Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1107
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1107

Heavenly Saber Sect's one of the three Heavenly Sabers, Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber, a Half Immortal saber, has been destroyed into many pieces. Zhuo Luqian is grief stricken and heart broken, his anguished howl resounded through the entire plaza. Everyone present can imagine what kind of mental state he is in currently.

Naturally, everyone is utterly shocked by Qin Yun's Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber. It is especially true for Nangong Shuiru, she is now just standing on her spot with blank expression. She originally thought that Qin Yun's saber would at most be able to achieve a draw but now it has completely shattered a Half Immortal tool that has been famous in Ancient Domain for thousands of years.

Now everyone is looking at the Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber in Nangong Shuiru's hand. This weapon is an existence akin to an Immortal tool in their eyes. Yet Qin Yun just casually handed over such precious thing to Nangong Shuiru. Although Nangong Shuiru is very beautiful and talented, even Zhuo Luqian who pursues her like a zealot did not want to hand over his Heavenly Saber to her. But Qin Yun did it very casually.

Since You Feng and Xue Die has already used Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber, they thought that it was a very powerful King tool and nothing more. But now they know that it is even superior to Half Immortal tools.

"Qin Yun.. I... I want to kill you!" Zhuo Luqian roared at Qin Yun.

At this time, people from both You family and Xue clan walked over and stood in front of Zhuo Luqian.

Qin Yun looked at Nangong Shuiru and said with sigh : "Teacher Nangong, you attacked too heavily! You really shouldn't have been so extreme! That was our young master Zhuo's family jewel! How can you destroy someone's family jewel just like that? The reason I gave you my saber is because I saw that you are a very kindhearted person and thought that you would be lenient.. aiii... I really didn't expect that you would use such formidable power to attack!"

Everyone burst into commotion after hearing what Qin Yun said. They are all secretly nodding because they can all sense the remnant aura of the formidable power Nangong Shuiru released. They are all convinced that the reason Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber was destroyed is because Nangong Shuiru used excessively ferocious power. Even Zhuo Luqian gazed at Nangong Shuiru with hidden bitterness.

Nangong Shuiru is dumbstruck as she looked at Qin Yun. She doesn't know what to say at this time. She is cursing Qin Yun in her heart because he pushed the whole mess on her head. She has never experienced this kind of situation before.

You Feng is laughing in her heart. This is exactly how Qin Yun fooled her before and made her destroy the Great Ancient Plaza.

"Young master Zhuo.. I.. I really used too much strength just now!" Nangong Shuiru thought about it and feels that it is indeed her fault.

"Shuiru, it has nothing to do with you, it is all that bastard's fault!" Zhuo Luqian doesn't want to blame Nangong Shuiru, he pointed at Qin Yun and shouted.

"No no, it has nothing to do with teacher Qin! It was really me being careless. I injected my strongest power into the saber, I have never used such strong power in my life before!" Nangong Shuiru slightly lowered her head, her expressing is filled with guilt.

You Feng understands Nangong Shuiru's feeling very much because back when she destroyed the King Tool Termination Monument the first time, she also felt that she carelessly injected her strongest power into that saber. She feels that Qin Yun's Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber has some kind of devilish power that compels the users to inject their strongest power into it!

"Teacher Nangong, although you made a mistake, it is still a competition! Who told his Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber to be such a crappy trash!" Qin Yun laughed loudly and said : "Teacher Nangong, just a simple apology to him is enough!"

"Young master Zhuo, I am really sorry." Nangong Shuiru looked at Qin Yun with bitterness and then apologized to Zhuo Luqian.

Zhuo Luqian almost began weeping. The Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber has been destroyed in his hands, he doesn't know how to face his father any more.

Xue Zhuo is the happiest at this moment. The Scarlet Prison Heavenly Saber had cast a shadow in his heart for a very long time. Now that shadow, along with that wretched weapon has disappeared from this world.

"Qin Yun, your saber is not at all refined by you!" after Zhuo Luqian calmed down, he immediately began yelling at Qin Yun : "You said that you would use a weapon refined by you! Your cultivation is so low, there is no way you can refine a Half Immortal tool!"

"It was refined by me! Believing or not believing is up to you!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"You... you will sign a soul contract with me! If that saber is not refined by you, you will die!" Zhuo Luqian yelled.

"Fine!" Qin Yun said with smile.

Then he signed a soul contract with Zhuo Luqian. After the soul contract is done, everyone can see that Qin Yun is still standing with wide smile on his face. It is clear to everyone that this saber was indeed refined by Qin Yun.

"Teacher Qin, I am returning it to you." Nangong Shuiru returned the Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber to Qin Yun. She had a very reluctant feeling in her heart when returning the saber.

After receiving the saber, Qin Yun said : "Teacher Nangong, you just used my Ninth Heaven Mysterious King Saber. What did you think?"

Nangong Shuiru's beautiful eyes flickered. She softly said : "Very good. It is a very outstanding weapon. There are no runes carved on it yet it is still very powerful. After runes are carved on it, I wonder how powerful it will be."

"I remember you asked me about evolution of runes. Did you comprehend anything after you went back?" Qin Yun asked.

His words caused everyone to become dumbstruck. They all thought that Qin Yun and Nangong Shuiru has met each other for the first time here but now it seems not only they know each other, Nangong Shuiru even asked for guidance from Qin Yun. Everyone present knows how high Nangong Shuiru's Inscription talent is. She is called the next number one Inscription Master of Holy Assembly because her master is the current number one Inscription Master of Holy Assembly. Since Nangong Shuiru asked Qin Yun for guidance, it means that even her master could not help her with the problem she is facing.

Zhuo Luqian's eyes are wide open, he is tightly gritting his teeth. He now suspects that Nangong Shuiru used such violent attack to break his saber to help Qin Yun. He can see that Qin Yun and Nangong Shuiru's relationship is not bad, the hatred he feels towards Qin Yun is his heart now has increased several fold.

Nangong Shuiru shook her head. She has only found a direction, it is impossible for her to evolve her runes in a short period of time.

"Teacher, we should leave." You Shenbing said.

Now nobody finds it funny that an old and famous Inscription Master like You Shenbing is so respectful towards Qin Yun. Because now they are convinced that Qin Yun is worthy of being You Shenbing's teacher. Everyone is just very curious as to how Qin Yun mastered such high level of Inscription and refining technique. He is far better than those old and famous Inscription Masters.

"Qin.. teacher, if I have any question later, can I contact you for consultation?" Nangong Shuiru asked.

"Of course, you are welcome any time!" Qin Yun smiled, then looked at Ye Yaoxue and nodded. With this, Nangong Shuiru realized that it is because of Ye Yaoxue that Qin Yun trusts her.

Qin Yun walked towards You Yongdai and said with smile : "Family chief You, I am truly sorry that your clan convention has been ruined like this. I really didn't expect this to happen!"

"Eeee... this... well our clan convention is almost over anyways! Next, we will just conduct some auction. Teacher Qin, if you are not busy, will you participate in our auction?" You Yongdai spoke to Qin Yun with wide smile on his face.

Nobody finds this sudden change to his attitude towards Qin Yun any surprising. After what Qin Yun showed, it would be surprising if You Yongdai continued to be stubborn. During a fight between 6th tribulation Half Immortals, a good weapon can make all the difference. Extending an olive brunch towards Qin Yun means You Yongdai has a high chance of obtaining a powerful weapon from Qin Yun.

At this time Xue Zhuo hastily arrived beside Qin Yun and said with smile : "Teacher Qin, although Xue Die is your student, we all know that you love each other. Our Xue clan will not disagree to this and our elders have agreed to hold a wedding ceremony as soon as possible!"

Xue Die is somewhat stunned hearing this. She looked at the red haired old man beside her, who is her grandfather and Xue clan's clan head, she saw that he is not reacting at all. It means that they have secretly came into an agreement already.

Seeing how quickly Xue clan has made their move, You Yongdai became very worried. He looked at You Feng with blame in his eyes, as if he is saying : "How did you let that little girl steal your man?"

You Feng and Xue Die silently glanced at each other. They really have no romantic interest in Qin Yun. Aside from being teacher and student, they merely have friendly relationship.

An elder from Ming family walked out and said : "Xue Zhuo, teacher Qin is indeed a very good Inscription Master but remember, he is an outsider! Xue Die is the future Holy Maiden of Nether Sect, she can not be married to outsider!"

"Who I marry my daughter to, how is it any business of your Ming family?" Xue Zhuo furiously said.

"Xue Zhuo, as everyone knows, teacher Qin was together with our family's You Feng first! Then Xue Die snatched him away! Talking about marriage is still too early, since You Feng has become teacher Qin's student, she will take her man back very soon!" You Yongdai said with sneer.

All the spectators are amazed looking at the scene. It was not long ago when both You family and Xue clan wished they could kill Qin Yun, claiming that he harmed their family's Holy Maidens. And now both families are trying to marry off their Holy Maidens to Qin Yun. Moreover, the older generations of these families are actually fighting among each other!

You Shenbing mischievously laughed and said : "Don't fight, don't fight! Why not just let both You Feng and Xue Die marry teacher together? It is a very simple matter!"

You Feng and Xue Die rolled their eyes, they no longer feel like talking about this matter.

"Qin Yun has more women by his side than the number of people I have killed.." Xu Xiaoba suddenly yelled : "Teacher Nangong's student Ye Yaoxue is his little wife! I say, even teacher Nangong will soon become his woman!"

(TL NOTE : Xu Xiaoba, you are the MVP of this chapter! You truly know the true mystery of your world!)

Ye Yaoxue immediately began loudly cursing at Xu Xiaoba for behaving like a gossiping woman, he actually pulled her into this mess.

Nangong Shuiru is a very kindhearted person by nature and she has never before wanted beat up someone as viciously as she wants to beat up Xu Xiaoba now. Her beautiful eyes are filled with intense killing intent as she glared at Xu Xiaoba.

You Shenbing said with laugh : "It is very normal! Back when I was young, I didn't even knew how many women I had!"

"Xu Xiaoba, if you recklessly spread rumors again, see how I deal with you!" Qin Yun furiously shouted : "I, Qin Yun, am a single minded and honest person! Don't you dare damage my reputation again!"

Naturally, nobody present believes Qin Yun.

"That is the worst lie I have ever heard!" Xuan Xin walked out while smiling and said : "Anyways, we need to tidy up this place. We still need to hold the auction. I heard that there are many items from ancient times will be sold this time. Since teacher Qin is here, he can appraise the items for us!"


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