Nine Sun God King
Chapter 983
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 983

Seeing Yang Chongtian's this kind of excited appearance, Zhang Rong felt very unwell. He coldly said : "You are already 6th tribulation Half Immortal, what use do you have for Regent Origin Stones?"

"Of course it's useful! I can exchange Regent Origin Stones for other resources!" Yang Chongtian said with proud smile : "Martial Kings and Martial Emperors greatly lack Regent Origin Stones. So long as I have great amount of Regent Origin Stones, I can squeeze them for everything they have! This is the easiest way to get a lot of resources!"

"Your emperor killer team is dead, are you not at all unhappy?" Zhang Rong groaned.

"So long as I have enough Regent Origin Stones, I can cultivate even stronger emperor killer team!" Yang Chongtian said with smile as he stroked his beard.

Yang Chongtian suddenly feels very happy because not only Zhang Rong's precious grandson is dead, he also lost his Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet. Yang Chongtian was somewhat afraid of Zhang Rong before because of this goblet. But now, Zhang Rong has lost the goblet, it means he can be thoroughly suppressed. In other words, Yang Chongtian is now the strongest in the 1st pagoda. Zhang Rong also feels very unhappy because of this matter. If he doesn't leave 1st pagoda, he will surely be suppressed.

"I will now go order disciples to go kill Ghost Beast Emperors!" Yang Chongtian laughed loudly and left.

Zhang Rong gnashed his teeth as he looked at Yang Chongtian, he really wants to kill Yang Chongtian now.

News of great number of Ghost Beasts running out of Ghost Beast Remote Lake has been spread to all the cities in the vicinity of the Hundred Pagoda Sect. It is impossible to conceal this news. Therefore, after many people heard about this, they immediately left for Ghost Beast Remote Lake to hunt Ghost Beasts. Ghost Beasts have Essence Soul in their bodies, they can be sold for a lot of purple crystal coins. Experts of these cities joined up together to leave for Ghost Beast Remote Lake.

Originally, many Hundred Pagoda Sect disciples have been in the Ghost Beast region but now they are all hastily returning. The competition of 1st pagoda is also about to end. Many disciples managed to catch Ghost Beast Emperors in last 10 days. Xie Wufeng and Murong Tianzhe also captured 3 Ghost Beast Emperors, moreover, they are very strong. Many pagoda masters are present at the plaza in front of 1st pagoda. They all heard about the matter of Ghost Beast Remote Lake, so they all hastily rushed over to see if their disciples have safely returned or not or if they are seriously injured.

"I saw the pagoda master of Precious Dragon Pagoda on the road. I heard their 2 disciples have been killed!"

"Really? Those two were pretty strong Martial Emperors, they are actually dead, what a pity."

"He he, you all don't know, I heard that Zhang Yunping has also fallen. And the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet he had with him has been missing... that guy Zhang Rong must have completely forgotten to laugh now!"

"Is this news true?"

"Absolutely true, it comes from 1st pagoda!"

Many pagoda masters are incomparably shocked. In just a short while, everyone near 1st pagoda's gate knows about the death of Zhang Yunping and loss of Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet.

"Big brother, is the situation inside Ghost Beast Remote Lake same as the rumor?" Murong Yuwei is walking towards Murong Tianzhe. She is wearing red skintight clothes, her hair made into braids, it's her clothing for combat situation.

"Indeed, the situation there is very dangerous, it is best not to go without sufficient strength." Murong Tianzhe looked all around and said in low voice : "Are junior brother Qin and senior sister Ye still not back?"

Murong Yuwei somewhat anxiously said : "Did they encounter any problem?"

Xie Wufeng said with smile : "No need to worry about them. Others may die there but they won't!"

He is very clear about Qin Yun's skill and Ye Yaoxue's strength.

An elder from 1st pagoda came out and yelled : "Time's up, those who have not come back and those who could not capture a strong enough Ghost Beast Emperor, won't be able to get any reward. Now it is time to find out top 3."

Among the disciples who participated, about 10 have not returned. Many people saw Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue are not here, also Granny Star is not present, they are began carelessly guessing. They believe that Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue died inside.

"Many formidable Ghost Beast Emperors came out of Ghost Beast Remote Lake, even Zhang Yunping who had the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet died!"

"Qin Xiao Yun and Ye Yaoxue are very strong! Especially, Qin Xiao Yun, he is a Venerable Master, he certainly has many equipment, don't tell me that he is dead?"

"Granny Star is not here, they are probably dead!"

"Aiiii.. what a pity.. especially Ye Yaoxue, such a beauty is now dead!"

Many people are very certain that Qin Yun, Ye Yaoxue and Zhang Yunping have been killed by Ghost Beasts. Even Zhang Rong and Yang Chongtian thinks this way. Their formidable assassins have been killed there, which they believe is because of those formidable Ghost Beast Emperors.

The evaluation is done, Xie Wufeng and Murong Tianzhe's Ghost Beast Emperor has the largest horn, they won 1st place and obtained 6 high quality Regent Origin Stones.

"Junior brothers, will you sell your Ghost Beast Emperors? You have 3, how about selling them to me for 30 million?" an old man asked Xie Wufeng with smile.

"Not selling!" Xie Wufeng said.

"60 million?" the old man said again.

"Not selling!" Xie Wufeng suddenly feels strange.

Ghost Beast Emperors have no value and now great number of Ghost Beast Emperors have appeared, yet this old man is paying quite the price to but corpses, there must be something fishy going on. Xie Wufeng is not selling because he wants to give them to Qin Yun. He knows that Qin Yun needs beast horns and such to refine tools.

"100 million!" that old man gritted his teeth and said again.

"Not selling!" Xie Wufeng is now even more certain that something fishy is going on. Murong Tianzhe also thinks this away. He also disagreed to sell.

"300 million!" that old man said in low voice : "This is a very good price!"

"We are very tired, we are returning to rest!" Murong Tianzhe shot a glance at Xie Wufeng and said : "Let's go."

That old man cursed a few time in his heart, then began buying Ghost Beast Emperors from others at low price again. This is the mission Yang Chongtian gave him. Other pagoda masters can also see that 1st pagoda is trying to buy Ghost Beast Emperors. They all began thinking that there might be some profit in it. Thinking about it a little, Ghost Beast Emperors are now abundant and 1st pagoda is buying them, they all felt that something fishy is going on. So they told their disciples to not sell them, they want to be certain about what is going on. That old man became depressed, he did not manage to buy many Ghost Beast Emperors but has to return and report to Yang Chongtian.

"Idiot!" Yang Chongtian became very angry after knowing what happened and slapped the old man : "I told you to quietly buy the items and keep this matter confidential. And you just went ahead and started buying in front of so many people and even paid such high price! Other people must be suspecting now!"

Yang Chongtian is bursting with rage and said : "You better think of a good excuse for me, I can't let those people indulge in their fantasy!"

That old man also doesn't know why Yang Chongtian wants to buy Ghost Beast Emperors and also doesn't know that the matter was so important. So he was a bit reckless, he did not expect this would make Yang Chongtian so angry.

Xie Wufeng and Murong Tianzhe are filled with doubt as they are returning to Divine Sword Pagoda.

On the road, Murong Yuwei said in low voice : "Why did you not agree to sell the Ghost Beast Emperors? I heard that their horn is rather valuable. That was 300 million purple crystal coins, it is not a small amount of money!"

"Xiao Wei, this matter is strange! There are so many Ghost Beast Emperors available now, yet 1st pagoda is paying such high price to buy them, something fishy is definitely going on! Let's go to Murong Villa and ask grandpa!" Murong Tianzhe said : "Junior brother Xie, are you also coming?"

Xie Wufeng nodded and said : "Yes. It would be better if little brother Yun were here, he would definitely know what is going on!"

Several hours later, Murong Tianzhe and others arrived at a small courtyard inside the Murong Villa. City master Murong is wearing plain white clothes and playing chess with old Feitian. They are still seriously playing even after Murong Tianzhe and the others arrived. They are not at all bothered.

"Grandpa, senior Tian." Murong Tianzhe and the others courteously greeted.

"What's the situation in Ghost Beast Remote Lake?" city master Murong asked.

Murong Tianzhe and Xie Wufeng reported the situation about the lake. Then they reported how 1st pagoda is buying Ghost Beast Emperors with urgency. Hearing this, city master Murong and old Feitian stopped playing chess and looked at each other doubtfully.

"There is a very hard stone inside Ghost Beast Emperor's head. I never managed to open it." old Feitian said.

"I opened it once but I used too much power and the stone exploded, it was a very strong and intense explosion!" city master Murong stood up, walked back and forth with his hands clasped behind his back and said : "Yang Chongtian must know that there is something inside that rock and it may also be something very valuable!"

"For many years, 1st pagoda frequently sent disciples to hunt Ghost Beast Emperors, there must be some secret behind this!" old Feitian's eyes shone as he said with smile : "Now we should also begin buying Ghost Beast Emperor's brain rock. No need to care about what's inside, we can't let Yang Chongtian monopolize them!"

"Alright!" city master Murong laughed : "I will immediately tell people to start operation!"

"I will also go and arrange this!" old Feitian said with smile.

Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue are now running around Ghost Beast Remote Lake. They don't want to go back because there are so many Ghost Beast Emperors, which means so many Regent Origin Stones to harvest. When fighting high quality Ghost Beast Emperors, Qin Yun can capture them with difficulty by using Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet. But this method doesn't work for best quality Ghost Beast Emperors. Luckily, Ye Yaoxue is very strong and can severely injure the Ghost Beast Emperors, then Qin Yun can capture them.

"Next, we will deal with King quality Ghost Beast Emperors! They might be rather difficult to handle, if we can not defeat them, we will run depending on the situation." Ye Yaoxue said.

"Alright." Qin Yun nodded. They now want to be certain whether or not Devil Chasing Plate is accurate and also how high the strength of Ghost Beast Emperors is.

Knowledgeable people have already teamed up and entered the mountain range. Ghost Beasts have also spread unceasingly into mountain range and the area beyond. Ghost Beast Remote Lake still looks like a fountain, unceasingly spraying out large and small Ghost Beasts.


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