Nine Sun God King
Chapter 940
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 940

Lan Chen really wants Qin Yun to follow him. After all Qin Yun's Great Master title was conferred to him by a group of Half Immortals. Moreover, Qin Yun is Inscription Gate's sect master and even mastered soul refining technique. Lan Chen has no one protecting him inside Hundred Pagoda Sect, if he brings along Qin Yun, it will be very good for him.

Qin Yun said : "Old Lan, have you heard about boss Xie?"

"I have. Rest assured, after we go in, I will think of a way to contact him." Lan Chen said with smile. Lan Chen is also very afraid of being bullied after going in. And Xie Wufeng is a very powerful person inside the Hundred Pagoda Sect. Therefore, Lan Chen first went ahead and gathered information about Xie Wufeng.

Qin Yun said again : "So when can we enter Hundred Pagoda Sect?"

Lan Chen took out a metal token. This token looks like a pagoda and top of it 'Star Traveling Pagoda' is written.

"The pagoda I am entering is Star Traveling Pagoda. After we are done eating, we will leave. I will first bring you to report in and have you obtain a token like this one. Since I have passed assessment, my token is golden. And you are following me inside, so your token will be silver. Although the person holding silver token is also a disciple, they can not enjoy the resources provided by Hundred Pagoda Sect." Lan Chen said.

Qin Yun took the golden token and looked at it. He said with smile : "No matter, I am only going into the Hundred Pagoda Sect to see what kind of fun things are there inside."

Lan Chen said : "Qin Yun, you have many cultivation resources. The resources provided by Hundred Pagoda Sect will not catch your fancy at all. Of course even though you only have silver token, you can study many kind of knowledge available inside."

Qin Yun also want to study many knowledge regarding stars, it is the reason why he wants to enter Hundred Pagoda Sect.

"Alright, make sure you don't expose yourself when the time comes." Lan Chen warned heavily : "You have offended Ye Yaoxue, that is not something to joke around with!"

"What's so difficult about Ye Yaoxue?" Qin Yun asked.

"She is the disciple of the 1st pagoda, it is the strongest pagoda in Hundred Pagoda Sect! Moreover she is the chief disciple of 1st pagoda. She has many powerful senior brothers and elders. Since she has been bullied, many male disciples want to help her take revenge." Lan Chen is also secretly fearful while mentioning Ye Yaoxue.

"What kind of people are her family members?" Qin Yun asked again.

"I have not asked about her parents and ancestry, it is only known that when she was a child, she was taken in as a disciple by an old woman from the 1st pagoda." Lan Chen said.

"Is her position really high inside the Hundred Pagoda Sect? Then why does she have to gather her own Regent Origin Stones? Doesn't Hundred Pagoda Sect provide for her?" Qin Yun is very suspicious about this matter.

"Qin Yun, do you think Regent Origin Stones are some rocks that can be found everywhere? She is very young and possesses such high strength, the 1st pagoda provides her many resources. She realizes that she alone is taking up too many resources, so she refuses the resources given by 1st pagoda! She only keeps that belongs to her and then she goes to find resources herself!" Lan Chen said with smile : "I have no choice but to say that this Ye Yaoxue is really very good."

Qin Yun said with laugh : "I still think her fame is just fake! Nobody gives her a single Regent Origin Stone as gift, not even high quality ones right? If all of those young masters gifted her one high quality Regent Origin Stones each, she would have so much that she would not even be able to finish using them!"

Lan Chen has a dumbfounded expression on his face as he said : "Qin Yun, I just told you, Regent Origin Stones are not stones! Forget about high quality Regent Origin Stones, even low quality ones are very precious! Those young masters, no matter how stupid they are, they would not take out high quality Regent Origin Stones as gift! Even if they were to propose marriage to Ye Yaoxue, they would not give many Regent Origin Stone as gift! Those old Martial Emperors, even if they have high quality Regent Origin Stones, the leave those for their personal use. Don't even give those to their own children, forget about giving to a woman they can't even touch! Unlike you who just takes out a King grade Regent Origin Stone and gift it to a woman! Truly an idiotic guy!"

Ling Yuner is delicately laughing inside Qin Yun's mind. She said : "Xiao Yun, you have many Regent Stone Mothers, so not only you have many Regent Origin Stones, you also don't think much of them!"

Lan Chen disdainfully looked at Qin Yun : "Qin Yun, don't take out Regent Origin Stones carelessly to give as gift! Keep them for yourself!"

"I know." Qin Yun nodded.

Lan Chen and Qin Yun finished eating the dishes on the table, then left Divine Inscription Palace and finally left Heaven's Pride City. Lan Chen took out his golden token, it can guide him towards Star Traveling Pagoda.

"I heard that Star Traveling Pagoda is not far away from Ancient Star Pagoda which miss Yu is joining." Lan Chen said. His golden token kept flickering and guiding towards a direction.

After leaving the Heaven's Pride City, one can see a great mountain towards the east and many tall and erect large pagodas around the great mountain. These large pagodas look as if they are pillars that are supporting the sky, standing proudly around the great mountain. The lofty great mountain looks somewhat dim in the presence of these large pagodas. Although these hundred pagodas are very far from each other, they are mutually connected. These hundred large pagodas form a very immense formation.

"Hundred Pagoda Heaven Raising Formation, it is the most powerful formation in the Xuan Domain. It is said that it can cover over 10 thousand li. It can block even meteorites!" Lan Chen said as they are flying over a very large and very tall square shaped pagoda.

"Can it block Heavenly tribulation?" Qin Yun curiously asked.

"It can! But after you leave the formation, Heavenly tribulation will come down again!" Lan Chen looked towards a 10 thousand meters tall pagoda and said : "Some pagodas have been refurbished or rebuilt, some have been here since the beginning!"

"Are those ancient pagodas extremely strong?" Qin Yun asked while looking at those pagodas all around him.

"Of course not! The newest pagodas are the strongest. Because only the strongest pagodas have the resources to rebuilt or refurbish!" Lan Chen said with sigh : "The Star Traveling Pagoda we are going to join is a very ancient pagoda! I heard it is very short, the shortest pagoda in the Hundred Pagoda Sect!"

Qin Yun said with smile : "It doesn't matter, we are only going there to research knowledge."

Lan Chen has Star totem, so he doesn't care about resources. Yu Shutian said that entering Star Traveling Pagoda will have great assistance in entering the starry sky later. So Lan Chen wants to enter this pagoda.

"So long as a pagoda achieves 1st rank, they can change their name to 1st pagoda. And the pagoda that loses it's rank will have to return back to it's original name." Lan Chen looked at a super large hexagonal pagoda in the distance, it's peak can not be seen. He said : "That's 1st pagoda, it's the tallest and largest! It has several tens of thousands disciples! It is said that if 1st pagoda dispatched their disciples, they would be able to completely sweep away 2nd to 10th pagoda! It is impossible to shake their position within a short period of time. And 1st pagoda's pagoda master is the sect master of Hundred Pagoda Sect. Hundred Pagoda Sect has one sect master, 10 elders, 4 law keepers and 3 honored great elders! Among them, the sect master, 3 elders, one honored great elder and two law keepers are from 1st pagoda! Moreover, 1st pagoda have very good relationship with 30 other pagodas."

Lan Chen glanced at Qin Yun and said : "Now do you realize how awesome that little girl Ye Yaoxue is?"

Qin Yun laughed, he is not at all scared. 1st pagoda is a very formidable existence within Hundred Pagoda Sect. But Qin Yun is a very experienced and knowledgeable person. He possesses Divine tool and Sun Spirit. Moreover, inside his Nine Sun Divine Soul, there is the formidable Immortal King Yao Fang. Nothing can scare Qin Yun.

"Xie Wufeng and Hong Yan is in Divine Sword Pagoda which is ranked 2nd. Huo Zhong and Murong Xiaoren are in Heavenly Beast Pagoda which is ranked 9th." Lan Chen said.

"What about the Star Traveling Pagoda we are joining? What rank is it?" Qin Yun asked.

"I don't know. There are total 50 ranks, any pagoda below 50 have no rank. Nobody cares about them! Star Traveling Pagoda is not among top 50!" Lan Chen said with smile : "This is also beneficial, nobody will pay attention to us in there, we can calmly put our heart into study!"

Qin Yun and Lan Chen are flying while chatting. They passed through many large and grand pagodas. At the evening, they arrived beside a very large lake. The lake is splendidly red after evening sun shone upon it. There is a ten storey tall old fashioned wooden pagoda beside the lake. This old fashioned wooden pagoda looks like it would be blown away by wind and there are also many marks of attacks from weapons. On the door of the 1st floor, there is a door plate missing corner, the words "Star Traveling Pagoda" are written on it, none of those words are intact, they have lost colors.

"Motherfucker! This Star Traveling Pagoda is worse than I imagined!" Lan Chen feels like shouting at the heavens!

"Is Ancient Star Pagoda better than this?" Qin Yun asked.

"Ancient Star Pagoda is ranked 35, so of course it is far better!" Lan Chen sighed and said : "Forget it, we are already here, is there any other way?"

The gate is wide open because basically, there is no gate!

"This really bad!" Lan Chen grumbled.

An old man with head filled with messy white hair and wearing gray clothes, hastily ran out and said with smile : "Are you Lan Chen? Hello junior disciple Lan!"

Qin Yun and Lan Chen glanced at each other because they thought that this old man would be the pagoda master or an elder position person but he is actually a disciple!

"Pagoda master, pagoda maser, junior brother Lan is here, junior brother Lan is here!" that old man shouted. Soon after, a group of old people ran down, there are several tens of them.

"Hello, junior brother Lan... hello, junior brother Lan..!" these people are very old, their posture is very bad, it is as if they might belch or fart any moment.

Qin Yun looked at these old people, majority of them are Martial Kings, there are only a few Martial Emperors, there are even some who looks like their lamps are about to run out of fuel. At this time, an old granny slowly walked over taking support from her walking cane. She can be considered not too old and also a Half Immortal.

Although Lan Chen is thoroughly disappointed in his heart, he still very cordially said : "Greetings Pagoda Master. I am Lan Chen, this is the silver disciple I brought in, Qin Xiao Yun."

On the road, Lan Chen said that this pagoda master is called Granny Star, she is a very good person, very kindhearted.

"Hello, little junior brother.. hello, little junior brother..!" a group of old people very happily yelled.

"Greetings senior brothers!" Qin Yun also yelled with smile on his face. With all these old senior brothers, Qin Yun also feels very odd.

"Pagoda master, there should be another gold disciple right? Did he not come? We passed the assessment together." Lan Chen asked. Each pagoda can recruit two golden disciple and each golden disciple can bring in one silver disciple follower.

Granny Star sighed and said : "He ran away, he left his golden token here!"

She finished speaking, then handed over the golden token to Qin Yun and said with smile : "Xiao Yun, I have modified this golden token, you will be our Star Traveling Pagoda's golden disciple from now on!"

Lan Chen has the look of a beaten dog! Because he had to pass a very difficult assessment to become golden disciple. And Qin Yun just directly became a golden disciple, it is as if he just picked up the position!


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