Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1046
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1046

Qin Yun smirked and nodded. Although Ye Yaoxue is assisting in the fusion process, it will still take a long time and Ye Yaoxue is also consuming a lot of energy. Qin Yun placed his hand on Ye Yaoxue's abdomen, then began pouring in his energy into her Dao Core. While Qin Yun is delivering his energy, Ye Yaoxue began using Sun and Moon Heart Sutra to fuse her energy with Qin Yun's and causing her Heavenly Rune martial spirit to release even stronger energy.

Ye Yaoxue curiously asked : "After the Gemini Heavenly Rune fuses with the mirror, what kind of change will occur?"

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei shook their heads because they truly don't know what will happen.

Ye Yaoxue became speechless for a few moments, than lightly groaned and said : "You two are really something! You don't know anything about the outcome but you still dared to do this!"

Xiao Yuemei said with smile : "Sister Ye, we are also very curious!"

"Alright. alright.. it doesn't matter now! Yuemei, your Mirror martial spirit is also very mysterious, it can copy other martial spirits and can even use multiple of them at the same time!" Ye Yaoxue said.

"Indeed but it is also not easy to use! It is mandatory for me to run around everywhere and use all kind of martial spirits. I just have too many of them!" Xiao Yuemei lightly sighed.

"You have so many martial spirits to use, many people would be envious of you if they knew but you are actually complaining!" Ye Yaoxue can not help but laugh as she spoke.

"I also have my own anxiety!" Xiao Yuemei giggled and said : "That is why I always keep eating, so that I don't feel anxiety!"

After more than a day passed by, the Gemini Heavenly Rune finally fused with the Mirror martial spirit completely with Ye Yaoxue's help. Ye Yaoxue hastily left to go rest, she has consumed a lot of energy and is also very tired.

"Brother, what's next?" Xiao Yuemei is waving her mirror and said with smile : "Sister Ye is really very awesome! Without her help, who knows when we would succeed!"

"Next I will be carving many runes into your mirror. They are mainly Star and Moon runes. This is to make sure your mirror can brand runes and even totems on materials!" Qin Yun said.

"Alright!" Xiao Yuemei handed over the mirror to Qin Yun and said with smile : "I will go find sister Dreaming Pig to play!"

She has been staying in this place for quite some days and feels bored. So she decided to just throw away her mirror and go have some fun! Qin Yun shook his head and laughed, then he began carving runes. He has also decided to report the matter to Yao Fang. When he told Yao Fang what he and Xiao Yuemei were planning to do, she was very worried and told him that he must report anything and everything regarding this matter.

"Sister Yao Fang, why don't you want to meet Yuemei? You are so worried about her, she must also be worried about you." Qin Yun said

"With my current appearance... aiii... I still don't want to see her. So long as I know that she is fine, it is enough for me!" Yao Fang.

"She and Yuelan are doing fine now, you don't need to be worried about them." Qin Yun said.

"Then I can also research Nine Sun World Extermination Scripture with ease of mind." Yao Fang faintly sighed and said : "Qin Yun, if there are any development, let me know."

Qin Yun continued carving runes on Xiao Yuemei's mirror according to how he carved on his own Gemini Treasure Mirror, it is to make sure that it would be able to brand runes properly. After he finished with his task, he sent message to Xiao Yuemei and told her to come back.

Xiao Yuemei is humming a tune and playing with her own ponytails with her hands as he arrived while jumping and hopping all the way. She said : "Brother, is it a success?"

"There is a Flame Dao rune in your mirror. As a test, give it a try whether or not you can make that rune appear out of your mirror and then brand it on paper." Qin Yun said.

"I will become an Inscription Master!" Xiao Yuemei said with charming smile. Then she held the handle of her mirror and began operating the mirror according to Qin Yun's instruction to print runes on talisman paper.

Xiao Yuemei used Qin Yun's Gemini Treasure Mirror a lot so this process is very familiar to her. Her mirror shone with white light as it gradually printed the rune on talisman paper.

"Success.. ha ha ha..." Xiao Yuemei very happily began laughing and jumping as she held onto Qin Yun.

Qin Yun laughed, took out his Gemini Treasure Mirror, handed it over to Xiao Yuemei and said : "There are many runes inside my Gemini Treasure Mirror. Now you will use my mirror to print runes into your mirror!"

"Alright." Xiao Yuemei took the Gemini Treasure Mirror and said again : "Brother tell me, do you think my mirror will be able to directly condense the recorded Spirit Bodies?"

Qin Yun's brows are pursed up as he said : "Your mirror can copy all kind of Spirit Bodies. If you want to condense them, you will need to pour in a lot of Spirit Power in your mirror. For example, I need to use Blood Spirit Power to carve runes."

Qin Yun took out a Spirit Sealing Pearl, there is a Star Spirit sealed inside, it was given to him by Yu Shutian.

"Come, pour in this Star Spirit's power into your mirror and see whether or not you can condense a common martial spirit!" Qin Yun said.

"I will give it a try!" Xiao Yuemei did exactly as Qin Yun instructed and soon Qin Yun saw that her mirror has begun releasing purple-gold light rays.

"Purple-gold martial spirit? Didn't I tell you to condense a common one?" Qin Yun said in amazement.

"It is common enough!" Xiao Yuemei said with charming smile.

Qin Yun became very excited seeing this scene. If Xiao Yuemei succeeds, then she will be able to refine martial spirits on her own. Not long after, Xiao Yuemei successfully condensed a purple-gold Flame martial spirit!

"Yuemei, you are truly Heaven Defying! Be very careful when you cross tribulation!" Qin Yun very happily pinched her face.

"Brother, what kind of martial spirit do you need now? I will refine one for you immediately!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile : "All of this is your contribution. I must say, you are far more powerful than your past life now!"

"I don't want any martial spirit now.. on the contrary I want Inscription Spirit.." the smile on Qin Yun's face suddenly disappeared.

Xiao Yuemei's expression also became grave after hearing this, she said : "Brother, do you really need one? I will refine one immediately!"

"Don't!" Qin Yun hastily stopped her and sternly warned her : "Yuemei, without my permission, never attempt to refine Inscription Spirit, Divine Ability martial spirit and Spirit Body that requires great amount of Spirit power!"

"Mmm." Xiao Yuemei repeatedly nodded : "I will surely remember."

"Yuemei, refining Inscription Spirit draws in Heavenly Tribulation! Maybe it will even have some kind of bad effect when you go through tribulation later! If the two of us perform the action together, we can endure the punishment together but if you try doing this on your own, it will be very dangerous." Qin Yun gently caressed Xiao Yuemei's face, his expression is filled with awe.

"I know, I will only refine martial spirits!" Xiao Yuemei hugged Qin Yun and said with faint smile : "Brother, I also don't want to die because then I won't be able to see you again..."

"Don't speak like this... wait until you become an Immortal, then you won't have to go through tribulation anymore and you will be able to act recklessly as much as you want!" Qin Yun laughed and lightly patted Xiao Yuemei's back.

"I will begin copying runes!" Xiao Yuemei began branding runes in her mirror from Gemini Treasure Mirror according to Qin Yun's instruction.

While she is doing that, Qin Yun let Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow out.

"Yangyang!" Xiao Yuemei laughed and lightly yelled.

Yangyang also called at Xiao Yuemei and began flying around her. Her nine colored long tail feathers look very beautiful as she flew.

"Brother, you let Yangyang out, what do you want to do?" Xiao Yuemei curiously asked.

Just as she finished talking, Qin Yun took out a large beast horn. This is the Immortal King beast's horn that was given to him by city master Murong. Originally he wanted to ask Bing Xing and Yao Fang to smelt it for him but now that Bing Xing has already left for Immortal Desolate, he can only do this himself.

"Yangyang, you should be able to smelt it, right?" Qin Yun asked.

Just as he finished speaking, Yangyang began spraying out nine colored flame out of her mouth on to that large beast horn. This underground room was originally cold but now it has become as hot as a smelting furnace. Although Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei has very high tolerance towards flame, they are still unable to endure this kind of dreadful flame released by Yangyang.

"Yangyang STOP!" Qin Yun hastily shouted to make Yangyang stop. Yangyang is also very clever and immediately stopped.

"So terrifying!" Xiao Yuemei is very shocked as she yelled.

Qin Yun hastily placed Yangyang into the 3rd pearl of Nine Sun Divine Soul, as well as the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron. He handed them over to Yao Fang to smelt the beast horn. Although Yao Fang's flame is very strong, it will still be difficult for her to smelt the bones of an Immortal King beast.

"Sister Yao Fang, please help me transform this Immortal King beast horn into the size of a small block. Let Yangyang help you smelt with her fire." Qin Yun said to Yao Fang.

"Alright. What's the matter with Yuemei's mirror?" Yao Fang asked.

"Her mirror.. it's even more awesome now.." Qin Yun reported the whole matter to Yao Fang. After hearing, she sternly warned him not to let Xiao Yuemei refine powerful Spirit Body on her own because it might draw in the strongest tribulation.

Qin Yun took out the Golden Sun Glorious Heaven Hammer, this is the Immortal Hammer he won from Jin Xuanhu. Although Jin Xuanhu lost two Immortal Hammers, he wholeheartedly accepted his loss and did not go back on his words. He even said that later he will craft even more powerful items.

"Brother, are you going to refine some tools?" Xiao Yuemei asked.

"Mmm, I want to make a saber, you want something?" Qin Yun replied.

"Nope, I don't want to burden you even more!" Xiao Yuemei shook her head and said.

"What are you saying? You are being too polite with me all of a sudden!" Qin Yun said with smile. Then he took out many multi colored materials and put them into smelting furnace. They are all six different colored Crystal Beast Bones, they were gifted to him by Jin Xuanhu. Although there aren't many, they are enough to make a very good item.

"Brother, are you trying to make King tools?" Xiao Yuemei curiously asked : "King tools are very difficult to make. Many Inscription Masters spend many years constantly refining King quality Dao tools and evolve them into King tools!"

"I also don't know whether or not I can succeed. I can only give it a try because I will need to use King tier runes, which I don't possess!" Qin Yun is also very annoyed about this.


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