Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1112
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1112

Nangong Shuiru saw granny Xue walk out and hastily walked over to her. She asked in whisper : "Master, how is it?"

"Very good." granny Xue said with smile.

You Yongdai also hastily walked over and asked : "Granny Xue, are you marrying your little disciple to teacher Qin? This is also good. She and our You Feng will be good sisters from now on. We will be one big family!"

"Family chief You, you are misunderstanding! Teacher Qin is not such a person." granny Xue said with chuckle.

"Ehh? Then what did you exchange?" You Yongdai is very curious.

"It's a secret!" Qin Yun said with mysterious smile : "Granny Xue, take care. Weiwei, help granny Xue and teacher Nangong leave the island."

Shui Weiwei has already got back the flying disc from Xuan Xin. She used it to drop off granny Xue and Nangong Shuiru to the lake shore.

"Family chief You, uncle Xue, about that matter, let nature take it's course. I am Xue Die and You Feng's teacher, I will definitely help them build a better foundation and make them stronger!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Teacher Qin, I am relieved after hearing your words. I was indeed being too hasty. Let nature take it's course... let nature take it's course.." You Yongdai said with smile.

"Teacher Qin, I will also come here from time to time to ask guidance from you if I have any problem!" Xue Zhuo said with smile.

After Shui Weiwei returned, Qin Yun again told her to see You Yongdai and Xue Zhuo off. Xuan Xin, Xue Jiuming and Xue Wu are still here.

"Teacher Qin, come to my isle when you have time. It is not far away from here." Xue Jiuming said with smile.

"Senior Xuan Xin, here is your floating island!" Qin Yun released the newly crafted floating island on the sky.

Now there are two floating islands on the sky above the holy lake. Many spectators on the lake shore saw the scene and burst into commotion.

Xuan Xin was startled for a moment and then immediately recovered. She lightly groaned and said : "You little demon, you said that it was a lengthy process to craft the floating island!"

"This... it was already half finished! Originally, I was crafting one for You Feng but she no longer wanted it!" Qin Yun hastily explained.

"You Feng, honestly answer me, how much did you pay for the floating island!" Xuan Xin sternly asked of You Feng. You Feng paid 3 billion star coins but she knows that Xuan Xin paid 10 billion.

"10 billion!" You Feng said. She can only help Qin Yun out at this point.

"Really?" Xuan Xin intently looked at You Feng : "You just lied to me.. I have seen you grow up, I can tell just by looking that you lied!"

"Okay fine, 3 billion!" You Feng stuck her tongue out at Xuan Xin.

Xuan Xin immediately flew into rage and yelled at Qin Yun : "You little demon! You took 10 billion from me!"

Xue Jiuming said with frown : "Teacher Qin, you are not all honest! You swindled us old people so brutally!"

Xue Wu also furiously shouted : "Qin Yun, you are too despicable! Even after giving a 1.8 billion star coin concession, there is still the discrepancy of 7 billion! Quickly return 7 billion to my grandma!"

Qin Yun coughed twice and said : "Senior Xuan Xin, that pricing for You Feng was under several conditions! For example, she has to become my student and then guide my students when I am busy crafting and cultivating! I am a very busy man, I don't have much time to guide students. With her guiding students, many more students can be easily recruited and I can also make more money! Later she no longer wanted the floating island, so it remained half finished. I instead crafted a shield for her!"

Qin Yun took out a shield that looks like a blood red phoenix spreading it's wing. It is a set with the Blood Phoenix Nether Spear.

"This is also half finished." Qin Yun said with smile.

Xuan Xin's anger also subsided by a lot, she somewhat believed Qin Yun's excuse. You Yongdai and Xue Zhuo has not yet left, looking at the shining shield, they very much want to own one.

"So you are saying that the spear and shield together cost 6 billion? I will give you 6 billion, craft same items for me!" Xuan Xin said.

"That won't do! I gave special price to You Feng because of those conditions. If you want same items, you will have to pay 50 billion!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Black hearted guy!" Xuan Xin cursed.

Qin Yun took out 5 talismans and even a flying disc and handed them over to Xuan Xin : "You can use these to fly over the holy lake. Also, when you are standing on the floating island, you can make it fly wherever you want to fly."

"Qin Yun, I will look for an opportunity to bring you into the Nether Sun Star. As we agreed before, you will craft an weapon for me after I fulfill your request!" Xuan Xin said.

Then she very impatiently flew on to her floating island. Xue Jiuming and Xue Wu are also very excited, they also flew up with smile on their faces. Xue Wu was not very happy that Xuan Xin paid such high price for this floating island. But now he is extremely happy because staying and flying around on a floating island is really a very flashy thing to do. Xuan Xin controlled the floating island and made it fly away at a very fast speed.

Qin Yun and the others heard Xuan Xin and Xue Jiuming's clear and resounding laughter from below.

"Teacher, when will you begin teaching me?" You Shenbing asked.

"Junior, you still have not paid the tuition fee." You Feng said with crafty smile.

"Of course, how much is it? No need to hold back!" You Shenbing said with a generous smile.

"50 billion!" Lu Hanchen yelled.

"It's nothing!" You Shenbing immediately took out his star coin card and said to Qin Yun with smile : "Teacher, quickly accept my tuition fee!"

Qin Yun is immediately shocked, he originally wanted to say 5 billion but now it seems even 50 billion is nothing to You Shenbing. Lu Hanchen cursed himself in his heart for asking too low.

You Feng hastily added : "Junior, it is just for one year!"

You Shenbing said with smile : "I know, I know!"

Gu Qiufei is extremely amazed. Once, she had to go from door to door, find arduous works to just earn enough money for monthly expense. And Qin Yun made 50 billion just like that. Qin Yun took out his star coin card and accepted the star coins. He wants to refine granny Xue's pill, so he will need a lot of star coins to buy the appropriate materials.

"Xiao Yun, you will be my teacher in the future. How much star coins do you want?" Ye Yaoxue lightly smiled and said.

"10 billion!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"You really want tuition fees from me?" Ye Yaoxue feigned anger coquettishly.

"Of course!" Qin Yun replied.

"Hmph! I am not giving you any!" Ye Yaoxue said with smile.

Seeing how Qin Yun is not taking money from Ye Yaoxue, You Shenbing suddenly has the urge to become a woman.

"Xiao Lu, go find Xiao Bai and A Jie, tell them to come back and meet their new classmates. From now on all of you must live happily together!" Qin Yun said.

"Of course, of course. Greetings senior." Lu Hanchen greeted You Shenbing with smile. He feels that he will be able to boast for a lifetime that he was You Shenbing's classmate.

"Xiao Fei, how is your study going under granny Mu?" Qin Yun asked.

"Granny Mu is very good to me, she very patiently teaches me pill refining. She even took me to teacher Nangong and had her teach me!" Gu Qiufei said with smile.

"Then I am truly relieved." originally when Qin Yun decided to be Gu Qiufei's older brother, he wanted to find a good place to settle her down. Now that goal can be considered accomplished.

Shui Weiwei brought along Gu Qiufei to play around the island and also to obtain help from Gu Qiufei with her own flower plants.

Qin Yun brought You Shenbing into a secret room, since he took the money, he will be a proper teacher. After talking to You Shenbing for a while, Qin Yun realized that the foundation of Ancient Domain's Inscription level is severely damaged. It is mainly because of all the peak Inscription Masters leaving to roam the starry sky without leaving behind any inheritance and never returning.

"Your refining speed is very slow, it is mainly because your forging hammer and smelting furnace are not good. They are not good because the runes inside them are not good. How about this, I will impart some runes to you and you refine your own forging hammer and smelting furnace!" Qin Yun imparted some runes to You Shenbing. You Shenbing felt wild with joy!

Qin Yun said with smile : "A Bing, the runes I gave you are not very high tier but you can evolve them. You can fuse them together or use your own comprehension to evolve them! I did not give you better runes because if you can evolve runes on your own, you will be even more proficient in them and be able to continue evolving them!"

"What teacher said is right! If I can evolve runes on my own, it means I have personally cultivated them! I will also have better feelings towards them, it will increase the finesse during carving!" You Shenbing said with nod.

Qin Yun said again : "Stay on the floating island, your comprehension will be increased up here!"

"Of course teacher!" You Shenbing got out of Qin Yun's house and then took out his own house and placed it on a suitable position. He entered the house, closed the door and immediately began refining.

"Teacher, have you refined my chain?" Xue Die asked in low voice.

"I have!" Qin Yun took out the red chain and said with smile : "It is half finished, I still need to carve runes. Then you can name it!"

Xue Die became very happy after looking at the red chain. Qin Yun called Shui Weiwei and Gu Qiufei over and asked them what kind of tools they want. Shui Weiwei felt very happy, after thinking for a bit, she asked for a watering ladle to water plants, it needs to be very big. Gu Qiufei asked for a shovel, these are both very common tools.

For next ten days, Qin Yun refined tools and handed them over to You Feng and others. Xue Die's one month waiting period is also over. She ran out to go find Xu Xiaoba to challenge him, it is mainly because she wants to probe Xu Xiaoba's strength for Qin Yun.

"Wait until I master these King tier martial arts, see how I beat up that damned effeminate loose mouth and make his teeth fall off!" Qin Yun is very angry at Xu Xiaoba because he is spreading too much rumors about Qin Yun.

Qin Yun recalls every detail of his last fight against Xu Xiaoba. He has already thought of a plan to break Xu Xiaoba's defense. He has decided to use martial arts he used against Xu Xiaoba as less as possible this time. Xu Xiaoba will surely find this unexpected and will surely be caught off guard..


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