who are at higher cultivation. One must know that rank 1 to tank 9 are all peak stage Martial Emperor. If she can breakthrough to late stage Martial Emperor, maybe she can even become rank 1. Murong Tianzhe also has rank, she is around rank 30, this is also quite good.

Only Qin Yun here who is eating and occasionally looking at the battle stage. He doesn't feel it is very interesting to look at because Ye Yaoxue is not using any martial skills, she is also not letting out the aura of her martial spirit. The energy she is shooting out is very pure and has no attribute. Many older generation present on the spot are very confused. Many of them are knowledgeable and experienced Half Immortals, even they are wondering what kind of Ye Yaoxue is using.

Old Feitian said with smile : "Old man Murong is going to suffer losses! 20 high quality Regent Origin Stones will be lost just like that!"

Ying Chengyu also said with smile : "Most important thing is, the grandson he is so proud of is going to lose!"

Old Feitian and Ying Chengyu are extremely happy to see city master Murong suffer losses, they are truly worthy of being bad friends!

Kang Feiqing said in low voice : "Xiao Yun, this Ye Yaoxue is indeed very awesome! Can you see what kind of power she is using?"

Qin Yun shook his head and said : "I can't. Her speed is very fast, although she is not using any kind of martial arts, she is very adept at using her fist and palm. I am guessing that she learned many high quality martial arts, then fused them together and linked them accordingly! She can use them as she wishes during battle, this kind of capability is truly very high!"

Old Feitian nodded and said : "This is indeed the case. She must have learned many martial skills and then forgot them. But her subconscious mind has already mastered them. Therefore, during fights, she can very naturally unleash them in the most wonderful way."

Ying Chengyu said with smile : "The little brat Murong Tianzhe losing to this little girl is also not unnatural."

City master Murong is looking at the battle stage with frown. On one hand, he is admiring Ye Yaoxue's strength, on the other hand he is trying to discover her weak points so that his grandson exploit it later.

"This Ye Yaoxue is indeed a pretty good woman. If she were to marry Tianzhe, it would be very good!" city master Murong said with laughter, he deliberately spoke loudly to let everyone hear.

Old Feitian cursed in low voice : "Old man Murong is deliberately disturbing Ye Yaoxue's concentration!"

On the battle stage, Ye Yaoxue's expression is completely calm as she continued attacking Murong Tianzhe. Her attacks look as light as feather, giving people a very gentle feeling. Her style is very natural and graceful as if she is dancing in the wind. And Murong Tianzhe, who is on the receiving end, can only block and dodge, his expression is very grave. From the very beginning, he did not manage to attack even once, he has always been in defensive state.

Ye Yaoxue said with light smile : "You want to marry me? No problem, so long as someone who has lower cultivation than me can defeat me, I will marry him!"

Everyone immediately started a ruckus, kept shouting at Murong Tianzhe to quickly defeat her and take her as his wife.

City master Murong yelled : "Little girl, don't go back on your word!"

Ye Yaoxue smiled and replied : "I, Ye Yaoxue, always keep my words! No matter who it is, as long as someone with lower cultivation than me can defeat me, I will marry him!"

Murong Yuwei lightly groaned and said : "This is basically impossible! Even late stage Martial Emperors would not be able to defeat him so easily!"

Everyone can see that Ye Yaoxue is invincible within same rank. Murong Tianzhe is giving his all just to hold on, while Ye Yaoxue is attacking and at the same time talking to city master Murong with smile. Suddenly, Ye Yaoxue's jade like palm shot out overflowing red lights. Finally, Ye Yaoxue used power with attributes but nobody knows what kind of attribute it is.

"Red Martial Spirit?" Qin Yun's eyes shrank and fixed on the red light lingering around Ye Yaoxue's palm. With his splendid eye power, he can see that there are many very tiny threads within the red light.

Many older generation can also see the threads but they only felt that it is an energy akin to lightning thread. However, Qin Yun can totally recognize them, they are all a type of rune! Ye Yaoxue's energy attribute contains runes! Although Qin Yun can accomplish such thing but the runes would be completely visible and obvious, it won't look like Ye Yaoxue's lightning threads. After Ye Yaoxue released this power, Murong Tianzhe can no longer block.


The protective energy barrier Murong Tianzhe released, has been completely shattered by Ye Yaoxue's gentle jade like palm's single palm attack. Then he was beaten back by her power and knocked against the barrier.

Ye Yaoxue lightly flew over and was just about to attack when she head city master Murong yell : "He concedes!"

City master Murong said with somewhat grave expression : "Girl, you won!"

Murong Tianzhe said in low voice : "Grandpa, I can still fight!"

"If you continue to fight, you will have to lie down in your bed for over half a year! In half a year, others will surpass you by a lot!" city master Murong said : "Tianzhe, you are an initial stage Martial Emperor, you lost to her who is a mid stage Martial Emperor, you did not lose any face!"

Ye Yaoxue waved her sleeves and accepted 20 high quality Regent Origin Stones. Her face showed a sly smile as she gently said : "Many thanks city master!"

Murong Tianzhe walked down the battle stage with somewhat unwillingness.

Murong Yuwei promptly walked over and supported Murong Tianzhe and said : "Big brother, after you cultivate for a few years, you will be able to defeat her. Then you can marry her as a concubine!"

Murong Tianzhe laughed and said : "Xiao Wei, you will also have to work hard and defeat the Great Master!"

"That bastard flower thief, I must beat him into a pig head!" Murong Yuwei suddenly glared at Qin Yun as if she is baring her fangs at him.

Ye Yaoxue looked at Qin Yun from the battle stage and said with gentle smile : "This Great Master, I heard your strength is also quite good, too bad you are just late stage Martial King."

Murong Yuwei said : "That guy is very sinister! If you let him use equipment, you won't be his opponent!"

Ye Yaoxue said with smile : "That is impossible! I have already fought against a Martial King who used Immortal tool and I still won! Could it be that he would use Immortal tools to fight me?"

Hearing her words, everyone looked at Qin Yun, they really want to see what would happen if this Great Master fought against Ye Yaoxue using equipment.

Kang Feiqing asked : "If he defeats you, can he also marry you?"

Ye Yaoxue immediately let out a delicate laughter and said : "Of course he can! It all depends on whether or not he has the skill! Of course, if he wants to fight me, he needs to bet something, if he loses, he would have to give me something good!"

City master Murong also instigated Qin Yun, he yelled : "Brother Yun, quickly go up!"

Murong Yuwei also yelled : "Great Master, aren't you very outstanding? There is a great beauty before your eyes, quickly go up and defeat her!"

Qin Yun is still eating, he said with smile : "I have no interest in her, who would want to marry a woman who just wants to fight?"

These words caused a burst of shouting filled with astonishment.

"Hypocrite!" Murong Yuwei cursed in low voice : "You are clearly afraid!"

"Indeed! He is such a womanizer, how can he not fancy Ye Yaoxue?"

"Great Master, don't be modest, quickly go up and fight, let us be satisfied!"

"If you lose, no one will laugh at you. If you win, you can go back with a great beauty in your arms!"

"If you are a man, go up and fight!"

Qin Yun very unhappily said : "If I lose, I will lose some good things. If I win, I will just get a woman, where is the benefit in that?"

City master Murong said with smile : "She is not an ordinary woman."

Qin Yun curled his lips and said : "I have seen many of those 'not ordinary woman'!"

Murong Yuwei lightly groaned and said : "It looks like you only like the taste of mother and daughter pair!"

Everyone burst into roaring laughter hearing these words. Ye Yaoxue also lightly laughed.

Qin Yun took out some Pighead Dao Talisman and yelled at Murong Yuwei : "Wretched girl, if you keep talking nonsense, believe it or not, I will turn you into a pig head!"

Murong Yuwei immediately hid behind city master Murong and said : "Grandpa, protect me!"

"Forget it, I will not make things difficult for others!" Ye Yaoxue looked at others and said : "Today is city master Murong's birthday party, we need to continue martial arts competition to liven things up! Since I have won city master Murong's 20 high quality Regent Origin Stones, I will accept challenge and defend the stage from now on! Even late stage Martial Emperors can challenge me. If you lose, just give me one high quality Regent Origin Stone. If I lose, I will give you 20 high quality Regent Origin Stones! Of course, if your cultivation is lower than mine, then you can also marry me!"

There are many late stage Martial Emperors present here, they are all very outstanding. Many of them are city master Murong's sons.

Sure enough, a middle aged late stage Martial Emperor jumped on to the stage, took out a high quality Regent Origin Stone and placed it on a table below the battle stage and said : "Ye Yaoxue, please give me pointers!"

The barrier opened and the battle began. Ye Yaoxue's lily-white hands flickered with red light, palm energy shot through the sky towards distance and a gale abruptly appeared on the battle stage. And then a burst of wind and waves filled with raging waves and shocking wind engulfed everything. That middle aged Martial Emperor was sent flying and knocked against the barrier.

"I concede!" blood overflowed through that Martial Emperor's corner of the mouth, his face is filled with fear as he shouted.

Just as that middle aged man went down the stage, another person jumped on the stage.

"This is old man Murong's son!" Ying Chengyu said in low voice : "He is also very strong!"

Qin Yun is looking at the battle stage, apparently thinking of something.

Kang Feiqing touched his arm, giggled and said : "Xiao Yun, do you also want to go up and defeat her?"

Gong Feiyan said in low voice : "A Yun, don't you want to marry her?"

"Of course not! I want her 20 high quality Regent Origin Stones!" Qin Yun said with smile : "I am more interested in Regent Origin Stones!"


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