Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1002
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1002

Ye Yaoxue did not anticipate her opponent blocking her attack. She was startled for a moment, then her palms overflowed with even stronger red light rays, making her look like she possesses two huge wings transformed from red light rays. She vigorously flapped the two red light ray wings, shooting out a burst of red lightning that struck on Lei Lang's thunder and lightning wall.

Seeing this, a sneer appeared on the corner of Lei Lang's mouth. His thunder and lightning wall produces a very sharp hissing sound and shot out a series of black lightning to repel Ye Yaoxue's red lightning. Red and black lightning collided, producing waves of explosions and flashes. The battle stage have been enveloped by black air and red light in a few moments, Ye Yaoxue and Lei Lang can not be seen clearly due to this. Only loud sounds can be heard coming through.

"Azure Thunder, Brilliant Sun! This is a King tier best quality martial art and Lei Lang has mastered it to perfection!" an old man among Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain smiled and nodded. His expression is filled with love when looking at the battle stage.

"Old Shao, Lei Lang has mastered at least two King tier martial arts, right?"

"Lei Lang is a natural martial arts talent. This year he is 3000 years old, if he only mastered two King tier martial arts, wouldn't he have lived 3000 years in vain?" that old man named Shao's face is filled with proud smile as he said : "He has mastered 4 King tier martial arts, moreover, he has mastered them to perfection stage!"

Hundred Pagoda Sect's people are extremely amazed after hearing this. Some even let out a low cry of alarm. There haven't been many King tier martial arts to begin with and mastering 4 of this to perfection stage, how dreadful that is!

"Beast King's Claw!"

A huge wolf claw suddenly appeared on the battle stage, it contains totem runes, as well as strong beast power, causing people to be afraid.


Lei Lang suddenly clawed at Ye Yaoxue. The gigantic claw swept over, containing savage beast power. Ye Yaoxue suddenly jumped up, avoiding the wold claw.

"Running?" Lei Lang grabbed towards the sky, his large wolf hand struck out with countless black lightning and covered half of the stage.

Ye Yaoxue has nowhere to hid on her side, unless she decides to go over to Lei Lang's side. But if she does go over, Lei Lang will attack fiercely.

"Beast King's Claw is also a King tier martial arts.. ha ha ha.." old Shao said with clear smile : "Lei Lang has mastered it pretty well, as expected of my disciple!"

"Truly a savage!" Ye Yaoxue's delicate body flashed with red light rays. Two huge flaming red wings appeared on her back.

Those wings enveloped Ye Yaoxue's body like a tough shell.

Boom boom boom...

The huge wolf claw, along with fierce and violent thunder, landed on Ye Yaoxue, causing energy collision that produced a serious of explosions. Ye Yaoxue, who is wrapped around in the flaming red wings, has been smashed to the ground by the attack, causing the entire stage to shake violently. Qin Yun's brows are tightly wrinkled because the flame wings Ye Yaoxue released just now looks very familiar to him. It is the flame wings of the Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow! When Ye Yaoxue cultivated with Hong Mengshu and others before, she bestowed Heavenly Rune upon them. At the same time, he obtained their totems.

"She is quite unripe in using totem. When she masters totem martial arts later, she will be very dreadful. For now, Lei Lang's strength is higher than her, let's see how she responds." Ling Yuner said.

Ye Yaoxue hastily rolled on the ground and stood up. She spread her arms and a red light ball shot out from her chest. A blood red violent dragon rushed out of that light ball with roar. Hearing the dragon roar, many people are startled. Especially the people of Hundred Pagoda Sect, they have known Ye Yaoxue for a very long time but they have never seen her use this kind of martial arts before. Seeing that the powerful and violent dragon has been condensed from many runes, many Inscription Masters present on the scene cried out.

"This is Dragon Totem!"

"How can she use the power of Dragon Totem so easily? Could it be that she has a Dragon Totem martial spirit?"

"So strong!"

While Lei Lang is amazed secretly, he said in deep voice : "So what if it's a dragon? Today I will slaughter a dragon!"

Lei Lang's eyes suddenly reddened, in the blink of an eye black hairs grew out of his body. He has turned into a black werewolf. He began emitting black air and black lightning from all over his body. His aura has also become extremely strong. His speed has become extremely fast after becoming werewolf. He ferociously jumped up and in a flash, appeared above the blood red dragon. Then ferociously stomped on the head of the dragon using black lightning.



Lei Lang tore the blood red dragon's head to shreds. The red dragon condensed by energy fell apart in an instant, then turned into mass of air stream and scattered all around the battle stage.

Hu hu hu..

Everyone let out cries of alarm seeing this scene.

Old Shao proudly smiled and said : "Tyrant Wolf Technique! It can let someone become a powerful werewolf and possesses powerful beast body! This is a King tier best quality martial arts but requires someone with wolf martial spirit to use it!"

Lei Lang's blood red wolf eyes are filled with ferocity. While looking at Ye Yaoxue, dense killing intent and ruthlessness flashed through his eyes. Ye Yaoxue felt cold in her heart, she feels that this is the most powerful Martial Emperor she has ever faced. Lei Lang appeared behind Ye Yaoxue in a flash. His wolf claws became even bigger as he clawed at Ye Yaoxue, bringing along ferocious and fiendish black lightning that covered the sky of the battle stage.

This dreadful aura caused Ye Yaoxue to be terrified, she shouted and her delicate body immediately turned and staking everything, turned into a huge red tornado. A red dragon and Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow is coiling around the huge tornado. Letting out dragon roar and bird's shriek, the tornado is pulling around everything from all around, it is as if it wants destroy everything as if they are all dried up and rotten things. Lei Lang's black lightning and huge wolf claw are both torn to shreds in the blink of an eye by that tornado. Seeing this scene, the group of old men from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain have grave expression. Qin Yun is earnestly looking, he can see the Heavenly Rune flickering within the tornado. Dragon Totem and Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow Totem have perfectly fused with the Heavenly Rune and releasing formidable power.

"Her Heavenly Rune is truly magical. Apparently, it can fuse with any runes and totems!" Qin Yun is pondering in his heart how to properly use this kind of Heavenly Rune.

When Ye Yaoxue cultivated with Qin Yun, Hong Mengshu and others last time, she benefited greatly. Her martial spirit had achieved some great breakthrough. But then some embarrassing things happened and she felt very shy, so she did not discuss this with Qin Yun. Now, she suddenly recalled that she can use this newfound power.

After Lei Lang has been rolled up in the tornado, his body suddenly trembled. Producing a stern roar, his body suddenly inflated.

"Divine Ability Power!" Shen Bajian said in deep voice.

"Hundred Thousand Thunder Clap!" Lei Lang's eyes flickered with red light. Black lightning threads are now coiling around his whole body. Waves of gale are blowing on the stage.

Boom boom boom...

Black lightning spread in a wide area, hiding the Heavens and covering the earth, it attacked Ye Yaoxue from all directions. All the spectators can feel this dreadful Divine Ability Power. They opened their eyes wide as they looked at the berserk energy rushing through the stage and they are fearful. Ye Yaoxue's red tornado has become red and black in the blink of an eye. Black thunder and lightning collided with Heavenly Rune's power and mutually destroyed each other. As for Lei Lang, he was unable to avoid the devastation of the tornado.

Shen Bajian's expression became grave as he said with frown : "This is not good. Both party are pitting their power against each other. However that Lei Lang's power is more refined and deep than Ye Yaoxue's. If this goes on, some accidents will occur!"

Ye Yaoxue is very young and has only just become late stage Martial Emperor. Not only is Lei Lang a peak Martial Emperor, he has already lived for 3000 years. The fact that Ye Yaoxue can hold on until now has made all the young disciples from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain admire her.


The red tornado finally collapsed and Ye Yaoxue was sent flying by the jolt and knocked against the barrier. A lot of energy from Lei Lang's attack still remained. Those black lightning attacked Ye Yaoxue from all directions like ferocious black vipers. Ye Yaoxue is injured all over her body, she did not have enough time to react and was hit by many black lightning. Within a burst of thunder claps, Ye Yaoxue's furious scream can also be heard.

"Senior sister! Quickly concede!" Qin Yun loudly roared.

Ye Yaoxue heard Qin Yun's shout, she clenched her teeth and shouted : "I concede!"

Lei Lang immediately stopped attacked and then took back all the remnant Divine Ability Power. This is how high his energy controlling ability is.

Ye Yaoxue is filled with cuts and bruises all over her body. She is completely unable to steadily walk down the stage. As soon as the barrier closed, Qin Yun, Shen Bajian and Granny Star quickly arrived to support her. Shen Bajian poured in his robust energy to stabilize her injuries. Qin Yun took out healing talisman and placed it on her body. Her injuries are so severe that she can't even open her eyes and soon she lost consciousness.

Lei Lang said with sneer : "This woman is indeed very powerful, no wonder she is so arrogant. If she were peak Martial Emperor, I would not be able to win so easily!"

Even though he is talking condescendingly, he is actually praising Ye Yaoxue. Although Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people are cheering, in their hearts, they are all very shocked with Ye Yaoxue's performance. She is just a late stage Martial Emperor yet she managed to put Lei Lang in some difficult situations. Lei Lang however, is a super genius who can even defeat 1st tribulation Half Immortals.

"Old Shao, it seems like Lei Lang has not sustained injuries for a long time!" Xu Lun said with frown : "This Ye Yaoxue is truly awesome.. she can grow up to this level in this kind of shitty sect like Hundred Pagoda Sect, her potential is clearly top notch! If she were born in our Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain, she would have become as strong as like Lei Lang."

"Lei Lang indeed has not suffered injuries for a long time!" old Shao nodded : "He was careless."

Shen Bajian looked at Fang Zhijin and said : "Fang Zhijin, you will fight next round, go up!"

So long as Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain wishes, Lei Lang can continue to fight. Fang Zhijin is Hundred Pagoda Sect's number one Martial Emperor. Now the whole Hundred Pagoda Sect is filled with great anticipation, they all want to see Fang Zhijin to go up and defeat Lei Lang.

Fang Rutian said : "We won't go up! Clearly, Lei Lang did not use his full power in the last battle. Even if Zhijin goes up, the result can be imagined! It is not that we are scared but we are being realistic! Zhijin is a peak Martial Emperor, if he suffers severe injuries, it will effect his Half Immortal tribulation, he will die!"

Fang Zhijin unexpectedly withdrew, this caused Hundred Pagoda Sect's disciples to feel greatly ashamed, their sect's number one Martial Emperor is actually afraid to fight. At this time, many pagoda masters expressed their opinion one after another, they don't want to send their peak Martial Emperor younger generation to go fight. If they lose, only Qin Yun would be losing runes, therefore they want to protect their younger generation and refused to fight.

"I will go!"Xie Wufeng suddenly said.

Qin Yun is his little brother, he won't let Qin Yun lose his runes.


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