Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1041
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1041

After Xu Lun heard Ghost Beast Overlord's voice, he said : "Venerable Master Qin, miss Xiao, you should return first. We will go probe the situation of Ghost Beast Remote Lake and wait for other Nine Sun Sects to arrive. Then we will directly attack and capture the Ghost Beast Overlord."

"Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

During the time Qin Yun has not been in Hundred Pagoda Sect, the Ghost Beast Overlord attacked multiple time. However, the great barrier of Hundred Pagoda Sect is very strong and managed to hold back the attacks. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei passed through the great barrier and returned to Star Traveling Pagoda. Granny Star is not present in the pagoda, she has gone to attend a meeting. In the reception hall of the 1st floor, Ye Yaoxue is sipping tea while sitting on a chair with crossed legs. She is wearing a pure blue sturdy clothes, these are clothes for combat situation. Her pure elegant and beautiful feature is now showing somewhat of a heroic spirit, as well as traces of seductiveness.

"Big sister Ye!" Xiao Yuemei saw Ye Yaoxue and immediately pounced towards her, then started stroking her ponytail hair. She said with smile : "Why do you have so much free time? Don't you have to cultivate?"

"Yuemei, I also want to enter closed door cultivation but that Ghost Beast Overlord has been attacking continuously! As the chief disciple of the Star Traveling Pagoda, I must be ready for battle anytime!" Ye Yaoxue faintly sighed, then took out a pastry and raised it up towards Xiao Yuemei.

Xiao Yuemei pounced at the pastry, opened her mouth wide and gobbled up the pastry. Then while chewing the pastry, she said with smile : "Thank you so much big sister Ye. Who made this? It is so delicious!"

"Big sister Kang and Yanyan made them!" Ye Yaoxue faintly smiled and said : "How was your harvest in Transcending Xuan Sea Region?"

"Great harvest!" Xiao Yuemei looked at Qin Yun with smile.

"Earned a lot of resources selling talismans!" Qin Yun said with mischievous smile : "As for the matter of Ghost Beast Overlord, no need to worry about that, all eight Nine Sun Sects will be coming to deal with it!"

Ye Yaoxue is so shocked that she immediately stood up. She doesn't dare to believe this and said : "Is this true? Are all of them coming? Then, isn't the Ghost Beast Overlord very pitiful?"

Xiao Yuemei said with smile : "My brother is a Venerable Master, even Nine Sun Sects will have to show him a little respect!"

"My man is truly awesome!" Ye Yaoxue's face is filled with smile as she gently caressed Qin Yun's face.

"Big sister Ye, aren't you just pretending to be my brother's little wife? My elder sister is still the main wife, so you will have to ask for her permission!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Yuemei, you must put in some good words for me when the time comes!" Ye Yaoxue said with muffled laugh, she is not at all making jokes, she spoke very seriously.

She finished speaking and then took out another pastry and held it before Xiao Yuemei. Xiao Yuemei very happily gobbled up the pastry and nodded in agreement. Seeing this scene, Qin Yun thought of how Xiao Yuelan would pinch her little sister if she knew about this.

"Xiao Yun, Granny Star has gone to the 1st pagoda. Fang Rutian has called over Pure Sun Thunder Sect to help against Ghost Beast Overlord! Although the sword cultivators from Jian family are very powerful, Ghost Beast Overlord's power far exceeds our imagination!" Ye Yaoxue said.

Pure Sun Thunder Sect is one of the largest sects in Xuan Domain, they are also one of the most powerful.

"Jian family is unable to get rid off the Ghost Beast Overlord?" Qin Yun asked.

"At best, they can only drive it back but we can not go on like this. Fang Rutian's relationship is very good with Pure Sun Thunder Sect, so he took this opportunity to bring them here! Granny Star said that they are asking a heavy price!" Ye Yaoxue said.

"Alright, let's go take care of Pure Sun Thunder Sect!" Qin Yun said.

"I am not going! I will go find sister Tiantian to have fun and also find big sister Kang to eat the pastries she makes!" Xiao Yuemei finished speaking and then immediately left for Star Picking Pavilion.

"Let's go." Qin Yun shook his head and smiled. Then left the Star Traveling Pagoda with Ye Yaoxue and began flying towards 1st pagoda.

"Xiao Yun, my Heavenly Rune martial spirit have a bit of a situation. After returning, you must help me take a look. I get the feeling that my Heavenly Rune is connected to my bloodline and soul but the feeling is still not sufficiently clear and somewhat vague." Ye Yaoxue said.

"Alright." Qin Yun is slightly startled as he nodded.

He has also researched Ye Yaoxue's Heavenly Rune quite a bit. According to his and Ling Yuner's guess, the Heavenly Rune will evolve along with Ye Yaoxue's cultivation breakthrough. If it is like Kang Feiqing's Gemini Heavenly Rune, it will also give birth to spirituality after evolving. Then Qin Yun will have better understanding of what is the actual usage of the Heavenly Rune.

Soon they arrived at the gate of 1st pagoda but the guards at the gate immediately blocked Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue.

"You are not people of 1st pagoda!" Ye Yaoxue knows all the guards and attendants of the 1st pagoda, she spoke in a cold voice seeing unfamiliar people guarding the door.

"Pagoda master Fang said that nobody is allowed in! Quickly scram!" one of the guards yelled.

"I am Ye Yaoxue! You are not people of my Hundred Pagoda Sect, by what right are you telling us to scram?" Ye Yaoxue yelled.

Hearing Ye Yaoxue's name, the two guards began to mock and insult her. They said that even in their Pure Sun Thunder Sect they heard about Ye Yaoxue's slutty character.

"Disciples of Pure Sun Thunder Sect are really skilled! You came here running from very far away to help the dying 1st pagoda, you are just a bunc of stupid dogs!" Qin Yun said with indifferent smile.

Hearing Qin Yun's words, the two guards became furious. They began boasting that they are honored guests invited by Fang Rutian to help Hundred Pagoda Sect in their times of need. So Fang Rutian authorized them to teach anyone who insults them a good lesson!

"I am insulting you because you insulted us first! If you feel humiliated, come attack us!" Qin Yun said with chuckle.

Ye Yaoxue took out her red saber and said in cold voice : "You two dogs, if you have the guts, attack! He is the pagoda master of Star Traveling Pagoda, if you dare try to attack him, I will chop off your hands!"

Just as the two disciples of Pure Sun Thunder Sect decided to attack, Shen Bajian arrived.

"Impudent!" Shen Bajian shouted, his voice is filled with power of a 6th tribulation Half Immortal, causing those two Martial Emperor disciples to vomit blood. Those two kept coughing blood while cursing Qin Yun and then ran inside 1st pagoda to go find Fang Rutian.

While on his way, Qin Yun already sent sound transmission to Shen Bajian. Seeing Qin Yun here, Shen Bajian let out a sigh of relief and said : "Pagoda master Qin, how is the progress?"

"Very smooth, senior Xu's ship is now heading towards Ghost Beast Remote Lake to probe. No need to worry about Ghost Beast Overlord, it will be dealt with soon enough and we won't even have to lift our hands!" Qin Yun said with smile.

Shen Bajian said with smile : "This is the best! We will no longer have to bear the nonsense of Pure Sun Thunder Sect. You saw how rude and arrogant those two dogs were earlier, it is all because Fang Rutian is giving them free reign!"

Ye Yaoxue said in cold voice : "Fang Rutian is trying to draw support from Pure Sun Thunder Sect to suppress us?"

Shen Bajian nodded : "Fang Rutian has good relationship with Pure Sun Thunder Sect, he asked the sect master of Pure Sun Thunder Sect to come here and even allowed them to operate inside Hundred Pagoda Sect. Clearly, they are colluding to take control of Hundred Pagoda Sect!"

The construction of Starry Sky Road is a very secret matter. Fang Rutian and Pure Sun Thunder Sect don't know anything about it. They also don't know that Qin Yun has secretly allied with all the Nine Sun Sects. Therefore, they feel that Qin Yun and Shen Bajian won't be able to deal with the Ghost Beast Overlord. So long as Fang Rutian can take care of Ghost Beast Overlord, his prestige will increase by a lot.

"Pagoda master Qin, friends from the Jian family are truly very powerful! They managed to drive back each and every sneak attack from Ghost Beast Overlord. The power they exhibit is truly very strong!" Shen Bajian said with smile : "Let's go, I will escort you to the meeting hall."

Soon Shen Bajian brought Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue into a large meeting hall. Pagoda masters and elders of all the hundred pagodas are present here, along with their chief disciples. There are also the people of Pure Sun Thunder Sect. The sect master of Pure Sun Thunder Sect is called Lei Xiaowei. He looks very old, there are layers of wrinkles on his face. His complexion is completely dark, he is slightly built, however, his eyes are pulsating with threads of lightning from time to time and his aura is extremely formidable.

Seeing Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue appear, Lei Xiaowei said with sneer : "Pagoda master Fang, are these the people of the moment in your Hundred Pagoda Sect?"

Fang Rutian groaned and said : "It's this guy who offended Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain and Golden Sun Sect, causing our Hundred Pagoda Sect to be left without help when facing the threat of Ghost Beast Overlord!"

Fang Zhijin is also here, he yelled : "Drive this guy out, he only knows how to cause trouble! Earlier, he insulted our fellow disciples from Pure Sun Thunder Sect! Quickly kick him out! If it were not for him, our Hundred Pagoda Sect would not turn into this!"

"Shut up!" Shen Bajian furiously rebuked : "What kind of thing are you? You dare to speak that way towards a pagoda master!"

Qin Yun however, is completely calm as he said : "I have just returned from Transcending Xuan Sea Region, I have already invited very strong helpers. Among them are the Nine Sun Sects, they have already promised to take care of the Ghost Beast Overlord!"

"Ha ha ha.. who will believe your lies?" Fang Rutian laughed loudly : "You want to stop the cooperation between our Hundred Pagoda Sect and Pure Sun Thunder sect right?"

Lei Xiaowei also laughed and said : "This pagoda master Qin is truly a joker! Oh that's right, did you not want him to take out a large amount of Regent Origin Stones?"

Fang Rutian hastily said : "That's right! He won a great amount of Regent Origin Stones from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain! Now that our Hundred Pagoda Sect is in such great peril, he has the biggest responsibility! It is because of him that we could not obtain the help of Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain and Golden Sun Sect!"

Fang Zhijin said : "We need to give Pure Sun Thunder Sect 8000 high quality Regent Origin Stones! Pagoda master Qin, no matter what, today you will have to hand over 4000!"


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