Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1140
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1140

Xiao Yuemei also knew that Qin Yun would be using the small spiders to probe the holy lake so she is not at all surprised to see Long Tianji come out.

After Long Tianji returned to the Nine Sun Divine Soul, Xiao Yuemei said : "Evil God himself doesn't know that his altar ran away to the bottom of the holy lake on it's own.. exactly what is under the holy lake?"

Qin Yun also asked the same question to Netherworld Great Emperor but he also did not know. The holy lake is indeed very mysterious, for many years, many factions tried to explore the bottom of the holy lake but nobody discovered anything significant. Demon Beast Alliance are the ones who explored the bottom of the holy lake more thoroughly than the others, maybe they discovered something and decided not to publicize the discovery.

Long Tianji released a great number of small spiders and made them swim to the bottom of the holy lake. After exploring all around, they have not discovered anything. Qin Yun suspected that to discover something substantial, they would have to drill into the ground at the depth of the holy lake. Long Tianji made her spiders do exactly that but did not discover anything just as before.

"Evil God Altar should not be small, if it is truly at the bottom of the lake, those spiders should have been able to find it! Could there be a barrier below the holy lake?" Qin Yun said with frown.

Those small spiders could not sense Xue Jiuming's isle in the middle of the holy lake because it was protected by a barrier. If there is truly a barrier formation below the lake, then those small spiders won't be able to find anything.

"Brother, this can't go on! You told me that countless spiders surveyed the holy lake before but found nothing, it is the same now! How about this, we craft some barrier detecting talismans and stick them on those spiders and let them run around at the bottom of the lake?" Xiao Yuemei said.

"That's good thinking, let's begin now!" Qin Yun said and then told Long Tianji to call back her spiders.

He went over to You Shenbing and brought back many talisman papers. Then he took out the Gemini Treasure Mirror and carved some Star and Moon runes into it, runes which can be used to sense formations and barriers. Runes like these are frequently used on barriers of martial competition battle stage to detect magic tools on fighters. After he carved the runes into his Gemini Treasure Mirror, Xiao Yuemei also copied the runes into her little mirror. Then the two of them began crafting talismans, the whole process is very fast, they only need to inject Blood Spirit power into the mirror and then print the runes on talisman papers.

"There are 600 talisman papers, will 600 talismans be enough?" Xiao Yuemei asked.

"It's enough." Qin Yun said.

Just within an evening, they finished crafting all the talismans. Then they let Long Tianji release 600 small spiders, then pasted talismans on them. They waited until night to begin their operation. They arrived at the lake shore very quietly and secretly.

"These talismans will last for 7 days, it is enough for us to finish searching." Qin Yun said.

Xiao Yuemei asked : "Xiao Ji, Demon Beast Alliance are always patrolling the holy lake, are there many Demon Beasts under the lake?"

Long Tianji nodded : "There are many, there are even dragons down there. Many of my spiders have been killed by them!"

"What are they doing down there? Looking for something?" Xiao Yuemei asked again.

"They are just swimming everywhere. I don't know whether or not they are looking for anything." Long Tianji shook her head.

At this time many small spiders dived into the holy lake. Qin Yun is calmly watching the lake as he said : "Now, we wait for 7 days!"

"There must be something below the holy lake, otherwise the Evil God Altar would not have run over there on it's own!" Xiao Yuemei's bright and lucid eyes are wide open as she kept looking at the lake. She has been living here for quite some time and heard about the mystery of the holy lake. She wants to immediately jump down and uncover the mystery for herself.

"Let's go, we will return to the floating island for now!" Qin Yun let Long Tianji return to the Nine Sun Divine Soul and then returned to the floating island with Xiao Yuemei.

It is very late at night, You Shenbing is still refining items. Qin Yun came over to take a look, he felt a lot relieved seeing that You Shenbing's progress is very good and quick. Just as he decided to return to Nine Condensation Pagoda, she saw an absolutely beautiful woman slowly flying over from distance, her white skirt fluttering in the winds. Nangong Shuiru has come.

"Isn't that Shuiru? Why is she here so late at night?" Qin Yun said in his mind.

"Naturally because she missed you!" Ling Yuner said with mischievous smile.

Nangong Shuiru gracefully landed in front of Qin Yun and lightly smiled : "Teacher Qin, it is so late at night, why aren't you resting?"

Qin Yun replied with smile : "I don't particularly rest! You came here so late at night, you must have something important to discuss with me right?"

"My master has refined the Jade Immortal Pill, it is the pill that can let Half Immortals increase their cultivation by leaps and bounds! She said it is a very low quality Immortal pill!" Nangong Shuiru finished speaking, looked towards the distance and lightly sighed : "She is going through the 7th tribulation, I hope she can succeed."

"Shuiru, she will surely succeed!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Teacher Qin, master told me to find a way to enter the Nether Sect.. your relationship with Nether Sect is very good, can you think of a method so that I can become their disciple?" Nangong Shuiru asked.

"Sure, no problem!" Qin Yun is the foster son of Nether Sect's leader, so he can guarantee this.

"Really? That's great!" Nangong Shuiru was really worried, she thought it would be very troublesome to join Nether Sect with her background. She suddenly took out a sound transmission magic tool and after hearing the message, she said in pleasant surprise : "My master has crossed the tribulation and has left our world for Immortal Desolate!"

"That's great! Congratulations!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"It is also thanks to you teacher Qin. Without your Immortal Jade Paste, who knows when she would be able to make that pill!" Nangong Shuiru is now very happy, her face is filled with joyous smile.

"Sister Shuiru!" Xiao Yuemei suddenly popped out from somewhere and hugged Nangong Shuiru. Then she began groping and sniffing : "Hello sister Shuiru.. sniff.. sniff... are you wearing a specially refined perfume?"

"Yuemei, I will be entering the Nether Sect, are you already a disciple there?" Nangong Shuiru asked with smile.

"Nope but if I want to become one, it won't be any problem!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

"That's true. Alright, I will go find Xiao Fei and bring her over." Nangong Shuiru very happily left.

Xiao Yuemei looked at the stars on the sky and said : "Xiao Tian and sister Mengzhu(Dreaming Pig, she means Mengshu) are now hiding up there. I will immediately contact them and ask them to come here. I heard that the holy land inside the Nether Sect can truly make people very strong!"

"Alright, go call them over! I will contact my little sister Xuan Xin and tell her to make arrangement for you!" Qin Yun feels that Nether Sun Star's defense is very strong. Otherwise Dragon Race would have already destroyed it in their many attempts within past many years. Xiao Yuemei quickly left to contact Yu Shutian and the others.

At this time, Xu Xiaoba returned from his dragon hunting expedition.

"Two dragons for you!" he handed over two large golden bag to Qin Yun. These are specialized storage tools to capture or store dragons. Qin Yun looked at the content and very satisfactorily accepted them.

"Teacher, these equipment you made for me are very easy to use! Those bullshit dragon warriors are unable to even scratch my armor! However, they look a bit ugly! If you make them shine with golden light, they would look so awesome!" Xu Xiaoba said with smile.

"Xiaoba, can you contact your grandfather, Jin He, Jin Xuanhu and the others? I want them to join Nether Sect!" Qin Yun said.

"To join Nether Sect? Nether Sect are about to fight the Dragon Race, this is a good opportunity!" Xu Xiaoba very much approves of this war : "I will go contact my grandpa. We will talk after we return."

After Xu Xiaoba left, Qin Yun sent message to Xuan Xin. She has been staying on her floating island, as soon as she got Qin Yun's message, she hastily ran over.

"Big brother!" Xuan Xin said with smile.

"Little sister..." Qin Yun feels really awkward addressing an old woman like Xuan Xin as little sister : "I want to introduce some people to Nether Sect, is it possible for them to join? Their potential and talent is very high!"

"The people big brother recommends will surely be outstanding!" Xuan Xin nodded : "Let me take a look at them first, if I find them pleasing, I will recruit them to my side. It won't be good if my brothers get their hands on them!"

"They are all young women! You should also know Nangong Shuiru right?" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Big brother is so awesome! You finally captured that girl Shuiru!" Xuan Xin said with mischievous smile.

"Granny Xue crossed 7th tribulation and left for Immortal Desolate! Shuiru also doesn't want to stay on Holy Assembly's side!" Qin Yun waved his hand : "I truly don't have that kind of relationship with Shuiru!"

"That old hag Xue crossed 7th tribulation? She didn't even say anything to Jiuming.. she is really something!" Xuan Xin exclaimed in admiration.

"When they all arrive, I will send Yuemei to bring them to you. You can do the arrangement!" Qin Yun said.

"If it were before, it would not be so easy to enter Nether Sect. But you are different, father favors you too much! Biased old man!" Xuan Xin said somewhat jealously.

"Little sister, take care of my friends and big brother will give you little extra reward!" Qin Yun softly said.

"No problem! Big brother is the best, much better than Xue Wei and the others!" Xuan Xin very happily said.

Nangong Shuiru returned with Gu Qiufei very soon. Not long after, Xiao Yuemei also brought over Hong Mengshu and others. Qin Yun chatted with them for a while and then let Xiao Yuemei bring them over to Xuan Xin. At dawn, Xuan Xin brought them all to the Nether Sun Star, she is very satisfied with these promising young ladies. Surprisingly, Xu Xiaoba has also returned very quickly with Xu Lun. Xu Lun already believed that Qin Yun is dead but now that he saw Qin Yun alive and well, he feels very happy.


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