Nine Sun God King
Chapter 995
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 995

Qin Yun secretly rejoiced that he managed to stay behind, otherwise he would not have found these clues. Majority of the pagoda masters here have very happy expression. Because having the backing of one of the Nine Suns Sect is a very happy matter for them.

"As expected of sect master, he even managed to get support from Nine Suns Sect! Because of backing the from Nine Suns Sect, Dragon Sect could struggle at death's door for so long and managed to live until now!"

"Sect master, you have such skill, please don't feel any qualms about the position of Hundred Pagoda Sect's sect master!"

"Quickly take us to meet the people of Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain."

"I think back in the days Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain had connection with our Hundred Pagoda Sect. They will certainly take care of us!"

"Sect master, how strong are the people of Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain?"

Being praised by so many people, Yang Chongtian has a proud smile on his face as he said : "Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people are very strong. Although they are 6th tribulation Half Immortals, they are at least twice as strong as us!"

These words caused many old men to cry out in alarm. Many Half Immortals find it hard to believe that their strength difference with those people are so immense.

Yang Chongtian took out a sound transmission magic tool and said with smile : "I will immediately ask the friends from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain to come and discuss the matter of Ghost Beast Overlord with everyone. After we have properly discussed remuneration, they will send message to Transcending Xuan Sea Region and ask others to come help us!"

After sending sound transmission, Yang Chongtian said again : "Everyone, Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's appetite is very big, they don't just want Regent Origin Stones but a lot of other things! We must satisfy them!"

Divine Sword Pagoda's pagoda master said in a very bad mood : "If they want our lives, we would also have to hand it over? Hmph.. your 1st pagoda possess so many resources, yet you have all turned into a bunch of chickens! Facing a powerful enemy, you are powerless to resist and begging outsiders for help! Then your 1st pagoda should be the ones paying the remuneration!"

Many pagoda masters are also thinking of showing their support to Divine Sword Pagoda's pagoda master with a loud voice but they stopped at thinking, otherwise they would just offend Yang Chongtian.

Yang Chongtian became very furious and said in loud voice : "I have already said a few times, the Ghost Beast Overlord has become stronger, our 1st pagoda has not become weaker! Amount of resource is irrelevant, our 1st pagoda is still as powerful as before!"

"Yang Chongtian, how about we compete? Your 1st pagoda have 5 times more resources than our Divine Sword Pagoda yet our pagoda master, pagoda beast and chief disciple have very little difference compared to yours! If we compare both of our pagoda's strength, we are not lacking a little bit!" Divine Sword Pagoda's pagoda master stood up and spoke loudly with an aura of pride.

"What situation is it now? You still want to compete? Wait until we defeat Ghost Beast Overlord, our 1st pagoda will take you on anytime!" Yang Chongtian shouted with severity : "Shen Bajian, stop this right now!"

Qin Yun secretly sneered, Yang Chongtian is clearly panicking.

Shen Bajian laughed loudly : "Yang Chongtian, you are scared! Admit that your 1st pagoda is weak! Anyway, I will make it clear now, my Divine Sword Pagoda would rather leave Hundred Pagoda Sect than hand over resources to Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain!"

Qin Yun said : "Our Star Traveling Pagoda also can not hand over anything, we have been poor and destitute for many years, now we have finally managed to rise up!"

Zhang Rong coldly said : "Qin Yun, who doesn't know that you are rich? Yet you are yelling here, who are you trying to make fool of?"

"Oh I am sorry that I am so rich, what does it have to do with you?" Qin Yun said : "My Star Traveling Pagoda finally has begun to get into shape, I had to spend a great amount of resources for it, I still owe old Feitian and city master Murong a large debt!"

Everyone knows that those extremely old and nearly dead disciples of Star Traveling Pagoda have now become very vigorous and lively. Clearly a great amount of resources have been used to nurture their vitality and soul. So nobody doubts his words.

Yang Chongtian said : "Even if your Star Traveling Pagoda rise up, you won't be able to achieve anything! I also never expected anything from you. Fine, your Star Traveling Pagoda won't have to participate!"

Qin Yun said : "Don't forget, it is because of my power that you can obtain resources from Dragon Sect for next ten years! Don't even think about our Star Traveling Pagoda's resources when you go to fight Ghost Beast Overlord! Also, you still owe us resources!"

Shen Bajian said : "Then it's settled! You guys discuss the remuneration, it is your matter now, I won't participate in this."

Many other pagoda masters also want to withdraw but they don't have such courage.

Yang Chongtian said : "Everyone need not panic, so long as we kill the Ghost Beast Overlord, all of those Ghost Beast Emperors will be ours, they are all Regent Origin Stones! Star Traveling Pagoda's pagoda master can easily take out those Regent Origin Stones, he will surely help us!"

"I can help but that won't be free of charge!" Qin Yun hastily said.

An old man hastily entered the hall at this moment and said in low voice : "Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people have arrived!"

Everyone stood up hearing these words. Yang Chongtian hastily walked towards the door, his face is filled with hypocritical smile. He looks like a lackey as he greeted those few people who just entered. Total 5 people came from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain, 2 old men, 2 middle aged men and a youth. The lobby immediately became very warm after these people entered. Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people surely cultivate something related to flames, they have merely let out a bit of their aura.

Qin Yun is also very amazed in his heart because the strength of these people from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain is indeed very dreadful. Those old men and middle aged men are all Half Immortals. The two old men are 6th tribulation Half Immortals. There are quite a few 6th tribulation Half Immortals here but compared to these two old men, they are very weak. Qin Yun has also seen many formidable 6th tribulation Half Immortals, for example, seven sword old ancestors of Jian family. But their aura is not as high as these two old men from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain.

Everyone also secretly exclaimed in admiration thinking that the reputation of Nine Suns Sect is very well deserved.

"You want to deal with Ghost Beast Overlord? 10 thousand high quality Regent Origin Stones! Also we want the complete set of rune for the Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman!" one of the old man said : "I heard that the person who makes those talisman is a disciple of your Hundred Pagoda Sect!"

Everyone simultaneously looked at Qin Yun. Yang Chongtian's expression also slightly changed, traces of pride can now be seen on his face because now he can extort Qin Yun to hand over the runes for Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman.

"Sect Master, you already said my Star Traveling Pagoda will not have to contribute!" Qin Yun said.

"This situation has changed, for the sake of Hundred Pagoda Sect, you will have to sacrifice a bit!" Yang Chongtian furiously rebuked : "Quickly hand over the runes!"

"Then I will withdraw from Hundred Pagoda Sect!" Qin Yun looked at the people from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain and said in cold voice.

"Are you the person who made the Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman?" an old man from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain looked at Qin Yun and asked.

"Yes. And if you want my runes, forget about it!" Qin Yun sternly said.

That old man loudly laughed and said : "I will like to see how you can hold on to your runes!"

After he finished speaking, he suddenly moved in a flash. He actually decided to attack Qin Yun. Many pagoda masters are immediately startled. The old man arrived near Qin Yun and sent a palm attack towards Qin Yun's face but suddenly a cold light beam was shot towards him. That old man has no choice but to use his palm to block the incoming light beam. The light beam collided with his palm and created an explosion.


This light beam is a sword that contains a very formidable and dreadful sword intent. This is Shen Bajian's Origin Sword. Granny Star hastily pulled Qin Yun back.

Shen Bajian is now standing in front of Qin Yun as he said in cold voice : "Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people are actually so contemptible! An old expert of 6th tribulation Half Immortal cultivation actually attacked a child!"

Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's that old man's palm is actually bleeding now.

"Shen Bajian you..." Yang Chongtian is extremely afraid now because Shen Bajian can actually counter the Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people with his own strength.

"This little demon is our Hundred Pagoda Sect's one of the 100 pagoda masters! Did you forget that Hundred Pagoda Sect must unite against outsiders? You are actually just standing there and watching a pagoda master being attacked!" Shen Bajian's eyes are like ice-cold edge of swords, they are filled with dense killing intent as he looked at other pagoda masters : "Did you forget that the reason we managed beat back Dragon Sect and obtain 10 years of resources is the contribution of this kid?"

Another old man from Divine Sword Pagoda walked over, his name is Shen Jiujian, he is the twin younger brother of Shen Bajian. They look exactly the same, naturally their strength is also equally formidable. According to rumor, if they join hands, even several 6th tribulation Half Immortals are not their match.

"This Shen Bajian's sword intent is very strong, much stronger than seven sword old ancestors!" Qin Yun said in amazement.

"Naturally! Take a look, in order to condense this kind of sword intent, they are completely fearless, they even dare provoke Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain! Their sword cultivation is such that in order to cultivate this kind of sword intent, they must be absolutely fearless!" Ling Yuner said.

Shen Bajian's sword intent has become even more dense and powerful, causing the entire Ancient Star Pagoda to tremble. Dreadful battle intent and killing intent filled the area. Yang Chongtian is fawning over Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain because they are very strong. And Shen Bajian wants to defeat this kind of powerful experts who come from these ancient and legendary sects. This situation caused the flame of war ignite in his heart, making him completely fearless.

"Xiao Yun, learn from them a bit! This is a kind of Dao, they have dedicated themselves to Sword Dao! In the future when they touch the boundary of Dao Law, they will be able to easily master them! This kind of formidable sword cultivation is not without justification!" Ling Yuner said.

Those 4 Half Immortals from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain can sense the two brother's dreadful battle intent and sword intent and became scared in their hearts.

"Hundred Pagoda Sect, do you want to deal with the Ghost Beast Overlord yourselves?" an old man of Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain said in cold voice.

Shen Bajian looked at Yang Chongtian and said : "Yang Chongtian, I will give you two choices! 1st choice, give 10 thousand Regent Origin Stones to our Divine Sword Pagoda and we will deal with the Ghost Beast Overlord! 2nd choice, scram out of the position of 1st pagoda! Our Divine Sword Pagoda will take up the position, unite all the pagoda and deal with Ghost Beast Overlord!"

Yang Chongtian gnashed his teeth in anger as he cast an angry look at Qin Yun and Shen Bajian. If this situation continues, they might truly have to abdicate the position of 1st pagoda.

Those Half Immortals of the Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain can see how strong Shen Bajian is. They decided not to stubbornly fight, after all, they know how dreadful this kind of sword cultivators are.

"Yang Chongtian, make your decision!" Shen Bajian said.

(TL NOTE : Bajian and Jiujian respectively means 8th sword and 9th sword. Their elders had great naming sense! Hahaha.)


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