Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1032
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1032

Jin Xuanhu has always had a very formidable appearance. Although he is old but with his long beard, as well as his violent look, who knows since when he began looking like a very ferocious person. Now that he is looking at Qin Yun, it gives the people an impression that he wants to eat Qin Yun whole. Apart from Qin Yun, everyone else in the private room is very worried. Back then, Jin Xuanhu was very arrogant in front of Qin Yun and even made many harsh remarks. But then he lost to Qin Yun twice, lost two Immortal hammers but biggest lost was his reputation. Jin He and Jin Gangbao are worried that Jin Xuanhu won't be able to bear it and start attacking Qin Yun.

On the contrary, Qin Yun is very calm, he said with faint smile : "Senior Jin, quickly come sit down to eat. There are many dishes here, you have come at the right time!"

"Relax, I, Jin Xuanhu is not the kind of base person who bullies people!" a trace of smile appeared on Jin Xuanhu's naturally ruthless old face. Then he walked over and sat down.

While Jin Xuanhu was sitting down, Hua Yimei suddenly became very nervous and leaned closely towards Xiao Yuemei beside her. Xiao Yuemei was also somewhat worried but seeing Jin Xuanhu has actually sat down, she felt relieved.

"Pagoda master Qin, I still don't understand something, I hope that you can educate me." Jin Xuanhu spoke very politely. He raised his wine cup towards Qin Yun, then drank the wine and said : "How was your kitten's claw so sharp? You only used black crystal beast bones and some dragon bones to make it."

Qin Yun faintly smiled and said : "That is because my dragon bones were not some common dragon bone, they were Immortal dragon's bone!"

After speaking, Qin Yun indicated Xiao Yuemei to let the kitten extend it's claw.

Jin Xuanhu carefully observed the claws, then touched them. His expression slightly changed as he said with frown : "So that's how it is. You paid special attention when refining these claws to make them sharper. They are like weapons and have many runes on them."

Jin He exclaimed in admiration and said : "Venerable Master Qin, you did not have much time yet you managed to achieve this step. Your rune carving is indeed very good and fast!"

"Kitten's body is very weak but since it has Thunder totem, it is as fast as thunder and lightning. On top of that you put great importance in refining sharp claws, practically bestowing it powerful weapons. This way, in conjunction with it's rapid speed, it could easily cut open the tiger's body." Jin Xuanhu is now very clear as to why his tiger was so easily defeated.

Qin Yun nodded and said with smile : "Indeed. If your tiger had support runes to erect protective barrier, then it would not be so easy for the kitten to attack."

"I was careless!" Jin Xuanhu is very annoyed at himself. He then cupped his fists towards Qin Yun and said : "Venerable Master Qin, I wholeheartedly accept my loss. I again raise my cup to you in respect."

Qin Yun also raised his cup, then drank the wine down and said with smile : "You are very polite."

Jin Gangbao and his family don't dare to speak a single word. Jin He and Jin Xuanhu are Golden Sun sect master's beloved Inscription Master sons. Now they are very respectful towards Qin Yun.

"5th brother, even though you lost, you also had great harvest!" Jin He said with smile.

Jin Xuanhu nodded : "Great harvest!"

Jin Gangbao suddenly said : "5th brother, Venerable Master Qin has given me Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman that can let us extract Regent Origin Stones from inside the essence stones very quickly..."

He took out a talisman and an essence stone to demonstrate. After seeing the procedure, Jin Xuanhu finally realized how the kitten managed to enter the tiger's body.

"Venerable Master Qin, are you selling these talismans?" Jin Xuanhu asked.

"2 best quality Regent Origin Stones for one talisman! Each talisman can be used about 20 times!" Qin Yun said.

"Not costly at all. I want 100, when can I get them?" Jin Xuanhu spoke frankly.

Qin Yun sold to old Feitian and city master Murong for 1 best quality Regent Origin Stones per talisman before. Now he is asking for 2 but Jin Xuanhu doesn't feel it is any problem at all!

"I can deliver now!" Qin Yun said with smile, then took out a storage pouch and handed it over : "There are 110 inside, 10 of them are my gift to 5th brother Jin!"

"Nice!" Jin Xuanhu laughed loudly, then took out a storage pouch and handed it over to Qin Yun : "There are 200 best quality Regent Origin Stones inside."

Qin Yun accepted it with smile. Together with 1000 he obtained from Xu Lun, now he has 1200 best quality Regent Origin Stones. Also there are another 3000-4000 high quality Regent Origin Stones. He feels that they are enough to breakthrough to late stage Martial Emperor, maybe even peak Martial Emperor.

"5th brother, what will you use those talismans for?" Jin Gangbao asked in low voice : "Those talismans are very important to our Golden Sun Sect, we will be able to obtain many Regent Origin Stones with these!"

"I will use them for research!" Jin Xuanhu said with smile : "If father wants these, he can come to Venerable Master Qin to buy them!"

Jin Jingwei sighed in his heart, even though Qin Yun has so many Regent Origin Stones, he still swindled a mere few from him. However, he doesn't dare to complain, they have established a good relation with Qin Yun now and that is the most important thing.

"Venerable Master Qin, let's eat, let's eat..." Jin Xuanhu said with smile : "We have exchanged blows and became friends, I also said some very rude things to you, I ask that you forgive me."

"It's not a problem, not a problem. Although I have defeated 5th brother Jin in a puppet competition, I am still far inferior to you in other aspect!" Qin Yun fancies those materials in Jin Xuanhu's hands. If he can establish a good relationship, maybe he can obtain some of it later.

Qin Yun also began to chat about many things with Jin Xuanhu, Jin He and Jin Gangbao. They talked about all things regarding Transcending Xuan Sea Region. Among them are matters of that Immortal Gate. Their chat also broadened the horizon of juniors like Hua Yimei and Jin Jingwei.

Suddenly Jin Xuanhu took out a Dao tool treasure mirror, it is used for sound transmission. After reading the content, Jin Xuanhu's white eyebrows creased up.

"5th brother, what's the matter?" Jin Gangbao hastily asked.

"River Sun Palace's people have come. They don't want to come to the island, they want our Golden Sun Sect and Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain to go meet them!" Jin Xuanhu said.

"River Sun Palace's people are just too arrogant! They do this every time!" Jin He cursed in low voice.

Jin Xuanhu said with sigh : "River Sun Palace's intention is to hold the meeting at their place."

Jin Gangbao said : "River Sun Palace's people truly love to show off too much!"

"Let's go, we will go to the seashore to take a look. They must have arrived riding Crystal Dragon Boat!" Jin Xuanhu said : "Venerable Master Qin, will you also go?"

"Of course!" Qin Yun said with smile.

They left the wine house and got on a large carriage.

Jin He said : "I heard that River Sun Palace have been looking for all kind of talented people in the last few years. I don't know what they are trying to do."

Jin Xuanhu said with a cold groan : "They have encountered problem in growing medicinal ingredients. They are looking for a solution everywhere. They also came to find me but they did not agree to give me too many medicinal ingredients, so I did not go! They have come with Crystal Dragon Boat, they must want all the Nine Sun Sects to go and help them solve the problem."

Qin Yun curiously asked : "Do the River Sun Palace have that kind of influence?"

Jin Xuanhu nodded and said : "River Sun Palace can make Longevity Jade Nectar, it can increase life span by many years. Nine Sun Sects have many people, after drinking it, they can live long, cultivate with ease, then finally breakthrough to become an Immortal and go to Immortal Desolate."

"So that's how it is." Qin Yun is now very clear as to why River Sun Palace is so aggressive.

Not long after, they arrived at the shore. After Qin Yun walked down the carriage, he looked ahead towards the sea. He saw a very long and very large thing that looks like a crystallized dragon, creeping above the sea. This is precisely that Crystal Dragon Boat. It is 10 kilometers wide and completely built with crystal.

"That thing is also a very strong Immortal tool! If River Sun Palace people want to cross tribulation, they just have to hide inside it and they can easily cross tribulation!" Jin Xuanhu has an expression of incomparable yearning : "Among all Nine Sun Sects, only River Sun Palace has many different kind of formidable things!"

They began flying towards the boat and soon arrived in front of it. The boat's entrance is the mouth of the crystal dragon. The head of the dragon has the size of a very large mountain, so the size of the mouth can be imagined. Qin Yun followed behind Jin Xuanhu and others and arrived at the entrance. There are many powerful guards at the entrance and they all recognized Jin Xuanhu. Jin Xuanhu did not say a single word, he just swaggered ahead, bringing along Qin Yun and the others.

While on the road, they sensed the aura of people from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain and Golden Sun Sect, apparently they arrived here long ago. Their guide brought them into a wide and spacious lobby. Since the whole boat is made with crystal, they can see the blue sky if they look above and see the ocean if they look to the side. Flame Sun sect master and Golden Sun sect master are also her, along with both sect's elders and disciples. They all saw Qin Yun and Jin Xuanhu arrived here together and felt shocked. They immediately realized that Qin Yun and Jin Xuanhu has already became friends. Golden Sun Sect's people now feel extremely depressed. They feel that they should have gone and made friends with Qin Yun instead of doubting him and ridiculing him.

At this time, a group of people wearing black clothes arrived through another passage. It seems like they have already been here before everyone else arrived.

Jin Xuanhu said in low voice : "They are Earth Sun Palace from the Earth Sun Abyss."

Jin He said : "River Sun Palace is a located on the seabed. And Earth Sun Palace is located deep underground below the seabed. Their relationship is naturally good."

"Jin Xuanhu, long time no see! You still have not become a Half Immortal!" a black clothed old man said with chuckle.

"I have not, what does it have to do with you?" Jin Xuanhu said with cold groan.

"I have nothing to do with it. But if you don't become a Half Immortal, you won't be able to refine those Half Immortal tools!" that old man said again, his voice is filled with ridicule.

At this time Flame Sun sect master and Golden Sun sect master walked towards a slightly built and short old man who is hovering in the air. This old man's skin is pitch-black, he is the palace master of Earth Sun Palace.

"This time River Sun palace master asked us to come, they have very important matter to discuss. I guess it is that matter, to rejuvenate their medicinal plants." Earth Sun palace master said.


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