Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1124
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1124

Xiao Yuemei began activating the formation plates, at the same time, she released a very strong space-time power from her Space martial spirit to open an entrance from inside the chaotic space.

"Yuemei, do you need my help?" Qin Yun asked.

"Inject your energy inside the energy formation! I fear that the energy inside the formation plates are not enough!" Xiao Yuemei said with frown. Qin Yun took one of the formation plates and began injecting his Half Immortal power into it in a steady stream.

"Yuemei, roughly how long will it take for us to get out?" Qin Yun asked.

"This... the situation is different than what I anticipated." Xiao Yuemei's shapely eyebrows are tightly knitted, her charming face exposed a forced smile : "I was too much in a hurry and did not think things through, I'm afraid we won't be able to get out soon! Brother, I am sorry."

Qin Yun pinched her cheek and said with smile : "It's no problem. With you here accompanying me, I don't feel bored anymore. If it takes long, then so be it."

Although he is saying this, he is actually very worried and anxious. He doesn't want to miss the opportunity to meet the sect leader of Nether Sect.

"Energy is not sufficient... brother, can you find a method to keep the energy flowing? If the energy inside the formation is spent, we won't be able to keep going." Xiao Yuemei said in low voice.

Qin Yun suddenly thought of something and said with smile : "No problem. I will recharge your two formation plates. Once those two formation plates are used up, give them to me and I will recharge them with great amount of energy."

"The energy inside these plates are from big sister Nangong and uncle You... brother, will the energy you inject be strong enough?" Xiao Yuemei extended her arm and drew in energy from one of the plates. Energy fluctuation began to appear on the plate.

Qin Yun said with smile : "If the energy inside these plates are not sufficiently strong, I have other methods."

Very soon one of the formation plates have been depleted. Qin Yun hastily took it and handed it over to Yao Fang. Yao Fang is an Immortal and she filled up the plate very easily.

After he handed over the newly filled up formation plate to Xiao Yuemei, she said in amazement : "Brother, the energy inside this plate seems like powerful Immortal energy! Only Immortals can do this! Brother, how did you fill it up?"

"It is my secret!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Come one tell me your secret!" Xiao Yuemei coquettishly said : "I am very curious that I can die!"

"I will tell you later!" Qin Yun said with smile. Qin Yun promised Yao Fang that he would not talk to Xiao Yuemei and Xiao Yuelan about her.

Xiao Yuemei pouted and said : "I don't love you anymore, you are actually keeping secrets from me! Hmph... wait until I meet older sister, I will tell her that you have many little lovers!"

"Up to you!" Qin Yun said with smile : "If you tell Yuelan that I have many little lovers, she won't do anything to me!"

"Brother, please tell me your secret!" Xiao Yuemei's expression says that she is dying to know.

"Alright.. alright... that is an Immortal I caught! He is now my slave! I can not release him though or he will be sucked into the Immortal Desolate!" Qin Yun said.

"You caught an Immortal? Where did you caught him? I also want to catch one!" Xiao Yuemei's eyes flickered like stars.

"You think it is like catching fish? How can it be so easy?" Qin Yun said with smile.

"What kind of Immortal is he? Can I look at him?" Xiao Yuemei is still very curious.

"A very ferocious guy, I trapped him inside a storage magic tool!" Qin Yun can only lie or Xiao Yuemei will continue to ask question.

Then Xiao Yuemei began hearing Qin Yun describe how he caught the Immortal. She looks like a child who is listening to an enthralling story. Ten days passed by just like that. Since Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei have been together, they were not bored. Inevitably, he and Xiao Yuemei were not able to finish their conversation.

"Brother, a space crack is about to form! We must get out quickly!" Xiao Yuemei suddenly yelled.

"Yuemei, many thanks for coming to save me." Qin Yun said with smile.

As soon as the space crack appeared, Xiao Yuemei stored the two formation plates and pulled Qin Yun into the space crack. After arriving outside, Qin Yun inhaled a big mouthful of air. They have arrived at a mountain forest filled with bird songs and fragrant flowers. Qin Yun greedily began to absorb the fresh air here.

"Brother, how do you plan to thank me?" Xiao Yuemei said with charming smile.

"I will give you a little kiss." Qin Yun smiled and kissed Xiao Yuemei's cheek.

Xiao Yuemei rubbed her cheek, turned her back on Qin Yun and said : "Not at all sincere!"

"We should quickly go back, so as not to worry them," Qin Yun said.

"We should return quietly, we can not let Dragon Race know that you are back. We need to wait until we understand the whole situation." Xiao Yuemei suddenly said.

"Alright, we will only let a few people know." Qin Yun also wants to follow Xiao Yuemei's plan.

Their current position is far away from the Central Ancient City. They flew for two days and returned to the Central Ancient City. Two of them quietly entered the Great Ancient College and then returned to the floating island. It is already night but Qin Yun saw that Shui Weiwei is very earnestly practicing martial arts, she is working really hard.

"This little girl Shui Weiwei is very adorable, from now on, she is my little sister!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are concealed, so no one can see them or sense their presence. They arrived at the 7th floor of the Nine Condensation Pagoda, it is completely empty here.

"Xue Die is not here, could it be that she is taking the Holy Maiden assessment?" Qin Yun can observe everything within the pagoda from the 7th floor. He can also observe what is going on in the whole floating island.

Bai Kuang, Yan Tianjie and Lu Hanchen are now sparring in the 2nd floor. Although they are now disciples of Nether Sect, when they need to practice martial arts, they come back to floating island since it is easier to master martial arts above the holy lake. You Feng and Xue Die are not here, Ye Yaoxue is cultivating in the 6th floor absorbing Immortal energy. You Shenbing is studying runes in his own house.

"It is the middle of the night and everyone is still working hard!" Qin Yun felt very gratified in his heart.

Xiao Yuemei has been very tired for many days, after finally bringing Qin Yun back, she began sleeping on his shoulder. Qin Yun placed her on a bed, stroked her face and then left for the 6th floor. Qin Yun quietly arrived at the 6th floor and approached Ye Yaoxue. Then he poked at her waist.

"Ahhh! Who!!" Ye Yaoxue let out a delicate yell, she is very angry.

She hastily got up and looked all around. She thought that You Feng and Xue Die is pulling a prank on her. Since Qin Yun is now 1st tribulation Half Immortal, he wants to see whether or not his concealing ability has been improved. Ye Yaoxue calmly sensed her surroundings but found nothing. Qin Yun is now quietly enjoying this elegant and exquisite, cold and aloof beauty right in front of him. She is wearing skintight red clothes, although her body type is not very fiery, she is still very curvaceous and very well proportioned.

Now she is slowly taking steps, her slender thighs moving in slow rhythm, her expression is filled with vigilance as she is walking around the wide 6th floor. Qin Yun is very slowly flying behind Ye Yaoxue and lightly pinched Ye Yaoxue's bouncy butt. Ye Yaoxue reacted very fast, she turned around and released a burst of red energy mist. This energy mist contains tiny red runes that looks like tiny red lightning threads that transformed into a large net and covered the area ahead. Ye Yaoxue is becoming more and more adept in utilizing her Heavenly Rune martial spirit. Her net has completely wrapped around Qin Yun and restricted him.

"Senior sister Ye, it's me!" Qin Yun hastily yelled and immediately showed himself.

Ye Yaoxue felt pleasantly surprised looking at Qin Yun and immediately undone her power and released him.

"Hmph.. if you are not dead and still alive, come out a bit faster. You only know how to mystify things and make people scared!" Ye Yaoxue feigned anger coquettishly. But her eyes have already became moist. She can not help but throw herself into Qin Yun's embrace and sob.

"I really didn't expect to see you cry for me!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"You bastard, you are still smiling..." Ye Yaoxue struggled free from Qin Yun's embrace and wiped her tears : "You only know how take advantage of me all the time! Hmph! Where is Yuemei, didn't she come back with you?"

Qin Yun pointed upwards and said : "She is very tired after saving me, she is now soundly sleeping."

"Xiao Bai and others are downstairs. Why don't you go meet them?" Ye Yaoxue is now very relaxed.

"I won't meet them for now. Oh that's right, have your Heavenly Rune martial spirit evolved and gained spirituality?" Qin Yun asked.

"It has evolved but I don't know how to communicate with it!" after becoming Half Immortal, Ye Yaoxue's martial spirit has also evolved.

"Leave this to me, I will test it out!" Qin Yun hastily brought Ye Yaoxue to the 7th floor.

Ye Yaoxue sat on a chair, lifted up her clothes and exposed her pure white jade like delicate waist. Qin Yun placed his hand on her navel and began sensing the Heavenly Rune martial spirit. Then he told Ling Yuner to communicate with the spirit of the Heavenly Rune.

"Xiao Yun, Dragon Race has opened a battle stage on top of their Dragon God Altar. So long as someone can defeat a Dragon Race fighter on top of that Dragon God Altar, Dragon Race will reward them Immortal Jade Paste!" Ye Yaoxue said.

"Where is that Dragon God Altar?" Qin Yun hastily asked.

"Inside the school district of Demon Beast Alliance!" Ye Yaoxue replied.

Qin Yun is extremely shocked, he did not expect the Dragon God Altar to appear inside the Great Ancient College.

"Dragon Race just wants to perform sacrifices! How can it be easy to fight Dragon Race on top of the Dragon God Altar? It is most likely that the challengers will die very easily!" Qin Yun said.

Although he doesn't know where the Evil God Altar is, he knows where the Dragon God Altar is. Evil God has been brooding for a very long time since his altar here had been destroyed. Now Qin Yun wants to destroy the Dragon God Altar and make the Dragon Race feel pain.


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