Power and Wealth
Chapter 300 – Disfigured!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 300 – Disfigured!

One day passed…

Two days passed…

Three days passed…

Wednesday afternoon. Today is a bright sunny day.

After leaving the County Government’s building, Dong Xuebing stretched as he felt the warm breeze. It was freezing the past two days, and today the weather is warmer. Dong Xuebing lit a cigarette as he walks out of the building.

The day after tomorrow is the Party Committee meeting.

Will I get the position of the Chief of Investment Promotion Agency?

Dong Xuebing is not confident. The past few days, he had visited the leaders of the County. He had visited Duan Zhengan, Cao Xupeng, and let them know of his intentions. But he is unsure if they will vote for him, as they did not say anything. Cao Xupeng only says, “I know.” after dinner and Dong Xuebing does not know if he will get Cao Xupeng’s vote. After all, Cao Xupeng is Xiang Daofa’s men, and he might not help Dong Xuebing.

The meetings with the leaders from Xie Huilan’s faction went on smoothly. Dong Xuebing had just visited Deputy Mayor, Geng Yuchao. He had dined with the County’s Secretary of Commission for Political and Legal Affairs, Huang Li, yesterday. With Xie Huilan pushing for Dong Xuebing’s promotion, Geng Yuchao and Secretary Huang will support him. Even if Dong Xuebing did not visit them, Sister Xie would also order them to help Dong Xuebing.

Ah… I had done everything I can.

I should stop thinking about this and let fate decide!

Suddenly, a familiar figure walked towards Dong Xuebing. It is the Investment Promotion Agency’s Deputy Chief Lui Dafa.

Dong Xuebing looked at Lui Dafa coldly. “Oh… It’s Chief Lui.”

Lui Dafa saw Dong Xuebing and frowned. “Chief Dong… you are quite hardworking… I saw you coming to the County Government almost every day.”

“This is nothing compared to you.” Dong Xuebing sneered. “Did the Investment Promotion Agency’s office shifted to the County’s Party Committee Building? You might as well live there.”

Lui Dafa suppressed his hatred towards Dong Xuebing and continued with his way.

The Chief of the Investment Promotion Agency will be picked between Lui Dafa and Dong Xuebing, and both are trying to pull votes by visiting the committee members. These few days, Lui Dafa had got in touched with the Committee members. He is different from Dong Xuebing as he is poised to get promoted. Although he does not have as many achievements as Dong Xuebing, he has the experience and connections. He is very close with the newly appointed Publicity Department head and had got onto Party Secretary Xiang Daofa’s bandwagon through him. Xiang Daofa had also promised Lui Dafa that he will push for his promotion.

After Lui Dafa left, Dong Xuebing walks off.

Dong Xuebing is pissed with the way Lui Dafa looks at him. Their grudges started when Lui Dafa’s relative hit Dong Xuebing’s cousin, Tang Jin. After that, Lui Dafa’s son tried extorting money from Yu Qianqian and even tried to strip her pants. Dong Xuebing has not settled these scores with Lui Dafa, and this old bastard still dares to give him a dirty look?!

Dong Xuebing called Hui Tai Village Station while driving.

“Hello, Old Liu? I am Dong Xuebing.”

Liu Dahai replied. “Chief Dong, what is it?”

“… have you found out about what I asked you to investigate?”

“Oh… Lui Dafa and his wife had sent their son to the hospital. But they did not visit our County’s People Hospital. They went to Jian An Hospital, and one of my contacts told me that the scratches on their son’s face were inflected and will leave a faint scar. Lui Dafa and his wife were furious and scolded the doctor.”

“What happened then?”

“I am not sure. Maybe they will be visiting another hospital to see other doctors.”


“If there is a scar, most hospitals cannot do anything except for plastic surgery.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing drove back to the Public Security Bureau and continued with his work. He knew why Lui Dafa gave him that look earlier. If Lui Dafa’s son has a scar on his face, he might not get a girlfriend or a good future. But Dong Xuebing did not feel sorry for him, as he was the one who tried to bully Yu Qianqian. Since he dares to extort and threaten Yu Qianqian, he must bear the consequences!

At the same time, Lui Dafa’s phone rang. It was his wife.

“Where are you?!” Li Hong screamed over the phone.

Lui Dafa frowned. “I am at the County Party committee. What is it?”

“What do you think?! Didn’t you say you will be bringing Xiaolei to the city’s hospital today? Why are you not back yet?!”

“I have something on. Just bring him to the hospital first, and I will meet you all there.”

“Lui Dafa!” Li Hong shouted. She had been angry over the past few days. “Xiaolei is your own flesh and blood! Look at yourself! Is this how a father behave?! Xiaolei was disfigured by Dong Xuebing’s sister, and you don’t even dare to say a word?! All you care about is your promotion! What will happen to Xiaolei’s future with a scar on his face? Do you want him to live with this scar?! He is your son!” Li Hong cried. Lui Dafa’s wife is from the countryside and had a foul temper even before she got married.

“Alright… alright!” Lui Dafa frowned. “Wait for me. I will return now.”

Li Hong cried and said. “If Xiaolei’s face cannot recover, I will not let that bitch off!”

Lui Dafa and his family had visited the best hospitals in the County, but the doctors are helpless. The doctors told them that no matter what treatment Xiaolei undergoes, there will be a scar. At most, they can only lighten it, and if the hospitals in the city are also helpless, then Xiaolei will have to live with it for the rest of his life. Lui Dafa also doted his son and wants to get revenge. That’s why he needs to get promoted. After he has authority, he can settle the score with Dong Xuebing and Yu Qianqian’s family. Lui Dafa had found out Yu Meixia was Dong Xuebing’s former helper and knew their addresses and school. He will not let this matter rest like this.


Afternoon. County Public Security Bureau.

Dong Xuebing was reading some documents when he was interrupted by his phone.

“Hello, Xiao Bing?” Yu Meixia asked softly. “Is this Xiao Bing?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s me. Why are you speaking so softly?”

“I seldom use a mobile phone.” Yu Meixia replied embarrassedly. “I am not sure if I had dialed the right number and… I am afraid I might disturb your work.”

“It’s fine. What is it?”

“I just want to ask if you will be coming over for dinner.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and replied. “Yes.”

“Then I will buy some groceries after work. But… I might have to work overtime and will be home later.”

“Ok. I will fetch Qianqian on my way back from work. It’s getting dark earlier now, and it is dangerous for her to walk home alone. Ok. I will see you tonight.”

“Thank you… Sorry to trouble you.”

“We are one family. What’s there to thank? Haha…”

Dong Xuebing continued with his work. This period is critical, and he cannot afford any mistakes in his work.

When it was time to knock off, Dong Xuebing looks at his watch before going downstairs.

At the lobby, many Public Security Officers greeted Dong Xuebing. Most of them knew the Party Committee will discuss the Chief’s position of Investment Promotion Agency in their meeting the day after tomorrow, and Dong Xuebing is one of the nominees. But no one mentioned this in front of Dong Xuebing because all of them know with Party Secretary Xiang around Lui Dafa stands a higher chance.


The sky had turned dark when Dong Xuebing reached Hua Mei Estate, after fetching Yu Qianqian.

“We have reached. You go upstairs first.” Dong Xuebing did not alight.

Yu Qianqian blinked. “Big Brother, where are you going? Mum will be back soon.”

“I know.” Dong Xuebing patted Qianqian’s head. “Your mother said she will be buying some groceries. I am afraid she might buy too many things and carry everything by herself. She is working at the Mei Lian Supermarket at Road 5 terminal, right?”


“Alright. I will be back soon.”

After leaving the estate, Dong Xuebing drove slowly towards the north.

Dong Xuebing had wanted to fetch Yu Meixia is because he does not want Yu Meixia to carry too many things, and also check out her workplace. Yu Meixia is very pretty, and she will have many suitors. Dong Xuebing is worried that her co-workers will be interested in her… Huh… this seems to have nothing to do with Dong Xuebing, and he can’t stop Yu Meixia from falling in love with another man.

That’s right. I should call Yu Meixia first.

Dong Xuebing was afraid he might miss Yu Meixia, or she had boarded the bus before he reached her workplace. He dialed Yu Meixia’s number, and the phone rang for a long time without answering. Is she busy? Dong Xuebing thought nothing about it and continued driving. After a while, he tried calling again. The phone rang for a long time, and just when Dong Xuebing was about to hang up, the line got through.

“Sister Yu.” Dong Xuebing laughed. “Are you busy?”

But no one replied. All Dong Xuebing can hear are shouting and noises.

“Bitch! Who are you calling?!” It was a woman’s voice.

“What are you doing?! Ah!!!” Yu Meixia screamed.

Thud! The phone was dropped onto the floor, and Dong Xuebing can hear Yu Meixia screaming in pain. There should be a crowd there as Dong Xuebing can hear people talking in the background.

“Bitch! You caused my son to be disfigured! I will beat you to death!”


“Xiao Hong! Stop it!”

Dong Xuebing heard Lui Dafa’s voice through the phone and was furious. “Sister Yu! Sister Yu! Where are you now?!”


“Stop fighting! Stop fighting!”

Yu Meixia seems to be beaten up by a woman, and some people are trying to stop the fight!

F**k! Dong Xuebing exploded when he heard Sister Yu screaming in pain. He shouted: “BACK 5 minutes!”



Time returned to five minutes ago!

Dong Xuebing had just driven out of Hua Mei Estate!

Dong Xuebing had used all his accumulated BACK and immediately floored the accelerator while calling the Public Security Bureau. “I am Dong Xuebing! Send officers to Road 5 terminal immediately! Someone is committing a crime! Hurry!” The operator heard it was Chief Dong and immediately contact the nearest police officers. After hanging up, Dong Xuebing tried calling Yu Meixia, but no one was answering.


The traffic lights are red, but Dong Xuebing dashed through it.

Hurry up!

Dong Xuebing wasn’t sure if he can get there in time, but he is trying his best. He can roughly guess what happened from his call to Yu Meixia earlier. It must be Lui Dafa and his wife trying to get revenge for the scar on their son’s face and went to look for Yu Meixia at her workplace. That woman, Xiao Hong, should be Lui Dafa’s wife, Li Hong!

These two bastards!

Dong Xuebing felt he can no longer control himself!


Mei Lian Supermarket.

Passersby stopped to watch.

Li Hong is behaving like an angry lioness, as she stood in front of Yu Meixia and scolded her loudly. Lui Dafa had brought her and their son to the hospital in the City. But the doctors there told that that they are not confident to treat her son’s injuries without leaving a scar, and they should seek treatment in professional hospitals. Li Hong’s face turned pale when she heard even the City’s hospital cannot treat her son without leaving a scar.

On their way back to the County, they passed by Mei Lian Supermarket.

Lui Dafa saw a pretty woman standing outside of the supermarket and said she is Yu Qianqian’s mother. Li Hong immediately got off the car and rush to her.

“Bitch! How did you teach your child?! Ah?!”

“What are you talking about?!” Yu Meixia does not know this woman.

“You don’t know what I am talking about?! Fine! I will teach you a lesson today!” Li Hong scolded and grabbed Yu Meixia by her hair!

Yu Meixia screamed in pain. “What are you going to?!”

Li Hong continued. “What do you think?! My son is disfigured! You think I will let you off?!”

“Ah…” The weak and timid Yu Meixia is not Li Hong’s match, and her hair was almost pulled out by her.

Lui Dafa, who was in the car, frowned and asked his son to remain in the car. He quickly walks over to his wife. This is the critical period for his promotion, and he does not want accidents to happen. Now, he regretted telling his wife about Yu Meixia earlier.

Some passersby tried to stop the fight.

Li Hong did not stop and grabbed Yu Meixia by her hair and slapped her!

Yu Meixia screamed. “Let go! Ah… Let go of me!”

“Xiao Hong!” Lui Dafa quickly rush over!

Police sirens are getting closer.

Screech! A Mercedes MPV came to a screeching stop by the roadside. Dong Xuebing’s lungs almost exploded when he saw Yu Meixia getting beaten up by a woman. He ran over and shouted. “Let go of her!”

Li Hong saw Dong Xuebing and got more furious. She raised her hand and scratched Yu Meixia’s face as she thought to herself. Since your daughter had disfigured my son, I will disfigure you!


Five fingernails scratched Yu Meixia’s face!

Yu Meixia screamed and covered her face with her hand. Blood was trickling through her fingers!

Li Hong was stunned and looks at her fingernails. There were still bits of flesh in her nails, and she regained her senses. “You… why didn’t you dodge?! I did not touch you… I did not touch you!” Li Hong was panicking.

Lui Dafa’s face changed and quickly pulled his wife back. “What are you doing?!”

“It’s not me! It’s her fault for not dodging!”

The moment Li Hong scratched Yu Meixia’s face, the passersby went silent.

Dong Xuebing was shocked by what he saw, and he stopped and look at Yu Meixia.

Yu Meixia was on the ground screaming in pain, and she had covered her face with her hands. Blood was dripping from her face to the ground, and when she removed her hand, everyone gasped in horror. Five long bloody scratches had covered half of her flawless face. With the blood on her face, Yu Meixia looks as scary as a ghost! No one had expected the beautiful woman they saw earlier to be disfigured within a split second!

“Sister Yu!” Dong Xuebing shouted!

Yu Meixia looked at the blood on her hands and fainted!

Dong Xuebing could not believe the bloodied face in front of him belongs to Sister Yu. His eyes turned red and shouted. “Lui Dafa! Li Hong!”

Lui Dafa is not looking good and is thinking of ways to salvage the situation.

Dong Xuebing rushed over and slapped Li Hong!

Lui Dafa quickly stepped in front of his wife and shouted. “Why are you hitting my wife?”

Dong Xuebing ignored Lui Dafa and pushed him aside. He looked at the stunned Li Hong and kicked her in her stomach. Bam! Li Hong fell onto the ground from Dong Xuebing’s kick and start vomiting out whatever she had eaten earlier!

“Stop!” Lui Dafa shouted.

“F**k you! Why didn’t you stop your wife from hitting Sister Yu earlier?! Ah?!” Dong Xuebing points at Lui Dafa. “Lui Dafa! If Sister Yu is disfigured, I will not let you off!”
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