Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1079
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1079

President Su rained curses at Qin Yun in his heart as he handed over the star coins. Lu Hanchen and Xue Die's expression also became better. Even Bai Kuang also showed smile on his face. He did not expect to get back 50 million star coins. This can be considered a very large profit for him.

"President Su, I want to ask you about something. Is it possible to construct my classroom on the sky above the lake?" Qin Yun asked.

"On the sky above the lake? So long as you don't construct in the middle of the lake! If you have the ability, then go ahead and construct your classroom on the sky above the lake!" president Su thought for a bit and said.

"Alright, then we are leaving." Qin Yun finished speaking and left with his students.

President Su continued cursing as he watched them leave : "What the fuck! How the hell did this guy manage to recruit these students? Especially Lu Hanchen and Xue Die.. well Xue Die, I understand her motive, she has been looking for teachers everywhere to accept her but what the hell is wrong with Lu Hanchen? Did he eat some wrong medicine? Why is he running around with this bullshit teacher? Hmph.. Qin Yun.. ahh.. Qin Yun.. you dared to accept Xue Die, if You Feng doesn't cause trouble for you, Xue Die's family will definitely cause trouble! I will wait and see the drama unfold!"

After they all came out of the library, Shui Weiwei asked : "Teacher, you still have not constructed our classroom?"

Qin Yun said with smile : "I haven't, I decided to wait until I recruit enough students. As you have heard just now, I want to construct classroom on the sky above the lake, what do you all think?"

Lu Hanchen said : "The lake shore is a very good place to construct classroom, mountain on one side, water on the other... but there are no more space. Teacher wants to construct our classroom on the sky above the lake, it is the best place! But how will you do it?"

"It will be too easy!" Qin Yun said with smile.

At this time, Qin Yun suddenly sensed You Feng's aura.

Xue Die said : "Teacher Qin, you've got trouble!"

You Feng has suddenly arrived, Qin Yun is very clear that it was president Su who informed her about Xue Die and the truth is indeed so. You Feng arrived, then looked at Qin Yun, Xue Die and Lu Hanchen one by one. Lu Hanchen somewhat feels guilty towards You Feng because it was him who directed Xue Die towards Qin Yun.

"Qin Yun, you bastard, you actually dared to poach someone from this old mother's den!" You Feng gnashed her teeth in anger as she spoke.

"Xue Die voluntarily joined me.. if you did not treat her badly, she would not have done so! This is your mistake, you should carefully reflect upon it!" Qin Yun very calmly replied.

Xue Die found Qin Yun's behavior to be somewhat unexpected. She however doesn't know that Qin Yun and You Feng knows each other.

"Alright!" You Feng stamped her feet and said : "Xue Die, by becoming his student, are you trying to cause trouble for him?"

Xue Die said in cold voice : "I gave him many benefits! Moreover, we have a fair deal, he needs student, I need freedom! I have no freedom when I am with you!"

Qin Yun said with smile : "You had always been restricting her, nobody would want to live like that!"

"Qin Yun, you know shit! Xue Die's family has very high position inside Nether Sect! She is very likely to become a Holy Maiden! She had been staying with me to learn in advance about what is required of Holy Maidens in Nether Sect!" You Feng coldly groaned and said.

"I don't want to be Holy Maiden! I only want to live carefree!" Xue Die said in a very serious tone.

Qin Yun is very shocked in his heart, he did not expect that Xue Die's background would be even more awesome than Lu Hanchen's. Even if Lu Hanchen wanted to become a disciple of Nether Sect, Nether Sect would not take him because of his subpar talent. Xue Die however, is most likely a disciple of Nether Sect. But despite that, she has come here to be a student, clearly she is trying to avoid the Nether Sect.

You Feng glared at Lu Hanchen and furiously said : "This must be your doing! You must have recommended Xue Die to Qin Yun! You bastard!"

"Teacher You Feng, you can not wrongfully accuse me! I have not done anything!" Lu Hanchen's forehead is filled with sweat as he said with forced smile.

Qin Yun hastily sent sound transmission to You Feng : "You should relax! I will soon finish refining your Blood Phoenix Nether Spear! You should properly cooperate with me, don't deliberately cause trouble for me again! I will deal with Xue Die's problems.. oh that's right, if you try to cause trouble for my students again, I will tell everyone that you destroyed the college plaza!"

"Wretched bastard!" You Feng cursed and then asked through sound transmission : "How long it will take you to refine it? Several years?"

"Several years? You look down on this Qin Yun too much! It won't even take one month to finish it!" Qin Yun replied.

"Less than a month? Will you make it with mud or something?" You Feng doesn't believe this at all : "Others took several years to refine that spear for me. If you want to make one better than the previous one, you will surely take even longer!"

"Just go back and wait!" Qin Yun impatiently replied. You Feng lightly groaned, turned around and flew away.

Now Xue Die can realize more or less that Qin Yun and You Feng knows each other. She is very curious about them. She looked at Lu Hanchen and asked : "Does teacher Qin and You Feng know each other?"

Qin Yun said with smile : "We became friends reluctantly!"

Bai Kuang and Shui Weiwei are both very shocked. Even though they are new, they know about You Feng. She is even more famous than Lu Chaoshuai. Yet Qin Yun is acquainted with her. Now not only Bai Kuang but even Xue Die is also very curious about Qin Yun's true identity. Only Lu Hanchen knows that Qin Yun is a heaven defying Inscription Master. That is why You Feng shows goodwill towards Qin Yun.

"Teacher, will we be constructing our classroom next? What kind of classroom should we construct?" Shui Weiwei asked.

"We should make a large mansion with courtyard! It is not difficult but making it on the sky above the lake is the most difficult part!" Lu Hanchen said.

Qin Yun said with smile : "Our classroom must be imperious! Must be very big! It must be the best in the whole Great Ancient College!"

Lu Hanchen said : "We have 5 students, should we go all out?"

Yan Tianjie said with foolish smile : "I like big! Big is good!"

Xue Die said : "Doesn't matter to me, I have a place to live anyways!"

"Wait for me at the lake side. Oh that's right, can I leave the college now?" Qin Yun asked. Because of the destruction of the plaza, the college has been in lockdown.

"Sure, you can leave as you wish now! We will wait at the lake side for teacher." Lu Hanchen said.

Although Xue Die is a very fierce and wild woman, she is very nice and protective towards the little girl Shui Weiwei. She is even calling Shui Weiwei 'senior sister'. Both Lu Hanchen and Bai Kuang finds this situation utterly shocking. However Qin Yun understands this, Xue Die's current disposition is because of bitter and cruel cultivation forced on her by her family since childhood, her family did not allow her to feel any kind of affection. Shui Weiwei on the other hand is a very gentle and tender little sister, causing Xue Die to feel very affectionate.

Qin Yun left the college ground on his own. Then he left the city and arrived at a far away desolate area. He found a very sturdy and very large rock mountain, then used Finger Chopping Mountains and Rivers skill to cut it off smoothly from the ground, creating a kilometer radius of flat land. Then he shaped the newly cut off rock mountain into the shape of an small island. Then he created some pearls and carved Star and Moon runes into them which causes them to fly. He then embedded the pearls into the small island, this allows the island to float in air.

Qin Yun made the island fly and then stood on it. He nodded in satisfaction : "After going back we will be able to build buildings and other things on the island!"

He spent two days to complete all of this. He hastily returned to the Great Ancient College and arrived at the lake side of the Dark Institute's classroom area. He found out that apart from Xue Die and Lu Hanchen, others are waiting for his return.

"Where is Lu Hanchen and Xue Die?" Qin Yun asked.

"Sister Xue Die said that she wanted to cultivate and little Lu went to have fun." Shui Weiwei replied.

"I let you all wait for two days, I am truly very sorry. We will soon have a magnificent classroom!" Qin Yun said with smile.

In these two days all the students and teachers of the college found out that Qin Yun has managed to recruit 5 students. However they don't know that Xue Die and Lu Hanchen has become Qin Yun's students. Both president Su and You Feng decided to conceal this matter. President Su feels that he can not deal with Xue Die and Lu Hanchen's family if they knew that he did not try to stop Qin Yun from registering them as his student, so he concealed the news. As for You Feng, she thinks that Xue Die and Lu Hanchen's family will cause trouble for Qin Yun and make him go into hiding, she won't get her new spear if that happens, so she also concealed the news.

Students frequently come to the lake side. Shui Weiwei, Bai Kuang and Yan Tianjie has been waiting here for two days, it caused many students to pay attention to them. Not long after Qin Yun arrived, he saw more than ten people are coming over from distance.

"Lu Chaoshuai is coming!" Shui Weiwei lightly groaned and said.

Qin Yun looked at Bai Kuang and said with smile : "Bai Kuang, teacher Lu should be thinking of taking you back!"

Bai Kuang has been thinking of this matter hard for two days, whether or not to follow Qin Yun. He can see that Qin Yun is a very good person and also very mysterious, even Lu Hanchen is very respectful to Qin Yun. Lu Chaoshuai lost a student and several million star coins to a mid stage Martial Emperor, he lost the greatest amount of face. He heard that Qin Yun and his students are at the lake side and decided to come over to pester them.

"Oh, isn't that teacher Qin? I heard you recruited 5 students, why are there only 3 now? And where is your classroom? Could it be that you have no classroom?" Lu Chaoshuai said with sneer : "How about you transfer all of your students to my class? My classroom is very big, I promise that every student will have a cultivation room and bathroom!"

Shui Weiwei yelled : "There are many place here! There are only few of us, we will be able to find a big enough place to construct a big classroom!"

"Little girl, you don't understand! Do you know why everyone congregates at the lake side? Because this is a holy lake! Cultivation speed is very fast near the holy lake!" Lu Chaoshuai said with chuckle.

He continued : "Your teacher Qin is basically unable to find a place near lake side to construct classroom. If you can not cultivate near the holy lake, you will surely fall behind a lot!"


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