Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1120
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1120

"Teacher...teacher..." You Shenbing screamed in sadness and anger : "Bastards of the Dragon Race! I won't let you off!"

You family and Xue clan's people are also greatly angered.

Xuan Xin is firmly clenching her fists. She looked at Xue Jiuming and said : "Don't tell me that you just plan to let off those bastards from Dragon Race? They used Tribulation Bringer Immortal Talisman inside the Great Ancient College, causing not only destruction to the college but also death of our teacher!"

Xue Jiuming feels deep regret watching Qin Yun fail to cross tribulation. He said : "Don't worry, I won't let them off easily!"

Ye Yaoxue is still going through tribulation, she suspects that Qin Yun has died under tribulation and can not help but shed tears in sorrow. She is very aggrieved and sorrowful but now her main priority is to cross the tribulation. She must become an Half Immortal and continue to become stronger so that she can avenge Qin Yun.

Xie Wufeng and the others sensed that Qin Yun's tribulation has disappeared and felt unwell. Although they don't know the full details of the situation, their mood have become very heavy and they are enraged. They all hate the Dragon Race bitterly now, if they did not use Tribulation Bringer Immortal Talisman, Qin Yun would not have attracted Half Immortal tribulation so soon. Xu Xiaoba, Xue Die, You Feng and Nangong Shuiru who have already crossed tribulation before especially knows what it means when a tribulation suddenly disappears, it means someone failed to cross the tribulation. Although they all feel very sad, they can only first cross their tribulation and become stronger before thinking about doing something else.

Shui Weiwei and Gu Qiufei have sustained the most severe injuries but they have successfully crossed their tribulation. Xuan Xin and granny Xue released puppets and used the puppets to carry away Shui Weiwei and Gu Qiufei from the danger zone filled with tribulation. Lu Hanchen and other peak Martial Emperors have also crossed their tribulation and became 1st tribulation Half Immortals. Aside from Xie Wufeng, Ye Yaoxue and Yan Tianjie, other former peak Martial Emperors are gravely injured and passed out while crossing the tribulation. Now only You Feng, Xue Die and Nangong Shuiru are going through their tribulation. Although Ye Yaoxue is covered in injuries, she flew over on her own.

"Where is Xiao Yun?" Ye Yaoxue arrived beside You Shenbing and yelled.

Long Feizhen who is far away, laughed loudly and said : "Qin Yun exploded under tribulation, his body turned to ash and soul flew away... ha ha ha..."

Ye Yaoxue did not dare to believe it before but now that she knows, her body swayed, her mind became blank and then again she became filled with fury and sorrow.

"Dragon Race, I will destroy you!" tears of sorrow dropped from Ye Yaoxue's eyes as she furiously yelled and rushed towards the Dragon Race people.

Xuan Xin immediately stopped her : "If you go there now, you will just die!"

At the same time Xue Jiuming stopped Xie Wufeng and Yan Tianjie.

"You have just crossed tribulation, your bodies are filled with injuries. What can you do by attacking them? Heal up first!" granny Xue yelled. She took out many healing pills and handed them over.

Xie Wufeng is completely quiet. He can not accept the fact that Qin Yun is dead. His heart is filled with endless sorrow and fury. If he were not so injured, he would have already disregarded everything and began a massacre.

Soon after, Xue Die also completed her tribulation and flew over. Knowing what happened to Qin Yun, her eyes turned blood red and she rushed towards the Dragon Race people. But Xue Zhuo stopped her. Even after being stopped, she sent out an energy attack towards the region where Dragon Race are, causing a bloody gale to appear.

"Xue clan, are you declaring war on our Dragon Race? Do you really want to fight against us for a dead man?" Long Feizhen said with chuckle.

The elders of Dragon Race have very proud expression. Qin Yun was a great threat to them, now that he is dead, they are all very happy.

"Long Feizhen, fuck your mother!" as soon as Xu Xiaoba crossed his tribulation, he furiously roared.

He punched out from the distance, golden colored power of Destruction transformed into a golden light beam and pierced through Long Feizhen's body. Xu Xiaoba has now become a 2nd tribulation Half Immortal. In his fury, he used all of his power to attack and gave serious injury to Long Feizhen. Long Feizhen has a large hole on his chest and his heart has been severely ruptured.

"Xu Xiaoba, you little bastard!" Long Feizhen furiously cursed. His complexion is extremely unsightly. Two Dragon Race elder hastily began stabilizing his injuries.

Two other Dragon Race elder rushed towards Xu Xiaoba so that they can capture him. Xu Xiaoba suddenly roared and for some unknown reason, cracks appeared on the ground. Xu Xiaoba jumped into the crack and disappeared. Those two Dragon Race elders are completely unable to track him.

You Feng has also finished her tribulation. She saw everyone's expression and realized that Qin Yun is gone. Although she prepared herself, she still felt great heartache. She closed her eyes and began weeping.

"You Feng, you must be calm." You Yongdai hastily arrived beside You Feng and comforted her.

Granny Xue sighed and handed over a healing pill to You Feng. You Feng suddenly became very calm, causing You Yongdai to feel very worried that she might to something terribly foolish. Now only Nangong Shuiru is still going through her tribulation.

You Feng looked at Ye Yaoxue and asked in an aggrieved voice : "You know Qin Yun the best, doesn't he have some great equipment? How did he die?"

"He has a powerful Immortal tool called Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet but... but it was destroyed by the tribulation!" Ye Yaoxue spoke as she wept.

Many older generation are extremely shocked hearing this. An Immortal tool was destroyed by 1st Half Immortal tribulation. Qin Yun's tribulation was actually far more powerful than they originally believed.

You Feng coldly looked at the people from Dragon Race and deeply roared : "It is because of those Dragon race bastards, they used that Tribulation Bringer Immortal Talisman and brought down even more powerful Heavenly Tribulation!"

"We must have revenge!" Yan Tianjie's eyes turned red as he roared.

Nangong Shuiru has also finished her tribulation, she is not too injured. After she flew over, she saw Ye Yaoxue and everyone else' heartbroken expression and realized that Qin Yun has perished. She closed her moist eyes and took a deep breath, she doesn't know what she should do.

Xue Jiuming said : "Dragon Race, you brought down Heavenly Tribulation on my Great Ancient College, causing great destruction to the college! Don't think you can leave!"

"If you don't want us to leave, then we won't leave! Let's see how you can stop us! Ha ha ha..." a Dragon Race elder laughed loudly.

Granny Xue said to Ye Yaoxue and others : "We should leave first. Let's go... go to teacher Qin's floating island.."

Xuan Xin took out her flying disc and brought everyone away. They don't want to be caught in the battle that is about to start.

Qin Yun's Half Immortal tribulation tore apart the space, causing Qin Yun to be dragged into the chaotic space. As he entered the chaotic space, his tribulation also followed him behind and appeared above him. He lost two Immortal tools already, Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet and Golden Sun Brilliant Heaven Hammer, yet the tribulation is still not over and he is also severely injured. Now he is stranded in this dark chaotic space, the dense tribulation cloud is still churning in the sky, producing more dreadful tribulation thunder that even 6th tribulation Half Immortals would find very difficult to resist.

"I still have Nine Sun Divine Hammer, Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron and Nether Spirit Sacred Blade..." Qin Yun feels very frustrated. He wants to take out all of his strongest equipment to block the tribulation.

"Xiao Yun, don't use those things! You won't be able to resist for long like that! This tribulation is not all a common one. It must be because the Tribulation Bringer Immortal Talisman was given to the Dragon Race by Dragon God and it summons more powerful and dreadful tribulation!" Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun cursed those Dragon Race people and looked at the tribulation cloud above. He said with sigh : "Does that mean I am truly finished?"

"Of course not!" Ling Yuner said : "I will release the Nether Sun, it will deal with the tribulation. Luckily we are inside this empty space, nobody can see you so your secret won't be exposed!"


Just as the tribulation thunder began falling down, Qin Yun's Nether Sun rushed out of his abdomen and began floating above his head. A small black sphere can be seen above his head, it is the Nether Sun. While inside his dantian, the Nether Sun is always wrapped up in many tree vines. Those tree vines are still inside Qin Yun's dantian and only the Nether Sun has run out. Although the Nether Sun looks very small, it is actually very dreadful, it can easily twist space.

As the red colored formidable tribulation thunder smashed down and arrived near the Nether Sun, the Nether Sun twisted the space all around and turned the tribulation thunder into red churning whirlpool. The red whirlpool is the energy of the tribulation thunder. There is a black hole in the middle, it is the Nether Sun. Nether Sun has begun swallowing the tribulation thunder.

"Yuner" Qin Yun fearfully said in his mind after watching the scene.

Ling Yuner did not reply to him, so Qin Yun became even more worried. The tribulation thunder began dropping down unceasingly but as soon as they neared the Nether Sun, they were instantly transformed by Nether Sun's strange power and then the Nether Sun continued devouring them. Qin Yun looked at the scene with great fear and trepidation, he never knew that his Nether Sun would be so terrifying. The chaotic space he is in is very unstable, shooting off space turbulence from time to time, causing very strong space storm to arise. But the Nether Sun has stabilized the space all around Qin Yun.

"The tribulation cloud has also begun revolving..." Qin Yun watched in shock as the tribulation cloud above transformed into a very large black whirlpool.

Zi zi zi..

Many red colored lights appeared inside the large black whirlpool, then they joined together and turned into many light beams. These light beams rushed down and connected to the Nether Sun. The Nether Sun is now directly devouring tribulation power from the tribulation cloud!

"Yuner... Yuner.. what is going on?" Qin Yun asked in fear. He is worried that both Ling Yuner and Nether Sun will leave him.

"I.. I also don't know. Nether Sun wants to evolve and needs to devour a great amount of energy for that to happen!" Ling Yuner's indistinct voice appeared in Qin Yun's mind.

Other people transform their Dao Core into Half Immortal Life Crystal to become Half Immortals. Qin Yun doesn't have Dao Core, he has Nether Sun. So it can not be imagined by common sense what kind of evolution it will go through at this point.

After more than half a day, the Nether Sun finally finished devouring the whole tribulation cloud. Then it slowly descended and entered Qin Yun's dantian.

"Xiao Yun, watch out! Your real tribulation is starting now!" Ling Yuner yelled.

As soon as the Nether Sun settled itself inside his dantian, Qin Yun sensed a vast and immeasurable power erupting inside his body.

"Ahhhhhh.." Qin Yun screamed in pain. He felt that his body is about to explode.

Qin Yun suffered unimaginable torture while cultivating Immortal Devil body. So now he can keep his head cool. He used his mental power to control the brutal energy surging within his body. He also used the power of Tree Totem to heal the damage done to his body.


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