Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1069
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1069

You Feng very proudly looked at Qin Yun and said : "Now you know how awesome I am!"

Qin Yun smiled and did not say anything. You Feng took out her flying boat, then boarded along with Qin Yun and Gu Qiufei and flew towards the inner region of Great Ancient College. This time it is not easy to enter the inner region because they must go through the large gate of the inner region and the whole inner region is now sealed by barrier. Also they have to go through inspection. The guards at the gate are using aura tracing tools to inspect, so You Feng has been very worried but she has managed to pass through smoothly. She can't help but exclaim in admiration as to how wonderful Qin Yun's talismans are, they really managed to cover up her aura.

Not long after, they arrived at a seven storied pagoda. You Feng took out a sound transmission magic tool and sent sound transmission to someone.

A benevolent looking old woman appeared hastily. She looked at You Feng and said with gentle smile : "Xiao Feng, I have not seen you for a long time. Why don't you come often to visit me?"

"Granny Mu, I am very busy these days...." You Feng looked at Gu Qiufei and said : "This is the little girl I talked to you about. She is very cute and obedient, don't you dare bully her."

Granny Mu said with smile : "How can I bully her? Back then, I was actually bullied by you despite being your teacher!"

"Teacher You Feng, you are very vicious! How could you bully such a nice grandma?" Qin Yun said. You Feng fiercely glared at him.

"Xiao Feng, why are there black marks around your eyes?" Granny Mu asked.

"You won't understand this matter! Granny Mu, I am leaving. I will come back to see you again. Take good care of Xiao Fei, she has a big brother who is very difficult to handle!" You Feng said. She looked at Qin Yun and said again : "It is this brat!"

Qin Yun looked at Gu Qiufei and said : "Xiao Fei, from now on you must properly listen to granny Mu and study earnestly. You must also communicate with her properly."

Gu Qiufei obediently nodded and said : "Big brother, I will definitely study earnestly. I will make many pills and give them to you to eat!"

Granny Mu showed an affectionate expression as she said : "Such a good little girl, so sensible. I have not found a single obedient and well behaved girl like you this year. I will surely take good care of you. I will teach you as if you are my own granddaughter."

"Many thanks granny Mu." Gu Qiufei very happily held granny Mu's hand.

Granny Mu stroked Gu Qiufei's head, looked at Qin Yun and asked : "Little big brother, do you want to be Xiao Feng's student?"

You Feng immediately yelled : "I don't want this kind of student!"

If Qin Yun becomes her student, he would surely anger her to the point of insanity. She really has no way to deal with Qin Yun.

"I am not, I also want to become a teacher!" Qin Yun looked at You Feng and said with smile : "She is not worthy of being my teacher!"

"What did you say? What is so bad about me? I was one of the top ten teachers in the college last year!" You Feng exploded in anger as she yelled.

"That's because everyone is afraid of you so they gave you a spot!" Qin Yun chuckled and said.

"Hmph!" You Feng grabbed Qin Yun's wrist, forcefully pinched and said : "I will now take you to become a teacher, you will know how hard it is to become one of the top ten!"

You Feng directly carried along Qin Yun like a cloth on wire and flew up to her flying boat and then flew away.

Granny Mu said with smile : "This girl Xiao Feng, she has met her match!"

Gu Qiufei also smiled and nodded.

While traveling, the flying boat went through many large manors with large gardens, there are many of these large manors with large gardens inside the Great Ancient College's inner region. These areas belong to Holy Assembly, Dark Assembly and Demon Beast Alliance, respectively known as Dark District, Holy District and Demon Beast District. Dark Assembly has the smallest territory in the college while Demon Beast Alliance has the largest, they even have a huge lake that supplies water into their territory.

While sitting on the flying boat, Qin Yun looked at the Nether Sun Star in the sky and said with sigh : "I really wish I could go to the Nether Sun Star to take a look! Teacher You Feng, can you take me up? I will make a set of a very good equipment for you free of charge!"

"I also want to take you up! But you are not a disciple of Nether Sect, so it can not be helped. Wait until I become leader of the Nether Sect! I will change some rules and take up for a stroll!" You Feng said.

"How long will I have to wait?" Qin Yun rolled his eyes at You Feng and asked.

"You are now mid stage Martial Emperor, won't it take you quite long to become peak Martial Emperor? Then you will have to prepare for Half Immortal tribulation. You must pass through tribulation to become a disciple of Nether Sect... I will surely become the sect leader before you achieve that! It will take about a thousand years!" You Feng very confidently said.

"I will become an Immortal in thousand years!" Qin Yun curled his lips and said : "Relax, I will surely become Half Immortal very soon!"

You Feng showed an expression of disbelief, then she very disdainfully groaned, pointed towards a kilometer tall pagoda and said : "You see that pagoda? That is the education center of the Great Ancient College, many teachers and outstanding students live there. I will now take you to register, after you pass through the teacher assessment, you can become a teacher!"

"Truly troublesome!" Qin Yun doubtfully looked at You Feng and asked : "Are you really the Holy Maiden of Nether Sect? How come you have not least bit of authority? I thought I could easily become a teacher through the connection with the Holy Maiden!"

"If you want to become a teacher in Great Ancient College, you need approval from all three factions of the college, I alone can't do anything." You Feng is very angry because Qin Yun is always doubting her : "You don't understand anything, you just continuously doubt me!"

The education center is directly at the center area among the Dark District, Holy District and Demon Beast District. The higher the floor teachers and students stay in, the higher their ranking.

You Feng handed over a sealed letter to Qin Yun and said : "This is my recommendation letter. I wrote that you are the friend of my friend's friend's disciple! Nobody will doubt our relationship this way!"

Qin Yun took the letter and said with frown : "What if someone doubts about what's going on?"

"I am worried that people would gossip that we are lovers!" You Feng said : "I will drop you off at the gate of the education center, you go in on your own! Also last time when we signed soul contract we agreed that I would help you become student but the situation has changed now...."

Next the two of them modified their soul contract and resigned it. As soon as it is done, Qin Yun jumped down from the flying boat. You Feng operated the flying boat at it's quickest speed to fly away, she is really worried that someone would see them together and begin a gossip.

"What an odd woman!" Qin Yun shook his head and then hastily entered the hall on the 1st floor of the pagoda.

There are many reception desk on this hall, Qin Yun saw one of the reception desks have the sign 'Teacher Assessment Registration' written on it. There is a woman sitting behind the desk.

Qin Yun walked over, handed over the recommendation letter to the woman and said : "I am here to register for the teacher assessment."

"Name and cultivation?" that woman asked.

"Qin Yun, mid stage Martial Emperor." Qin Yun replied.

"What? All of our students are late and peak stage Martial Emperors, with your cultivation you are only qualified to teach children!" the woman said with frown.

"The recommendation letter was written by teacher You Feng!" Qin Yun pointed at the recommendation letter.

After the woman read the letter carefully, she said in amazement : "Alright, if you can pass the assessment, you can become a teacher! The registration fee is 100 million star coins. If you fail, we will return 80 million!"

"100 million?" Qin Yun rained curses at You Feng in his heart. Since she did not tell him anything before it means she wanted to cheat him.

"You don't have them? Didn't teacher You Feng tell you about this?" that woman doubtfully asked.

"Of course she did. She said to put it on her account and she will pay it back later. You can see that I am a mid stage Martial Emperor, how can I have a 100 million? Since You Feng is vouching for me, is there any need for being anxious?" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Alright, if we don't get the money after a period of time, we will revoke your teaching qualification and black list you!" the woman nodded. She handed over a card to Qin Yun and told him to drop blood on it.

"Go to 5th floor with this card and you can participate in the assessment." that woman said again.

"Many thanks big sister!" Qin Yun smiled and then began walking towards the stairs.

That woman faintly smiled and said : "He wants to become a teacher with mid stage Martial Emperor cultivation? This must be teacher You Feng's prank! This brat will be tormented to death! Teacher You Feng really knows how to have fun!"

Qin Yun arrived at a very wide hall on the 5th floor. There are many middle aged and old people here and a very few young people. After waiting for more than half the day, over 300 people gathered at this hall and the assessment began.

"Those who want to be the teachers of the Great Ancient College, must have proper ability and be skilled in guiding students. Your assessment will also test all of these aspects!" an old man shouted from one end of the hall : "Everyone, follow me to the 6th floor!"

Soon after they arrived at a very large hall in the 6th floor. That old man yelled : "Those who think they have lowest cultivation, come to my side."

Nobody walked over because here, everyone except Qin Yun is Half Immortal. Even those young people are all 1st tribulation Half Immortal. Qin Yun knows that he is the lowest in cultivation and walked over to the old man's side.

"Young man, what is your cultivation?" that old man looked at Qin Yun and doubtfully asked : "From your aura, looks like you are Martial Emperor?"

"Senior has good eyes, I am indeed mid stage Martial Emperor!" Qin Yun said.

All the candidates became stunned for a moment because they did not expect that a mid stage Martial Emperor to dare take the assessment. Then they all burst into laughter. Qin Yun already foreseen this kind of situation so he is not bothered at all.

"Silence! Nobody is allowed to laugh! It is not necessary to have high cultivation or to be old to become a teacher!" that old man shouted.

Qin Yun approves of his words very much and repeatedly nodded.


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