Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1101
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1101

Qin Yun reluctantly smiled at Xuan Xin and said : "Senior, I will take my leave!"

Just as he wanted to fly away, he was blocked by Xuan Xin.

"Wait! You just said that you can refine a floating island for me. And you only want materials right?" Xuan Xin asked.

"Mmm." Qin Yun nodded.

Xue Jiuming is completely shocked and amazed by what he has heard about Qin Yun. Xuan Xin's 3rd brother is precisely that grandfather of Xue Die and clan head of Xue clan whom Qin Yun captured, this is extremely unexpected. Xue Jiuming even finds this heard to believe. He now suspects that Qin Yun has some very powerful magic tools.

"10 billion star coins!" Qin Yun glanced at Xue Jiuming and said.

"10 billion? Why don't you go rob people! Is it truly that expensive?" the smile on Xuan Xin's face disappeared. Then she pinched Xue Jiuming's waist.

Qin Yun did not expect that Xuan Xin would act like naughty little girl despite her age. Judging by Xuan Xin and Xue Jiuming's expression, it is clear that Xuan Xin is trying to force Xue Jiuming to pay for the floating island.

"These are all for buying materials! I am not even getting my labor fee!" Qin Yun helplessly sighed.

After that they started bickering over price, where Qin Yun kept giving ridiculous excuses for high price, which even 10 years old children would recognize as pure lies let alone Xuan Xin and Xue Jiuming who has lived for thousands of years. When asked to reduce price, Qin Yun only reduced by 50 million and then 100 million. It must be noted that these star coins are completely useless outside the Ancient Domain and Qin Yun wants to return to Transcending Xuan Sea Region. So basically he will never be able to use all of these star coins and will have to leave behind a lot of them to others. What would be more useful to Qin Yun are good materials for refining magic tools and he should get as much as he wants from these two influential people. But for some odd reason, as if his actions are being controlled by someone and his brain has turned into the brains of chickens, he constantly bickered over some useless star coins. What a mystery!

Even when Xue Jiuming asked Qin Yun to give him some face and lower the price, Qin Yun just said that it is because he is giving face to Xue Jiuming that he even offered to refine a floating island for Xuan Xin and if others asked him, he would have told them to fuck off. It must be noted, that these people can kill Qin Yun with a slap and steal everything he has and that is exactly what they do usually. But for some unknown reason, they are actually being intentionally swindled by Qin Yun. It is as if they know that some unknown power is protecting Qin Yun and he can not be killed and they just have to play along! Qin Yun's confident attitude in dealing with these two also makes it look like that he is aware that he is being protected by some unknown power and he can not be killed! So he should just act like a complete twat! What a great mystery!

After bickering like children as if they are splitting some marbles, the price finally dropped down to 9.7 billion. At this point Xue Jiuming said he wanted to check out the floating island first to see if it is worth it. Qin Yun brought them on to his flying disk and flew towards his floating island. Xuan Xin is also very fascinated by the flying disk and wants it but Qin Yun asked 2 billion for it so she stopped talking about it. Not long after, they arrived at the floating island and both Xuan Xin and Xue Jiuming are full of praises after watching the scenery because they can see all the beautiful scenery around the lake shore from this floating island.

"This floating island can move, also it can float up or down." Qin Yun said.

"Is this little girl your student? She is so adorable!" after Xuan Xin saw Shui Weiwei, she immediately ran over and stroked Shui Weiwei's adorable face.

"Weiwei, this is our dean Xue Jiuming and this is... senior Xuan Xin.." Qin Yun said.

"Ahhh... dean!" Shui Weiwei cried out in shock because these people are considered to be great personage in her eyes.

"Little girl, did you learn anything good following behind this teacher? How about becoming my student? I am a 6th tribulation Half Immortal and an elder of the Great Ancient College's main institute." Xuan Xin said to Shui Weiwei with smile.

Qin Yun secretly cursed at Xuan Xin.

"Teacher is very good to me, he made me very strong and even gave me toys to play with!" Shui Weiwei said in low voice. Then she controlled her wooden puppets and made them run over. She has been having fun playing with them.

"Teacher Qin, I must say that you have great capability! Originally I thought that you are only expert in little tricks and refining tools but now I can see that you are also very adept at teaching!" Xuan Xin said with smile.

Qin Yun only smiled in return and said : "Dean, senior Xuan Xin, what do you think of the floating island?"

Xue Jiuming said with smile : "Very good! It is indeed far better than my isle! So, 9.5 billion right?"

Qin Yun said with smile : "Dean, you are remembering wrong! We agreed on 9.7 billion!"

"Teacher Qin, I am not remembering wrong! It is 9.5 billion!" Xue Jiuming said with embarrassed smile.

"Alright." Qin Yun smiled and took out his star coin card.

Xue Jiuming very reluctantly transferred 9.5 billion star coins to Qin Yun. Just as Qin Yun guessed earlier, Xuan Xin made Xue Jiuming pay for the island.

Xuan Xin patted Xue Jiuming's shoulder and said : "Jiuming, this bit of star coins is not much for you, right?"

"It's ok." Xue Jiuming said with forced smile.

Shui Weiwei is shocked and apprehensive looking at this scene. She did not expect that the floating island's value would be this much. However, she also finds this situation very funny because the dean of Great Ancient College is such a henpecked man.

"Senior Xuan Xin, do you think I will be able to become Nether Sect's disciple in the future?" Qin Yun suddenly asked.

"No! You are a brat with dark heart! Don't even think about becoming a disciple of my Nether Sect!" Xuan Xin said with smile.

Qin Yun only laughed out, although he wanted to ask about Nether Sect's leader, he recalled that Xuan Xin said that she has not seen her father for a long time, so Qin Yun decided not to ask anything.

"Teacher Qin, You family's clan convention will be going on for several more days, do you want to go there with me?" Xue Jiuming asked.

"Jiuming, are you trying to get him killed? When rumors of his relationship with You Feng broke out, 2nd brother was thinking of all kinds of methods to kill him! Luckily Xue Die saved him! It won't be good for him to go to 2nd brother's You family's clan gathering. On top of that, eldest brother and 3rd brother's relationship is not very good because of his and Xue Die's relationship!" Xuan Xin said with smile.

Xuan Xin's eldest brother is the family lord of Ming family. Xue Die is coveted by many younger generations of Ming family. They can be considered close relatives related by marriage. According to the situation, Qin Yun now has contradiction with Ming family, You family and Xue clan.

Qin Yun looked at Shui Weiwei and said with smile : "Senior Xuan Xin, it seems like you are very fond of Weiwei. Why don't you take her to see the convention? This girl is very outstanding but not appreciated by her clan. She also wants to go to the convention."

"Teacher, I don't wanna go! I want to stay here with you!" Shui Weiwei lightly yelled.

"Alright, I will take her to the convention!" Xuan Xin said with smile and then pulled Shui Weiwei towards herself : "Weiwei, don't worry. Your teacher will be refining a floating island for me. He doesn't need you to accompany him."

Qin Yun also nodded at Shui Weiwei. If Shui Weiwei goes to the convention with Xue Jiuming and Xuan Xin, Shui family's people won't dare to look down on Shui Weiwei in the future and her position in the family will rise. Xuan Xin and Xue Jiuming also understands what Qin Yun is thinking and they approve of Qin Yun's way of thinking very much.

"I will go dress up!" Shui Weiwei said and very happily returned to her house.

Xuan Xin said : "Teacher Qin, lend me your flying disc. It will be convenient to bring back Weiwei later."

Qin Yun handed over the flying disc and asked : "Can I leave the Great Ancient College now?"

"Of course! We could not find the culprit who destroyed the Great Ancient Plaza, so there is no point in continuing the restriction." Xuan Xin said.

"Then I will go to the city to buy materials!" Qin Yun said with smile and left.

Just like last time, Qin Yun went to that rocky mountain area and cut apart a mountain. The core of the floating island are those floating pearls. He has already carved the runes required for the floating pearls into the Gemini Treasure Mirror. So this time, he managed to refine those pearls very fast and a whole floating island within a day. Then he returned to the Great Ancient College.

"I will take this opportunity to refine You Feng's Blood Phoenix Nether Spear and shield!" Qin Yun took out the materials given to him by You Feng as well as two furnace.

He let Yang Yang out and had her spit out some flames into the furnace. Majority of these materials are King tier, a very few are Half Immortal tier. It would have been quite difficult and time consuming for Qin Yun to smelt them but with Yang Yang's flame, he easily smelted them. Then he used Golden Sun Glorious Heaven Hammer to forge the smelted materials. He finished refining the spear within a day but he has not carved any runes yet, he spent his time to make the spear look pretty so that You Feng doesn't complain later that her previous one was more beautiful. Then he crafted a shield, it looks as if a fiery phoenix has spread it's wings. It is very beautiful.

"Now it is time to make Xue Die's chain!" Qin Yun will use a very specific material to craft this chain which will be able to become longer or shorter as user wishes.

He used total 3 days to complete 3 items. Now only thing left is to carve runes on them. He decided to properly rest first and then begin carving runes. But just as he finished resting, Xue Die suddenly arrived. Xue Die is wearing luxurious blood red clothes, wearing luxurious red colored hair ornaments. Clearly she was at You family's clan convention.

"Teacher, You Feng sent me to come look for you for help! She is in trouble!" Xue Die said anxiously.

"What kind of trouble?" Qin Yun is somewhat curious : "Isn't she at her family's convention? She is also the Holy Maiden, what kind of trouble can she have? Right, people must be pestering her for marriage and she wants to use me as a shield!"

Xue Die sighed and said : "You Feng said that you repaired Cloud Star Sword and the family chief of You family decided to fight with it. It became damaged and those shameless bastards pushed the blame on you! Then they brought up the fact that you broke Blood Phoenix Nether Spear and said that they will come deal with you!"

Qin Yun cursed loudly : "Motherfucker! They are the ones broke it! It is not on me!"

Xue Die said : "Teacher, you should run as far away as possible and never come back! These guys know no shame!"

"I am not running, I will go and make things clear! If I run, won't I have to bear this slander forever? Let's go!" Qin Yun furiously said.


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