Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1128
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1128

Qin Yun stored the Devil Horn and said to Xiao Yuemei : "It will not be easy destroying the Dragon God Altar. It will cause a great commotion and things will become very dangerous!"

"Brother, are you worried about me? What kind of winds and storms I have not seen in my life? I am not scared. We should begin the operation, I can't wait to see what kind of reward the Evil God will give us!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

"First, I want to go back and craft several Tribulation Bringer Talismans! Maybe they will be useful." Qin Yun thought a bit and decided that they need a proper plan for this mission.

The Dragon God Altar is Dragon Race's lifeblood, they won't let it be destroyed so easily. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei returned to the floating island. They then found out from You Shenbing that Yan Tianjie, Bai Kuang and others went to the Dragon God Altar to watch the battles. Dragon God Altar has been very lively for last few days because of the martial competition. The warriors sent by Dragon Race range from 1st tribulation to 5th tribulation Half Immortals. Since the reward for defeating a Dragon Race warrior is an Immortal Jade Paste, not only students but also teachers are fighting. To let even more people fight, even outsiders who are not part of Great Ancient College are being allowed to fight. So everyday, many students and experts are dying on the altar. Three teachers from Great Ancient College have already died. Although they were only 2nd tribulation Half Immortals, many students feel great regret.

Xiao Yuemei used her Divine Ability to change both her and Qin Yun's appearance and arrived at the Demon Beast school district together. On the road, they heard that many powerful Demon Beasts have died on the altar. Among the people who died, there are people from Dark Assembly, Holy Assembly and Demon Beast Alliance. Dragon Race do not care at all whether or not their allies die on the altar.

"Xiao Yun, I think deaths of powerful Half Immortal experts can allow those Gods to obtain even more Divine Power, just one Half Immortal is equivalent to a great many ordinary people!" Ling Yuner said. Qin Yun also thinks the same.

As he and Xiao Yuemei traveled towards the Demon Beast school district, they saw the remnant of that colorful cloud on the sky. That Dragon God Altar is the main reason why Dragon Race possess formidable power. If they can destroy it, maybe the Nether Sect will be able to wipe out the Dragon Race.

"The sect leader of Nether Sect is so mysterious, maybe he knows a great deal about Evil God Altar and Dragon God Altar?" Qin Yun suddenly thought of something.

If he can find the Evil God Altar through the sect leader of Nether Sect, it will be much easier. After all, he needs to find the altar and offer death sacrifices to Evil God so that he can break his seal.

"The Demon Beasts of the Demon Beast Alliance should be very strong right? Why are they subservient to Dragon Race?" Xiao Yuemei asked.

"I am not very clear about the Demon Beast Alliance's situation. In short, Demon Beasts were not willing to submit to Dragon Race! There must be some reason behind their current situation!" if Qin Yun wants to deal with Dragon Race, first he must weaken their influence and power.

For many years, Dragon Race sacrificed countless lives to Dragon God and obtained his blessing to stay in power. Demon Beast Alliance helped them greatly in this endeavor. Soon enough, Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei arrived at the Demon Beast school district. The lake shore on the Demon Beast school district's side is very long. The Dragon God Altar is also here. The altar is as big as a small plaza and looks like a flight of steps. One layer stacked on another layer, it is altogether several tens of meter high. It is circular in shape and there are many dragon carved large pillars on the highest platform, they are array pillars.

"This altar has 18 layers, each layer is a formation plate, it was built by stacking 18 formation plates on top of each other." Qin Yun observed the altar carefully from the sky.

There are many students and teachers floating on the sky all around the altar and looking at the battle stage. Qin Yun is floating around the altar and using Extinction Spirit Eye to check the altar.

"What did you discover?" Xiao Yuemei asked.

"There are powerful runes inside this altar, runes that the Inscription Masters of Ancient Domain can not carve! Only powerful Immortals are able to carve this kind of runes!" Qin Yun is extremely shocked.

"As expected of an altar related to Gods! The runes used on it are so profound!" Qin Yun continued to observe the runes, he feels like he is unable to breath.

"Brother, are these runes very powerful? How powerful exactly?" Xiao Yuemei is also amazed looking at Qin Yun's expression.

"I also don't know what to say.. I can only tell that these runes are very profound and powerful!" Qin Yun thought for a bit and said again : "The altar is made using very common stones but after the runes are carved on it, it became very firm! Even Immortal tools won't be able to put a scratch on it!"

"Then how will we destroy this altar?" Xiao Yuemei anxiously asked.

"I don't know.. I will ask the Evil God! Wait here for me!" originally, Qin Yun thought that he would be able to destroy this altar but after discovering this, he is now clear that it is beyond him.

Xiao Yuemei continued watching the fight while Qin Yun hastily returned to the floating island. He entered the 7th floor of Nine Condensation Pagoda and took out the Devil Horn.

"Evil God, that Dragon God Altar is very powerful. I am afraid with my power, I am unable to destroy it... are all the altars made by you Gods this powerful? How do you make them?" Qin Yun is very curious.

"Tell me about the altar. God Altars are divided into many grades, for example 3 layer, 6 layer, 9 layer etc... I don't know much about Ancient Domain, I only know that the altar there is very important for Dragon God for increasing his Divine Power." Evil God said. Qin Yun immediately described the altar to Evil God.

Evil God cursed loudly after hearing the details : "Dragon God, you son of a bitch! Motherfucker! He is always terribly overstepping his boundaries but pointing fingers at me! That 18 layer altar was crafted by himself! The altar I had in Ancient Domain was merely 3 layer!"

"Dragon God made it himself?" Qin Yun is very amazed.

"Indeed! 18 layer altars can only be made by Inscription Masters from Divine Desolate! Moreover, it takes a lot of time to make. A trash region like Ancient Domain, where Inscription level is even lower than Spirit Desolate, how can they have an altar such as this? The reason why the Ancient Domain has fallen so low is greatly related to the indiscriminate sacrifices made by the Dragon Race!" Evil God continued cursing loudly.

"That bastard Dragon God surely used a great amount of Divine Power to send that altar to Ancient Domain! This is too excessive! I only sent a bit of Divine Power to you and I was sealed but not a god damn thing happened to that bastard Dragon God! Arghhh.. I am so angry!" Evil God continued to scream and curse in anger. Qin Yun can sense his fury through the Devil Horn he is holding.

"Evil God, what does having better altar signify?" Qin Yun asked.

"Having better altar means that we can reward better things. For example, we can only send some energy through altar to God Servants which they can use to become stronger. How much Divine Power we can send each time is limited and at the same time, majority of it are wasted during transportation. Having better altar means that transportation of Divine Power will be very stable and even more and better Divine Power can be transported. A lot of Divine Power can be transported through 9 layer altars and the quality will also be very good. At Immortal Desolate, the highest rank altar is 10 layer. With that kind of altar, people can receive materials with great difficulty. As for 18 layer altar not to mention a huge amount of pure Divine Power can be transported, even Divine tools can be transported!" Evil God's voice became filled with anger again.

"How did Dragon God sent such thing here?" Qin Yun is extremely shocked. If he had a fully functional 18 layer Evil God Altar, he would be able to obtain many good things.

"Hierarchy is very strict inside the Divine Desolate. Although I am Evil God and my name is very scary, I am being very bitterly extorted! I only had 10 altars in the lower realms and half of them have already been destroyed. I am rather far behind in the ranking of Gods and thus they watch me very intently. Slightest bit of mistake and they want to beat me to death!" Evil God very furiously said.

Qin Yun's heart is filled with disdain now, he did not expect Evil God to be such trash. He thought that he was cooperating with a powerful god.

After staying silent for a while, Qin Yun asked : "How can I destroy this 18 layer altar?"

"I also don't know! My most powerful altar was 7 layer. With my current Inscription level, I can only make up to 9 layer altar!" Evil God let out a long sigh.

Qin Yun is completely speechless. He can see that the disparity between Dragon God and Evil God is too big. Not only Dragon God has mastered the method of crafting 18 layer altar, he even sent one to the Ancient Domain.

"Evil God, the disparity between you and Dragon God is just too big!" Qin Yun said with sigh.

"Our disparity in power between us is not too large in Divine Desolate! Merely, the Dragon God has powerful backers! Aiii.. who told me to not have any backers!" Evil God said very bluntly.

"You must provide me with some options now!" Qin Yun is completely speechless, it seems like Evil God has completely lost the will to fight.

After staying quiet for a long time, Evil God said : "If it were ordinary altar, it would be very easy to destroy it! We can not destroy 18 layer altar with common methods. It will be very dangerous!"

"I am not afraid of danger!" Qin Yun replied.

"No way! You are a very rare partner of mine, I can't let you die here! Your potential is very high!" Evil God said.

"Just tell me what to do! I will go give it a shot!"

The Dragon Race plotted against Qin Yun by using Tribulation Bringer Immortal Talisman provided by Dragon God! If he can not destroy this Dragon God Altar, Qin Yun won't be able to suppress the anger in his heart.


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