Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1014
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1014

Qin Yun doesn't find it astonishing that some strange shapes appeared during World Extermination Heavenly Calamity, he is merely curious as to what kind of strange shapes they are. According to his speculation, Heavenly Calamity releases formidable power. It certainly requires a great amount of energy to be condensed, it is pretty normal for some strange phenomenons to occur because of this.

Bao Changshou looked at Xian Rujing and said : "Elder Xian, you are more knowledgeable about this matter. Why don't you explain?"

Xian Rujing is from Immortal Desolate and moreover, from Xian family. She is rather knowledgeable about the matters of World Extermination Heavenly Calamity.

"When World Extermination Heavenly Calamity began, I was in the Immortal Weapon Spirit Pagoda. At that time, message came from Immortal Desolate to pay attention to the Nine Suns during the calamity. So I began to pay attention and found out that one of the Nine Suns had black stripes on it's surface, those stripes appeared suddenly!" Xian Rujing said.

"You could directly see them?" Qin Yun said with frown.

"Indeed. They only appeared casually, I observed for 7 days but only saw them 3 times. But I am certain, each time there were different shapes!" Xian Rujing nodded and said.

"What kind of stripes were they? Did you record them down?" Qin Yun asked again.

Xian Rujing took out a mirror, gave it to Qin Yun and said : "I recorded them on this mirror but they are not very clear."

Under her control, that mirror flashed with intense sunlight. Qin Yun narrowed his eyes as he gazed at that Sun on the mirror. He can vaguely see the content. Suddenly black stripes appeared on the surface of that Sun. They look like a large black net. That black net only appeared for a few seconds.

"Did you manage to realize what they are?" Xian Rujing asked.

Qin Yun shook his head, he needs to consult Yao Fang and even Xie Qirou to find out the specifics about this matter.

"Let's talk about this later. You just said that you would leave for Transcending Xuan Sea Region?" Qin Yun asked.

"Indeed. Transcending Xuan Sea Region will also be affected but that will happen in the future. We can only hide there for now." Jian Shitian said with nod : "Xuan Domain won't be able to hold on for that long!"

"You don't need to go to Transcending Xuan Sea Region unnecessarily. You can go to Ancient Domain! You have come at the right time..." Qin Yun said with smile. He explained the matter of Starry Sky Road and Ancient Domain to Jian Shitian and others, causing them to feel nicely surprised.

"Entering Ancient Domain will be much better than entering Transcending Xuan Sea Region!" Xian Rujing said.

"Naturally, Transcending Xuan Sea Region will be exterminated sooner or later, however, Ancient Domain won't." Jian Shitian said with smile : "Then it is settled. Qin Yun, help us contact the highers ups of your Hundred Pagoda Sect."

"No problem!" Qin Yun said with laugh.

Now he has pulled in many factions to enter Ancient Domain. The main purpose is safety. Ancient Domain has existed for several era, there must be many powerful factions over there. Although Ancient Domain is practically inviting them to go in, they must be vigilant. Maybe factions in the Ancient Domain would try to recruit them or force them to become members. If many of them go there with enough strength, they would not have to be worried about being bullied.

Qin Yun brought along Bao Changshou and the others to Hundred Pagoda Sect to meet Shen Bajian. He already discussed this matter with Shen Bajian beforehand. Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people still have not come to sign an agreement, Hundred Pagoda Sect is still vulnerable to the threat of Ghost Beast Overlord. If Jian family's powerful alliance join with Hundred Pagoda Sect, then it will be a lot safer. After arriving at the Divine Sword Pagoda and introducing Bao Changshou, Jian Shitian and others, Qin Yun brought Xian Rujing and Xiao Yuemei to Star Traveling Pagoda.

In a room inside the pagoda, Xian Rujing is eating fruits delivered by Xiao Yuemei with big bites. She doesn't have the appearance of a lady at all.

"Rujing, you must know a lot about those strange shapes!" Qin Yun said.

"Indeed I do! I did not talk about them before because it would be inconvenient to talk in front of so many people!" Xian Rujing said.

"Then you can talk now!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"I am now a peak Martial Emperor, I am also nearly at the crucial moment of bringing down the Half Immortal Tribulation. I want to cultivate with you for a period of time!" Xian Rujing said with sigh : "Immortal Weapon Palace has been destroyed. Sister Bing Xing took away Immortal Weapon Spirit Pagoda and Sun and Moon Immortal Bed with her to Immortal Desolate. I want you to help me breakthrough!"

"That is no problem. You first quickly tell me about those strange shapes!" Qin Yun laughed. He has several thousand high quality Regent Origin Stones, they are more than enough.

"Nine Suns would fall together on the Nine Desolate, Nine Desolate would be destroyed and then be reborn! The earth of the Nine Desolate would be reborn from flame and then again give birth to new Nine Suns! A new era would begin and the cycle would repeat! This kind of World Extermination happened several times before. Nine Sun destroyed the Nine Desolate and then everything was reborn. But this time, there are some changes!" Xian Rujing said.

Xiao Yuemei followed along her words and said : "The World Extermination from the prophecy was supposed to come long ago but it is just beginning now! Moreover, Nine Suns are dropping one after another, not together!"

Xian Rujing nodded and said : "Correct! On top of that, these strange shapes have appeared!"

"Just quickly tell me what those strange shapes mean!" Qin Yun impatiently said. He looked at Xiao Yuemei and asked : "Yuemei, do you know about these strange shapes?"

"I also want to know but Rujing is not telling me!" Xiao Yuemei lightly groaned then patted Xian Rujing's perky butt.

"Little girl, if I had told you, how would I make deal with your brother?" Xian Rujing proudly smiled and said : "Qin Yun, I know you are very interested about those strange shapes!"

She took out a large round mirror and placed it on the table, this mirror is actually as big as the table. She pointed at the mirror and said : "Look!"

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei looked at the mirror. They saw a dark red Sun on the mirror. There are many clear black patterns on the surface of the Sun. It looks as if the Sun has been covered by a black net.

"What is this?" after looking for a bit, Qin Yun shook his head and said : "It is not Sun Totem, it is also not Sun Rune, neither it is Heavenly Rune... it basically can not be considered to be runes!"

"That's because it is not complete! You will need to record black patterns from the surface of each of the Nine Suns and then you will know what it is!" Xian Rujing said.

"When can I collect all of those?" Qin Yun sighed and said : "This is practically useless, look how mysterious you were acting!"

"How can it be useless? You should know, this can only be seen from special places. Our Xian family made Immortal Weapon Palace and Immortal Weapon Spirit Pagoda to observe this!" Xian Rujing lightly groaned and said : "When I go back, I will have to report with this!"

"Really?" Qin Yun hastily took out the Gemini Treasure Mirror and quickly copied the black patterns from the round mirror.

"What are you doing you swindler! Do you think I am like Yuemei and swindle people everywhere?" Xian Rujing glared at Qin Yun : "Also I have always been wearing your slave collar!"

"Hmph!" Xiao Yuemei delicately groaned, then pinched Xian Rujing's waist and said with smile : "Brother, she is wearing your slave collar, why not make her do something lewd?"

"You wretched girl!" Xian Rujing delicately cursed, then began pinching Xiao Yuemei's face and said : "Don't instigate your brother to do bad things!"

"Don't be noisy." Qin Yun said with smile : "Tell me how I can obtain all nine pieces of these patterns?"

Xian Rujing let go off Xiao Yuemei's face and said : "I also don't know, wait until I go back to Immortal Desolate, I will go probe and examine the situation!"

Qin Yun looked at those black patterns on the mirror, he very much wants to find out what these things are.

"Qin Yun. I am not going to Ancient Domain, I will go to Transcending Xuan Sea Region and then go to Immortal Desolate through Immortal Gate. Sister Bing Xing and the others told me before leaving to go there quickly and find them!" Xian Rujing said.

"Can you go to Guang Han Palace from Immortal Desolate?" Qin Yun asked.

"Of course but it is a bit difficult. You should quickly help me breakthrough!" Xian Rujing said.

"Alright, I will go find you tonight, I have some matters to deal with now!" Qin Yun said after thinking a bit.

Xiao Yuemei charmingly smiled and said : "Why go to her at night?"

Xian Rujing feigned anger coquettishly and said : "Little girl, don't speak nonsense! Your brother here only have the mouth to speak but don't have the balls to pursue his sexual urges! He merely groped me a few times, he basically doesn't dare to even try to do the deed!"

"Ice Mother Tigress, be careful!" Qin Yun said with evil grin.

"Yuemei, let's go, take me to visit places and eat some good food!" Xian Rujing saw Qin Yun's rogue expression and can't help but feel worried, so she hastily pulled along Xiao Yuemei and left.

Qin Yun stored the Gemini Treasure Mirror, took out the Immortal Graveyard Diagram and contacted Xie Qirou. After establishing connection, he reported to Xie Qirou about the strange shapes on the Sun. Xie Qirou's past life was named Xian Qirou, she was the daughter of Immortal Desolate Great Emperor and a member of the Xian family imperial clan. She must know what are Xian family people doing collecting all of these patterns. After listening to everything, Xie Qirou became quiet, she did not reply at all.

After Qin Yun called for her a few times, she lightly sighed and said : "Xiao Yun, the Xian family have not managed to find out what to do with these patterns. It's because they have not managed to collect all the patterns. However, according to my knowledge from ancient books left behind by previous era's people, it is actually a map!"

"What kind of map?" Qin Yun asked.

"I.. I also don't know. First help Rujing breakthrough to Half Immortal and return to Immortal Desolate." Xie Qirou said.

"Xian Rujing is really... clearly she could have left directly with Yuelan and others and go to Guang Han Palace!" Qin Yun curled his lips and said.

"She wanted to collect all the map parts, that is why she stayed behind. Also maybe... maybe she has some other purpose?" Xie Qirou gently smiled and said : "Alright, that's all, I won't disturb you!"

"What other purpose does she have?" Qin Yun stored the Immortal Graveyard Diagram while thinking.

Ling Yuner said with smile : "Xiao Yun, maybe Xian Rujing wants to have sex with you! She wants to get your Sacred Sun Spirit Vein! So long as she can have sex with you, she can cultivate Sacred Sun Nine Immortal Veins, you must be careful!"

"Don't speak nonsense!" Qin Yun curled his lips and said.

He took out the Gemini Treasure Mirror and carved Star Totem on it. He wants to give it a try whether or not Gemini Treasure Mirror can carve totems on people's body or even martial spirit. In this way, he won't have to waste time carving totems later. Although he can carve very quickly, it will be a lot quicker with Gemini Treasure Mirror. While carving totem, he suddenly sensed that there are some movements in the 1st pearl of Nine Sun Divine Soul. He promptly looked and discovered that Devil Star Overlord Dragon's body is flickering with golden light and trembling. He doesn't know what the actual circumstances are.

"Is my Devil Star Overlord Dragon finally about to be completed?" Qin Yun is startled in his heart but now he is in the middle of carving totem. So he can only ask Yao Fang to go take a look at what is going on.


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