Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1009
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1009

Qin Yun is lying on the ground. He can feel that all of his breastbones are broken. Luckily his heart is protected by totem and it has not been destroyed. Otherwise it would have taken him many days to restore his heart. He crawled up with great difficulty and looked at the situation of his body. He saw that majority of the meridian channels within his body has been damaged and it is very difficult to operate energy within the body.

"Am I really going to lose?" Qin Yun's jaw is tightly clenched. He sat down on the ground, his chest has caved in and there is a bloody hole. If he moves recklessly now, he feels incomparable pain all over his body.

Xu Xiaoba rushed over, he said with furious laugh : "Qin Yun, let's see how you can hide!"

Qin Yun looked towards a large stone hundred meter away, then shot a white light beam from his Sacred Eye. His body also rushed towards that stone along with the white light beam.


Xu Xiaoba vigorously punched towards the ground and created a several tens of meter wide huge hole on the ground. And Qin Yun has already collided with the large stone and let out a muffled howl in pain. Just now, his entire plan fell apart because Xu Xiaoba recovered too fast.

"This Xu Xiaoba is truly too hard!" Qin Yun is now covered in smoke and dust. He used Transparent Power and completely concealed himself. He is now buying time to recover.

"It was the best opportunity just now, if he recovered slower, we could have defeated him." Ling Yuner feels that it is a great pity, it would be very difficult to get that kind of chance again.

Xu Xiaoba has also learned a hard lesson, he can't fight a close ranged battle with Qin Yun again. He is very scared that Qin Yun would release that kind of power that causes his soul and body to suffer great pain. So he decided to keep distance from Qin Yun and unleash World Extermination power from the sky to smash Qin Yun to pieces.

"Qin Yun, quickly come out for me!" Xu Xiaoba looked at the ground from the sky and shouted : "Coward, quickly come out and fight!"

Xu Lun can see that Xu Xiaoba is very spirited and felt a lot relieved. He heard Xu Xiaoba scream miserably just now and felt very worried.

"Qin Yun, if you don't come out, this will be considered your loss!" Xu Lun shouted, his voice covered several kilometers.

Just as he finished, Qin Yun suddenly arrived behind Xu Xiaoba and he is also not too far away. Although he is seriously injured, his Nether Sun is completely fine and still has half the energy left untouched. A soon as he appeared, he used Suffering Divine Ability and Concentrated Spirit Kill. Xu Xiaoba has been hit and immediately let out a miserable shout. Qin Yun also immediately used his Sacred Eye to rush towards Xu Xiaoba. Although Xu Xiaoba has sunk into pain, he still sensed Qin Yun coming and randomly threw some powerful punches.

Boom boom boom...

Qin Yun is already injured, he could not avoid those punches or defend and again suffered vicious beating and was sent flying. He heavily landed on the ground again.

"This little demon is learning very fast!" Qin Yun feels very helpless.

He wants to concede but he is not reconciled. He is not far away from victory, if he wins, he will gain a lot of resources and will be able to breakthrough very quickly again.

Xu Xiaoba is still on the sky, he is panting and gasping, inhaling large mouthful of air. He suddenly howled in laughter and said : "I am no longer afraid of pain!"

Some people progress during intense battle, Xu Xiaoba is this kind of battle lunatic, the more he fights, the stronger he gets.

"This freak!" Qin Yun cursed in his heart.

Everyone can see how gravely injured Qin Yun is and that he is unable to hold on much longer. As for Xu Xiaoba, even though he was attacked by Qin Yun a few times, he is still filled with power as before, he doesn't look least bit exhausted, in fact his condition looks even better than before. This is the disparity between initial stage and peak Martial Emperors. Although Qin Yun has been injured to the point of death, nobody present here looks down on him. Because if other peak Martial Emperors present here were to fight Xu Xiaoba, they would not be able to hold on for this long. No only Qin Yun managed to hold on until now, he even managed to make Xu Xiaoba suffer several times.

"This child Xiaoba is still very pure, so he did not guard against Qin Yun's dirty tricks. But now he knows Qin Yun's dirty tricks and can defend against them. Qin Yun is also severely injured now, so there is no way he can win anymore!" Xu Lun said with clear smile : "This battles is a great harvest for Xiaoba!"

All the old men from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain nodded and smile, all of them are praising Xu Xiaoba.

Xu Lun said again : "Qin Yun is just a stepping stone for Xiaoba, this kind of battle will take Xiaoba to a new height!"

Xu Xiaoba raised his hand high, his palm pointing upward. He looked at Qin Yun and said in cold voice : "Qin Yun, although you are only an initial stage Martial Emperor, you are the strongest opponent I have faced. Moreover, you let me experience something called pain. I will never again be tormented by pain. That is why I must kill you! You are an opponent worthy of my respect, so I will use my strongest attack to destroy you! You will be the first person to experience my killing blow!"

He loudly shouted, all the large and small broken stones on the ground began flying up and gathered on his palm. While lying on the ground, Qin Yun looked at the sky and saw that a large number of broken stones have transformed into a super large rock ball. This rock ball is covered in white light, which is the most formidable World Extermination power released by Xu Xiaoba.

"Qin Yun, quickly concede!" Shen Bajian shouted, he wanted to rush over but has been blocked by Xu Lun's group who arrived before him in a wink.

"If you take action, you will breach the contract.. we signed soul contract, both parties are not allowed to interfere in the fights!" Xu Lun proudly smiled and said : "After going through this battle, Xiaoba will become even stronger.. ha ha ha..."

"Yuemei!" Ye Yaoxue tightly grabbed Xiao Yuemei's hand, she is now extremely worried.

Qin Yun is lying on the ground without moving, it seems like he doesn't even have the energy to fight back. But his eyes are now completely black and a very dense black energy began emitting out of his body.

"Yun old boy, explode!" Murong Daren suddenly shouted.

"Let us all see the extreme boundary of your power!" Xie Wufeng said in deep voice, he is also incomparably nervous.

The earth suddenly began to tremble. Xu Xiaoba also sensed that a very strong power exploded out of Qin Yun's body. Xu Lun's expression turned slightly grave, the power being released by Qin Yun now is indeed very astonishing. Everyone also retreated repeatedly, they flew to even higher position to be as far away as possible from the battlefield. They are all shocked and sighed emotionally.

Ling Yuner softly said : "Xiao Yun, this time I took the risk to completely release the power of Nether Sun... I hope that you and I can control this power. Moreover, this is your body, maybe you can bear Nether Sun's strongest power. So you must be mentally prepared."

"Yuner, let's go! We will do this together, we won't be fighting alone!" Qin Yun shouted in his heart.

"GO!" Ling Yuner also shouted.

Xu Xiaoba bellowed, the huge rock ball he condensed looks like a small star as it smashed down towards the earth.

"World Extermination Comet!"

Everyone is filled with astonishment as they looked at the huge rock ball covered in white light smashing down towards the earth.

At the same time Qin Yun's body has completely overflowed with black aura.

"Star Breaking Palm!"

Qin Yun integrated his Vibration martial spirit with his soul and mind, thoroughly fusing them with Star Breaking Palm mnemonic chant. Star Breaking Palm is a Dao Technique specialized to be used through Vibration martial spirit. It is classified as Martial Spirit Mystic Technique. Qin Yun shot a palm attack towards the World Extermination Comet that is coming down from the sky. A huge black palm image suddenly flew towards the sky from the ground and collided with rock ball.

Boom boom boom..

The black palm image also contains the power of Heavenly Might. Qin Yun threw caution to the wind, completely released the Nether Sun to condense the power of Heavenly Might. After shooting the palm, several crisp sounds can be heard from inside his body, many bones and meridian channels within body have severely snapped. Now he gained the first hand experience as to what kind of dreadful power resides within his Nether Sun, it even tore apart his formidable Immortal Devil body.


An incomparably tremendous explosion sounded, causing the whole Hundred Pagoda Mountain Range to shake and tremble, many large mountains crumbled due to the shaking. That huge rock ball shattered and again became pieces of rocks, like great waves surging in the sky, they rushed towards all direction. Even though everyone moved away a great distance, they have still been effected by the surging wave of rocks. Elders with formidable strength released their power to obstruct the rock waves. Shockingly, even after the huge rock ball has been destroyed, the palm image is still here and it is rushing towards Xu Xiaoba.


Another explosion sounded, Xu Xiaoba sent a fist attack filled with white light towards the incoming palm image but he failed to do anything to it.


Xu Xiaoba has been hit by the palm image, he immediately let out a painful shout. Although he released World Extermination power to block the palm image, his body was still split open and began bleeding due to the Star Breaking Palm.

"Xiaoba!" Xu Lun loudly shouted.

Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people are extremely shocked and flustered. Xu Xiaoba is very important to them, absolutely nothing can happen to him. But they can not go and interfere in the battle because they have already signed soul contract.

After the violent storm, calm returned within Heaven and Earth. The earth is completely messy while above, the sky is clear and blue.


Xu Xiaoba dropped to the ground. He is not dead, his whole body is trembling. He and Qin Yun is in same condition, they are both gravely injured and unable to get up.

"Is that a draw?"

"They are unable to stand up!"

"These two freaks really cause people to be afraid when fighting, so terrifying!"

Xu Lun very anxiously said : "According to agreement, if this kind of thing happens, we would count to ten, whoever stands up, will win. If no one can stand up, then it is a draw and we will have another battle later!"

Shen Bajian is very worried about Qin Yun as he began loudly counting : "1.. 2.. 3.."

Just as he counted 3, Qin Yun stood up! Everyone burst into cries of shock!

"His body has been turned to mush! How can he get up?" Yang Chongtian cried out in fear.

"This is mental power, he used mental power to prop up his body!" an elder said : "This guy is an Inscription Master, his mental power is very strong. His mind has not suffered any damage!"

"Ten!" Shen Bajian finished counting, a large group of Hundred Pagoda Sect disciples let out a Heaven shaking cheer.


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