Nine Sun God King
Chapter 949
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 949

A Liang said : "Madam Ye, it is impossible for Star Traveling Pagoda's Qin Xiao Yun to be that Great Master A Yun! 1st of all, when you were fighting A Yun in Murong family manor, Hundred Pagoda Sect assessment was in progress! Second, Qin Yun Xiao is a golden disciple, A Yun did not participate in the assessment, how can he become the golden disciple?"

Ye Yaoxue's eyebrows creased as she said : "You go check out who participated in the assessment of Star Traveling Pagoda?"

A Liang immediately responded : "Madam Ye, subordinate has already checked! Two people participated, one is called Lan Chen and the other is called Qin Xiao Yun!"

"Is this true?" Ye Yaoxue asked.

"It is, Granny Star herself registered these, moreover she conveniently registered Qin Xiao Yun as chief disciple!" A Liang said again.

"Alright! You go deliver the invitation card, tell him that I want to entertain him in the 1st pagoda and make friends with him!" Ye Yaoxue's beautiful eyes turned, she said again : "Be a bit polite this time! You must invite him to come, I must personally make sure whether or not this guy is that immoral Great Master!"

"Alright, Madam Ye, subordinate will do as commanded!" A Liang said.

Standing on the balcony, Ye Yaoxue's beautiful jade like face is filled with anger : "Wretched immoral Great Master! Ever since that day in Murong family manor, he completely disappeared without a trace! He disappeared within the territory of our Hundred Pagoda Sect! I must find him to take revenge and wipe away the grudge!"

Ye Yaoxue's mood has been very bad these past few days because she lost miserably at Murong family manor! Not to mention 20 high grade Regent Origin Stones, even her underwear have been snatched away. Not only she lost her belongings, she also lost a lot of face. Although many disciples of Hundred Pagoda Sect are very angry for her but there are also many rumors and slanders that are spreading.

Night time, Ye Yaoxue is sitting on at a table near the balcony in the top floor of 1st pagoda, looking at Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian in front. She truly invited them to come. A;though Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian are not breathtaking women, they both have their own unique temperament and they are also considered very outstanding and beautiful women. Even Ye Yaoxue is secretly praising these two women in her heart.

"Greetings to two junior sisters!" Ye Yaoxue is full of smiles, her voice is gentle and pleasant to hear as she spoke : "Many thanks for honoring me by coming to this gathering!"

"Senior sister Ye, did you ask us to come because of A Yun?" Yu Shutian asked.

"Indeed, I want to meet him face to face and have a proper discussion!" Ye Yaoxue started pouring tea for Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian with smile. Her movement is very courteous and polite, there is not a shred of haughtiness of 1st pagoda's chief disciple.

Hong Mengshu lightly sighed and said : "We also don't know where he is now. Originally he said that he would enter Hundred Pagoda Sect with us. But then... then at Murong manor he had contradictions with you, so he did not dare to enter Hundred Pagoda Sect anymore. He gave his spot to big sister Kang!"

Ye Yaoxue lightly groaned and said : "That guy is truly a coward, he actually doesn't dare to enter Hundred Pagoda Sect!"

Yu Shutian placed her hand on Ye Yaoxue's jade like hand and said with smile : "Senior sister Ye, what do you want to talk about with A Yun? If I see him, I can inform him."

Ye Yaoxue said with helpless expression : "I want him to give me back my underwear! They are very precious to me! They are very important to me!"

Hong Mengshu said with smile : "Brother Yun is a very greedy person, if you want your underwear back, you will have to take out something that makes him interested,.. moreover, he is a person who haggles over every little thing. He also doesn't want you to marry him, it is just that you promised and reneged, therefore, he will make sure to point it out to you!"

Ye Yaoxue bit her lip and cursed in low voice : "This bastard, exactly what kind of background does he have? Is there no one who can restrain him? Beside him there are clearly.. clearly some outstanding women, why is he bothering with me?"

Yu Shutian covered her mouth as she laughed and said : "Senior sister Ye, you are misunderstanding, me and Mengshu are just his friends! Big sister Kang and Yanyan also doesn't have that kind of relationship with him... we are just his good friends!"

Hong Mengshu said : "I know A Yun rather well, I have known him for many years. I also know his real wife. His wife's younger sister is my good sister! There are indeed many outstanding women around him, they are women who are much more outstanding than you!"

Ye Yaoxue doesn't believe it, she curled her lips and said : "More outstanding than me? How much more outstanding?"

Hong Mengshu thought about it and said : "His wife is very outstanding, she is very very dreadful!"

"Junior sisters, please help me, help me get back my underwear! I will be very grateful to you!" Ye Yaoxue help Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian's hands and spoke like a spoiled child.

Ye Yaoxue is sometimes haughty and arrogant. Sometimes polite and courteous. And now to get back her things, she is acting tender and delicate. Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian glacned at each other helplessly.

"Alright, if we can contact him, we will ask him. Let's see how he plans to carry the transaction with you." Hong Mengshu said with smile : "Senior sister Ye, you better prepare to bleed a great amount of blood!"

"Senior sister Ye, you should never have made that kind of promise! You lost and then did not fulfill your promise, that created a very big situation!" Yu Shutian faintly sighed : "That guy A Yun is not someone to be trifled with!"

Ye Yaoxue has a very miserable look as she mumbled : "I did not expect to lose... who knew that bastard would have such method? Junir sisters, you must help me!"

"We can only give it a try!" Yu Shutian sighed and said.

"Don't be concerned with whether you will succeed or not, you will both have me as your cover, I promise that no one will bully you in the future!" Ye Yaoxue sweetly smiled : "Can you tell me about that bastard's specific circumstances.. for example what kind of martial spirit does he have or what kind of martial skills has he mastered?"

"I am not too clear... I only know that he has a flame martial spirit.. I don't know other specifics!" Hong Mengshu shook her head.

"This bastard, could it be that he has many martial spirits? How many Dao Core has he cultivated at the same time?" Ye Yaoxue thought for a while and said : "In end, how did that bastard remove my underwear? Do you people know about this ability?"

Naturally, Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian doesn't know about Qin Yun's Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability. They shook their head. Yu Shutian knows that Qin Yun possesses Star Lord Inscription Spirit and the sect master of Inscription Gate. She is also a member of Inscription Gate, so she will never sell out Qin Yun.

"That immoral Great Master, I really want to take good look at him!" the more Ye Yaoxue thought, the more angry she became.

Ye Yaoxue's subordinate A Liang arrived outside the Star Traveling Pagoda's worn out gate with the refined invitation card.

Although the gate has no door, he did not go in, he yelled from outside : "I am A Liang from 1st pagoda, madam Ye's subordinate. I came here to deliver invitation card!"

Qin Yun is not at the Star Traveling Pagoda, he is in that mysterious little star, healing inside the Star Origin Great Formation. Lan Chen's fingers have already been reattached. He has Star totem, his absorption of Star power using the Star Origin Great Formation is very quick, has been healed very quickly. Qin Yun's healing speed is also very fast inside the Star Origin Great Formation. The injuries on his flesh and bones have already healed.

An old man arrived at Star Picking Pavilion's 1st floor and said : "Xiao Yun, someone from Ye Yaoxue's group has come to look for you, he wants to deliver an invitation card to you, to go attend a banquet!"

Qin Yun thought carefully and realized that Ye Yaoxue is suspecting him. He said : "Senior brother, tell him to take the invitation card back. Tell him that I am healing and can not meet anyone!"

"Alright!" the old man said with laugh : "Xiao Yun, you refused Ye Yaoxue's invitation, she will get very angry!"

The senior brother arrived at the Star Traveling Pagoda's gate and said to A Liang : "Junior brother said that he is healing and can not meet anyone. He said to take the invitation card back."

A Liang frowned and said : "Alright."

Everyone knows that Qin Yun sustained severe injury today on the battle stage. After all he took 10 attacks from a peak Martial Emperor, the fact that he is still alive means that his life is very hard. A Liang left immediately.

At this moment Ye Yaoxue is entertaining Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian in the balcony.

A Liang brought back the invitation card and said : "Madam Ye, Qin Xiao Yun is in the middle of healing, he said he can not meet anyone. He asked me to bring back the invitation card. Madam Ye, sending him an invitation now is indeed a bit inappropriate, after all his injuries should be very serious!"

Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian's heart trembled hearing this but they kept calm and collected. They did not show any odd expression.

"Don't believe his lies!" Ye Yaoxue coldly groaned and said : "I clearly understand how strong Precious Dragon Pagoda's Xie Penghong is. Qin Xiao Yun ate ten of Xie Penghong's moves, not only he did not collapse, he even flew back to Star Traveling Pagoda on his own! His injuries should not be that heavy! Then again, if his injuries are that serious, he should be closed to death while healing. He would not have the strength to pass on words. He deliberately declined the invitation card!"

"Madam Ye's analysis is indeed correct, I was the one who overlooked things." A Liang lowered his head as he spoke.

"It is not your fault! I will go personally! Xiao Tian, Mengshu, will you come with me?" Ye Yaoxue said : "That Qin Xiao Yun said many unpleasant things about me on the battle stage today. I generously invited him but he refused, he did not give me any face!"

Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian nodded in agreement.

Since a super genius disciple appeared in Star Traveling Pagoda, people who are in charge of gathering information are strolling outside the Star Traveling Pagoda. If not for this, nobody would come to Star Traveling Pagoda. Star Traveling Pagoda's outer appearance is so shabby that it causes people to feel that it is an abandoned building. Everyone who has come to collect information can not help but frown. Although it is night, because of bright moonlight and starlight, everyone can see the damages on the Star Traveling Pagoda. Ye Yaoxue, Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian arrived outside the Star Traveling Pagoda.

"This pagoda is indeed very awesome. Back then our 1st pagoda's seniors joined hands to attack it but it still managed to stand tall!" it seems like this is the 1st time Ye Yaoxue came to the Star Traveling Pagoda. She said with somewhat sorrowful sigh : "Star Traveling Pagoda is indeed worthy of former 1st pagoda!"

Ye Yaoxue's appearance extremely shocked all those people who are gathering information in the vicinity. They immediately used all kind of sound transmission magic tools to report this big news everywhere. It has not been long before many people started arriving in the vicinity. Everyone knows that Qin Yun made remarks about Ye Yaoxue at the Hundred Refining Plaza today. It gave rise to anger of many people who fancies Ye Yaoxue. And now unexpectedly, Ye Yaoxue herself has arrived at Star Traveling Pagoda.


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