Pregnant by mistake
4 Stuck in an elevator
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Pregnant by mistake
Author :Sonw
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4 Stuck in an elevator

Suddenly the lights in the elevator went off it was black everythere. Having 5 years of experience in this hospital she had never ever got stuck in such situations. her heart started to beat fast.

" what is this nonsense?" li wei shouted in anger . Chun was very much scared. "sorry sir, it might be because of some problem in the generator ".

"why are you saying sorry, its not your fault", li wei in a calm voice.

He switched on his mobile's torch light. the light reflected on chun's face, she was looking very beautiful at that moment. President li wei just stared her for a moment. Her face was blushing red. there was silence in the elevator. Li wei looked too sexy and hot. with his sparkling eyes he just stared at her.

ON THE OTHER HAND outside was a total panic. li wei's assistant and his guards roast up in anger. Li wei 's assistant Lu chen was very angry," what is going on, where is the MD of this hospital,where is that jung". By the time dr.jung had already finished his work . Hearing someone shouting he came out running. " what happened? what is the reason of getting panic?".

Lu chen gave dr.jung a very harsh look. Looking at him dr.jung felt cold. he understood something had gone worng .

In the elevator as there were no current it was getting hotter inside . Chun was getting more hot as she was afraid of li wei. Li wei on the other started to remove his blazer, he was feeling exhausted there. They both were dam sweated.

Li wei was getting irritated as half an hour had passed and elevator had stuck . "I am got going to attend any ceremony futher . this is too irritating." Li wei's iirritation were just increasing. Hearing this chun got nervous.

"sorry sir, please don't say like that. please....". Hearing her calm voice li wei stared at her. She was crying, tears rolled down her cheeks. her eyes where getting red. " don't cry, doctors don't look good crying".

he sat down on the floor of the elevator," you should seat, be calm", hearing him she sat down. As time passed they were getting to exhausted inside, Speacially chun.

chun started feeling weak, she had blood pressure problem. Heat was a problem for her bp to get low. she had fainted thrice. she closed her eyes and tried to be relaxed . Li looked at her, he felt something was worng.


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