Pregnant by mistake
2 Whose he?
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Pregnant by mistake
Author :Sonw
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2 Whose he?

@@Will he be tall ,dark, handsome man?. No one had an idea about it .

dr. jung came in hall with a serious look on his face everyone were very scared of him due to his angry nature he was not too kind with others .

He called her name as he entered," Dr.Chun ". A cold shiver went down her spine. with a trembling voice Dr.chun said "yes Dr. jung". " i i have a work for you hope you do it correctly", dr jung said it with a serious tone .

"Yes off course Dr", dr. chun said in fear.

"the opening ceremony of our new ward section is tomorrow and i want you to address our special guest with me" dr. jung said as if he wanted to punish her.

the last time when there was a new experienced doctor was welcomed and an small ceremony was kept , he had taken Mo with him to address the new doctor. He had shouted at Mo for more then 20 times with useless reasons. He made Mo do all the work of him . That was really a torture for Mo.

Dr. chun was scared whether he would do the same thing with her.

No matter what happens she had to get a torture from him always. The preparations where all done . Dr. chun was excited as well as nervous for tomorrow. She had no idea that from the following days her life was going to completely changed.



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