Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1106
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1106

Qin Yun looked at the saber in that handsome young man's hand and said with smile : "Half Immortal tool? I don't have any but I want to use my half finished King tool to compete with your Half Immortal tool!"

The young man burst into laughter, the others from Holy Assembly also followed suit.

At this time, Xuan Xin suddenly walked over and yelled : "Qin Yun, that Half Immortal tool is not a joke! Quickly go back and finish crafting my floating island!"

Since Ancient Domain is far away from Immortal Desolate, the number of Half Immortal tools is very low here, Immortal tools are even fewer. But back in Spirit Desolate, since many Immortals came to Spirit Desolate during ancient times and brought their Immortal tools with them, there were still quite a lot of Immortal tools, not to mention a great many Half Immortal tools. Even Qin Yun now has a few.

"Teacher Qin, I have already conceded, your King tool is indeed very powerful. You don't need to compete and have your King tools destroyed just because of some words!" Nangong Shuiru looked at the Blood Phoenix Nether Spear in Qin Yun's hands, her beautiful eyes are showing an expression of longing and affection as she persuaded : "Please don't destroy the weapon you have worked so hard on!"

Qin Yun stored the Blood Phoenix Nether Spear and said with smile : "I won't use this spear to compete!"

Xuan Xin lightly slapped Qin Yun's head and yelled : "Brat, quickly go back! Don't dillydally here! Your King tools are very powerful and precious. If you ruin them, won't you feel heartache?"

Xue Zhuo also walked over, coldly looked at that young man and said : "Qin Yun he is the son of Heavenly Saber Sect's sect master, Zhuo Luqian(Kills thousands). He is a 3rd tribulation Half Immortal. The saber in his hand is one of the 3 Heavenly Sabers of his sect, it is called Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber. Back in the days, when I fought his father, this saber destroyed my weapon and even left several scars on my body!"

Zhuo Luqian proudly smiled and said : "Senior Xue Zhuo, that is a matter of thousand years ago! You still vividly remember it! That means the shadow left in your heart by the Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber is not a shallow one!"

Qin Yun used Extinction Spirit Eye to look at the Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber. Although it is very powerful in many people's eyes, it is merely trash in Qin Yun's eyes.

"Shuiru, he destroyed your Heavenly Constellation Sword. I will now take revenge in your place!" Zhuo Luqian proudly said.

Zhuo Luqian is pursuing Nangong Shuiru. Although she has many pursuers, only Zhuo Luqian has come out now to seek revenge for her.

Nangong Shuiru shook her head and said with sigh : "Young master Zhuo, forget it! You are using a Half Immortal weapon to compete against a King tool. You don't need to bully people!"

Zhuo Luqian looked at Qin Yun and said with smile : "He just said that he will compete against my Half Immortal tool with his King tool! Qin Yun, if you are a man, don't go back on your words! Quickly take out your King tool and pit it against my Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber!"

Qin Yun immediately took out his Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber. Nangong Shuiru immediately focused her attention on it and began carefully observing. Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber doesn't have any runes carved on it, it also looks very ordinary, there is not a bit of trace of power in it. One the other hand, Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber looks very majestic and imperious.

"Your saber has no runes on it? It is half finished?" Nangong Shuiru asked.

"Teacher, what kind of powerful quality does your saber have?" You Shenbing carefully observed the saber but can't find anything special about it.

"I haven't carved any runes. I want to temper it while it doesn't have any runes carved on it. Many weapons are very weak without the protection of runes. That is why when the runes are a bit damaged during fight, the whole weapon falls apart. Teacher Nangong's Heavenly Constellation Sword was also like that." Qin Yun said.

Zhuo Luqian said with sneer : "Stop bullshitting! You just don't have any good runes to carve on such hard blade. That is why all of your weapons are half finished!"

Qin Yun said with smile : "It is as you said! I can not currently carve runes on it because I really don't have appropriate runes!"

Zhuo Luqian laughed loudly and said : "Did you hear him? He doesn't have good runes to carve on his saber! Can he still be called an Inscription Master? You Shenbing, you are really pitiful, your master is such a poor ghost!"

Xue Die and You Feng are very familiar with Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber. They destroyed the whole Great Ancient Plaza with this saber. You Feng is especially very aware of it's power since she has used it once and seen it in action another time. She is very clear that this saber is far superior to the Blood Phoenix Nether Spear Qin Yun refined for her. But even so she is very happy because her spear is far more superior than Nangong Shuiru's sword!

Zhuo Luqian shouted : "You guys don't bother advising Qin Yun again. He is a real man! He won't go back on his words! Now step back and give us enough room to compete!"

You Feng said with sneer : "Zhuo Luqian, you are a 3rd tribulation Half Immortal, don't you feel any shame competing against a peak Martial Emperor?"

"Then why don't you take the weapon and compete against me?" Zhuo Luqian replied with sneer.

"You are several times more powerful than me, how about this, I will use Qin Yun's saber and you give your saber to teacher Nangong so that we can compete?" You Feng said with sneer.

"This... my saber must be used by me! Others who aren't familiar with it won't be able to unleash it's true power and may also be injured by the backlash from it! There is nothing to be done, all the best weapons are like this!" Zhuo Luqian quickly gave some excuse.

Xue Zhuo said with sneer : "Zhuo Luqian, this saber belongs to your father, he merely lent it to you to show off! You are saying that you are very proficient in using it? All I see is that you are very reluctant to give it to teacher Nangong!"

Zhuo Luqian shouted in anger : "Xue Zhuo, don't bullshit here! I am truly worried that Shuiru will be injured by my saber!"

Nangong Shuiru naturally knows that Zhuo Luqian doesn't at all want to let her use that saber. It is actually pretty natural behavior, since it is a Half Immortal tool. Many Inscription Masters are capable of deciphering dark lines of magic tools just by using it. If Nangong Shuiru is allowed to use the Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber, it is highly likely that she will be able to learn all the dark lines inside it. It will be a very big loss for Heavenly Saber Sect. This is known by all the senior Inscription Masters present but they have not said anything.

"Teacher Nangong, how about you use my saber and compete with him?" Qin Yun asked and without waiting for a reply, threw his saber towards Nangong Shuiru.

Nangong Shuiru has no choice but to quickly grab the saber. But after grabbing the saber she frowned and said : "So light! Why is it so light? Teacher Qin, isn't it better if the weapon is heavier?"

"Of course it is! My Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber is 300 thousand jin(1 jin = 500 gm)! Shuiru, how heavy is teacher Qin's saber?" Zhuo Luqian said with smile.

"Not even a thousand jin!" Nangong Shuiru said with frown. She continued to examine the saber but can't understand heads from tails.

"Ha ha ha... not even a thousand jin! Just a small portion of my saber is heavier than his whole saber!" Zhuo Luqian said with sneer.

"Quickly start!" Xuan Xin yelled. She also wants to see how powerful Qin Yun's King tool truly is.

Nangong Shuiru is filled with doubt as she began injecting her Half Immortal power into the Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber. She immediately discovered that her energy is very fluently being stored inside the saber. When she used her Heavenly Constellation Sword before, she was very careful when injecting her power into the sword, so that she doesn't destroy the sword. But now she can clearly sense that her power is constantly being stored inside Qin Yun's saber and there is no stopping it.

She now feels that this saber can literally store infinite amount of energy! This will let her unleash a very powerful attack. The most shocking thing for her is the fact that the saber can achieve this without the assistance of runes! The main reason runes are carved on weapons is to make sure that the weapons can store a great amount of energy. Now she knows why Qin Yun's King tools are so powerful even without the runes.

Now she has decided to inject as much of her power as possible into the saber. Her energy flowed in so smoothly that it let her feel unfettered. She has never felt like this before while using any other weapon. She continued injecting her energy into the saber, she feels as if she has become one with the saber.

"Prepare to start!" Qin Yun yelled.

"Shuiru, be careful. I am about to attack!" Zhuo Luqian said.

"Begin!" Qin Yun shouted.

Nangong Shuiru has a very serene expression as she executed her attack. One the other hand, Zhuo Luqian's expression is filled with disdain as he targeted Qin Yun's saber and unleashed a violent attack. Two sabers collided!


A violent explosion occurred. The whole plaza began to tremble, rocks on the ground directly shattered in many places and rock fragments flew all around. All the people flew into the sky in shock and looked at the chaotic scenery of rock fragments flying everywhere. However the most shocking thing is that the Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber has broken into pieces. It's broken pieces are also very heavy and after they landed on the ground, each of them practically created a hole.

Nangong Shuiru has begun breathing heavily, she has a very excited expression.

"My saber... my saber..." Zhuo Luqian's anguish filled howl resounded through the entire plaza.

However his howling has been suppressed very quickly by many people's cry of shock. The Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber, a Half Immortal weapon famous all over the Ancient Domain, has been destroyed by a half finished King tool!

Nangong Shuiru now also knows how truly dreadful a weapon refined by Qin Yun is.


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