Nine Sun God King
Chapter 962
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 962

The large axe fell down, releasing a burst of draft that gave rise to a gale that sounds like the scream of a furious dragon.


The large axe hacked down on the white round shield, producing a ferocious air wave that gave rise to a burst of golden-red rays of light.

Ye Yaoxue thought that her hand would be injured due to the powerful jolt but now not only she has not been injured, she has not even felt a slight bit of jolt. Instead it is Long Fangyu who received backlash. After his axe hit the shield, the axe let out buzzing sound from the jolt and shot backwards causing Long Fangyu to take 10 steps back. Long Fangyu's expression slightly changed. Jin He's eyes revealed shock as he looked at the round shield. Long Fangyu, who seemed to have the greatest advantage, did not gain any result.

Ye Yaoxue exclaimed in admiration secretly and her confidence became very high. She looked at the lion head with incredulous expression. What caused her to be most amazed is that when she released power, the shield very easily absorbed it, giving her the feeling that it is directly linked to her blood vessels, as if she capable of directly transporting the energy inside the shield.

"Again!" Long Fangyu loudly shouted. He rushed forward again and used even stronger power to hack down.


Rays of light flashed with explosion, sound of it vibrated everywhere and gale screamed. The large axe in Long Fangyu's hand has been jolted and flew backwards. His hand unexpectedly split open and started bleeding. Many people let out a burst of scream. Long Fangyu suffered damage from the shield after just two attacks. Jin He's expression became extremely unsightly because from the beginning he kept saying that Qin Yun's shield would not be able to remain intact after three attacks.

"Great Master Jin.. what is going on?" Long Fangyu looked at his bleeding hand and asked in doubt.

"I.. I don't know!" Jin He said with frown : "It is possible that the shield has been carved with some type of power rebounding rune! That wretched guy is truly sinister!"

Qin Yun indeed carved Star and Moon rune that can rebound power. Not only the shield can rebound Long Fangyu's power, it can also absorb Ye Yaoxue's power and release Heavenly Lion power. Ye Yaoxue is extremely happy in her heart, she did not expect that not only she would be able to successfully defend, she would even be able to injure Long Fangyu.

"Long Fangyu, you still have 8 more attacks! Come, quickly finish!" Ye Yaoxue spoke with proud smile.

Long Fangyu held the large axe with the other hand, took a deep breath, condensed his power, then vigorously hacked down on the shield.


This time is same as before, the axe has been jolted and flew backwards. But it is a bit better this time, Long Fangyu's hand did not start bleeding but it is trembling, clearly it has been jolted inside out.

"Still has 7 more attacks!" Ye Yaoxue said with charming smile : "Maybe this time you can hack apart my shield!"

Someone who is defending is looking forward to being attacked very happily, this is the first time the spectators have seen such scene. Long Fangyu's expression is unsightly, he picked up the axe with trembling hand. In his heart, he kept cursing the bullshit Great Master Jin He who made such fraudulent item for him to use. Jin He's expression is as ugly as Long Fangyu because now his ability is now being put into question. At this time he really wants to find a hole to hide so that he doesn't lose any more face. The disparity between his axe and Qin Yun's shield is too great, this makes him feel ashamed and not willing to show his face.

Long Fangyu is now hesitating whether or not to continue attacking. Every time he attacked, his hand suffered pain, this caused him not to use too much power last time, otherwise the one suffering would be him.

"Are you scared?" Ye Yaoxue said with a ridiculing smile : "Hurry up!"

"This time is your win!" Long Fangyu yelled with wooden expression : "Let's begin the next round!"

Jin He also nodded : "You won this round but there are still rune finesse, puppet crafting and formation crafting competition. If you lose only once, that will be your complete loss!"

Everyone can see that Jin He is no longer as confident as before. Now he is thinking of winning just one round.

Ye Yaoxue patted the shield, looked at Qin Yun and said : "Lion head, this shield is very useful, sell it to me!"

"1 billion purple crystal coins!" Qin Yun said.

"You.. big mouthed lion! I don't want it! Take it!" Ye Yaoxue returned the shield to Qin Yun.

"Idiot! If I take it out to auction, it is highly likely to sell for 2 billion!" Qin Yun took the shield and said with proud smile.

"Really? Then I will buy it!" Ye Yaoxue immediately said.

"Now it is 1.5 billion!" Qin Yun replied.

"You bastard!" Ye Yaoxue loudly cursed : "Don't you dare ask sky high price! I sincerely want to buy it!"

"It's 1.5 billion whether you like it or not! Anyway, it can sell for 2 billion!" Qin Yun curled his lips and said. He currently doesn't lack purple crystal coins, so he is not in a hurry to sell.

"Who wants it!" Ye Yaoxue groaned. Just now he finally got into a good mood and now she has bellyful of anger again.

Many people are scared hearing this exchange of words. A shield crafted within 2 hours can be sold for 2 billion! That is a great amount of asset! This caused many people to want to go study runes. But who doesn't know that it is very heard, even extremely talent people fail to learn anything.

Jin He said : "Next is the rune finesse competition! We will both carve a low grade flame Dao rune, then appraise it's finesse. Whoever has the higher finesse will win!"

"Low grade flame Dao rune? No problem. What are we carving on?" Qin Yun said.

"Of course it is beast skin!" Jin He chuckled and took out a beast skin : "One hour to carve low grade flame Dao rune on beast skin!"

Carving runes on beast skin is the simplest and easiest. Qin Yun doesn't feel any pressure in this. Moreover, he will be carving flame attribute Dao rune, this is the easiest job for him. Ye Yaoxue is now very relieved with the immoral Venerable Master before her eyes, she also has not said anything. Qin Yun took out a beast skin, then he and Jin He checked each other's beast skin. After no problem found, they asked Long Fangyu to announce the start of the competition. Long Fangyu feels that Jin He can definitely win this round. Qin Yun and Jin He began earnestly carving runes.

(TL NOTE : I am changing Qin Yun's title to Venerable Master now since I have no choice. Until now I believed that using 宗师 and 大师 as interchangeable title is ok but now it is different. 宗师 is now Venerable Master and higher than 大师, Great Master. Just to let you know, both of these can be accurately translated as Great Master.)

Wang Wen said in low voice : "Senior sister Ye, generally speaking, the more older the Inscription Master is, the higher control of finesse one has! Jin He, whose level is that of a Great Master, certainly will not have low finesse. That.. that junior brother Qin is very young, moreover he is merely late stage Martial King, no matter how formidable he is, he can at best draw with Jin He!"

After hearing this Ye Yaoxue looked at Long Fangyu and asked : "What happens if both of them have equal finesse?"

Long Fangyu said with smile : "Old rules! If it is a draw, it will be considered your loss! This is also the rule you set for us before!"

Ye Yaoxue clenched her teeth and groaned.

Wang Wen said : "Senior sister Ye, situation is not too optimistic! With Jin He's level, he will surely reach 10th grade of finesse, that is the level of contentment!"

An old man said : "Jin He proposed to carve a very simple low grade flame Dao rune on beast skin and even set the time to one hour! Clearly he wants take his time to reach the peak of his finesse!"

Ye Yaoxue suddenly became very worried because the situation is not at all optimistic for Qin Yun.

"What about 11th grade?" Ye Yaoxue asked.

"That.. there are not 11th grade because 11th grade finesse is called Venerable Master level! Level of contentment or 10th grade is Great Master level!" Wang Wen said : "Long Fangyu is addressing Jin He as Great Master, that means he has reached 10th level of finesse!"

Ye Yaoxue recalled Qin Yun's title of Venerable Master and asked : "Then.. do our Hundred Pagoda Region have a real Venerable Master?"

Wang Wen shook his head and said : "There aren't any! If there were one, the Inscription Palace Hall would have certainly announced it... that Venerable Master from before who offended you just have undeserved reputation! He never received Inscription Palace Hall's recognition!"

An old man said : "Indeed, it is just what people called him, he doesn't dare say that he is a Venerable Master. Otherwise, he would already be authenticated by Inscription Palace Hall. Passing the authentication test means having high position, who would not want that?"

Long Fangyu's expression is filled with smile as he said : "Ye Yaoxue, accept fate! Great Master Jin is an authentic Great Master, his finesse is at 10th level. No matter how awesome this lion head is, he can at most be 10th level!"

Ye Yaoxue groaned and did not reply to Long Fangyu. One hour passed by very quickly, it is also evening now. Qin Yun is the first one to finish. Many people found this to be somewhat unexpected. Because Jin He is still earnestly carving.

Ye Yaoxue hastily walked over and asked : "Lion Head, what is the highest number of finesse you have reached until now?"

Qin Yun said : "I don't know! I never paid attention to it, test it out and you will know!"

Wang Wen walked over, took out a mirror and reflected Qin Yun's beast skin on it. Then many threads appeared on the mirror. He carefully counted the threads, suddenly his body trembled, then he counted again. His hands can not help but tremble. There are actually 11 threads. That is the finesse level of Venerable Master! Long Fangyu you walked over, took out a testing tool which is also a mirror. After he also tested, he became startled, he finds this hard to believe as he stared at Qin Yun. Ye Yaoxue took Wang Wen's mirror and kept counting again and again several times, each time it is 11.

Jin He said with beaming face : "Finished! You... what is wrong with you all?"

He saw Long Fangyu and other Inscription Masters' startled expression and can not help but walk over doubtfully.

Qin Yun said : "My finesse is 11th level, what is yours?"

"11th level? How is that possible?" Jin He became sweating, he doesn't believe it.

But looking at Long Fangyu and these Inscription Masters' expression, he can not help but believe. He quickly took out a testing tool and began testing. Very soon he is done testing and he also found finesse level 11. He became so scared that his hands became soft, the testing tool in his hands dropped to the ground.

"This round is our victory!" Ye Yaoxue said with excited smile.

Each and every one of the Inscription Masters on the stage are scared speechless. They are looking at Qin Yun as if they are looking at a monster. There is only reverence in their expression.

Long Fangyu furiously pointed at Qin Yun and yelled : "This lion head, is he truly a late stage Martial King? You people, did you send a Half Immortal to compete with us to win? Why is he wearing a lion head from the beginning?"

Jin He reprimanded in low voice : "Long Fangyu, be respectful a bit, he is a Venerable Master!"

People in the plaza are somewhat startled seeing this, Jin He unexpectedly telling Long Fangyu to be respectful to Qin Yun. Even Ye Yaoxue found this to be unexpected, she really did not expect Jin He to suddenly become so polite.


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