Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1129
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1129

"Qin Yun, I have great enmity with Dragon God but I must endure for now! Don't act recklessly based on your emotion, although I asked you to destroy the Dragon God Altar, you can not destroy 18 layer altar with your current strength. Forget it!" Evil God sighed.

Qin Yun is unreconciled. Not only Dragon Race plotted against him, they also plotted against Xie Wufeng. Qin Yun must take revenge for this hatred.

"First tell me how to destroy that altar! If it is dangerous I won't take action. I cherish my life more than you do!" Qin Yun thought for a bit and said.

"Alright! Whether it is a 18 layer altar or smaller altars, each of them has a God Altar Origin Crystal inside them, it is the core of the altar. Generally, so long as you can destroy it, the runes of the altar will stop working and you will be able to destroy the altar." Evil God said.

"God Altar Origin Crystal is the energy core of the altar, so it must be heavily guarded right?" Qin Yun said with frown : "Trying to destroy it will be harder than destroying the outer area of the altar!"

"God Altar Origin Crystal must be protected, so the Dragon Race people will enter the inner area from time to time to check the protective system. Dragon God also sends down order through the crystal. So if you keep watching the altar, you will be able to find out at what time the Dragon Race open the entrance and then follow them inside when the time comes." Evil God said.

Qin Yun now realized why Evil God said that it will be difficult. When they open the entrance, there will surely be powerful Dragon Race experts guarding it, Qin Yun won't have the chance to enter. But Qin Yun will still try because he is very confident in his ability to sneak in.

"Evil God, your altar was destroyed. If I find it for you, what kind of reward will you give me?" Qin Yun is rather worried about the reward.

"My altar has not been destroyed completely, it's God Altar Origin Crystal is still present. Those Dragon Race bastards did not manage to thoroughly destroy it, they have at most sealed it!" Evil God said.

Since Evil God sent Divine Power through the Devil Horn, he was sealed. If he sent through an altar, there would not be any problem. After using the Divine Power, Qin Yun also knows how beneficial it is. He stored the Devil Horn and left for the Dragon God Altar again. Not long after, he met Xiao Yuemei again.

"Elder brother Xie? He is here!" Qin Yun said in amazement.

"He is going to fight the Dragon Race fighters. I wonder if he can win!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

Xie Wufeng thinks that Qin Yun is dead, so he wants to kill as many Dragon Race people as possible to avenge Qin Yun. Xie Wufeng is now a 1st tribulation Half Immortal, when he uses his Origin Sword, even 2nd and 3rd tribulation Half Immortal may not be his match. Many spectators have begun commenting, some saying Xie Wufeng must want to kill Dragon Race warriors to avenge Qin Yun. Some saying he is foolish to even try to fight them let alone kill them. Some said that since Nether Sect's people are here, he would dare to kill.

Many people looked at You Yongdai floating on the sky. He has experts from You family along with him. After joining Nether Sect, Xie Wufeng joined You family faction. There are several Dragon Race elders floating on the sky above the altar, seeing Xie Wufeng arrive, they all sneered because they feel that he is a very high quality sacrifice.

Xie Wufeng is wearing white clothes, his handsome face is filled with coldness. His eyes below his sword like eyebrows are flickering with sword light. Although he only has one arm, the sword intent he is releasing caused people not to underestimate him. After he got on the altar, he coldly looked at the Dragon Race fighter.

The Dragon Race fighter is a very tall, robust and bald large man. He has no eyebrows. He is wearing very thick red colored beast skin. His thick and muscular arms are filled with dragon scales and emitting flame. He is a powerful dragon who transformed into human. Dragons possess powerful body as well as dragon totem inheritance. Even scarier are the Dragon Race warriors who have obtained blessings of the Dragon God, they are even more powerful.

"Elder brother Xie isn't likely to have any problem." Qin Yun is somewhat worried about Xie Wufeng.

"That Dragon Race fighter is quite powerful but elder brother Xie is not a pushover. Brother, just relax." Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

Xie Wufeng took out his Origin Sword. And the Dragon Race fighter's arms transformed into dragon claws. Many people felt their scalps go numb looking at those sharp dragon claws.

Many people began commenting at this moment. Some people said that the bald Dragon Race fighter is in charge of fighting 2nd and 3rd tribulation Half Immortals and has killed many 2nd tribulation Half Immortals and several 3rd tribulation Half Immortals. Some people said that Xie Wufeng is dead for sure, there is no way he can defeat the bald fighter forget about killing and so on.

Hearing all these comments, Qin Yun realized that this bald fighter is a murderous devil. However it is no surprise that such person would be sent on stage to fight since Dragon Race is offering sacrifice to the Dragon Race through this event, the more people killed, the more sacrifices offered. So the Dragon Race fighters are also not holding back when fighting.


A Dragon Race elder blew a dragon horn that released a loud dragon roar. The battle has begun. The Dragon Race fighter shouted, his body began emitting flame. Overflowing flames transformed into many flame dragon like chains. Those chains rushed towards Xie Wufeng from all around, trying to bind him and hold him in place. Xie Wufeng is just standing on his spot, he waved his Origin Sword.

Shua shua shua...

Countless sword images flashed through the whole battle stage. These sword images brought along intense sword energy, as well as ice-cold killing intent and completely cut off all the flame dragon chains. The dragon fighter is stunned because no one managed to break his dragon chains until now. The spectators also cried out in shock.

"Puny human! Die!" golden light beam suddenly shot out from the dragon fighter's body.

Qin Yun's expression suddenly changed because he can sense the aura of Divine Power within the golden light beam.

Dragon fighter turned into light beam himself, his speed became incomparably fast as he kept flickering all around, it is basically impossible to track his movement. He kept flickering around Xie Wufeng and every time he flickered, he threw a punch at Xie Wufeng, each punch transformed into fire dragon and rushed towards Xie Wufeng. With ice-cold expression, Xie Wufeng waved his sword at a very fast speed and cut apart all the flame dragons. His sword seems like it can cut anything.

"Elder brother Xie's sword intent is so strong.. could it be a Dao Technique? Not to mention how fast his sword is, just the sword intent can transform into such powerful energy!" Xiao Yuemei said in low voice.

"Indeed, elder brother Xie must have obtained a very astonishing and unique inheritance!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"That baldie is out of luck!" Xiao Yuemei took out a pouch and began eating something from it. Those things made cracking sound as she bit on them.

The dragon fighter doesn't dare to approach Xie Wufeng. Xie Wufeng is also just standing on his sport since the beginning of the battle. The spectators can also see how scared the dragon fighter is of Xie Wufeng. They all now secretly admire the single armed Xie Wufeng who can cause a dragon fighter to become so timid during a battle.

You Yongdai laughed loudly and said : "Aren't dragon fighters supposed to be very brave and powerful? Look at how he is acting like a scared dog!"

The dragon fighter became very furious hearing this, flaming scales began to suddenly grow out of his body. He is in the process of transforming into dragon, scales are powerful armor and claws are powerful weapons, this is the strongest form of the dragon fighter.

"I will smash you into pieces!" dragon fighter roared and finally rushed towards Xie Wufeng.

Xie Wufeng's brows are wrinkled as his clear bright eyes looked at the incoming dragon fighter with a sword like gaze.


The dragon fighter let out a furious roar, his speed has become extremely quick, bringing along berserk power. He rushed forward like lightning, his imposing aura is like countless thunder clap.

Xie Wufeng is steadily standing his ground and stabbed forward with his Origin Sword. His transparent sword intent is like a conical sword tip as it rushed towards the flaming dragon.


Sword intent collided with berserk flaming dragon power. The whole stage has been enveloped in flame and sword image.


The spectators suddenly heard a dragon roar filled with fear. After the flame and sword images disappeared, the spectators saw a shocking scene, Xie Wufeng is standing behind the dragon fighter, his Origin Sword impaling the dragon fighter's head. All the spectators are dumbstruck. While they are still shocked, Xie Wufeng's Origin Sword suddenly trembled, releasing a vast and mighty sword intent that turned the dragon fighter's body into black ash.


The remaining dragon fighters as well as the elders of Dragon Race are shocked speechless.

"Xie Wufeng, you bastard!" Long Feizhen cursed loudly after getting back to his senses.

"Long Feizhen, this will be your end!" Xie Wufeng looked at Long Feizhen and said in ice-cold voice.

You Yongdai burst into laughter and said : "Dragon Race, you lost! Hand over the Immortal Jade Paste!"

Death of a dragon fighter is a great blow to the Dragon Race and their authority.


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