Pregnant by mistake
3 Opening ceremony day
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Pregnant by mistake
Author :Sonw
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3 Opening ceremony day

All were very excited to see the special guest. Dr. jung was very nervous as if anything goes wrong then?? that will be insulting, specially for the special guest.

Everyone waiting outside the hospital for the guest. Suddenly a long black Corvette Limousine entered with one car in front and other behind it. some 10 -12 bodyguards stood on theirs positions,the assistant opened the door of corvette limousine. A tall handsome, sexy man stood out from the car.

All the staff members were almost going to be collapsed. A bright shine on his face and his one way short smile was a killer look.

Dr jung welcomed the guest , there was no place of his happiness as he greeted him," president Li wei a warm welcome sir, Its an honour for me as inspite of your busy schedule you came here for the ceremony, thank you so much sir".

Li wei didn't say anything and just smiled at Dr.jung while walking with him.

Dr. jung showed him hospital which didn't look like hospital but as a 5 star hotel.

"Dr. chun, is everything right at the new section?", whispered dr.jung. Yes doctor all ready"

Dr. jung was going to accompany president li wei to the elevator. But suddenly a nurse came running towards him, " dr.jung there is an emergency". Dr. jung got stunt for a moment.He told her to take other doctors," Yes sir, the other doctors are looking over the situation but they are not able to handle it. please come sir only you came handle the situation", requested the nurse.

Dr.jung didn't know what to fo at that moment, after a while he decided that dr. chun will aaccompany president li wei. "Dr.chun you have to accompany president to the elevator", whispered dr.jung .

Dr.chun was shock, had no idea what the hell was going on. She had no other choice so she agreed. " ok sir ".

"president Li wei sorry for the convenience but an little emergency has come and i have to go to handle it, i will come as fast as possible".

President Li wei gave him a cold look," are you the only doctor in this hospital?", president li questioned him A cold wave of fear went down dr. jungs spine. " sorry sir for the inconvenience but i have no option, please forgive me". Dr.jung was very much scared.

" Instead of me Dr. chun Will accompany you sir".

president Li wei had not noticed dr. chun yet .After a conversation few minutes president Li wei agreed with it .

Chun went with president li wei to the elevator. She was dam in fear....

As she pressed the key button her whole body shooked as if she was getting current. The elevator' door closed and they were on their way to the ward section on top floor. president Li wei had not taken his assistant as well as his gaurds with him. They were only two of them. President Li wei looked at chun in a cold way, He could sense her fear. But suddenly the lights went off and they got stuck in the elevator.....


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