Nine Sun God King
Chapter 969
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 969

1st pagoda announced that Ye Yaoxue is no longer the chief disciple. This caused all the disciples of Hundred Pagoda Sect to be very astonished. Then they discovered that Ye Yaoxue joined Star Traveling Pagoda, this caused a great sensation, even after a month, everyone is still talking about it. Even the Hundred Pagoda City has become a boiling pot with hot discussion about this matter.

1st pagoda's sect master and elders are very upset. They truly did not foresee Ye Yaoxue joining Star Traveling Pagoda. They never believed that Ye Yaoxue would leave, they thought she continue to stay as 1st pagoda is the strongest pagoda. Even if she doesn't want resources, she would still want the prestige of being a disciple of 1st pagoda. Who would have guessed that she would not care for it at all.

Therefore, many people now believe that maybe Ye Yaoxue feels guilty in her heart and joined Star Traveling Pagoda to compensate their losses. Because she can not escape the responsibility of 1st pagoda swindling Star Traveling Pagoda. The truth is also this, Ye Yaoxue wants to make up for her own mistake and decided to join Star Traveling Pagoda. Although she can not bring in any resources by joining Star Traveling Pagoda, she has made her position clear. She has also completely showed her resentment towards the elders of the 1st pagoda. Yang Chongtian and others not only went back on their promise to provide resources to Star Traveling Pagoda, they also put the blame on Ye Yaoxue claiming that she committed fraud. This caused Ye Yaoxue to be very angry.

As soon as Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue arrived, many young male disciples from 1st pagoda came out one after another. After Ye Yaoxue left, they thought that they would never see her again.

"Senior sister Ye!"

"Junior sister Ye!"

"Why did you go to Star Traveling Pagoda?"

"Even though Star Traveling Pagoda has a pretty good Inscription Master, what benefit does it have to you?"

"Exactly. What is so good about that broken pagoda? Not only you can not get any resources, you will still have to find resources for them!"

"Quickly come back, sect master will surely welcome you!"

Ye Yaoxue coldly said : "All of you speak a little less, I am not coming back! Not unless sect master keeps his promise and provides resources to Star Traveling Pagoda! Back then he clearly promised but not only he reneged but also made me the culprit! This kind of sect master is just bullshit!"

All the 1st pagoda disciples' expression is ugly. Even though their pagoda master is being insulted, they don't dare say anything because the one who is insulting is Ye Yaoxue. Disciples of other pagodas are just watching the show. Now everyone knows that Ye Yaoxue joined Star Traveling Pagoda to make it clear that she wasn't the one who cheated.

"Junior sister, don't be unruly! Although sect master's way of doing things is somewhat inappropriate but you and I both know that this is all for the betterment of 1st pagoda! Our 1st pagoda has so many disciples, if suddenly half of the resources are gone, we will have severe problem!" a handsome youth, who is wearing magnificent cyan colored clothes, said.

A three headed snake is wrapped around that handsome youth's arm. Three heads of this snake are of different color and shape, one is triangle shaped, one is round shaped and the last one is flat. The snake looks very scary. After this youth appeared, rest of the disciples of 1st pagoda yelled one after another : "Greetings senior brother Zhang!"

"Zhang Yunping, you and I both know that 70% of the resources of 1st pagoda are embezzled by elders for their family members! Common disciples of 1st pagoda barely get any resources! Back then I thought that if I renounce my resources, common disciples would get something but instead, all of them were embezzled by you lot!" Ye Yaoxue has now shed all pretense of cordiality. She completely exposed the shady business inside 1st pagoda.

Ye Yaoxue's voice echoed through the plaza outside the 1st pagoda's gate. There are many 1st pagoda disciples here and all of them heard what she said. Most of the people inside Hundred Pagoda Sect understands the inner dealings of 1st pagoda more or less but what they did not expect is that higher ups of 1st pagoda actually embezzled 70% of the resources.

"Junior sister, don't forget who raised you!" Zhang Yunping coldly said.

"I lef Hundred Pagoda Sect to victory against Dragon Sect two times in a row! Moreover, it is because I was the chief disciple that 1st pagoda managed to keep their position! So whatever I owe you, have all been repaid in full and then some!" Ye Yaoxue said in cold voice.

Zhang Yunping is the grandson of 1st pagoda's great elder, he is late stage Martial King, not to mention his strength, even his position is very high! He had many beautiful women before but none of them can compare to Ye Yaoxue. Therefore, just like many 1st pagoda talents, he also wants to obtain Ye Yaoxue.

"You must be Qin Xiao Yun?" Zhang Yunping looked at Qin Yun and furiously said : "It must be you who pressured junior sister Ye and forced her to leave 1st pagoda!"

Qin Yun's face is cold, his tone contains a touch of anger : "How is this nonsense related to me? It is clearly the fault of your 1st pagoda sect master who reneged on his promise and forced Ye Yaoxue to have no choice but to settle the debt herself. This is all your fault!"

Zhang Yunping loudly shouted : "Shut up! Who doesn't know junior sister's character, how can she turn into this if you did not threaten her? This is your fault!"

"This is all your fault!"

"Bastard, you forced senior sister to leave 1st pagoda!"

"You used senior sister's guilty conscience to force her to settle debt and leave 1st pagoda!"

"We will not let you off!"

Qin Yun is so angry that he wanted to beat up these people. They are dumping all of their mistakes on Qin Yun.

Ye Yaoxue coldly shouted : "All of you, shut your mouths! This has nothing to do with him, I left on my own accord! Moreover, he contributed the most in our Hundred Pagoda Sect defeating Dragon Sect! He is also a very talented Inscription Master!"

Murong Yuwei lightly groaned and said : "A bunch of idiots, this person is a genuine Venerable Inscription Master!"

1st pagoda sect disciples recalled how Jin He was so respectful and deferential to Qin Yun and they became worried.

Zhang Yunping said with sneer : "So what if he is a Venerable Master? He is a guy who does everything for his own benefit! Our 1st pagoda never expected him to help us, so we don't need to show any respect to him!"

Hearing Zhang Yunping's shameless words, 1st pagoda disciples also became screaming.

"Do things for my own benefit? You bastards still have the gall to talk to me that way? Your 1st pagoda owe our Star Traveling Pagoda many resources!" fire of anger lit up in Qin Yun's heart as he shouted and cursed.

1st pagoda's disciples are as shameless as their pagoda master Yang Chongtian, it is as if they are all made out of same mold!

"Ignore them, let's go over there!" Ye Yaoxue held Qin Yun's arm and walked to the side of the plaza. She wants to wait here until the competition begins.

Ye Yaoxue has taken the initiative to hold hands with someone, this scene caused many 1st pagoda disciples to burn in jealousy. It must be known that Ye Yaoxue is sometimes amiable and approachable, sometimes very tender, sometimes very straightforward but when it comes to romance, she is like an iron wall, it is impossible to woo her. Even the talented peak Martial Emperors or even young Half Immortals of 1st pagoda haven't managed to get intimate with her. Zhang Yunping is very jealous looking at this scene, he wished he could beat up Qin Yun.

"Junior sister, don't play around because of bad temper, otherwise some bad person would take advantage of you!" Zhang Yunping gritter his teeth in anger. He cast an angry look at Qin Yun and said : "This bastard is not worthy of you!"

Ye Yaoxue is extremely happy in her heart looking at 1st pagoda disciples' reaction and said with charming smile : "Then are you worthy of me? Without his help, I would not be able to lead Hundred Pagoda Sect in beating back Dragon Sect. I appreciate him, what of it?"

She finished speaking and kissed Qin Yun's handsome face, then hugged Qin Yun's arm, her body leaning on Qin Yun's body very intimately. Qin Yun is cursing Ye Yaoxue in his heart, she is taking liberties with him in broad daylight! He wished he could send her flying with a kick! She is pulling a lot of hatred on him! Zhang Yunping stomped in anger, Ye Yaoxue is a goddess in his eyes, yet now she is being so intimate with a man right in front of so many people. Other male disciples of 1st pagoda also have expression filled with resentment.

"Junior sister.. you.. didn't you say you would only be together with a strong man? This guy only has high Inscription skill, his strength is weaker than yours!" Zhang Yunping's eyes turned red in anger.

Ye Yaoxue said with charming smile : "Do you all remember? Back in the Murong family manor, I lost to a Venerable Master? That was Qin Xiao Yun!"

Everyone burst into a cry of alarm hearing her words. Everyone knows how tremendous that Venerable Master in Murong family manor was, he is now unexpectedly became Hundred Pagoda Sect disciple.

"He.. how did he become a golden disciple? This is against the rule of Hundred Pagoda Sect!" Zhang Yunping loudly shouted, none of them actually suspected this before.

"Anyway, it is allowed by Granny Star! She said that people with exceptional talents can receive special treatment and become sect disciples by making an exception. This is a rule established by Hundred Pagoda Sect! Qin Xiao Yun is a Venerable Master, are you saying it is not enough to receive special treatment? Could it be that it is still not enough to receive special treatment and make an exception?" Ye Yaoxue very proudly smiled and said.

She can not beat up people as she wishes here, otherwise she would have already beaten up Zhang Yunping violently. Therefore, Ye Yaoxue can only use this kind of method to anger Zhang Yunping and 1st pagoda people. Zhang Yunping is indeed extremely angry. Ye Yaoxue's face is showing a very complacent smile seeing the scene.

Qin Yun did not want to expose his identity but now after being exposed by Ye Yaoxue, he feels very unhappy. He suddenly said : "Yaoxue, when will the competition begin? Will there by intense fighting? My waist hurts after playing all night long! I am afraid it will be very troublesome to fight later!"

Qin Yun's voice was not loud but also was not low, it was just enough for everyone in the vicinity to hear. Ye Yaoxue was very pleased with herself just moments ago but after hearing these words, her jade like face became a bit red as she glared at Qin Yun. Everyone in the vicinity heard Qin Yun's words, they felt a very unwell feeling in their hearts, it is as if the cabbages in their fields have been ravaged by pigs. It is especially true for those who admired Ye Yaoxue for a long time, they secretly sighed and feel like they should drink their sorrow away.

"Immoral Venerable Master!" Murong Yuwei cursed in low voice. She truly believes that Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue did the deed last night.

Zhang Yunping breathed in several mouthful of air, his terrible mood also improved a bit.

"Qin Xiao Yun, I won't let you off so easily!" Zhang Yunping said in cold voice.

At this time, a few old men arrived, they are in charge of handling this competition. It seems like the competition is about to begin. Originally 1st pagoda disciples were very happy because the competition is biased towards them and they would be able to obtain the majority of the resources. But now because of Ye Yaoxue's situation, their mood has become very gloomy.


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