Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1008
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1008

Xu Xiaoba and everyone else are the same, they all underestimated Qin Yun's strength. The power and speed Qin Yun just revealed is completely capable of contending against peak Martial Emperor. Especially his strange movement technique, noiselessly and restlessly, he can flicker around everywhere.

After the nine stone dragons have been exterminated, the Heavenly Lions also disappeared. Within the confusing air draft, Qin Yun rushed towards Xu Xiaoba and unleashed a palm attack. Dragon cry suddenly shook the sky, this is the Nine Extinction Palm from Nine Extinction Heart Sutra. He unleashed 17 palms, one palm superimposed on another and the the next. Finally 17 palms fused together and produced an incomparably formidable palm power.

Xu Xiaoba saw the palm coming down and felt that his body became heavy and it is very hard to move the energy within his body. The World Extermination power he just released has already been routed by this extremely powerful palm energy.


Qin Yun's Extinction Dragon Palm landed on Xu Xiaoba's body from above. Xu Xiaoba has been smashed to the ground. A large palm mark also appeared on the ground, energy wave surged up violently, producing burst of cries and roar. Xu Xiaoba's body is at the middle of the palm mark, inside a deep hole. Qin Yun condensed his power and used Piercing Mountain Splitting Earth Finger towards that deep hole. Moreover, he also used Heavenly Might Dao Technique to condense the power of Heavenly Might on his fingertip before shooting. After a startling Heaven shaking sound, Qin Yun shot out a black lightning. After the black lightning landed on that several meter wide deep hole, it immediately exploded and widened by several hundred meters. It transformed into a very deep and very large hole in an instant.

Qin Yun is floating in the sky, he can still sense Xu Xiaoba's aura. He became even more amazed, his expression turned grave as he gazed down below. Although the Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's old men are very fearful of Qin Yun's formidable strength, they are not at all worried about Xu Xiaoba. Because they are very clear about his strength, there is no way he would lose.

"You reckless, annoying thing.. you hurt me!" Xu Xiaoba's voice suddenly appeared.

Qin Yun also hastily unleashed Earthquake Divine Ability on that deep hole. Although the ground is fiercely shaking, white light suddenly burst forth from underneath the deep hole. Formidable energy filled with aura of destruction, surged upwards violently. Xu Xiaoba looks to be in a sorry state, his clothes are torn but he has no visible injuries. He is completely covered in white light. He passed through the Earthquake Divine Ability and arrived in front of Qin Yun in an instant. Then he waved his palm and space all around suddenly became distorted. A strange white light appeared as soon as space around Qin Yun distorted.

"This guy, what is he trying to do?" Qin Yun sensed the oppression coming from the distortion of space and felt extremely shocked.

If the space of the position he is in also becomes distorted, his body will be torn into pieces along with space and he will die. Many spectators are filled with fear and trepidation watching this scene unfold. They can clearly see that along with the distortion of space, Qin Yun's body is also being distorted.

"Xiao Yun, he is using formidable energy to destroy the stability of space, then using a strange method to control the fluctuation of space!" Ling Yuner shouted in urgency : "This little demon's World Extermination power is very dreadful, it can even effect space!"

Qin Yun hastily used Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability and smoothly passed through the distorted space. He arrived in front of Xu Xiaoba and again unleashed Extinction Dragon Palm. People of the Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain burst into cries of alarm. They find this situation very unexpected. They really did not expect Qin Yun to breakthrough the space distortion. Xu Xiaoba is also very startled, however he reacted very quickly. He waved his hand, he released World Extermination power to obstruct incoming attack.


Two people's palm met each other, World Extinction power and Extinction Dragon power collided, waves of violent and ferocious energy swept away, it is as if a meteorite has fallen on the sea and created waves. Qin Yun and Xu Xiaoba let out loud scream at the same time and then jolted back several hundred meters.

"World Extermination power is truly dreadful. I must get his World Extermination Spirit!"

Qin Yun sensed how formidable and terrifying World Extermination power is just now. It caused him to be even more excited because he might be able to obtain World Extermination Spirit. At that time, he will be able master Nine Sun World Extermination Scripture even faster and unleash even stronger power!

Xu Xiaoba is extremely angry because he has never been pushed around like this during fight. He has also participated in martial arts competition before, they were all conducted among the Nine Sun Sects. At that time, majority of the people gave him a bit of a leeway and face and did not make things difficult for him. Most dangerous competition only included killing formidable Half Immortal beasts. He has never actually fought to this extent against other people.

"Hmph.. you call this ability? How funny that you were blowing your own horn just earlier, claiming to be very awesome!" Qin Yun laughed loudly and mockingly.

Xu Xiaoba is still very young, he doesn't possess Qin Yun's experience and wisdom. He becomes angry easily and burst into rage at the drop of a hat.

"I want to smash you!" Xu Xiaoba furiously shouted, then transformed into a white light beam and rushed towards Qin Yun.

After becoming enraged, Xu Xiaoba's speed increased several times. After rushing over, he punched towards Qin Yun. Qin Yun is already prepared, he used Body Protecting Dragon Handle to erect a protective barrier around him. Xu Xiaoba's fist landed on the protective barrier, causing a burst of whiz. Qin Yun's protective barrier has been smashed to pieces producing energy waves and sending him flying far away. Qin Yun stabilized himself while flying backwards and again used Body Protecting Dragon Handle. As expected, Xu Xiaoba rushed over again and this time, he used even stronger power to punch from even closer range. This time, Qin Yun reacted. He unleashed 17 Extinction Dragon Palms that collided with Xu Xiaoba's furious fist.


An explosion sounded. Qin Yun actually is not a match for Xu Xiaoba, he was sent flying. What caused everyone to be shocked is that Qin Yun's right hand's palm has disappeared and blood are spilling over from the severed wrist. His palm was disintegrated when it collided with Xu Xiaoba's fist.

Xiao Yuemei felt great heartache, she gritted her teeth and said : "You must defeat this little demon!"

Xie Wufeng said with frown : "Xu Xiaoba's power is truly dreadful to the extreme. It is impossible to directly take his attack!"

Shen Bajian nodded and said : "Pagoda master Qin must not have anticipated that Xu Xiaoba would suddenly increase his power output by several times."

Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people finally relaxed and let out a sigh of relief. Xu Xiaoba has finally managed to bleed his opponent.

Xu Xiaoba laughed loudly and said : "Trash, you see how weak your power is? And you still dared to fight against me, you are truly looking for your own disgrace!"

Although Qin Yun's palm is gone, his expression is still as calm as before.

"I was too careless. I thought using Extinction Dragon palm and Earthquake Divine Ability power together would be enough. I really did not expect his World Extermination power to directly extinguish my power!" Qin Yun's expression is deep and profound.

"His World Extermination power can not be judged with common sense. Xiao Yun, you can win! Believe in your own power!" Ling Yuner said.

Xu Xiaoba's World Extermination power can erupt suddenly without any indication or warning sign. Therefore, it can not perceived by just sensing energy aura. Qin Yun carefully memorized this point after suffering severely just now. Xu Xiaoba is very pleased with himself, he became even more haughty and again rushed towards Qin Yun while laughing loudly. Qin Yun is now feeling great pressure. When facing regular people, he always uses super-gravity to slow down their speed and then attacks quickly and violently. But this Xu Xiaoba is excessively formidable, especially when he suddenly erupts with power, he got rid of super-gravity very easily before.


Qin Yun could not dodge this time since Xu Xiaoba's speed is several times faster now. Qin Yun's lower abdomen has been pierced through by Xu Xiaoba's palm and a bloody hole appeared there. Xu Xiaoba originally thought that after his palm pierced into Qin Yun's body, he would release World Extermination power and make Qin Yun's body explode from inside. But for some unknown reason, as soon as he released World Extermination power within Qin Yun's body, he feels like that his power begins sinking into a bottomless pit! This is because Qin Yun's Nether Sun has begun crazily swallowing the World Extermination power that erupted within his body. Qin Yun took this opportunity and unleashed Suffering Divine Ability power.

"AHHHH!" Xu Xiaoba cried out in pain. At the same time, Qin Yun poked Xu Xiaoba's head with Piercing Mountain Splitting Earth Finger.


Xu Xiaoba was sent flying, causing the Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people to be startled and then shout anxiously.

"He's fine!" Xu Lun saw that Xu Xiaoba has steadied himself and let out a sigh of relief.

Xu Xiaoba's scream truly caused Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people to be shocked because they never saw him scream before. Hundred Pagoda Sect's people on the other hand are all very anxious because there is a bloody hole in Qin Yun's abdomen.

"This bastard is truly a son of a bitch!" Qin Yun cursed in his heart because his attack just now contained Heavenly Might yet it only scraped off some skin from Xu Xiaoba's forehead.

If other Martial Emperors were to be hit by that attack, their heads would have exploded. Xu Xiaoba is now scared in his heart, especially that intense pain he felt just now caused a lingering fear to appear in his heart. He has never suffered this kind of pain, never suffered this kind of hardship. He felt as if this pain is ravaging within the marrow of his bones, in his heart and soul, causing him to be very frightened.

"Bastard, you caused me such pain! I hate this feeling! I want to destroy you!" Xu Xiaoba shouted loudly, then again rushed towards Qin Yun.

Each of his attacks caused Qin Yun's heartstrings to be taut.

"I will see whether or not I can slow down his speed!" Ling Yuner suddenly spoke, then she controlled Nether Sun and released a very peculiar power.

This incorporeal power caused a traction to appear around Qin Yun. When Xu Xiaoba arrived within a few meters of Qin Yun, he suddenly felt his body getting stuck in this traction. He is being pulled by the traction and then began rotating around Qin Yun. He is unable to go near Qin Yun from this point.

"Xiao Yun, attack quickly! This won't last long!" Ling Yuner yelled.

While feeling ecstatic in his heart, Qin Yun unleashed most powerful Nether Moon mental power and fused it with Suffering Divine Ability, then conducted an invisible attack. In an instant, Xu Xiaoba felt incomparable pain in his heart and soul, he let out a heart wrenching scream. Xu Xiaoba has sunk into endless pain and unable to operate the World Extermination power within his body. Qin Yun suddenly stepped forward, unleashed the power of Heavenly Might, fused it with Extinction Dragon Palm to attack Xu Xiaoba.

Extinction Dragon Palm exploded with rays of light that enveloped both Qin Yun and Xu Xiaoba. Dragon cry reverberated through the azure sky and Xu Xiaoba dropped to the ground. Qin Yun's whole body is releasing a eye piercing golden light, he landed on the ground and took out Xiao Yuemei's little mirror. Under the concealment of the golden rays of light, he used Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability and placed the mirror inside Xu Xiaoba's abdomen. Not long after, he sensed the mirror trembling and at the same time, Xiao Yuemei's voice came through.

"Brother, it's a success!" Xiao Yuemei can sense the situation of her mirror even from a distance.

Qin Yun hastily stored the mirror, he was just about to attack but did not expect that Xu Xiaoba would regain his bearing and rush over to attack. Xu Xiaoba furiously punched towards his chest cavity and sent him flying several hundred meters away. Qin Yun landed on the ground like a dead man. Moreover, there is a hole in his chest cavity and blood is flowing out of the hole.

"You let me suffer such pain, I will also let you taste this feeling!" Xu Xiaoba began flying towards Qin Yun, his face is filled with anger as he shouted loudly.


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