Power and Wealth
Chapter 298 – On the news!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 298 – On the news!

Tiger Sanctuary.

The footage was not very clear, but everything was recorded. This footage was recorded from inside of the tour bus and showed Chief Dong jumping out of the bus and used his body to shield the child. After that, he fought against the tiger with his bare hands, and the rest of the tourists’ shouts can be heard in the background. Chief Dong was dodging and ducking the tiger’s attacks. But nearing the end of the recording, Chief Dong becomes angry and started attacking the tiger. He attacked the tiger until it ran off!

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

No one said a word after they watched the recording.

The female reporter and her cameraman looked at each other in a daze.

Damn! Chief Dong had fought off a tiger with his bare hands! Before coming to the Tiger Sanctuary, they had thought of using “fighting against a tiger” as the headlines to attract viewers. But none of them expected Chief Dong to fight a grown Siberian tiger, and it was recorded by one of the tourists on the bus!

This are the headlines!

The female reporter quickly ran to Dong Xuebing with her microphone.

That evening, Fen Zhou City’s TV station reported this incident in their news. .

The newscaster briefly mentioned about the accident that happened in the Wildlife Safari Zoo today. A child had fallen out of the tour bus in the Tiger Sanctuary, and an adult Siberian Tiger appeared and tried to attack the child. But Yan Tai County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief Dong rushed out and shielded the child with his body. After that, he fought the tiger barehanded, and a tourist recorded the whole fight. The news played the recorded footage, and because Dong Xuebing had cursed a lot during the fight, the audio was muted in several parts of the video. But the video was uncut, and the news showed the whole fight!

All the viewers were shocked by this footage.

Everyone had heard of tigers eating humans. A human beating up a tiger?!

Later in the evening, a talk show on another channel invited a retired special forces instructor to analyze the video recording. The instructor was amazed by Dong Xuebing. He said that tigers have only a few types of attacks. Claws, pounce, and bite. Although we know, tigers only have three forms of attacks. Still, no ordinary person can avoid a tiger’s attack and hit the tiger’s vital points at the same time. Even the officers from the Special Forces cannot do it. This requires strength, speed, and reflexes.

The host asked the retired instructor why the person in the video can do it? Also, the video did not show the vast differences in strength and speed between the beast and man. The tiger’s claws did not even touch Chief Dong.

The instructor analysis is Chief Dong might be lucky, or he had received professional training. The attacks and defensive moves in this video are so splendid that it can be used as teaching material for people to defend themselves against wild animals.


Ring… ring… ring… Dong Xuebing’s phone rang.

Dong Xuebing was watching TV at Sister Yu’s apartment when his phone rang. He saw the caller’s ID and walked into his room to answer. “Mayor Xie.”

“Do you know why I am calling you?” Xie Huilan asked calmly.

“Errr… Is it because of the incident at the Tiger Sanctuary?” Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “This is an accident.”

“I don’t know whether if I should scold you or praise you.”

Luan Xiaoping had called Dong Xuebing to scold him earlier, and he knew he was rash. “Sister Xie, I did not want to put myself in danger too. But the child was about to be eaten by the tiger, and if I don’t save him, who will?”

“I am not stopping you from saving the child. But can’t you use your brains for once?”

“It was an emergency, and I can only use my body to stop the tiger.”

“Even though it was an emergency, there are at least a few ways to save the child without you taking such a big risk.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “What other ways?”

Xie Huilan replied. “The simplest solution is when the tiger still has not approached the bus, you can ask the driver to move the bus over the child. This way, the child only needs to lie still under the bus, and he will be out of reach from the tiger. This should not be a problem for drivers with more than three years of driving experience. The child will be safe even when there are more than one tigers, and you all can wait for the rescue party safely.”

Dong Xuebing replied in shock. “You are right! Why didn’t I think of that?”

“In the future, use your brains first whenever you encounter any problems!”

“Yes… yes…” Dong Xuebing had his mother’s genes and is not very intelligent. His intelligence is average and cannot be compared to Xie Huilan. But he doesn’t think what he did was wrong. Xie Huilan had become a County’s Mayor because of her brains. If Dong Xuebing also tried to do the same, he might not even pass the Civil Servant entry exams. That’s why he can only use his methods to climb up the ranks.

The whole Yan Tai County is talking about Dong Xuebing’s fight against a tiger.

Liang Chengpeng and a few other Public Security leaders were having dinner when they heard about this. All of them were speechless. This Chief Dong cannot keep still. Everywhere he goes, there will be news about him.

Beating up a tiger?

Fighting against a tiger with his bare fist?

Since Chief Dong single-handedly fought against seven opponents, killing more than a dozen gunmen himself, no one in Yan Tai County dares to doubt his fighting strength. Everyone knows Chief Dong is a good fighter, but this time, he had won against a tiger. This is different from all the previous fights, and they had to reassess Chief Dong’s abilities!

Even a tiger cannot win against Chief Dong?!
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