Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1057
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1057

Qin Yun was quite scared just moments ago when he saw that gigantic turtle. But now that this Golden Turtle Great Immortal has turned into human form, it is merely so-so. Moreover, it has a turtle shell on it's back which looks hilarious.

"Golden Turtle Great Immortal? What kind of ghost are you? I never heard of you!" Qin Yun can sense that this turtle is not even a Half Immortal, it is merely a peak Martial Emperor but it calls itself a Great Immortal. He finds this very laughable.

"Ignorant child, I, your grandfather Golden Turtle Great Immortal, have lived for ten thousand years! I am known far and wide as the Ancient Beast Emperor! And you dare to say you don't recognize me?" Golden Turtle Great Immortal furiously said : "Are you afraid now?"

"Why should I be afraid? I am in a hurry, I don't have time to talk nonsense with you! Goodbye!" Qin Yun curled his lips as he spoke. Then he began flying towards that gigantic back star.

Golden Turtle Great Immortal is an ancient beast, his speed is not at all slow. He arrived ahead of Qin Yun in the blink of an eye. Then the turtle shell on his back suddenly flew out. Qin Yun only saw golden light flickering above him and then suddenly something completely covered him up as golden light kept flickering all around him. It is that turtle shell that was turned bigger by Golden Turtle Great Immortal and used like a lid to cover up and trap Qin Yun within. The turtle shell heavily dropped to the ground with Qin Yun inside and created a loud explosion.

"Ha ha ha...." Golden Turtle Great Immortal howled in laughter : "Want to run after meeting me? There is no chance!"

"Old turtle, I don't have any enmity or hatred with you, why are you attacking me? I don't have time to waste with you!" Qin Yun finished speaking and used his Sacred Eye. A light beam Has been shot out of his eye, pierced through the turtle shell and arrived outside. Then Qin Yun's body also turned into light beam and left the turtle shell using the path created by previous light beam.

Seeing Qin Yun run out of his shell, Golden Turtle Great Immortal is extremely amazed. Then he began boasting about how great he is and how everyone should kowtow to him and let him eat them. And Qin Yun insulted and ridiculed him saying that he is an old fool who have lived for countless years yet only managed to advance to peak Martial Emperor realm. This naturally angered the turtle and initiated a fight.

Qin Yun took out the saber he refined before with that Immortal King beast's horn. He has named this saber Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber. Golden Turtle Great Immortal furiously and ferociously rushed towards Qin Yun in a lightning like speed. His shriveled up old hands have pointy and sharp fingernails that are glittering like ice and snow, as they grabbed towards Qin Yun. Qin Yun did not expect this old turtle to be so fast because this speed is actually several times faster than Xu Xiaoba's. Qin Yun's heart shuddered thinking whether or not every peak Martial Emperor in Ancient Domain is as formidable as this old turtle.

Qin Yun is now a mid stage Martial Emperor. His speed is far superior to what it was back when he was initial stage Martial Emperor. He could easily evade the attack of the old turtle and then immediately chopped with his saber with a very fast speed. The old turtle did not expect Qin Yun to be so quick and powerful, not only Qin Yun evaded his attack, he even retaliated. Although Qin Yun's saber is a half finished product, Qin Yun can still pour in formidable energy in it and release it through the saber. His saber chopped down, it's blade containing Qin Yun's formidable Marital Emperor Xuan Power, as well as the power of Heavenly Might Dao Technique.

Heavenly Might Vast and Powerful!

Although Qin Yun has only mastered the 1st layer of Heavenly Might Dao Technique, this 'Heavenly Might Vast and Powerful' ability can amplify his power several fold.


A huge golden turtle shell suddenly appeared in the hand of the old turtle and blocked Qin Yun's ferocious saber attack. An explosion reverberated within the huge golden turtle shell. Frantic power of Heavenly Might shocked through all direction like a vast and mighty dragon. A fierce energy intent whizzed and surged violently as if a river turned over or a sea stirred. The old turtle actually managed to block Qin Yun's attack but his turtle shell cracked. His body has also been hit with surging energy, causing his blood to roll over and over inside his body.

"This little demon, how can he be so dreadful?" while Golden Turtle Great Immortal is extremely astonished and startled, Qin Yun arrived in a flash and again hacked down with his saber.

Although his power this time is not weaker than before, he still could not smoothly attack because that cracked turtle shell suddenly began flickering with golden light.

Hu hu hu...

Qin Yun sensed a powerful beast energy rushing over and immediately retracted his power. He was jolted back by the turtle shell. Golden Turtle Great Immortal took back his turtle shell and held it in his arm like a shield. The turtle shell is now flickering with golden light and frantic might is flowing through it's surface.

"Little demon, you dare to act savagely towards your grandpa turtle, you are courting death!" Golden Turtle Great Immortal has become even more confident after holding his turtle shell in his own hands and began to rebuke wildly.

Qin Yun arrived in the blink of an eye and hacked down with his saber again. His speed has been quick to the extreme. The old turtle only felt a vast and mighty, terrifying and ferocious power suddenly arrive before his eyes.


Qin Yun's saber hacked down, causing the earth to scream and a radius of more than two or three hundred kilometers split open. Rock burst out of the ground and created a large fountain on ground, it is truly a splendid sight. The old turtle's heart shuddered violently, although he managed to block Qin Yun's saber, he felt tremendous pressure and there are blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth. Qin Yun's saber has been jolted away after hitting the turtle shell and his hand began aching.

"This turtle shell is too fucking hard!" Qin Yun cursed in his heart and prepared to attack again.

At this time, Golden Turtle Great Immortal suddenly shouted : "Little friend, there is no hatred or enmity between us. There are neither grievances, nor injustice, why do we need to kill each other? Let's just stop this!"

"Fuck you!" Qin Yun loudly roared and rushed over to attack.

Just earlier Qin Yun also said the same thing but this old turtle ignored it because he thought he was very strong. The old turtle saw that Qin Yun is about to attack and his face exposed the fear in his heart.

"Big brother, spare me! I know my mistake!" Golden Turtle Great Immortal dropped to his knees and began kowtowing to Qin Yun. His head is plastered to the ground as his body continued to shiver.

"You are truly a coward!" Qin Yun coldly groaned and said : "Look at how terrified you are, you will never cross Half Immortal tribulation like this!"

"What big brother said is right, I hope that you can ignore this little one!" Golden Turtle Great Immortal said with pleading look : "Please let me go. The fault lies in my blurred old eyes, I saw wrongly!"

Qin Yun took out a black pill, handed it over and said : "Eat this pill and I will spare you!"

Seeing the sinister looking black pill, Golden Turtle Great Immortal's body can not help but shudder : "Big brother, what is this?"

"Relax, it is not a poison pill! If I wanted to kill you, I would not use precious pills, a few slashes from my saber is enough!" Qin Yun said with sneer.

Golden Turtle Great Immortal no longer dared to say anything and quickly gulped down the pill. The pill has been digested very quickly without any adverse effect.

"Big brother, what is the effect of this pill?" Golden Turtle Great Immortal asked in fear.

"That pill is very magical, each year from now on, you will suffer so much pain that you would want to die! Also you will suffer pain for several days each time! Only I have the antidote for this. If you don't listen to my orders, don't even think about getting the antidote!" Qin Yun said with a fake benevolent smile.

Golden Turtle Great Immortal wants to cry but no tears came out. He knows that his life is completely in Qin Yun's hands.

"From today, you are my old servant!" Qin Yun helped him up and said with smile : "You may call me young master!"

"Young master, I have been asleep for several years, I am very hungry. Permission to go seek food?" Golden Turtle Great Immortal asked, he has already accepted his fate.

"Just earlier, you wanted to eat me! You were really serious!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"No no no.. young master is very small, you would not even fit the gap of my teeth!" Golden Turtle Great Immortal said with bitter laugh : "My body is very big, I need to eat many things, especially after sleeping for many years!"

Golden Turtle Great Immortal is now cursing his own bad luck. He feels that if he were well fed, he could even kill Qin Yun. Qin Yun did not expect that this old turtle was fighting with empty stomach. He really found this situation extremely funny.

"Acting so arrogantly in front of me, you can only be struck down by thunder!" Qin Yun smiled in his heart.

"Young master, there is a 10 thousand year old wild boar over there. It is very strong, I hope that young master can help at that time!" Golden Turtle Great Immortal said.

"Alright, let's go and take a look. I have just broken through and this saber has also been refined recently. I need to test it out!" Qin Yun moved the saber in slicing motion and said with smile.

Golden Turtle Great Immortal became even more depressed. He really did not expect to run into this kind of human youth.

"I will bring you over there immediately!" Golden Turtle Great Immortal pointed towards a direction and said.

After they traveled for a short period of time, Qin Yun suddenly said : "Some people are approaching!"

"People? Are they hunters?" Golden Turtle Great Immortal immediately said in fright : "Young master, we should quickly hide!"


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