Nine Sun God King
Chapter 1146
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 1146

Qin Yun doesn't want to face the Heavenly Tribulation and is very anxious because of it. He sensed the slight trembling within the space all around and very anxiously said : "Yuemei, if this space breaks apart, won't it be very troublesome for us?"

"It should be able to endure. If we go out, we will be targeted by the Heavenly Tribulation. Who knows how powerful the tribulation drawn in by the World Extermination Spirit is?" although Xiao Yuemei is also very worried, she is very certain that this space will be able to withstand the onslaught.

Formidable tribulation thunder kept dropping down on the holy lake from the churning pitch-black tribulation cloud above. People at the lake shore flew to the air and away from the holy lake. Many experts from all three school districts also arrived and looking at the scene from far away.

Xuan Xin cursed : "Which bastard is it that going through tribulation under the holy lake?"

She moved her floating island from above the holy lake to the sky above the lake shore.

Xue Jiuming looked at the tribulation and doubtfully said : "This tribulation is irregular, it doesn't look like Half Immortal tribulation."

Xue Wu cursed : "Grandpa, can't we find the person who is going through tribulation? It must be those bastards of the Demon Beast Alliance! They are always staying under the holy lake. My pet went under water last time and never came back. It must be those bastards who killed my pet!"

"So many people are watching now, if that person successfully crosses the tribulation, we will know who it is!" Xuan Jiuming said.

"What is exactly going on in our Great Ancient College? We are seeing this kind of formidable tribulation one after another.." Xue Wu said with sigh.

Boom Boom Boom...

Tribulation thunder kept dropping down one after another, they are filled with terrifying power of Destruction. As the thunder fell on the the holy lake, huge waves are created and then the waves rushed towards the shore and bombarded the shore. Many teachers flew over one after another and began using their power to defend against the powerful shock waves created by the huge waves, otherwise many buildings on the shore would have been destroyed and many students would have been severely injured. Xuan Xin and Xue Jiuming are very anxiously looking at the tribulation. They have both crossed 6 tribulations and they are very clear that the power of this tribulation far surpasses the power of their 6th tribulation.

Suddenly an old man arrived with extreme angry expression. He is wearing battle armor and it seems like he is a Dragon Race person. He furiously said to Xuan Xin : "Nether Sect, this is all your fault! This is the tribulation of Xu Xiaoba!"

"Stinky old bug! Don't randomly accuse people! Did you see Xu Xiaoba going through tribulation with your own eyes?" Xuan Xin furiously said : "Xu Xiaoba is in our Nether Sect and now cultivating in Nether Sun Star!"

The old man said with sneer : "This tribulation is filled with the aura of Destruction! This is what happens when someone who has World Extermination Spirit like Xu Xiaoba goes through Half Immortal tribulation! Last time when he went through tribulation, the power of the tribulation was more or less the same!"

"It hasn't been long since Xu Xiaoba crossed 2nd tribulation. How can he go through another tribulation so fast?" Xue Jiuming's expression is cold, his voice is filled with anger.

"Then call out Xu Xiaoba to prove it!" that old man said in cold voice.

Xuan Xin contacted Nether Sun Star and found out that Xu Xiaoba is still there. Soon after, You Yongdai brought Xu Xiaoba to Great Ancient College to confirm. Seeing Xu Xiaoba arrive, the Dragon Race old man became stunned, then he quickly ran away because he is afraid of being beaten up by Xue Jiuming. Their Dragon Race understands Xu Xiaoba's World Extermination Spirit quite well, so now he is wondering who is it that going through tribulation if not Xu Xiaoba.

After Xu Xiaoba learned what is going on, he immediately thought of Qin Yun. He is certain that Qin Yun is doing something crazy again but he decided not to speak. Xuan Xin and You Yongdai knows that Qin Yun is still alive. They also suspect that maybe this is caused by some crazy action of their little eldest brother.

The situation on the holy lake has effected the Demon Beast Alliance the most. The electric current flowing through the water caused many Demon Beasts to be seriously injured. They no longer dare to go into the holy lake. All the people of Great Ancient College are now looking towards the holy lake, waiting for the tribulation to be over.

Xu Xiaoba is quietly watching with great curiosity. With his temperament, he would have directly attacked that Dragon Race old man but sensing the familiar aura of Destruction, he completely ignored the old man and wondering what is going on.

As Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are inside that space under the holy lake, they don't know what is going on above the lake. They are very anxious now because they feel that the space is about to be destroyed.

"It's going on for so long... why is it so long?" Xiao Yuemei is now very worried.

"Does the 7th Half Immortal tribulation also continue for this long?" Qin Yun also feels that this tribulation is going on for too long.

Xiao Yuemei said : "This space is still very strong, it should be able to withstand for quite a long period of time but I am not sure for how long!"

Qin Yun is now patiently waiting and planning for the worst case scenario. Two hours later, the tribulation stopped. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei relaxed a lot as the powerful Heavenly Tribulation failed to destroy this space.

"When we refine World Extermination Spirit again later, we must find a place like this!" Xiao Yuemei exhaled a mouthful of air and said with smile : "I wonder how many times this space can withstand this kind of attack!"

Xiao Yuemei took out her little mirror again. It had many cracks on it earlier but now it has been completely restored. It can be considered that the little mirror has also gone through a tribulation and survived.

The tribulation is over, the pitch-black cloud above the holy lake has dispersed. There are dozens of 6th tribulation Half Immortals present on the scene, they are all very suspicious because they can see that the Heavenly Tribulation was not actually targeting any one. This caused people to speculating many things. Some said there is a powerful beast below the holy lake that drew in the tribulation. Some said that the holy lake being able to increase people's comprehension is a Heaven defying feat and thus the Heavens are furious and sent down tribulation thunder. All kind of rumors began spreading all over the Great Ancient College. The Demon Beasts of the Demon Beast Alliance are now so scared of the Heavenly Tribulation reappearing that they don't dare to go down in the holy lake again. They have now timidly transformed into their human form and staying at the lake shore.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei waited inside that space for a period of time before they felt absolutely certain that it is safe.

"Finally, we can leave!" Qin Yun let out a long sigh and said with smile.

"Brother, we should continue! This space will continue to weaken bit by bit. While it is still stable, we should take the chance to refine a few more World Extermination Spirit!" Xiao Yuemei said.

"Won't there be any problem with your mirror?" Qin Yun asked anxiously.

"No problem, let's begin!" Xiao Yuemei said.

They started refining again and after a day, they finished another World Extermination Spirit. Qin Yun placed the World Extermination Spirit inside a Spirit Sealing Pearl and placed it inside the Nine Sun Divine Soul. The Heavenly Tribulation also appeared again.

"It's coming? This space should be able to endure one more time!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile. Since no crack appeared in the space last time, Xiao Yuemei feels that it still has enough power to withstand Heavenly Tribulation again.

The entire Great Ancient City is bustling with gossip about the Heavenly Tribulation and now the formidable Heavenly Tribulation has returned again causing everyone to be shocked again. People inside the Great Ancient College began cursing loudly. It is especially true for those Demon Beasts, they were planning to return to the water after a period of time but now they can't.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are nervously waiting inside the space. They sensed the vibration of the space to determine whether or not the space would shatter. After quite some time, they relaxed completely seeing that the space managed to withstand the Heavenly Tribulation just like before. However, they no longer dare to stay inside because they can sense that the space has weakened a lot and they are worried that it might shatter any moment.

"Let's leave." Xiao Yuemei used Spatial power to bring herself and Qin Yun out of the space.

When they came out of the holy lake, it is already late at night. They sensed the lingering aura of Destruction and have been greatly shocked.

"We actually brought down such dangerous and powerful Heavenly Tribulation!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

"We took too much risk!" Qin Yun felt scared just thinking about it.

They returned to the floating island and met You Shenbing. You Shenbing has been earnestly refining tools in his home. He did not at all care that formidable Heavenly Tribulations were causing chaos outside.

"Big sister Xuan Xin arrived with Xu Xiaoba to look for you." You Shenbing said.

"Why did they come to look for me?" Qin Yun asked.

"They just wanted to ask you why those Heavenly Tribulations appeared." You Shenbing said with smile : "Weren't those just two Heavenly Tribulation? What's the big deal? It's not like it harmed anyone!"

It effected the Demon Beast Alliance most but many people are very happy to see them squirm.

"If there is nothing, I will go rest! I am so tired!" Xiao Yuemei immediately ran into Xue Die's house and found a bed to sleep.

Qin Yun entered the 7th floor of Nine Condensation Pagoda and took out the Immortal Graveyard Diagram.

"Sister Qirou, I obtained three vats of Divine Liquid!" Qin Yun very happily reported to Xie Qirou.

"Divine Liquid.. you must use it properly, you can't waste it!" Xie Qirou is also very happy hearing the news.

Then Qin Yun informed her about the Heavenly Dao Divine Rune. Xie Qirou is greatly shocked hearing this and strictly warned : "Xiao Yun, you and Yuemei should keep this between yourselves, you can not speak about this to others! I will see what I can do about this Heavenly Dao Divine Rune. Do not try to use it under any circumstances until then!"

"I understand!" Qin Yun realized how important Heavenly Dao Divine Rune is after listening to Xie Qirou's voice filled with urgency.


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