Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1036
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1036

Qin Yun and his group have already arrived at that wine house and now eating inside a private room.

Jin Xuanhu is holding chopsticks as he cursed and said in intense anger : "That Medicine King Chu is just an old fart who loves to pretend! He actually dared to criticize brother Qin! On top of that, each and everyone one of his disciples are as proud as the Heavens and looked down on us too much! They dared to insult brother Qin, called him ignorant and even demanded to kick him out of the room! If it were not for the sect masters present, I would have beaten those little shits to their knees! The fact that I can't teach those little shits a harsh lesson puts a bad taste in my mouth!"

Jin He also cursed and said : "Those bullshit disciples, they have no skill, they are nowhere near our level in Inscription yet they dare to boast that they are very powerful Inscription Masters!"

Jin Jingwei said with smile : "They can't even make something as a good as Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman, yet they dare to speak to Venerable Master Qin?"

Qin Yun said with smile : "Forget about them, let them do as they wish!"

Jin He suddenly asked : "Brother Qin, you said that Medicine King Chu is unable to draw in 7th tribulation, what is the matter with that?"

Qin Yun looked towards Xiao Yuemei, she is very knowledgeable about this kind of matters.

Xiao Yuemei said : "That guy's path to Heavens have been cut off!"

Jin Xuanhu finds this very inconceivable and asked : "Little miss, why do you say that? Did he really commit very grave sin?"

"In short, it is impossible for his 7th tribulation to come down. It means that he has lost his opportunity to become an Immortal! However, if he wants to resolve this problem, it is also possible. We will see just how sincere he is!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

"Don't help that old fool! He doesn't know a damn thing and all of his disciples are arrogant shits, he must not be a good person!" Jin Xuanhu said : "Let them go crazy, it is best if we don't let them enter Starry Sky Road!"

Jin He also said in a very bad mood : "Those people from Earth Sun Palace were exceedingly arrogant, they even joined up with Medicine King Chu to insult brother Qin! Brother Qin, is making Starry Sky Road really very difficult? How about we don't let those bastards participate?"

"We will need a lot of materials. On top of that it must be constructed in the Xuan Domain, if Xuan Domain is destroyed by the power of World Extermination Heavenly Calamity, then we won't be able to construct the Starry Sky Road. So we must finish it as soon as possible." Qin Yun shook his head and said with smile : "Let's not talk about this anymore, let's drink."

"Alright, let's drink." Jin Xuanhu said with smile.

Jin Gangbao and Jin Jingwei were not present in that meeting, they have already guessed that Qin Yun must had been insulted immensely there, otherwise Jin Xuanhu and Jin He would never react like that. Naturally, Qin Yun is not affected by this situation at all.

At this time Jin Xuanhu suddenly took out his Dao tool treasure mirror and said : "Father has sent message, let's see what he wants."

Golden Sun sect master sent news that Qin Yun's talisman is very useful, it directly made those plants bloom. He said that Jin Xuanhu should bring Qin Yun back. Hearing this message, Jin Xuanhu thinks that it is a huge unexpected turn of event and he immediately informed everyone what happened.

Jin He said in amazement : "Brother Qin, what kind of talisman is that? It can actually make those wilted plants bloom!"

Jin Xuanhu burst into laughter and said : "Ha ha ha... those idiots, now they know how awesome Brother Qin is!"

Qin Yun said : "That talisman can gather the spiritual energy of Nine Suns within Heaven and Earth. Since one of the Suns have fallen, spiritual energy from only 8 Suns are flowing within Heaven and Earth now. However, the spiritual energy of the 9th Sun is still present within Heaven and Earth but it is impossible to absorb them with usual method!"

Jin Xuanhu gasped in surprise and said : "So that's how it is! Those idiots, they said Inscription Masters are not at useful in the matters of medicine, now they know how useful we are!"

Qin Yun took out a Nine Condensation Dao Talisman and a best quality Regent Origin Stone. Then posted the talisman on the stone. Soon enough, a great amount of Nine Sun's spiritual energy, flickering with nine colored light rays, rushed out of the Regent Origin Stone at a very fast speed. Martial Emperors like Jin Jingwei and Hua Yimei are specially surprised to the see the speed at which energy is rushing out of the Regent Origin Stone.

Jin Xuanhu shouted loudly : "This talisman can be used this way?"

Jin He cried out in alarm and said : "I heard that brother Qin has a method to make peak Martial Kings breakthrough to Martial Emperor very quickly, it must be this method"

Jin Gangbao said : "If we want to release the energy inside Regent Origin Stone at a fast speed, we need to use a large formation. Our Golden Sun Sect also have such formation but it can not be used frequently. Someone can only use that formation to cultivate for a short period of time as reward for achievement!"

Qin Yun doesn't want to conceal a good thing like the Nine Condensation Dao Talisman. This talisman is very useful in Transcending Xuan Sea Region. There are many resources inside Transcending Xuan Sea Region, he wants to obtain some of them by selling the talisman.

Jin Xuanhu asked : "Then brother Qin, will you go to the Crystal Dragon Boat now?"

Xiao Yuemei lightly groaned and said : "Brother, don't go! Let them come here and ask you to return. After all, it was them who drove you away!"

Jin He also said with smile : "Exactly, don't go!"

"Those guys arrogantly drove you away and now they are telling you to go, they are not giving you face at all! Just stay here, no need to go!" Jin Xuanhu said with smile.

Xiao Yuemei said with smile : "Brother Laohu(Old Tiger or simply tiger), tell your father that brother don't have the time to go meet them. He is busy making Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman. Tell them to come some other day."

Jin Xuanhu took said : "Alright, I will tell them exactly that. Let's hang them dry for a while! Isn't there a meeting in two days? Brother Qin can meet them then!"

"Two older brothers, do you have some talisman papers for Dao talisman? I want to make some Dao talismans." Qin Yun asked.

"We do!" Jin Xuanhu and Jin He immediately took out many talisman papers and handed them over to Qin Yun. These talisman papers are of very high quality.

Qin Yun took them and said : "How much for them?

"They are our gift to you!" Jin Xuanhu said with smile.

"Brother Qin, just take them! No need to be polite with us!" Jin He also said.

"Then I thank the two older brothers." Qin Yun said with smile.

"Let's go, we will set you up in a good room!" after Jin Xuanhu sent message to his father, he hastily brought along Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei and set them up in a luxurious suite.

Qin Yun sincerely wants to make Dao talismans. He gave the Gemini Treasure Mirror to Yao Fang and others before and they helped him craft talismans. Yao Fang's mental power is very strong, she can effortlessly condense powerful Blood Spirit power. When she had time, she easily crafted many Dao talismans. She helped Qin Yun craft many Mysterious Penetration Dao Talismans before. Qin Yun has already carved the Nine Condensation runes inside the Gemini Treasure Mirror. Now he wants to make quite a lot of them. After Jin Xuanhu spread the usefulness of this talisman to others, it will certainly be wanted by many people and he won't be able to meet the demands at that time.

In the large hall inside the Crystal Dragon Boat, Golden Sun sect master said : "Venerable Master Qin has went into seclusion to make Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman, he doesn't have the time to come!"

The hall immediately became completely quiet. They all drove Qin Yun away, if they want him to come back, it won't be easy. They are all very clear as to how they treated him.

Medicine King Chu said with sigh : "It is all our fault, we had eyes but we acted blindly!"

He then looked at his disciples and reprimanded them : "You lot have the highest blame in this matter! You even used Setting Sun Mysterious Palm to attack him. Venerable Master Qin has a very good temperament, otherwise the one dying would be you!"

That red clothed woman lowered her head and said in low voice : "He might not be able to kill me!"

Xu Lun said : "My grandson is a peak Martial Emperor with World Extermination Spirit, he could not defeat Venerable Master Qin who was not even using equipment. You are also peak Martial Emperor right? But you are no match for my grandson!"

The fact that Xu Xiaoba possesses World Extermination spirit is a common knowledge among these great sects. They all find it unbelievable that Qin Yun could defeat Xu Xiaoba without using any equipment.

Red clothed woman said again : "Master, he said that you committed grave sins.. did you not also want to attack him?"

Medicine King Chu said with sigh : "What he said is right, I am in the wrong. Maybe... maybe he can find some method to solve my problem!"

River Sun palace master looked at Medicine Master Shui and said : "Two of us will go together and apologize to Venerable Master Qin personally. We should also bring some gifts."

"I will also go!"Medicine King Chu hastily said : "I want to discuss something important with Venerable Master Qin!"

Golden Sun sect master said : "Venerable Master Qin is staying at our Golden Sun wine house, if you want to go, I will lead you there."

Flame Sun sect master feels very unwell because Qin Yun stayed in their Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain before but now he is running around with Golden Sun Sect and even staying at their wine house. But he can understand, after all his Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people rejected Qin Yun. Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's elders are now secretly cursing Xu Xiaoba, if he did not spread all kind of rumors they would not be so prejudiced against Qin Yun.

"Everyone let's go together! We will need to prepare for the meeting anyways!" Flame Sun sect master said.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are crafting talismans inside a secret room in their suite. Xiao Yuemei is holding the Gemini Treasure Mirror, she condensed her Blood Spirit power, poured them into the mirror and let the rune inside the mirror to be emitted out and print the runes onto the talisman papers. She is very interested in this, that is why Qin Yun is letting her perform this task.

"I really want a mirror like this!" Xiao Yuemei's eyes are filled with envy as she looked at the Gemini Treasure Mirror with a pout.

"This Gemini Treasure Mirror was made with Gemini Heavenly Rune that sister Kang split from her Gemini Heavenly Rune. Gemini Heavenly Rune needs to absorb a large amount of energy to split. Maybe I can later have her Gemini Heavenly Rune split one more time and then refine it into your little mirror!" Qin Yun eyes suddenly flickered with shining light as he said : "Your little mirror is a martial spirit, it will be just like Soul Refining!"

"Luckily sister Kang is very good to me. I will go find her and ask her for help, she will surely help me!" Xiao Yuemei immediately became very happy and said with smile : "Brother, Yanyan and sister Kang is very good to me."

"You are so beautiful, of course they are good to you!" Qin Yun caressed her face and said : "After we return to Hundred Pagoda Sect, we will give it a try. If your mirror can fuse with Gemini Heavenly Rune, it might obtain other abilities."

"Very good! I really want to go back soon!" Xiao Yuemei said with charming smile.

Seeing how happy Xiao Yuemei is, Qin Yun reported the matter to Yao Fang. He is very curious about Yao Fang's identity. He once thought of letting Xiao Yuemei enter Nine Sun Divine Soul's 3rd pearl and meet Yao Fang. But he was worried that Yao Fang might become angry and ignore him, so he dispelled the thought.


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